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    I dabble in apologetics and, occasionally, in law (I'm not a lawyer; I just play one here at MD&DB). I like to write and, although I never have had any formal training, to sing. If you were anywhere in the vicinity, you might hear me launch into a hymn of the restoration at any given moment. I'm also a (very!) amateur Elvis impersonator. I have had work published in Tooele, Utah's small semiweekly, The Tooele Transcript-Bulletin, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Deseret News, The Utah Peace Officer (the semiannual publication for members of the Utah Peace Officers Association), and The New Era.

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  1. Good song, as well, but I was thinking of a different one. Sorry for any confusion.
  2. It's awesome that your wife gets that opportunity, Dude! (Um, I mean, Brother Dude! Sorry! ) And you're right: We don't realize what we have. As Cinderella* sang so well, "Don't know what you got 'til it's gone." *The group, not the fairy tale star.
  3. It's too bad that these records are available only to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Oh, wait. No, they're available to anyone with a computer and an Internet connection, or to anyone who can visit one of the many Family History Centers of the Church of Jesus Christ, aren't they? Sorry. My bad.
  4. I have read about what he did in the military, but I do not own the books I read nor do I have them in my possession, so I suppose, as far as documentation goes, that you're out of luck, darn it! Oh, well! Life is like that, sometimes. The "what if?" isn't meant to illustrate what then-Doctor-Nelson did. The "what if?" is meant to buttress the point that it is possible for what he did do to benefit even you, a point that, still, you have not granted even though I should think that it would be obvious. But don't worry. I'm not holding my breath. As regards specifics, that may be true. But, in general, I'm sure President Nelson has great respect for those who have worn the uniform and who have served. Okay.
  5. Read my post again. I alluded to or implied what he did, both in the first paragraph of my previous post and in the question that I asked you at the end of that post ... which, of course, you have not answered. And, no, I'm not changing my posting style simply because it offends you. I was here long before you got here, and I'm sure I'll be here long after you leave.
  6. Richard Lloyd Anderson (1981), Investigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses, Salt Lake City UT: Deseret Book. https://deseretbook.com/p/investigating-book-mormon-witnesses-richard-l-anderson-5339?variant_id=104424-paperback
  7. Right, because it's not like Dr. Nelson knew how to do anything that would be useful for doctors in M*A*S*H units over in Korea to learn, or anything. He just went over there to visit them. "Well, thanks for the hospitality, boys! It's always interesting to visit someplace I've never been, but I've stayed long enough, and had best be on my way!" I realize the timeline is off so my analogy is imperfect, but what if someone such as a Dr. Nelson taught something to surgeons that, in turn, enabled those surgeons to save your life just after you had been brought in from being wounded on the battlefield, SCC?
  8. Is this sort of a Hobson's Choice for leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Don't have a category labeled "Women," and be open to accusations of, "Come on! Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are completely tone deaf! They don't understand the special challenges that women face." Do have such a category, and be open to accusations of, "Come on! This is the 21st century, for crying out loud! Why do they even need to have a separate category for women? How sexist!" Six for one, half-a-dozen for the other? Is the Church of Jesus Christ (along with its leaders) "Danged if it does, and danged if it don't"?
  9. None of this was life threatening, nor did any of it involve predatory behavior by someone else, so I'm sure there will be those who dismiss it, but I have experienced both the "God-intervened/Did-I-not-speak-peace-to-your-mind?" moments and the "Where-was-God-when-I-needed-Him-most?" moments. I wasn't particularly different, less faithful, or disobedient when I experienced the latter, nor was I particularly different, more faithful, or more obedient when I experienced the former. I have pleaded for help and answers regarding certain aspects of my life and yet ... strangely ... God seems ... stubbornly ... silent. T'is a puzzle, wrapped in an conundrum, wrapped in an enigma. Essentially, I think God has told me, "Look, Ken. If you want to credit [or to weigh] our Where-was-I-when-you-needed-Me-most moments more than you credit [or than you weigh] our Did-I-not-speak-Peace-to-your-mind moments, absolutely. You're absolutely free to do that ... but that is your choice. It's entirely up to you."
  10. "In the hole he goes" = "Holy Ghost"? Oooooh-kay! Some puns are good because they're so ... bad. Did you hear the one about the pun contest in which ten puns were entered ... but these puns were awful ... horrible ... I mean really bad. So which pun won? Well, no pun in ten did. [Badum-pum Psssssssh!] Thanks, you're a great crowd! I'll be here all week. Try the chicken! It's delicious!
  11. President Dallin H. Oaks. He was expecting to be drafted, but I don't believe it ever happened.
  12. I'm reminded of some lyrics from one of my favorite songs. (They're not "celestial," so I hope you'll forgive me if, normally, seeing this kind of thing posted on the Sabbath offends you [you're welcome to look away, ignore my post, et cetera]. ) That is all. I'm sorry I didn't make a substantive contribution to the thread. Perhaps I will return after taking the opportunity to cogitate on it a bit.
  13. Okay. I'll keep that in mind. The sad thing is that, our respective attitudes toward the Church of Jesus Christ aside, you might well find that you and I probably have more in common than you realize if you were willing to explore that possibility, but I suppose, if your main (sole?) purpose in being here is to call out everybody in the Church of Jesus Christ who has wronged you, there is no room for that. I wish you well.
  14. Luke 18:19. But thank you. I appreciate the sentiment.
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