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  1. Yes. Although, when it comes right down to it, as the offspring of God, both you and I are Ageless, Eternal Beings.
  2. You watched history bein' made, 'eh? (You've done that a few times, and in matters much more significant than this. We're from different generations, but I would've liked to have been a fly on the wall for some of the things you've witnessed and experienced.)
  3. In a prayer at commencement, no less! How did he put it? "We're gathered here, clothed in the black robes of a false priesthood ..."?
  4. My position is that the jury is still out on the Book of Abraham. Once the papyri from which Joseph Smith purported to translate the Book of Abraham are found, then a reasonable discussion can take place regarding the issues surrounding it. If that makes me "rigidly dogmatic" and unwilling to entertain other points of view, then, so be it.
  5. You found out the real name of the poster in the thread that I linked to. Have you made the same offer to him, and have you apologized for treating him shabbily? (Don't worry; I ain't holdin' my breath! Then I'd be ugly ... and blue!) P.S.: And you can drop the charade that attempts to convince us that your dismissals simply are about whether posters are anonymous or not. Kevin Christensen posts under his real name, and you seem to have completely dismissed his work, as well.
  6. I have faith that the Book of Abraham is scripture. I also have faith that eventually, the lack of correspondence between the English text of the Book of Abraham and the fragments of papyrus that have survived will be resolved. Any questions notwithstanding, among other things, I'm too fascinated by the text to dismiss it out-of-hand entirely.
  7. If so, I hope all parties were wearing armor, too!
  8. You don't? Well, that's a relief. (Such a proclamation might strike some of us as an attempt to convince us it's raining while peeing on our legs, but, to each his own, I suppose.)
  9. So you can dish it out, but you can't take it? Life is full of surprises!
  10. I wouldn't think you have engaged Barker's work, or Christensen's, for that matter, enough to "tire" of anything.
  11. That sounds like a fun "problem" to have in Sacrament "meeting." Just sayin'!
  12. So, living 20 years was the cat's revenge?
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