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  1. This never crossed my mind at all. I give it to my wife first (just the two of us now). If we still had the kids at home, a son would pass it to whoever is closest to him first ans then lastly to whoever is blessing. Now that you bring it up, the bishop is still presiding. The father might traditionally conduct the meeting, but I can't see anyone preventing either spouse or responsible child from doing so. What does your local leadership instruct you to do?
  2. As Elder Bednar pointed out, the Gathering is very much an actual phenomena, both physically and spiritually, so I would expect virtual substitutes to be the temporary exception. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/bednar-covid-19-pandemic-religious-freedom The wake-up call that people have experienced in addition to the particular focus of this talk vary and are extremely beneficial, from personal preparedness and self-reliance to community, social and political involvement in a Christlike way for a Christ-focused purpose to personal application of technology to improved companionship of the Holy Ghost.
  3. The scriptures on the whole mean what they say, just as the Holy Ghost means what He says directly, through the Scriptures, and by other means. To get an idea of what I am talking about, feel free to ask clarifying questions.
  4. All are correct: this life is the proving field; the spirit world can be considered a continuation of mortality with regards to exposure to the gospel, covenants and ordinances, and accepting a vicarious opportunity is as much a form of repentance as accepting a living one. What a few lines of scripture text might say in comparison to what the scriptures mean on the whole can paint a rather limited picture.
  5. Epithets are often assigned by the "other side". Perhaps the Nephites who came up with Gadianton the robber weren't as nasty as Catiline's opponents and accusers. I wish you well on your project!
  6. Of course Catilina would be similar to the name Gadianton, as an epithet in different languages, because they did the same things:
  7. Yes, that is why I qualified that the spirit world "is considered probationary to the extent..." As long as people can leave the spirit prison, the spirit world is an extension of the redemption that can be found above the ground. Some might repent in the flesh and do. That some might also repent in the spirit does not diminish that.
  8. What sin put Adam and Eve in their state of misery? It depends on what you mean: the terms "state of misery" and "state" are used in various ways in Alma Chapter 42. In verse 1, "state of misery" refers to the final judgement of the sinner, but as reflected in other verses in the chapter, the state of misery can also refer to the consignment of the sinner to unhappiness in any any other state/estate as well. Why isn't the spirit world considered a probationary time to become like Jesus when they can accept ordinances performed for them? It is considered probationary to the extent they still have choice and their resurrection and final judgement haven't yet taken place.
  9. Space and size may not be the limiting factor here. Being overrun implies competing and warring factions which results in unstable inheritances, negating the consecration of the land spoken of in verses 7 and 32.
  10. I'd say the "perfect frame" is what was presented to us as the the aim of the plan of happiness as established before the foundation of the world. From God's perspective, He is restoring that plan and fulfilling it through the power of the resurrection.
  11. I'd say that in general, the answer is human nature's response to being enticed by God and the devil (we are all as Adam and Eve). So we will find parallels among all nations, kindred, tongues and people, the audience the Book of Mormon is written for. Just as the word of God is given to all men according to their language and circumstances, so are secret combinations found among them. There is nothing new under the sun, only the clarity with which it is described, seen and understood through the benefits of the Restored Gospel.
  12. I think it is wonderful to have a doctrine that says that once a year (Good Friday), believers are invited to optionally participate in the Veneration of the Cross and that the cross is used as a symbol in this rite. I also think it is wonderful to have a doctrine that says Jesus died on the cross as the sacrificial Lamb (symbolically, rather, metaphorically) in behalf of all mankind.
  13. The doctrine of the Veneration of the Cross is the teaching about the rite, not the requirement to practice it: “this cult must be considered as not belonging to the substance of religion, but as being one of the adiaphora, or things not absolutely necessary to salvation. Indeed, while it is of faith that this cult is useful, lawful, even pious and worthy of praise and of encouragement, and while we are not permitted to speak against it as something pernicious, still it is one of those devotional practices which the church can encourage, or restrain, or stop, according to circumstances.” Without getting into the territory of what qualifies as doctrine, this particular teaching about the cross seems to qualify as a practice or rite, and optional at that. I cannot think of optional and unnecessary doctrine that qualifies as doctrine of the highest standard (in the sense of saving us). Similarly, our sacrament is not doctrine but a rite, and is optional in practice without impacting salvation (assuming everything else is in spiritual order), except perhaps for that special sacrament administered in D&C 27:5-14.
  14. I think the attitudes of our Presiding High Priests, narrow or broad, influence where and how the symbol is used. Primary sources are important in this regard (tracing the origins of cultural norms).
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