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  1. I don't think you have a problem. Instead of "morally" I also use "honorably" (my first choice, actually) as in D&C 76:75, the kingdom where the gift of the Holy Ghost has not been obtained (our sense of right and wrong do not make us valiant in doing what is right, nor does it grant us additional sight), though the testimony of Jesus (by the power of the Holy Ghost) was later received. The kingdom where people with the gift of the Holy Ghost (and used it to be valiant) is described in verses 50-53, 60-70. Perhaps the discernible difference is in the degree of fulness of glory or
  2. Thank you -- since we last spoke about it, I found out that when I act morally it is by the enlightenment of the Light of Christ and when I act in holiness it is by the sanctification of the Holy Ghost, and that I discern, both in the mind and in the heart, a difference between the two
  3. I think this would make sense if their understanding of "Christianity" was not good for them, and they had to start over with some other manifestation of the Light of Christ in their lives. A reset of sorts. Elder Christofferson in this last conference: "I am referring to the Light of Christ. The Savior declared, “I am the true light that lighteth every man that cometh into the world.” Whether aware of it or not, every man, woman, and child of every belief, place, and time is imbued with the Light of Christ and therefore possesses the sense of right and wrong we often call conscience." ht
  4. You didn't pose a question to me, you made a statement which I feel dismissive about. Reframed as a simple thought experiment (since it runs contrary to my stronger belief that biological sex is eternal), I would feel obliged to be more empathetic to women. It's all about love and caring. I suggest you look up the definitions and then you might be able to see that mine was a rhetorical question, and "get" it. ETA: in the spirit of thought experiments, which is easier for you to feel comfortable about: The Church now teaching that you had to change your biological sex to enter heaven,
  5. "Pretty" strong is not "excessively" or 'harmfully" strong which is chauvinism of both types. And how about if you're a aphenophile and will be magically turned into a plutophobe?
  6. I see those as two different things, with a lot of play in what either means, depending on which estate we are discussing. In any case, i believe love and caring are fundamental in dealing with our circumstances and choices, and with those of all God's children no matter what they believe.
  7. I am saying that we can hold too strongly to any single aspect of our identity, eternal and otherwise. We can hold too strongly to our identity as a man or woman just as we can our orientation, to the point of making it a barrier to our relationship with God. In this case, identity is self-assigned, and we need to be ready to jettison any false notions about biological sex and sexual orientation. The proclamation serves as general, doctrinally based starting point. The mistake would be to ignore the clarification that biological sex at birth is an essential characteristic of individual p
  8. I think this applies to any human quality to which we hold too strongly as the basis of our identity. They are effective barriers to change, and to becoming like Christ, prioritizing them at the expense of our relationship with Him. If our hope is in Christ before our [fill in the blank]-ity, we will be fine in the long run and at peace in this life. Society of course tugs away at that one way or another, hence the need for love and caring.
  9. So your remarks about speculation and [popes] getting it wrong in the past apply to you as well!: Posted 18 minutes ago
  10. I addressed this specifically: the Pope is speaking of civic or secular union, which offers financial, legal protections, etc. He did not say they are changing the Catholic sacrament of matrimony. I see this as parallel to the Church's work in Utah with LGBT rights. The straw man you keep putting up there as representative of the Church's stance and all Church members.
  11. Some think it is perfectly worth it to live a celebrate life. You know yours is only half of two opposing perspectives a person might have.
  12. Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that homosexuals have a right to be a part of a family? Of course, every person does. Children especially, and adults who carry out attendant responsibilities, with a distinction between the secular and religious. Since we are talking about the Church, the rest of my comments have to do with religious obligations. Does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believe that homosexuals are children of God and have a right to a family? Yes, children especially, and adult members with attendant religious responsibilities,
  13. I know some who would have the Church recognize same-sex civil marriage -- since it is legal and lawful -- for the sake of baptizing one or both of the couple. But that would introduce a two-tiered "class" system. So I think loving and caring for them is still the better option, if they are willing to receive that. Non-member unit assignments would not be out of the question but would require a good deal of wisdom and understanding on the part of the leaders and the non-members.
  14. Of course if someone does not believe in making and keeping sacred covenants as proffered by those they uphold as having authority from Jesus Christ to share them, then of course it is not "given" in their case. But for those who do, living authentically means making and keeping sacred covenants as proffered by those they uphold as having authority from Jesus Christ to share them, despite what they might contrariwise be inclined to seek and do. The authentic saint submits himself to God and receives all the covenants as structured, for which he is eligible and can enter in good faith. These ha
  15. I agree; loving and caring for others is a good way to follow the Lord in families and by extension, interpersonal fellowship. But these have their limitations in authorizing the Lord's fullest blessings.
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