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  1. I see the issue more in terms of what is taught on Sunday School and Seminary, rather than trying to legislate what is taught in state schools. Creationism has a history, as does fundamentalism. Neither of those "isms" should be mistaken for the teaching of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Indeed, one of the series of books written in the early 20th century to define what the authors supposed were The Fundamentals was expressly anti-Mormon. And the radical atheists LOVE using Fundamentalist arguents as representing all religion, a convenient straw man to knock over, rather
  2. D&C 49:20 bluntly states that "it is not given that one man should possess that which above another, wherefore the world lieth in sin," which is not a slogan that gets much discussion in most executive board rooms, since any alternative, we are sometimes told, inevitably leads to socialism as embodied in the current Venezulan economic crisis, or worse. There is this, however: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dan-price-gravity-payments-cut-salary_n_60760cebe4b001befb6d8b9f Of much worth noticing, along with Fox News blasting him for his decision, I notice the very Capraesque mo
  3. When I come back to Utah to visit family, I do like to drop by Deseret book to look around. The thing that really bothers is me is how difficult it has become to find what I see as "the good stuff." That is, the collected works of Hugh Nibley, Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon, Brant's books, Truman Madsen, Blake Ostler, perhaps a few volumes of Barker or Eliade, the displays of FARMS Preliminary Reports and Reprints, and the Old Review, and such, the better volumes from Religious Studies, and all that sort of thing... the cutting edge of scholarship from the best minds availab
  4. For the record, I remain very impressed by Will Schyver's presentation, as well as Robert S. Smith's impressive work on Egyptian correspondences, Gee's work, and that of several others, including Tim Barker's recent "Under the Head" presentation whch points out that in preparing the Book of Abraham facsimiles for publication, Joseph filled in gaps in Facsimile 2 with characters from the Hor Book of Breathings papryus, and then in effect declares in the published annotations to those characters that he has NOT translated them, but if the world can figure them out so be it. Such material is tou
  5. My wife and I just got our second shots. She's 70 and I'm nearly 67. No problems with them. Getting our initial appointment for March 1st took a while, after she spent weeks trying and being frustrated hour after hour, day after day, to the point of wanting to go to Utah to try (Pennsylvania was 47th in administring the vaccines at that point.) But the next day, we got our first appointments together. The US 449 had thousand deaths in one year, by far the highest death count, in the world, exceeding all the US 20th century wars, for long stretches exceeding 9/11 and bloody Omaha
  6. One of the stories Kennedy told in his book Profiles in Courage was about Missourians wanting to execute one Joseph Smith Jr. And one person refusing to do so and thereby, saving the life of Joseph Smith. Regarding past winners of the Profiles in Courage award: Regarding current winner Romney and the current voting rights legislation: https://www.cnn.com/2021/03/26/politics/mitt-romney-receives-jfk-profile-in-courage-award/index.html I remember my personal shock on learning what happened to the minority vote in the South within a month of the end of Reconstruction,
  7. If a Democratic president was blatantly attempting to undermine or overthrow democracy in an effort to unethically secure power and gain, and was stopped by other Democrats, certainly I would LOVE the opposite! We could do with more Profiles in Courage, and fewer Profiles in Spinelessness and Accomodation. Worth a read and ponder, considering how many steps the US has dropped on the Democracy scale, and why: https://www.amazon.com/Tyranny-Twenty-Lessons-Twentieth-Century/dp/0804190119/ref=sr_1_2?crid=23WZTFN9V2RVL&dchild=1&keywords=on+tyranny+by+timothy+snyder&qid=
  8. I can think of two others who should get it such awards, a Michigan Republican who voted to certify the state election results for Biden, and the Georgia secretary of state who stood up to Trump's pressure to overturn the elections. As it happens, their state governments have just passed legislation that stripped power to certify elections from them, and given it to more pliable legislators. Franklin's famous, "A Democracy, if you can keep it," has been getting a lot more iffy. Unless, of course, you believe that it should be a crime to give a bottle of water to people who are standing in l
  9. For the record, I am a Democrat, and my wife and I as a couple donated to Biden's campaign. Oh yes, and I have a Temple recommend. I just happen to see the Democratic platform overall as far more concerned for the poor than say, that of a party that didn't compose any other platform than to support one individual who strikes me as not a particularly good role model for Christian values, such as committment and fidelity in marriage, nor an able leader in dealing with something like, say, a global pandemic, or Russian influence operations targeting the US democratic elections, environmental co
  10. In Patterns of Discovery, N. R. Hanson famously observed that "all data is theory laden." This recasting of rodheadlee's report is an exceptionally clear demonstration of how an ideological filter works. If the report does not fit the paradigm, does not fit the ideology, imagine another account of the experience that does fit the paradigm. The important thing here is that what Analytics has imagined really happend is not based personal experience or eye-witness, or experiment, but an ideologically conditioned imagination. The problem is not that this sort of thing happens. We all do
  11. But some of the most important observations that Kuhn makes about paradigm debate are these: The point is, in this kind of debate, we all get to choose which problems are more significant to have solved. Frankly, I am in no hurry to surrender my paradigm to anyone who simply announces that there is no evidence for the supernatural, based on experients and theories that do not bother to predict or explain in any significant detail the kinds of evidence that convinces me personally that there is. I am willing to give things time on that side since LDS thought is open-ended, offering no
  12. There is science as an ongoing, self-correcting endeavor, and empiricism, which has undergone significant reflection: From Ian Barbour, Myths, Models, and Paradigms: A Comparative Study of Science and Religion. https://www.religion-online.org/book-chapter/chapter-6-paradigms-in-science/ And this from Alan Goff: https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/the-inevitability-of-epistemology-in-historiography-theory-history-and-zombie-mormon-history/ FWIW, Kevin Christensen Canonsburg, PA
  13. The William McLellin journals located in the LDS archives during the formal cataloging were published. They turned out to be not at all scandalous. https://www.amazon.com/Journals-William-McLellin-1831-1836/dp/0842523162 FWiW, Kevin Christensen Canonsburg, PA
  14. Regarding NDEs, there are many ways to test NDEs, including the personal test that we will all get around to eventually. Ideological dismissal is, I suppose, a kind of test. But ideological dismissal is not a test of the dismissing ideology itself. Paradigm debate requires both comparison as well as appeals to criterion that are not paradigm dependent. The trick is to acknowledge up front that the issue is neither verification, nor falsification, which both have practical and inescapable limits when dealing with large questions. But we can make comparative assessments and conciously appea
  15. Having now watched it except for the last five minutes, I agree with the nbc news opinion Juliann lined. Shauna and I have watched an earlier documentary take on the story, an episode of Forensic Files, that was tighter and more focused. I saw little I did not know from my own readings and talks I attended. I was annoyed by the particularly tacky videos they showed to tell the Moroni/Joseph Story. I grew up LDS in Utah, and I had never seen those, which struck me as selected for their awfulness. And annoyed that Brent Metcalfe got to imply that LDS dads would be upset by the presence of d
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