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  1. Quite generic. While on our week-long vacation on Oahu back in 2012, I saw a number of just random people waggling this sign. Actually, I think I got confused there. The proper sign is with the thumb and little finger. The one in the image above might not actually be the "Shaka", and maybe it is what you said.
  2. I think that refers to ultimate happiness, i.e. in the eternities. And if the Church is true (and its teachings correct), it isn't possible outside the Church. On the other hand, will not those in the Telestial kingdom be happy, though sans covenants? There must then be degrees of happiness.
  3. If I wasn't Mormon, I'd be a Messianic Jew!
  4. I've held pretty much the same political views since before I joined the church. Leaving the church wouldn't affect my politics. I've known a number of others who have left but remain conservative politically. And some who were liberal and remain liberal. Though my own politics would be best described as libertarian.
  5. I pay Patheos to lay off the ads, so didn't see any! ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. Ha! No, that is Hawaiian sign language for "Hang loose"!
  7. Just because I thought this was a very interesting article. Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy (5 July 1924 - 10 April 2021) a "Prince of the church" Brother Peterson worked with this Cardinal on a project in aid of Assyrian Church of the East bishop Mar Bawai Soro, and he describes here his history with the Cardinal in a kind of eulogy. I'd love to put a bit of the text of the article here, but Patheos appears to block technical copying of text. I especially thought our resident Catholics might be interested!
  8. Reminds me of when I returned to Orange County, California after several years in Canada and England - would have been around 1972. I was at my parents' house, and decided to walk all over the old neighborhood to see all the old and new things. By the time I returned home my lungs and throat were sore from all the air pollution.
  9. Yeah, BLM is just SO noble. Riots and communists notwithstanding, right? Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors Lands Topanga Canyon Compound Cullors identifies as a communist & advocates for the abolishment of capitalism. No doubt she will now start hosting seminars there on her "compound."
  10. The choices in #1 didn't cover what we are doing in my stake. We've been virtual only for the past few months (UK govt put us back on full lockdown). The govt has been relaxing restrictions lately, though, and starting this Sunday, 11 April, we go back to combined in-person/virtual. Members who cannot otherwise take the Sacrament due to lack of priesthood in the home will attend in-person, and the rest of us will attend via remote. All other meetings, including 2nd hour, are still virtual only. On 18 April my wife is giving a talk in sacrament meeting, and she will deliver it via remote.
  11. Thanks for that, it looks interesting. One novel series that I really enjoyed was Rick Cook's Wizardry series. The first book, Wizard's Bane, was about a computer programmer who was transported into a world of magic by a summoning spell. He ended up finding a way to program magic. As a computer programmer myself, I found it extremely fascinating.
  12. According to some, knowledge is impossible to achieve. I don't know for sure where you stand on the question, but from all that you have written, you don't believe that one can know. I suppose I'd like to pick one that works, as opposed to one that doesn't work! LOL! This reminds me of an video I once saw on YouTube which was part of a Q&A following a presentation given by either Christopher Hitchens or Richard Dawkins (don't recall which). An audience member proposed a Pascal's Wager style question to the presenter, and his response was much like yours in flavor. He asked so
  13. Yeah, imagine that... ๐Ÿ˜„
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