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  1. Looks like the cat barked at it at the end!
  2. Why do you think that's going to make you sicker than the actual disease? I know quite a number of people who've been vaccinated (besides myself) and their vaccinations hardly slowed them down. My wife got a minor ache in her arm for a few days (she's a nurse who works in a hospital, so she definitely needed it), and on the second shot she just felt a little out of sorts for a couple of days. As for me, I felt nothing after the 1st shot, and again nothing after the 2nd. Or at least nothing negative I could be certain had to do with the vaccination. Maybe I'm bulletproof. <shrug>
  3. I'm usually in the UK (in the US temporarily at the moment) and fully vaccinated. So is my wife, her daughter and her husband. The daughter and husband have five kids and one of them brought Covid home from school with him. Now both mom and dad have contracted it, and two of the kids. I gather that the vaccination helps fight off the virus, though, and they seem to be doing well. I think we're going to just have to deal with it.
  4. I was out of touch when he got banned, and haven't yet figured out why it happened. I had also started to tend to ignore his posts because they were fairly useless. I have at least three sockpuppets. Two of them, @Telescope and @Megalodon, I use to clown around with, and have used them to test board functionality. I don't remember what the other one is called. The board rules don't actually say you may not have a sockpuppet; the rules only forbid a sockpuppet if you're using it to bypass a ban or suspension. I'm curious if my style would give me away. I guess I could try, but since I've already admitted the above sockpuppets, I'd have to create a new one in order to make the experiment. And I don't feel like it. I have about ten Gmail accounts for various purposes, including for my church calling, so that wouldn't impede me. But I'm too lazy to bother at the moment. Plus I have a kink against being deceptive, and it would make me feel bad. When I ran a board many years ago I had a moderating and a posting account. I would sometimes forget to sign in as moderating when moderating. One of the users confessed to my posting account that he was afraid of my moderator persona. I got a laugh out of that.
  5. I won't be running into too many people today! Maybe tomorrow, at church...
  6. The word means "hasten". See -> Dictionary.com "hie" Well, maybe you knew that already. Others perhaps did not. I didn't until about 15 minutes ago.
  7. That was terrible. Laughed my tush off. Heil Dönitz, indeed.
  8. Here are a couple of references that might be helpful: How a Different Tune Popularized the Hymn "If You Could Hie to Kolob" from The Tabernacle Choir Blog History of Hymns: If You Could Hie to Kolob from the Mormon Channel
  9. It must be posted in the thread. Uploaded 6 years ago, viewed now by over 17 million people. Just read the comments to the video; these young ladies have done a great service to many people. I've listened to this many times and it still brings tears to my eyes. One of the comments: "I’m 13 and I have had a really hard time believing in Jesus. My grandpa recently died and he was my every thing. After he died I hated the church and didn’t believe. I thought that if Jesus loved me he wouldn’t take him away. But after I herd this song I cried . I wanted to thank you so much this song made me believe again and I know you guys are a blessing. Thank you so much"
  10. God isn't messing with us. What difference would it make if God created the earth 6000 years ago and made it look 4.5 billion years ago? Presumably He'd be competent at it, and nobody would ever discover the truth, until He revealed it. What if the universe doesn't actually exist, except in our minds, and God has us all enveloped in a perfect illusion that appears to be a physical universe? If we all believed we were in a universe with physical laws and we behaved accordingly, what difference would it make in the end if we weren't actually ever in such a universe? I assert it wouldn't make the slightest difference. I'm a software developer by profession, and that's exactly how we test our systems to find out if they work properly. We feed our systems with data that appears real, and if the system works as expected, then we know we can put actual real data into the system and get meaningful results. [No, it doesn't always work that way, because sometimes it's difficult to come up with test data that mimics real data closely enough. Which is why there have to be multiple attempts to test the systems.] What does a loving father do? You, as a loving father, raise your children by hand, keep them from harm while young, and even sometimes when they are older, teach them as much about the world as you can so that they can eventually learn to get along without you, and then, in the end, you see how well your work ended up. Did they become successful? Did they bring you grandchildren? Can you be content at the results at the end of your life, or do you have regrets that you could have done better? The results are variable, and in the end may depend more upon factors out of your control than ones in your control. You die, and they go on (or not). End of story. God doesn't do these things. He's not visibly present during the lifetime of virtually any of his children, though if they seek Him out, He may manifest Himself to them in some way. Some of them who have had Him manifest Himself to them may teach others about God, while yet others to whom God never manifested Himself, may, for various reasons both good and bad, pretend they know who He is, and teach others fictions about Him and what He supposedly desires of them. Occasionally, God will seek out certain of His children and actually reveal Himself in certain ways, and these children, prophets, will teach the children they live among. But most others never hear anything about these prophets, or if they did, have no reason to credit them as genuine representatives of God. And they go whatever way they go, ignorantly. God leaves the vast majority of His children in abject ignorance of His will, or even His existence, during the period of His children's existence on this planet. He leaves the raising of those children to the mortal parents of those children. Towards the end of the test period, God will have made His will known (if disputed) to many more people than He ever did in the past (we're living in that period now), but still, there are a very large number who don't know much if anything about Him. But in the end, He will manifest Himself more fully to His children, and for a period His will will be known to nearly all who live on earth (the Millennium). God's method's are clearly different from yours, as a loving mortal parent, and His purposes and goals are different as well. You raise your children in order to promote their mortal existence, so they live as long as they can. God is testing us, to determine our suitability for future employment. As far as I can determine, God is trying to determine which among all His children will, without sure knowledge of Him, choose to do as righteously as they can. Because He is trying to find out which ones among all His children, are suitable for advancement to do His work, to be raised by Him to become like Him, and then go on to do His work as well. The scriptures make this sufficiently clear, and this is what I have concluded from them. ETA: All that sounds very mechanistic, I suppose, so I must add that God loves us unreservedly, and those of us who nevertheless fail to be suitable for future employment as gods, will nevertheless be rewarded immeasurably and be given meaningful work that will make us happy for eternity. And after eternity ends, might there be more for us? Who knows, but I have confidence that God's love will make all this we have to go through be worthwhile.
  11. I suppose if God wants to throw up stumbling blocks, He's allowed to. I mean, who am I to object? But I suspect that He doesn't throw up stumbling blocks so much as we stumble over things we shouldn't be stumbling over. In our pride.
  12. Wow, you were kinda privileged. I wish I had had a German companion -- would have learned much better German. But in my time there were very few native German FTMs. I think we had exactly one during my time. And he was from Switzerland or Austria, not Germany. As to international flavors, in my current ward in England in 2019 we had two missionary elders from Papua New Guinea, of all places! We live in the London England mission, probably not where you served.
  13. Is it God throwing up stumbling blocks? I don't think so. How do you know that Isaiah didn't write what God told him to write, and then the copyist whose copy made it into the canon made a change to suit himself? The Book of Mormon does not speak totally well of the text of the Bible, you know. Plain and precious things being removed/corrupted. You are aware of that, right?
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