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  1. I truly hope so. I assume he’s completely convinced that she had nothing to do with his murder attempt—I’d personally have a reeeeeeeally hard time overcoming that. Do you know if she has moved back closer to him? That would seem like a prerequisite to get joint custody.
  2. I’ve seen people put up with all kinds of rubbish from their Xs in order to not be the sole caregiver.
  3. It kind of seems like Charles Vallow’s life was on a bad trajectory too (because of Lori). She’s just a toxic person. I do wonder about Colby though. He stated confidently that Joseph Ryan sexually abused him-as if he actually remembered it happening. He seemed to really believe that. Of course it’s always possible that Lori planted the idea in his mind when he was young. Unless there’s some thing I missed, that’s probably something that’s going to remain a mystery.
  4. It was probably Alex. Wasn’t he a bit of an actor?
  5. I look forward to it! (Now for crying out loud, go to law school already! You should breeze through!)
  6. Thanks Calm. I grew up in California (Bay Area) so I will always be a California girl. But I’ve lived in Idaho since I married my Boise boy! 😊 I miss the weather and the redwoods but not much else!
  7. If memory serves, the insanity defense doesn’t exist in Idaho. At least that’s how it used to be here.
  8. Exactly. Narcissistic people are warped. They literally don’t live in the same reality as other people. I see Lori as an unchecked, classic, severe narcissist.
  9. I'm pretty sure she said the Holy Ghost. While she was in the temple. 🙉
  10. The only mental illness I can see evidence of is narcissistic personality disorder. Her pattern is to remove anyone who gets in the way of her attainment of wealth, and status. Now Andrea Yates was a good example of a mother who killed her children due to severe mental illness. Her state of mind could easily be tied medically to postpartum psychosis. IMHO, Lori Vallow belongs in prison not a hospital.
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