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  1. Are you being intentionally obtuse? There’s a difference between complexity and advancement.
  2. I recommend you study the issue a little more. That viewpoint shows a lack of understanding of biology.
  3. Because they were kicked out of God‘s presence. Much like we are kicked out of His presence when we come to earth and leave our heavenly home to take on mortality.
  4. I’m not sure why, but this is a common misconception about evolution. Evolution isn’t a “progression”. If it were, there would be no single cell organisms left. It is not about becoming more advanced-it’s about populations adapting to changing environments. We are not more “advanced” than chimpanzees. They adapted to their environment we adapted to ours. While we share most traits, our brains grew much larger through our adaptive patterns than theirs did.
  5. Of course he doesn’t sound crazy—just ignorant of what evolutionary theory is. He seems to think evolution is a chicken hatching a horse.
  6. Not really. The odds that we find all the exact fossil species in our line (pre Australopith) are pretty low. We have a handful of candidates. DNA evidence tells us we’re related. Fossils just fill in gaps.
  7. Or maybe its because Africa was home to the earliest humans as well as most of the great apes...
  8. Creating models for human evolution is not the same as evolutionary theory. This is specifically addressing human evolution and really has very little to do with any problem in evolutionary theory in general. Humans evolve in the same way that all other life forms evolve. The only conflict here is identifying common ancestors between humans and the extant great apes. Fossils are incredibly rare and so to think that we could possibly create an ironclad model of human evolution with the hominin and ape fossils we have is really kind of silly (and I’m pretty sure most paleoanthropologists know t
  9. Lol! Have you ever heard of pregnancy, childbirth, and breast-feeding? If that isn’t “roughing it” I really don’t know what is.
  10. I listened to parts of her interview. I don’t think she’s doing her self a favor by going public with John Dehlin but I admit it was interesting to listen to her story. I feel for her, being a woman The thought of sitting in a room to face possible discipline from a group of men (even righteous and well meaning men) is kind of terrifying. I was surprised that she was offered the opportunity to bring a Relief Society president with her although in her case that’s not possible. I think that only giving her a week to prepare is completely unreasonable. She works full-time and lives in another st
  11. I think it’s God‘s way of telling you to stop going to bed at 2:25 in the morning.
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