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  1. Do you believe that means we were present in our current spiritual form at the time God was in His/Her own mortal probation? I interpret that more as the intelligences that make up our spirits are eternal. Otherwise how could God be our father? Parents come first then children. I would like to claim seniority over my great great great great great grandchildren. Obviously time, as we know it, is a mortal construct so I’m sure that it is reckoned very differently in the spiritual realm but still…
  2. I wonder if it’s basically for the same reason so many LDS people reject the concept of evolution. That line between mortal and immortal is scary because none of us remember ever crossing it. Church teachings indicate that everything was created spiritually before it was created physically. How could this be if our bodies have evolved? If we can become gods, did God used to look like one of the more ancient primates? We tend to get tripped up on these types of questions. If God is perfect (which many people seem to interpret as never having sinned), how could we ever progress to that level; ourselves being sinful?
  3. It gets a little sketchy here. I have an “eternal” marriage but if that means I was married to my husband during my date-a-holic single years at BYU, I’m in huge trouble.
  4. Being sinless isn’t the same as never having sinned.
  5. Why would Jesus have seen his Father sin if his Father was already God? Why would anyone imagine that Jesus watched the Father in His mortality?
  6. This just makes me so sad 😞 I was one of those missionary moms who constantly worried about them. More-so than when they were in college. Bless those sweet young men and their families. 💔
  7. I like arguing with the Patriarchy. I want all the jerks of yore to come back so I can argue with them again. “Most” everyone now is pretty nice.
  8. And one of the reasons I sometimes secretly wish I were gay. I adore my super- manly husband but sometimes I long for a partner who understands something about being a woman…
  9. It really isn’t an oversimplification. If we look at the traits that taxonomists use to separate groups, there is no scientifically valid reason for humans to be placed in a group apart from the great apes family (Hominidae). That’s what it means for humans to have “ape” DNA. For instance, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees are all part of that family (great apes or Hominidae). And yet Chimpanzee DNA is clearly more closely related to human DNA than to gorilla DNA. Therefore if chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans are great apes, then humans must be too.
  10. This thread is giving me PTSD. Hang in there IndyBelle. There’s a lot of great advice in here and most of us ladies have been in your shoes at one point or other.
  11. Idk. I think he insinuated that he’s kind of asexual. Maybe he will not need as much physical intimacy as most people. Maybe he’ll be comfortable alone.
  12. Not true. I agree with much of the rest of your post though. 😊
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