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  1. This is off topic but you are the poster child for why the argument for social determinism- that "individual" free agents do not exist because we are all "programmed" by our cultures, is simply false. This argument has been used to argue that unique individuals with their own subjective points of view do not exist, because we are all virtual robots programmed by culture. In philosophy this is called the "death of man" thesis, and is important in arguments for and against free will https://g.co/kgs/pL5obe Bax argues that the cultural diversity that is the essence of our lives makes
  2. What is ironic is that we are constantly being told to find our own testimonies, and that is the only way to know the truth of the gospel, and yet we ignore TEACHING THAT in apologist blogs and websites. Due to ignoring our Prophets and seers, sites and individuals who teach that history and science are the way to find an individual's meaning in life and the path to Christ, unintentionally make matters worse. It takes subjective prayer and communication with the Lord to find that, as taught clearly in Alma 32. We need to teach that the path to Christ is a personal one, found
  3. As many know I find looking for scientific or historical evidence for the meaning of life is just plain silly. Neither history nor Science is in that business, both deliberately remain "objective" about morals or values. Why would anyone go to that kind of source for religious understanding? LDS folks of Course. I have learned more about true religion from atheist philosophers than I have from scientists or historians. Heck , you can learn about what we call the Light of Christ or God's Intelligence constantly flowing through the universe from Star Wars if you
  4. Yes I think the quotes from non-member philosophers will be far more persuasive than those even from prophets and apostles, because by definition the statements of prophets and apostles are only of authority to those who have testimonies! Doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results which are unsatisfactory or insignificant to convince others of the truth of the gospel to non-believers when those wonderful men are already members, well advanced in intellect, and the spirit, seems to me to have been proven to be "barking up the wrong tree" Atheists respect other ath
  5. IF you believe in Jesus Christ You know that we all are sinners Their question is is ANYBODY worthy of such power? That is the Lord's problem not yours. If the Lord thinks you need a blessing I believe anyone could do it without the priesthood even. Sister Snow brought her ox back to life.
  6. You know, this is ALL of it- personal revelation is EVERYTHING! ALWAYS keep that in mind when you see / hear things that seem to trick you by the false logic of men, and stick with that testimony! THAT is the only real TRUTH we have. I feel that that is my mission in life to teach that. I need to do it better.
  7. Totally agree. I just said "brain" instead of "mind, heart and spirit" because there are atheists here who only understand the physiology of the brain, and don't believe in hearts, minds and spirits. 😉😃
  8. Everything you know is within your brain, if you think about it, where else would it be?
  9. Oh my what a set up NOT be able to take advantage of!
  10. I don't particularly like feeling woo woos. Too messy.
  11. But you haven't sinned in years! How can you do better?
  12. You actually like your wife? Cheesh! How old fashioned! You should never get married and then swap for a new "partner" every 3-5 years at the most. You gotta get with it, man!
  13. With a moniker like "smac"... oh nevermind... 🤯. It was experimental for me. "Is there God here?" Nope Next...
  14. For me it was more study about the nature of reality than fun.
  15. Of course. MORE than "tried", I think that is fairly known hereabouts
  16. I always try to post the entire post upon which I am commenting to be sure to get the context right, then look at individual statements. These nuances amount to absolutely nothing in regular speech and are rather pedantic actually, but I think if we are careful to speak within a paradigm, it is easier to learn it inside and out and actually start thinking in a new way. To be totally consistent within the paradigm I think it is useful to speak in terms not about "the entire universe" but the world of pooled human experience as what is being described. And it is not "certainly describe
  17. Great stuff! 🤔 But we still are trying to fit God into man's concepts. On the other hand, God is the MAN OF HOLINESS so where does human intelligence end and God's intelligence begin?
  18. Yes there is some evidence for that idea in papers I have read recently.
  19. Seriously I can imagine that as well. I am suddenly a 9 year old altar boy.
  20. Psychedelics work and can change and spiritualized life but they are not the real thing compared to a heavy dose of the Holy Spirit. They are like riding a bike with training wheels.
  21. I know it is from experience. It's God working through ordinary folks. I have seen it.
  22. Think this through. The kid is in the hospital getting medical care. Dad gives a blessing. Kid gets well. Who gets the credit, dad or the hospital?? Obviously the hospital! Modern medicine works miracles. But you know that if the miracle happens in the hospital it will be attributed to Medicine and not to God or dad
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