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  1. The practice of the presiding authority receiving the sacrament first started in the 1930 or 40s. from a talk given in general conference.
  2. Truthfully, I don’t care who takes it first. I have little children so I bless and pass. i bless it then pass it to everyone.
  3. Thanks for posting this, I’ll take a look. i love Jesus movies, some are better then others. my favorite is the Jesus film.
  4. I always thought it was 42? going by the number ? Marks. anyways love the chapter study it often.
  5. Not sure. Finding it hard to believe all the options that are being taught about the scriptures that are just opinions. telling people that the sacrament is a saving ordinance is not correct, because if that were true, then all those bishops that keep people from partaking of it are condemning them to hell. I find it hard to believe That we must put our trust and salvation in the hands of sinful men, when we are only to put our trust in the one who was sinless.
  6. Repenting of your sins does not save you it is your faith in Christ that saves you. the sacrament is a way to remember the Covenants you have made.
  7. Here you go. also this talk is the reason the presiding officer gets the sacrament first, if you ever wondered why. The Lord's Sacrament President David O. McKay Second Counselor in the First Presidency David O. McKay, Conference Report, April1946, pp. 111-117 When, on one occasion, the Prophet Joseph Smith was asked the meaning of the strength of Zion, he replied: The strength of Zion is to put on the power of the priesthood D&C 113:7-8 You, brethren, radiate that strength tonight. No one can be in your presence as the
  8. Have you sisters read the scriptures the church has asked you to read? To the sisters: Study prayerfully about the restoration of the priesthood and how to draw upon that power, beginning with reading Doctrine and Covenants sections 25, 84, and 107. Is it going to happen? the president said a special announcement.
  9. So women are getting the priesthood or learning how to appreciate it more?
  10. When I saw mtg. I thought it stood for magic the gathering.
  11. How do some of you feel about CBD, is it breaking the words of wisdom?
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