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  1. I remember that this has been a teaching in the church for a long time, but the addition of this phrase in the hand book is new. I find it is best practice to go along with rules we have today and not rules we will have maby in the future. who knows the change of more to come, for example the removal of the girls organization no longer in use i.e. my maid Laurel and now the separation of the sexes on Saturday general conference.
  2. D anc c 20 57 And is to be assisted always, in all his duties in the church, by the deacons, if occasion requires The deacons duty is to assist.
  3. Depending on who is being baptized a convert then mp an child of record the bishop also depending on which ward is assigned that day, but usually the bishop of the child being baptized. i
  4. Also the characters that went with Martin had a translation. the ones we know about do not, so they are not the original characters.
  5. Whatever. You mean I brought light and truth to this man. yeah, I meek does not mean letting people control or abuse you.
  6. What would that have solved? but yesterday I got a phone call from him apologizing, he looked into the matter and found that I was right. now he wants me to show him how he can do it this way as well, I made an enemy into an friend.
  7. Maby shakedown was the wrong word but what would you call it. I talked to the bishop over the phone , explained how it works and why I prefer to do it this way,(I don’t need people knowing how much money I make), then he drives over to my house, asking if he can see my receipt. I told him no and he got bent out of shape. I feel bad for you guys that had people show up last day of the year. we chose November 1st as our last day to pay tithing. Any thing made in December we rolled over into next year’s numbers.
  8. Every time I get a new Bishop I have to explain to them that I pay my tithing to the church directly, where they are not able to see how much I gave, for privacy reason. then they go off trying to shake me down. sorry just a bit of a rant.
  9. If the prayer is said with real feelings then your good. when they turn to just empty words then it time for self reflection
  10. Read the book though it was great. I remember reading journals from past leaders and them talking about stories that were from the Book of Mormon but not the current Book of Mormon and thought wouldn’t it be cool to gather all those stories to help us understand the lost pages. Don did a great job in doing just that. can’t wait to to read the next book.
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