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  1. The show portrays Allen as not knowing who the School of the Prophets were? That's crazy. He wanted to join the group but Brenda kept him away from it. He would definitely have known about the group. The police knew about the group within hours of the murder and was already contacting and raiding their homes by the next day.
  2. I've always understood the story that Martin swapped the stones while it was in the hat. And the hat is supposed to be dark so when Joseph picked up the hat again, he couldn't see the peculiar parts of the stone. He just knew that a stone was in the hat and assumed it was the original one.
  3. An interesting coincidence, in Issue 56 of the Tanner's newsletter (it was published in March 1985), they talk about the Laffertys and mention their book "Mormonism -- Shadow or Reality" multiple times. It really tries to tie together blood atonement with the Laffertys (I don't think blood atonement actually had anything to do with the murders).
  4. I've got sources for basically all of that if you want them. I've read way too many newspapers in that time period. I was even trying to find Florida newspapers (for Diana), Scottish newspapers (for Matilda), and Idaho newspapers (for Brenda). Only found the Idaho ones so far. The one thing that I've really wanted to find is anything about the Lafferty parent's mission. Other couples are mentioned in the newspapers so I think it is in there but I haven't found it yet. I did notice that there are somethings in the book that are incorrect. They aren't big errors. One of the weirdest ones is that the book uses "Bernard Brady" as the name for Barry Crowther. I kept trying to find "Bernard Brady" in the newspapers but never could. And then I found Barry Crowther's affidavit and it was identical to the one in the book for Bernard Brady except for the name change. Then I realized that the two people were the same. I don't know why the book uses "Bernard Brady". It sounds like Krakauer interviewed him so maybe he changed his name?
  5. That does sound very relatable but I worry that Black is ignoring those where their testimony actually strengthened up because of the situation. Lots of people were affected by the murders. Some left the church and some stayed in the church. If he is just focusing on the former, then I think he is doing a disservice to the later.
  6. I mentioned earlier that I was building out a timeline using online sources and the book. I've basically finished it and here's a high level timeline, in case you are wondering: Prior to 1981, Ron and Diana move around as required by his job (a crane operator). They lived in Farmington multiple times where he was in the bishopric and she was in the relief society. By 1976, they had moved to Highland on a 2-acre lot with their 6 children. He was appointed to the first town council but did not rerun for election in 1980. He was in the bishopric roughly the same time he was in the bishopric. Prior to 1981, Dan and Matilda moved to various schools where he gained his chiropractor license. In California (around 1978), his family started a sandwich shop out of their apartment to make ends meet. When the Board of Health learned about it, they were shut down (and possibly fined). That made him start to see the injustice in the current legal system. In 1980, he had graduated and joined his father's chiropractor business. They lived in Payson. While in California, Dan became interested in polygamy because of either a church talk or a church lesson. After moving back to Utah Valley, he would go through the BYU library looking for things and found The Peacemaker. After reading and praying about it, he came to believe it was written by Joseph Smith. He started to implement its teachings in his family life. In 1981, their parents (Watson Sr and Claudine) left on a mission. Dan and his brother, Mark, were left in charge of the chiropractor business. They started to have long talks about the constitution and the church. Their young brothers (Tim, Allen, and Watson Jr) started to attend. Dan was the main teacher. In 1981, Allen met Brenda and they started dating. She had no idea what Dan was teaching. By the end of 1981, Dan had returned his driver's license, revoked his marriage license, returned his Social Security card, and stopped paying taxes of any kind. The Assessor's Office filed a notice of seizure against the chiropractor business for unpaid taxes. Someone paid the taxes before anything was seized. In 1982, Brenda and Allen marry. They live in the Lafferty home while his parents are on a mission. Dan runs for Sheriff. His platform is to return back to constitutional laws. He believes that the only true tender is gold and silver. Since he doesn't have any, he pays with a "promissory note". He does this for a few other things that year and Allen joins him in at least one case (after he marries Brenda, she probably was against the idea). He is taken off the ballot and is not allowed to be at "meet the candidate" events and so files several lawsuits. In August, Diana had heard her sister-in-laws complaining about their husbands. She asks Ron to intervene. He goes to see Dan and the other brothers and when he comes home, he is a changed man. He started to enact Dan's teachings in his own life. In October, Dan is arrested for fleeing arrest, hurting an officer, and speeding. His brothers (Tim is explicitly quoted) says that Dan is saving the constitution and that it is hanging by a thread. There is a semi-riot when his brothers and supporters try to "citizen arrest" the judge and other court officers. Dan is said to have told the judge to cease or by struck down in the name of Jesus Christ. Also, in October, the Assessor's Office files another notice of seizure on the chiropractor business. An anonymous donor pays the taxes. In December, Dan is convicted and ordered for 45 day diagnostic evaluation. Also, Brenda and Allen move to American Fork because his parents have returned home from their mission. They probably came home early to deal with Dan and save the chiropractor business. In February 1983, Dan is sentenced to 30 days in jail. Around March, Dan is excommunicated. It is mostly because of his politics (per the Stake President) but does include some of his extreme beliefs (such as polygamy). At some point he abused his daughter and married a second wife. I believe the abuse was probably before the excommunication and the second wife is after the excommunication but I don't have any exact dates. Around April, Ron is excommunicated. He argued that Dan shouldn't have been excommunicated and that the church had gone astray. In May, Ron and Diana are divorced. Before the divorce, Ron had talked about marrying of there daughters as plural wives. Diana also wrote a letter to President Benson (President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles at that time). Ron had a meeting with an assistant of President Benson and argued that he was just following what was taught in "God, Family, Country" (a book written by President Benson). Around December, the Lafferty boys meet Prophet Onias. They (excluding Allen) join the School of the Prophets by January 1984. In March 1984, Ron writes the removal revelation and the instrument consecration revelation. He shows it to Dan. They mention it to other brothers (including Allen) over the next few months. At the end of March, Ron and Watson went shopping for an instrument. They purchase a "pearl-handled shaving razor" and possibly also a 10-inch cutlery knife (which was the actual murder weapon). Watson takes it to a School of the Prophets meeting and asks for it to be consecrated. No one does it and it never gets consecrated. Ron marries a second wife and goes on a honeymoon with her. On April 5, 1984, Ron and Dan attempt a take over of the School of the Prophets. They don't have enough votes as two of their brothers (Tim and Mark) vote against them. Ron, Dan, and Watson Jr are kicked out of the group. By this time, the rest of the School of the Prophets (about 6-10 people) had heard about the removal revelation. One of them (Barry Crowther) gets an affidavit that says that he is worried for the lives of 10 people (those in the revelation and those in the School of the Prophets) and names Ron, Dan, Watson Jr, and Tod (he is the one named in the revelation) as possible culprits. Between April and July, Brenda calls her sister (Betty) and says she is leaving Allen. Betty tells her that she needs to stay and work it out (Betty regrets this immensely). Brenda also calls her mom and says she is going to come home because things aren't working out. Then she tells her mom that Allen and she worked it out and doesn't come home. The last time Betty sees her alive, Allen and Brenda had a fight. Ron and Dan go on a trip at the same time. They meet Knapp and Carnes. Dan marries a third time and divorces her a week or two later (she didn't like some of his personal beliefs). On July 23, 1984, the 4 (Ron, Dan, Knapp, and Carnes) meet at the Lafferty home where Claudine Lafferty is still living (their father died in 1983 from diabetes). They discuss scripture and Dan (or Knapp/Carnes) ask Ron why can't they just shoot them and Ron says that they throat has to be cut. On July 24, 1984, the 4 pack their car, along with several guns. They go to Mark's house to get another gun. They go target shooting and realize they have the wrong ammo so go back to Mark to get another gun. Mark tells them that Allen has the gun. They go to Allen's house and no one answers. They leave and then Dan has a feeling. They go back, Brenda answers, and she and her daughter are murdered (Dan confesses to both murders but Knapp/Carnes says that Ron killed Brenda). They then rob the Low's house (she was in the revelation) and miss a turn to the Stowe's house. They drive to Wendover and on the way there they get pulled over by the police for a bad taillight. The officer lets them go with a warning. Around 8pm, Allen comes home and discovers the murders. He calls the police using a neighbor's phone. By that evening, they contact Matilda (Dan's first wife) and she wakes up her kids and are taken to a friends house in another town. At 2:30am, Dan's former Stake President (the one that presided over his excommunication) is called and warned that his life might be in danger. The next day, the police raid several houses belonging to the School of the Prophets. At Barry Crowther's house, they find his affidavit that listed the 10 people and contact all of them to warn them. They raid Dan's house and discover the removal revelation. On July 25, they announce a warrant for Ron. They also want to talk to Dan. And they are looking for 4 bearded men who look like "mountain men." In Wendover, Knapp and Carnes don't go to sleep and instead take the car and flee to Wyoming. They throw out evidence along the way. When Ron and Dan wake up, they discover they have nothing except the clothes on their back. So they hitchhike to Reno because they were they earlier in the year and enjoyed it. On July 30, the police arrest Knapp and Carnes. They tell the police about throwing out the evidence and the police backtrack the path. They find the murder weapon (as well as a lot of other evidence) a few miles outside of Wendover. On August 7, Ron and Dan are arrested in Reno. They asked for a woman that they had met earlier in the year and she had been under surveillance.
  7. Wow. What years, if I may ask? Also, here's an article in the Salt Lake Tribune from 1980 where they interview him about his work as a crane operator - https://newspapers.lib.utah.edu/details?id=27625200
  8. So, I've been going through the real timeline and I doubt that this happened. Ron didn't own a construction company. He was employed as a crane operator. He was building a dream house and a fourplex on his spare time so the loan could be related to that. But, by the time Dan was making things look bad, Ron was already like Dan. Ron also quit his job so I would think the loan would be rejected by virtue that Ron has no income or stability. I also don't think the timing works. In the middle of 1982, Dan was a fairly typical patriotic member on the outside. He talked about being true to the constitution, fixing bad unconstitutional laws, etc. He had a decent number of supporters in the community so I don't see him making the church look bad. But then he gets arrested in October of 1982. The arrest, trial, semi-riot, newspaper coverage, etc really does make him look crazy. He is his own attorney and basically argues that everything is unconstitutional. His brothers argue that only a priesthood holder can save the constitution. In December, he is held for 45 days in jail for mental evaluation. In February, he is convicted of 3rd degree felony escape and sentenced to 30 days. That brings us to March of 1983. Between March and May, Dan is excommunicated, Ron is excommunicated, and Diana and Ron are divorced. After the divorce, Ron moved into a trailer behind Dan's house. So, the loan would have to happen in between October 1982 and May 1983.
  9. That article had a section that I wasn't sure was accurate. It says: Did the show really have the farm in Ogden? Because it was actually located in Orem. And it was Dan's place where Ron lived after the divorce. I don't think any of the other brothers lived there.
  10. https://www.sltrib.com/religion/2022/05/22/screenwriter-families/ It talks about the truth and the fiction in the tv show. Black talks about the reason for the scene where Brenda got a job "for agreeing to keep quiet about a male communication adviser’s suggestive behavior." Even though that never happened, her journal does mention being hit on by professors and so he was trying to bring in that aspect of her. I wish he would have shown it in a different manner, though. Brenda got the job because of her own skills. Another detail is how Allen, in the show, talked about bearded men and not about his brothers. I can definitely see that being hard for Allen. He just discovered his wife and daughter killed and he's probably knows who did it. But that would be a hard thing to actually say it out loud.
  11. I served my mission in an area where the nearest temple was about a week of traveling (unless you could pay for an airline ticket which was normally not the case). The members had a dedicated temple trip each year where everyone would pitch in so that a few would go. Those that went were newly married couples, new converts, and family and friends to help them and serve in the temple for them. They would take ~3 weeks: 1 week to get there, 1 week to stay there, and 1 week to get back. For most members, that 1 week was all they got in the temple for years. Before the Nauvoo Temple, ordinances were performed in the Red Brick Store in Nauvoo.
  12. I doubt Dan/Ron believed that BY was behind the murder of JS. I don't see anything in the book about that and nothing in the newspapers give any hint. They are positive of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. They sound like most fundamentalists where Wilford Woodruff was the reason why the church went astray. I don't know about what was shown about the interaction, but the interaction between the real Laffertys and their wives was pretty bad. Dan treated his wife as property and the other brothers followed his example. When Diana divorced Ron, both her stake president and bishop counseled her that Ron was being abusive. Ron was angry with them (the stake president and bishop) because they weren't supporting him as the patriarch of the family. This is probably a part of the reason why the stake president and the bishop's wife were on the removal revelation. So, even for the time period, the Laffertys were not good husbands.
  13. It is the only known couch scene that appears to show the person alive on the couch and even possibly "struggling". Having the legs spread apart instead of together and having Anubis in between the person and the couch is significant. Maybe we'll find a nice Egyptian explanation for that at some point in the future, but we don't have that yet.
  14. Not all of the "weird alterations" are in the lacuna. The man laying on the bed doesn't look anything like all of the other bed facsimiles that I've seen. And except for his hands, none of it is missing from the papyrus that we have.
  15. It doesn't contradict the accounts. The stone in the hat could encompass 99% of the text and 1% could be a different way. There isn't a witness who sad that the entire BoM was translated through the stone in the hat and there are indications that there were other methods.
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