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  1. I believe JS (at least as quoted explicitly by Phelps) interpreted D&C 77 in light of the BoA where 1 day=1000 years: … eternity, agreeably to the records found in the catacombs of Egypt, has been going on in this system (not the world) almost two thousand five hundred and fifty five millions of years… Times & Seasons 5 no. 24 (1 Jan. 1844), 758.
  2. Exactly, Mo'ism is not deterministic like Calvinism.
  3. You're my favorite, so it make me sad to see you saying the same talking points as exmos re: soda/coffee. If you've ever been in a Starbucks, you know that most people order coffees with more sugar, cream, and sweeteners than most sodas.
  4. Exactly, you technically aren't defiled until it's been completely digested and passed. In all seriousness in Acts 15, the Jerusalem Conference determined that there would be dietary restrictions for adherence of the [Christian] Way, for both Jew and Gentile and sent their decision abroad.
  5. Time will tell which strategy plays out: RLDS/CoC or LDS.
  6. It does call out tobacco though, and vape juice is tobacco extract. Do you think that doesn't apply?
  7. I think we probably see it the same way then.
  8. I don't see how this is any different than grave dedication.
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