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  1. Doesn't sound like anything new per se, it's all been out there, so to speak, for awhile now
  2. That happened in this mission in the mid 90's. 2 elders were doing horrible, horrible stuff, 4 others knew about it and all 6 got sent home
  3. one thing i'd be interested to know is how this only came out years after the affair began? IIRC He started counselling this woman in the 20's or something. Also Elder Orson F. Whitney may have been cheating on his wife too, according to this guy
  4. Something that happened here with the temple is that originally they had planned it being built in one area. 5.5 years of the city councilor not wanting it in her area and things like that the church moved its location to another area. That city councilor's attitude was like 'you want to build a religious building that the city wont ever have to pay for or do anything with, it's all paid by the church plus it will attract people from other provinces and at least two US States, plus others from other places?' Let's build today! So, right now there is not one but two little strip malls built across the street from the temple, you can get donuts, KFC, alcohol, your dental needs etc.!
  5. Something happens in the church and it makes the rounds of podcasters and what is so different from one to the next?
  6. I think, here, burnout, or some people their heart is in the right place but they just aren't a good person to run a ward. I've had good people be a good Bishop, a bad person-three times became, a bad bishop and then a bad person become a decent-ish Bishop. Maybe once or twice a good person be a bad bishop. People assume that because someone is a High priest and he makes a decent living he had managerial skills, people skills etc that they would make a good Bishop but that isn't always the case. I think , for me, the best Bishops are the ones that work a job with people and not products. The worst of the worst, for me, was aa janitor, a pharmacist, a handyman0we think, and a baker. Really, these types of jobs work with products and you aren't really dealing with the public so much. The pharmacist, kind of but in his case not really.
  7. our stake the norm is most bishops quit before 5 years. I and another brother were thinking we can count on one hand how many men did 5 years as bishops. Our ward was created in Nov. 2021 and we are on our second Bishop already
  8. you mean like CWIC Media, Jacob Hansen and the other far right false prophets? I can't think of anyone "clamoring" more for "doctrinal changes" than those two people, they orchestrate letter writing campaigns for their followers to write the Brethren telling them to change this or that. Even Greg Matsen, CWIC media founder, said he has nothing better to do with his life so he criticizes the Church and has deluded people into following him. I hope they will be be cleared away or repent will be good too. Incase you weren't aware Jacob Hansen's wife doesn't wear her garments like, it's a great example of "fleshy, fallen desires"
  9. I'd be interested to know what Tyler Glenn thinks of all of this, I remember his moment pre-covid
  10. I almost guarantee you that outside of some members here in Canada, most people don't know who he is. People here know Shania Twain, Avril Lavigne, Drake, e Bieber etc. people like that-but not a runner up, years ago, on a US tv show.
  11. President M. Russell Ballard told a story either in conference or at a BYU devotional, I assume in the 1980's of when he once went to South America. When he was there he was at meeting in a stake conference or something and he noticed these brethren with white shirts but they were brown up to the middle of their chests. He thought it was odd and asked one of them and they said that they waded through a river, among other things, to hear him speak. He was profoundly touched to hear that. I have looked through his 80's BYU and conference talks and into the early 90's and come up with nothing. Does this story sound familiar?
  12. Our Stake FH Temple Leader is a woman!!!!!!! Our Bishop exhibits mysogynistic tendancies, so it would be nice to get someone who thinks better of women than he does
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