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  1. One thing about history is getting to what was actually said by the person. Did Pres. Nelson ever say when this took place? The inauguration of W. Rolfe Kerr happened on Nov. 12, 1976 but according to the video he never said when he flew down. He could have flown down the day before two days before, who knows. So, if someone had access to those records i'd check them. Besides of which we are only going on what someone else said was in and not in the airplane report, could they be posted for all to see? Otherwise they are just as guilty of obscuring the facts as someone else is propping up the story.
  2. There is this guy, who is a guest at the Waldorf Hysteria...shall we say, who runs a blog and is currently doing a 55 post series doing this exact thing, what do long dead general authorities have to say about a certain subject. If they said it then it must be true, even though other brethren disagree but hey
  3. I don't think those two men are the same. The nose is different, eyebrows are different, one has wavy hair and the other is straight hair, lack of brown spots on the forehead too as opposed to the other man. The name is unusual for sure but there is another ... in California, at least listed on google, but I don't know if he is gay or sings
  4. 1)social issues, i.e. not fitting in, church is too far, beef with someone 2) personal beliefs conflict with the church's 3) apathy, people like the church for friends and benefits but the theology is another matter
  5. that's what i was thinking too, other people think gay people will "convert" your kids and they are coming for you. it's a tongue in cheek song, pointing out what ridiculous things people think and say about the gay community
  6. which is what Nehor said all along..............the American version ruined by fellow Americans, great story
  7. yeah, where do you think I got Feb 8, 1910 from?!
  8. that's all you asked me to know, what time and place do you have in mind? Feb 8, 1910
  9. 1910 and I don't smoke! What year do you have in mind? Scouting started in 1907 by Lord Robert Baden-Powell in England
  10. it started in 1910, Lord Robert Baden-Powell
  11. as a fellow Canadian you have our support! In August we are having a Native Canadian member of the Church talk about her being Native, she's been a member 40 years? There used be a "Lamanite Branch" here but it got absorbed into the other wards for some reason
  12. He came to my mission in 1998, his brother was a Bishop in one of the wards I served in, phenomenal man!!!!!! Both actually!!!
  13. I know the Church, in various organizations, do focus groups and one on one interviews as well. Some months ago I wrote a neat experience I had about genealogy for possible submission in a magazine (they were looking for material so why not?!) I don't know if it went anywhere but next thing I know I got an email from Elder Gong of the Twelve's secretary wanting to know what I thought about the new Liahona Magazine and I was to write a letter with my thoughts. Not what I was expecting for sure! hahahha! I gather he is one some Magazine committee or something. I know the Church do surveys and whatnot for navigating various websites, tech stuff and the look and all that. I think it's good to do that, you don't want to have a hit and miss situation that goes undetected for a long time, people can't figure out a website or don't read this or go to that for XYZ reasons and so they want to know what is happening and what needs to change. Now, what I want to know is who was on the focus group that said yes, we want to spend $12 on a Grand Big Mac meal at McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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