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  1. One thing too is MS is not the only exmo podcast circus in town and they all live in capitalistic society, so Dehlin is competing with other exmo podcast people, winners and losers
  2. You are right, smaller missions equals more knowledge of missionaries, situations etc.
  3. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/36-new-missions-church-of-jesus-christ?fbclid=IwAR00jVc6BUBK0T_msON1yXa5_-U8nd9qKPReo-yERNUwo_RunhUE9_TMNxI very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. yes, but that isn't what you are doing see? that isn't enough knowledge by a long shot does yours?
  5. The church already did that, YEARS ago. all of which have nothing to do with the translation of the endowment ceremony in other languages your total ignorance of Christianity in Germany before and during WW2 is telling. I say this as my father was a christian in Germany at that time. yes, it is different now, if you bother to live in the "now" if you don't like the church then don't participate
  6. Why are you worried about people you don't know and situations you weren't involved in? The Church is different now, live in 2023 for $%&&* sakes
  7. I was thinking given the fact that new male converts are given the Melchizedek Priesthood within a month or two of baptism why don't we give it to 12 year olds, BIC, when they get the Aaronic Priesthood, like a combo deal? converts have a matter of weeks to learn about the Priesthood and 12 years have 4 years, usually after baptism to learn about the Priesthood, why not make it the same time frame for everyone? I say this because it's ward conference this weekend and the SP made a pledge to the Area Pres. that he would have 25 advancements in the Priesthood by the end of the year and, as far as I know, they only got 8 and are wanting to interview new male converts. I thought why not give it to 12 years olds and cut down on time
  8. One thing we assume is that God is interested in giving us "The the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost" Some people say that God doesn't or hasn't or can't-because of unworthiness, receive the Holy Ghost. Michael Mclean said as wonderful as he is some people aren't mature or whatever enough to keep going for 9 years with feeling nothing, if God promises answers but then never sends them or you don't know that God has in mind that he won't answer you for 9 or 19 years years a message like this from Pres. Nelson can be daunting.
  9. Did Greg Matson say what the Church said in his exclusive knowledge about a new release that he somehow knew about? My sense is they didn't release anything, he knows nothing and I wonder what his followers think now?
  10. I think so! Some people go far too far with some of the Brethren past or present, i.e. if Pres. Benson or Elder McConkie etc. didn't say it or believed it then it's false
  11. It seemed to me Bishop Waddell had Tim Ballard and others in mind when he talked about Heroes and worshipping, it's easy to get caught up in personalities and politics and whatnot
  12. I think too service missionaries had their own MP couple that they reported too and so if the couple is freed up they can serve elsewhere. Some missions don't have many or any service missionaries and so why bother calling a couple to handle only a few missionaries, the Mission President can do that
  13. President Nelson will be watching conference from home, he just put out message on facebook "Dear brothers, sisters and friends, we have the cherished opportunity this coming weekend to attend or watch our semiannual general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! General conference weekends are two of my favorite weekends of the year. How I love meeting in the Conference Center in Salt Lake City with all who gather there. This weekend, however, I will be watching general conference through technology just as most of you will. Three weeks ago, I fell and injured the muscles in my lower back. This episode has reminded me of the reality that things sometimes change quickly in our lives. This photo of my counselors and me was taken at the celebration of my 99th birthday. Two days later, I fell. Thankfully, my healing is progressing. But as my physician says, “We don’t have much data on how 99-year-olds recover from an injury like this one, so I am prescribing a slow, careful approach to healing so that you achieve a full recovery.” Having prescribed just such a course of action for many of my own patients years ago, I feel duty-bound to follow doctor’s orders. I am still not able to sit in a chair for long periods of time. However, I am hoping to record my general conference message and look forward to participating in this marvelous October 2023 general conference through technology. I pray that each of us, wherever we may be, will approach this sacred weekend with our hearts full of gratitude for the privilege of hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed by His servants. May this general conference be a time of joy and spiritual rejuvenation for you. I know that it will be for me!"
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