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  1. this is all in Canada or all over the world, where are we talking here? I am only talking about Canada I do genealogy too, I find the that yes, the amount of kids born to some families is quite high but so is the death rate. My European Grandfather's family had 11 children but only 5 lived, whereas my Canadian Grandfather's family, exact same time period, 7 kids all lived, with 2 dying as adults. It seems to depend on where one lived I guess.
  2. are you talking about the replacement of "old marriages"? so for example, if one marriage was new and one marriage got divorced it balances out but next year no one gets married but two marriages get divorced or someone dies, the rate is going down, no new marriages are replacing the old ones. As i say I think the stats of who would like to get married is far more informative of the health of the idea of marriage, if 97% believe in marriage then that's great even though say 56% are actually married or were married
  3. "There were about 14.14 million married people living in Canada in 2019. This is an increase from the 12.07 million married people in Canada in 2000" Voila https://www.statista.com/statistics/443247/married-couples-in-canada/#:~:text=There were about 14.14 million,people in Canada in 2000.
  4. i'm seeing yes and no, of rates going up or down. So many factors go into it. Unemployment, so the rates of marriages fell in the 30's, after WW2 they also declined due to lack of men, remarriages were high, divorces were high, etc. It would be nice to get stats on how many people would like to get married but for whatever reason can't.I think those stats mean more than people who actually get married, at least the idea of marriage is still around
  5. so of these 3 groups of people, only never married have never been married. I was married but divorced, you can't seperate if you weren't together and you can be a widow or widowerer if you weren't ever married. So, obviously there is a 14% difference between 60 and 46 and I can't believe that of 3/4 of those groups constitute less than 14%, so as i see it the marriages are the same or better now than before, stats wise anyways
  6. does that include 2/3 of the 1st Presidency who are sealed to non reproducing wives? the Church doesn't have an answer as to what is a "traditional marriage" because it has employed several versions or marriage, i.e. polygamy, one man to one woman, one woman to two men, one man to two women not at the same time, which is a polygamy combo deal
  7. Forcing people to get married doesn't work and forcing people to have kids is illegal so that doesn't fly either
  8. there are more marriages in Canada now than there were 20 years ago, so I beg to differ
  9. Gay marriage in Canada didn't undo no gay marriage in Canada. I know non members who get married who have kids. I think reluctance to get married has always been around. People have kids whether they were planned or not
  10. The Mission President, from Utah, here told us the Church changes, it has to change otherwise it would go all the way of the horse and buggy. I don't think he was suggesting that it gives up it's beliefs of the Gospel or Jesus being the Christ or anything. If your "business" doesn't change then you get left behind. I was at a youth fireside I dunno, 18 months ago with a member of the 70. It was a QA. the first question was about abortion. The GA's wife said she had had 3 D&C's in her life. I was saying to some other parents afterwards, whom i've known for many years, we weren't thinking ab
  11. I think the landscape is much more open and that isn't a bad thing. There is that article from meridian magazine about a former MP who is gay and was exed and came back "Elder Ballard told him, “The road back into full fellowship with the church will be long and hard. We need you. You need us. Seek the Lord’s spirit.” He offered his help and also somewhat comically added that he (Elder Ballard) wasn’t getting any younger! At one point in the conversation, Steve expressed an emotional question as to why he had been called as a mission president given the personal challenge he had carr
  12. Our MP talked to us about this at a zone conference once, he told us that it didn't affect your standing in the church so don't be calling him at 4am telling him about it. I don't know the whats and the wherefore's about it
  13. there's the BYU studies one, not sure of the date though https://byustudies.byu.edu/charts/7-6-synopsis-four-gospels
  14. We have already done or started to do virtual EQ, not great but it's something anyways
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