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  1. seriously! well, him isolating here in November, if it were me, i'd say HARD PASS, he couldn't go anywhere and there is only so many Timbits one can eat. So, I don't know what will happen but I am not sure he'd want to isolate but unless he can convince those people as you say , we may have an Apostle here for sometime hahhaha! An option I was thinking maybe he can do it remotely? just have a broadcast of sorts and skip all that cornerstone stuff and photos, strange times indeed. I doubt they would get an Area Seventy to do it. Apparently we are all supposed to pray for him to come here but bishop's aren't great at communicating apparently
  2. ah, it's still a thing but legally we can't have more than 50 people at Church, which they are pretty tight on. Our big worry is whether or not the Temple will be dedicated, they have assigned an Apostle to come and we are hoping he can cross the border. Masks are recommended but not required and I don't care who wears one or not. It was just odd though people don't go to church because of the virus yet there some of them are at the temple site for the Moroni statue raising, without a mask on as if a virus takes a break from infecting anyone. Guess we'll see if anyone croaks
  3. Just as an aside, the Church Archives is doing a 3 part series on the JOD accuracy https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/blog/preached-versus-published-part-1-of-3?lang=eng
  4. Getting people back to the chapel will prove to be a challenge i'm betting. In the last two weeks we've had 45 people attend church out of 150 that could One thing I found odd was at the angel Moroni raising was people weren't wearing masks but most of them won't attend church due to it being not safe enough🤔
  5. yeah, i'm debating, sort of, a guy who as you say has his private brand of the Church, he's ultra one way and everyone who disagrees with him is an apostate apparently. People like that I can see leaving the Church. They "fly to pieces like glass" when they come across something that is right but against what they thought
  6. I may have made this observation before and Smac97 brought it up on a previous post but it seems that 20 years ago it was Evangelicals who were the big threat to the Church, I remember Elder Oaks' April 1998 conference talk about being saved. It was in anticipation of the SBC doing missionary work in Utah that year. Now, it is all these ex members who seem to be the big thing. The Evangelicals have taken a backseat. Smac97 mentioned that Evangelicals talk about the same thing over and over but ex members who an "in" with the culture like Bishops' interviews, missions, Temple work etc. Now,what caused all these members to flip out and go against the church? not that every former member does that obviously but what?
  7. I am going to be involved in the corner stone ceremony of our local Temple in the next couple of months, so I will get back to you!
  8. https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/salt-lake-temple-capstone-opened-2020?fbclid=IwAR1nB_8TNupvyYNdcopHrmFKIYmDi7xh6dYOrAoECvjY75X-bFbJwgI2NCo I know at least two of you had ancestors who were present at the SLC Temple in April 1893. This is super, super cool!
  9. no harm no foul!I had actually forgotten about it!
  10. Plain as white bread! It gets so cold here that you hope for heated arguments with people
  11. I don't live in BC!!!! I live really east of it! Mountains creep me out
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