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  1. You said that, "on homosexual acts is bound up in the centrality of family in God (the Father's) Plan for His Children, as expressed in the inspired and revelatory document The Family: A Proclamation to the World.)" how can something be "bound up in" but is not "in the document"? That confuses me. Fornication isn't an orientation either. What is the point of prophets then if not to clarify and specify but also make things nuanced and ambiguous and we are no better off then before? if, as you say, we can read things into this then why do you have a problem with what I said? if it's
  2. Where do you see the word homosexual in that document? I can't find it
  3. that is so relative though of what the mark is, as 99% of the world doesn't know or didn't know there even was a mark.
  4. you wonder about homosexuals prior to 1820 when the restoration happened. No prophets, no new scriptures, no true church. They lived out their lives and die and then what becomes of them. They had nothing we have, church policies, coming out of closet, marriage, a community of other gay people. I can't imagine telling someone you were gay in 1411, you'd be burned at the stake. We baptized my Mom's cousin who was gay, no boyfriend, no kids, no nothing-Coming out of the closet was never an option for him in the farming community he lived in. I wonder how God will take care of him so that he has
  5. One thing I wonder if how much of evolution did Joseph Fielding Smith and Bruce R. McConkie actually know, I wonder if they studied it at any great length.
  6. The OP talks about the Heavenly Mother and now you are accusing me of trolling you? maybe you should read the OP. You can't stand by any of your assertions, that's fine, bizarre, but it is what it is I guess. What were you saying about english? lame
  7. even worse. I'll break it down for you Why did you put quote signs around Heavenly Mother? does she not exist? "I suggest that under the guise of "scholarship" and shielded by tenure and political considerations, certain people push the theological envelop beyond what has been sanctioned by the Lord in the scriptures or has been revealed in this dispensation which is the doctrinal foundation in which we stand." Why do you put scholarship in quotations? Are you still talking about Heavenly Mother or is this your own nonsense? I have never heard Heavenly Mother turned into a polit
  8. You must work for the military, that is clear, concise and makes zero sense whatsoever
  9. I have a snippet of a March 1935 Deseret News article and it was a talk given by then Elder Joseph Fielding Smith of the Twelve, at the end of it there was a QA. A Brother Romney asked him "The process of generation by which Adam received his body is shrouded in mystery. The story of creation as applied to man we are told is symbolic. I remember President Joseph F. Smith said that Adam came into the world just the same as the rest of us; that he had a father and a mother who begat him just as we have fathers and mothers who begat us. Joseph Fielding Smith. If the Lord wanted us to know; if we
  10. I know someone who is a perpetual critic of the Givens', wouldn't surprise me at all if they were one of them. Mind you this person is a critic of the church as well so, who knows
  11. One thing to keep in mind is the Q12 aren't terribly involved in deciding when and where temples are to be constructed. So, how Elder Rasband would know is unclear to me .There is a this Temple Executive Committee with the Executive director, which is now Elder Kevin Duncan of the Seventy serving, plus some of assistants and probably one of the Presiding Bishopric and the First Presidency. The Exec. Director receives and gives information on temples but its the First Presidency who decides, when and where. So, for example I know for a fact that when the Nauvoo Temple was re-announced in 1999 t
  12. All of church is online now, nothing in meeting anymore. We have Stake Conference next week, so a virtual conference will be interesting to say the least! it will be our first Stake Conference since Oct. 2019 There will be some boundary changes so we'll see what happens
  13. Yes, but I am typing this out so I don't see what language I speak has anything to do with anything. What if I spoke German? Would it matter? Do you think in a logical manner because it doesn't seem like it. I am glad you give up because you can't see how easy I had to explain all this-you don't seem to get the idea of BYUTV showing this in CANADA, not the US. Like, I said worthless opinion
  14. your opinion is totally worthless, this is ONLY in Canada. My goodness https://geology.com/world/world-map.shtml a Map of the world to help you out. Can you see that Canada isn't the same country as the United States? do you see the two different colors for the two different countries? There's yellow for Canada and Orange for the United States, two colors for two countries
  15. Then you shouldn't have commented on what BYUTV shows in CANADA, which is part of what you said, "the rest of the world" PLEASE tell me you know that Canada is NOT the USA? PLEASE tell me you know they are TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. By your own admission then this matter is "not my concern"
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