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  1. You should have told them person what 'Dief the Chief' told Kennedy back in the day, "You're not in America now, President Kennedy"!
  2. you constantly advocate for psycho Greg Matsen, who wants to "Educate members of the Restored Church on the growth of Critical Social Justice and its encroachment on the Church." wait there's more nonsense! "Please help us accomplish our objectives by donating to our cause" cause? don't leave just yet! "1) The Names of the Professors 2) Evidence on BYU Critical Social Justice Activities 3) Why Aren't the Church Leaders Doing Anything? 4) Parents Teaching and Preparing Their Kids I cover all of these topics along with more specifics on what we are doing to create more awareness." So this idiot Greg says the Church isn't "doing anything" so if you pay him or donate to "our cause" they'll do something! Sounds radical to me and anybody with a conscience wouldn't have a anything to do with him. By the way, I don't know what 3rd grader did their website but Greg is trying to sell their "merch" but someone spelled "apparell" wrong, it's spelled "apparel"
  3. Unless God says anything we'll never know and we'll be still in the total dark like we are now.
  4. what about deaf women? Does Satan know sign?
  5. who knows! apparently Smac 1697 et al have all the answers
  6. I'd be interested to know how many miscarriage's there have been since Roe V. Wade. Does a woman always know when an egg was fertilized and then for some reason doesn't live? Does God send a spirit to a miscarriage? what would be the point of sending a spirit to baby that he knows will be miscarried or the woman has to have a D&C? if we are talking about "killing babies" and some say that a spirit enters into a woman once an egg is fertilized or starts growing, what about miscarriage's? is that God's way of "killing a baby" ?
  7. and how do you know he doesn't re-send those spirits to another body? Might solve a lot of problems if God would answer some questions about these issues
  8. Greg is a lunatic, it's fun to see him triggered. Thanks for the share!
  9. shouldn't you on a ledge somewhere?
  10. I'd be interested to know if electively aborted children's spirits come through in another child somewhere else. I don't buy into the mindset that if a child is electively aborted that's the child's one chance at mortality, how else would they get resurrected if they never came to earth in the first place? even stillborn babies will be resurrected, they were born dead but they will be all right in the end.
  11. One thing too is if abortion is outlawed women will be getting unsafe abortions. I wonder how that will play out.
  12. Great, now Canada will have the wives, girlfriends and mistresses of US conservative politicians showing up to get an abortion.
  13. who knows but if so then maybe the OP is also blowing this way out of proportion
  14. believe me, i've heard worse! if she broke the LoC then that's between her and her Bishop. If he doesn't want to remain in the church then it isn't and God will deal with her like he will all of us. I don't want to be someone that won't forgive her as I don't want the greater sin, DC 64:9
  15. she said it was "The most homophonic [sic] assignment at BYU I’ve ever had" she said two things. Besides of which seeing and hearing are two different things. You don't hear quizzes
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