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  1. It seemed a lot of that stuff was like the dinner menu for a mission president seminar in Tokyo in 1997 or plane ticket stubs for Elder Wayne Hancock of the 70 from 2000, stuff that should have been chucked out years ago and few would find interesting
  2. There was a Canadian member of the Church with a PH.D. in Law who got the Order of Canada awhile back, that is amazing!!!!!!! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Borrows Something i've noticed is that on fridays they announce stuff, it's like they have a meeting in the morning, agree on whatever and then make the release of the news in the afternoon
  3. do they speak another language?不不不不不
  4. Something that has arisen that is totally shocking to me is when people have, I don't know the current name, Courts of Love, Membership review meetings etc. but these people broadcast it and tell everyone when and where and what the outcome was. Like, aren't you embarrassed? Is there no embarrassment anymore? I wouldn't want my sins and misdeed being broadcast all over the place. Telling everyone I was exed for these reasons would be the opposite of humiliating, I can't understand that mindset. If it were me, I would tell no one it was happening and maybe share to some close friends the outco
  5. oh, they are out there! hahahahha!
  6. ah, i've heard it applied to all men of all ages
  7. men like that are called, "Kyle".
  8. as an FYI where I live they are almost finished constructing a temple, the temple district is 1 stake and one district with 69 temple workers. Very small indeed! I figure if they can build one here the world is your oyster
  9. there's this family in our ward they have family names that the baptism and confirmation were done in like 1975 and then the endowment was done in 1998 and then the sealing is done in like 2019 and makes ya wonder!
  10. We've put people into the temple system and we're still waiting for their work to be done some years later, covid besides
  11. actually now that you mention it!!!, he did have a full operating Bishopric at the beginning but then the one counselour moved- BUT for 18 months he only had one counselour and they had, at the time, almost half the city, how they did it I can't imagine. This was early to mid 90's
  12. The guy I know from Dan is from England! we have a Jewish man in our Stake but I don't know his tribe though. he was my Bishop when I was a youth
  13. I am from the tribe of Ephriam but I don't live under a polar ice cap, Canada yes, or I don't live on a knob on the earth or in a cave in Utah and Pres. McKay is the only one who knows where-I've heard that before! But so I think Ephraim is part of the lost ten tribes. I know a guy who is from Dan and he is of that lost tribe. So I think we are all over the place and just lost to identity.
  14. I think that is probably how Satan got them to agree to side with him. In pinning all your exaltation hopes on a man who has never lived in mortality and never ever making a mistake or thinking of making a mistake, it's all or nothing. I think that going with Satan, people thought it was the safer route
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