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  1. I recently came into contact with one of the elders that taught my Dad and baptized him in 1962. It literally fell into my lap. I found the other elder some years ago. It was weird last week my Mom and I talked to this second elder and his wife about my Dad. He knew my Dad before my Mom did, 💥💥 She did most of the talking, as all those three remember 1962 and I don't so...........but tomorrow i'm putting up the two photos of these elders from back then. They live, in get this, Utah
  2. Our stake president got covid, he himself hasn't said tickety-boo about it but his wife has. I had a meeting, online, with him earlier, looked fine, sounded normal. They have like 7 or 8 kids, I hope it works out for them. He's early 40's, work sat a hospital.
  3. if you go onto the reddit group for here, man oh man oh man, the Premier is not looking so good! he gets a failing grade every time they do a pool for best Premier in the country
  4. Our province is going into total lockdown again, the public has been crying for quite awhile for the province to do it and so they responded.
  5. um, it's not my calling but an assignment to help write the history of the temple here. I love it! One story that blows my mind a week later. The temple was announced 9 years ago and long story short it's almost done. We were asked by the temple dept. to write the history of the temple, area etc. There is this couple that moved into our ward a year or so ago. he's from Texas and she is from Illinois. BYU Grads. We hardly ever get BYU Grads here. he came for Grad school. She graduated from the BYU Art dept. which I have heard is a tough program. So asked her to be the graphic designer for the
  6. I too am happy, I got to interview someone yestarday that had also been interviewed by Barbara Walters, took me a long time to get it but I got it and yep!
  7. the first is illegal so no I personally wouldn't and me personally if I saw a family with illiterate kids I would call the authorities and let them deal with it. In saying that i've seen home schooled kids that turned out terrible but what can you do? you can't force people
  8. why don't others worry about how they do life and you worry about how you do life. You don't know these people and so you aren't personally investet but you know yourself, just live your life😊
  9. Our ward is split into two groups, we have about 150 ish people. On Sunday we have about 30 people in person with about 46 watching on zoom, so I don't know what the other week is like. I suspect we may lose some but time will tell I guess
  10. seriously, I am waiting for a very important email, very important about some temple matters. I have been waiting for two weeks after the promised email but alas......nothing yet! I hope someone didn't forget
  11. I think you have that backwards https://www.factcheck.org/2010/09/bos-private-plane/ https://trumpgolfcount.com/
  12. a lot of people don't like American exceptionalism. Some people think the original Antifa were American GI's in WW2 Do you live in 1952? everyone is a communist apparently I think you mean "Muslim"
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