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  1. My Mum doesn't know and doesn't recall being sealed to her parents, is there a way to find out if she has? They weren't members and so my Mum had their work done after they died but doesn't know if she was ever sealed to them.
  2. I think during pre covid times that would true for us here, generally speaking. Things change too. Sometimes some Drs. could deal with they normally wouldn't if there aren't major cases and you could get in and out or maybe not. I had a facial nerve problem some years ago and I went to the main hospital ER to deal with it and I got in in less than an hour. Now, though yeah i'd be waiting. It happened on a saturday night so I couldn't wait to see my Dr. possibly on the monday, so you could take a chance with the ER or be in pain until your Dr. could deal with it-just depends. yeah, metal bar through the head is Urgent care and stat!!!!!! We have walk in clinics as well, which are like a ER but smaller and deal with cuts, ingrown toenails-usually though for that its people who don't have a family Dr. or it's not a real problem but someone needs to see you before too long. They have opening and closing times though, ERs don't so anyone at any time could wander in with whatever. They have wait times that are long too, but just depends too on the other patients and amount of staff.
  3. so yeah urgent care is more of an urgent emergency that can't wait and sometime these Drs get called in if a special case showed up. When I had my seizure back in 2013 there was some kind of a specialist which i'm sure was called in. I didn't wait or anything, when the ambulance took me there they were ready to deal with me. Then ER type stuff it really depends on the person, what happened, and how long of a wait time there is. Sometimes family Drs. will send someone to the ER but sometimes it goes the other way. So, for example if a kid shoved a crayon up his nose and their pediatrician was on vacation or it happened at night and the Dr. doesn't work then then yeah they would go to the ER but if the Pediatrician could take of it, the ER then could deal with other cases. One thing too is the ER typically don't give out presciptions, they will give you whatever you need to hold you over until you can see your family dr. and they take care of that stuff
  4. it's isn't like they have unemployed medical personnel hanging around waiting for jobs to conscript. I suspect that with covid people just burnout and quit. These types of jobs take years to train for and so they are scrambling to find something to fix the issue. The other issue is doing vaccinations. Here they are taking literally anyone with any kind of medical or dental, vet. background to do the shots. SO you have these older folks on TV saying "I haven't given a shot to anyone in 15 years and it was fun to do again" Our retired dentist temple president was doing them or may still yet be.
  5. I was at the ER from 5pm until 2am yestarday. They have "Urgent Care" and then a ER. Urgent care would describe all of those cases, people that need to see a Dr. right away. ER's are for less serious cases and it's a first come first serve basis. They don't ask you if you've been vaxxed or not. They ask you though if you have covid or have been exposed to covid because then they will put you away from the other patients. At least here is how they did that.
  6. Morons though are taking Ivermectin meant for horses. As much as society progresses it regresses, did anyone ever think the day would come when authorities would ever have to say don't take de worming stuff for horses-just get the shots already! https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/why-you-should-not-use-ivermectin-treat-or-prevent-covid-19
  7. Then Elder Oaks said in 1994 BYU Dev. "Not Really Following the Prophet A desire to follow a prophet is surely a great and appropriate strength, but even this has its potentially dangerous manifestations. I have heard of more than one group so intent on following the words of a dead prophet that they have rejected the teachings and counsel of the living ones. Satan has used that corruption from the beginning of the Restoration. You will recall Joseph Smith’s direction for the Saints to gather in Kirtland, Ohio, then in Missouri, and then in Illinois. At each place along the way, a certain number of Saints fell away, crying “fallen prophet” as their excuse for adhering to the earlier words and rejecting the current direction. The same thing happened after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith, when some Saints seized upon one statement or another by the deceased Prophet as a basis for sponsoring or joining a new group that rejected the counsel of the living prophets. Following the prophet is a great strength, but it needs to be consistent and current, lest it lead to the spiritual downfall that comes from rejecting continuous revelation. Under that principle, the most important difference between dead prophets and living ones is that those who are dead are not here to receive and declare the Lord’s latest words to his people. If they were, there would be no differences among the messages of the prophets. A related distortion is seen in the practice of those who select a few sentences from the teachings of a prophet and use them to support their political agenda or other personal purposes. In doing so, they typically ignore the contrary implications of other prophetic words, or even the clear example of the prophet’s own actions. For example, I have corresponded with several Church members who sought to use something President Ezra Taft Benson was quoted as saying as a basis for refusing to file an income tax return or to pay income taxes. I have tried to persuade these persons that their interpretation cannot be what President Benson intended, because all who have held that sacred office, and all of the General Authorities, have faithfully filed their income tax returns and paid the taxes required by law. The servants of God are under the Master’s commands to follow him and to be examples to the flock (see 1 Tim. 4:12; 1 Pet. 5:3). We should interpret their words in the light of their works. To wrest the words of a prophet to support a private agenda, political or financial or otherwise, is to try to manipulate the prophet, not to follow him." I have to wonder if you still write Pres. Oaks letters about not paying taxes because of what Pres. Benson said 40 plus years ago
  8. President Joseph F. Smith said that the three biggest threats to the Church are Flattery of prominent people in the world False educational ideas Sexual impurity I suspect he should have added US politics to the list
  9. Pres. McKay in the 1960's. I thought though we believe in a living prophet? I also supposed to believe that the LGBTQ movement is the downfall of all nations, communism was so 1960's, does anyone care about it anymore? I can't even recall the first time I heard about communism being discussed at church. It's a total American issue and people seem to so scared about it, the rest of the world has moved on from the 1960's though, So, yes there is still a passenger list headed to fantasy island
  10. aren't you glad you are the only one who knows the truth? you and the other guests at the hotel hysteria could be your own secret combination!
  11. they ship them off to other provinces, or hallway medicine-that's where we are at.
  12. We're having ours in just over a month so I will let you know! I was wondering the same thing!
  13. yes and you gave me the evidence for it, so thanks! So, now that I gave you an example will you withdraw your accusation of me libeling them?
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