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  1. He wasn’t the only one reporting this information from the honor code office was he? Iirc, it matched what was reported in the press by those who had spoken to them.
  2. Thanks for posting that, Meadowchik! It’s how I remembered. This professor was not the only one to get this same information right from the honor code office. One has to wonder what the heck was going on? Why such a complete disaster and lack of instructions or communication?
  3. I thought he had spoken to an officer at BYU (honor code office)? Do you believe he was lying about what he told the students that he’d been told? He added some reasons for why he agreed with the change, but should he hide his opinion from his students?
  4. Well, it definitely shows that there is division and confusion behind the scenes with many involved here (at the school and our leaders). It will be interesting to watch how the students react and go back into hiding (those who are gay and dating) or if the honor code officers will continue to look the other way like they have these past weeks.
  5. Do you have a link to the Q & A? (Thanks!) Was that just posted today with the letter?
  6. That’s your opinion and I understand. But if this is how the officers enforce the honor code (allowing homosexual behavior as long as there’s no intent to marry), same sex students will continue to openly date and show affection.
  7. That will most likely vary from student to student maybe. With the removal of the homosexual behavior as no longer prohibited by the honor code, many will believe it’s acceptable as long as they don’t marry (ie. that’s what “is expected”).
  8. But if the honor code officers allow dating, hand holding, kissing, etc. between couples of the same sex on campus, it’s still in keeping with the removal of the prohibited homosexual behavior part and still following the letter as long as the couple isn’t planning on marriage. i can see this being how they will handle it and how they can hopefully avoid bad PR or blowback now.
  9. Maybe the student’s fear of being reported is what has changed? Read the quotes from students posted. They were afraid to even wear socks or clothes with rainbows on them! Now they feel free to openly date, hug and kiss on campus. So there definitely has been a change by removing that part of the honor code.
  10. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I’d wondered how things were going on campus since the announced change, the video of the professor and the numerous news articles. If there was open showing of affection (hugs and kisses, etc.) between same sex students, and no one was called into the honor code office or told to stop that behavior on campus, students are going to believe that this is now acceptable or not prohibited now. At least until they hear otherwise. That may still be coming from the leaders though. But if nothing is clarified, students will be left feeli
  11. Some might lie and take up a spot just to get into the school. So it’s not only those who are actually students yet.
  12. Would you report a roommate who was gay and dating someone of their same sex? That’s back on topic here.
  13. Calm, I think we’d each need to look into our own hearts and see what is in there when we choose to report something or someone. You had every right to go for help and should not have had to live under those conditions. You also tried NOT to get them in trouble and just tolerate it hoping it would stop. But if someone is being malicious or has hate or revenge in their heart, and just turns someone because they are gay or dating or even having sex, then that’s wrong to do. Especially without giving that person an opportunity to work on it on their own. We all have our own sins
  14. Calm, I really hope the days are over when anyone thinks it’s their right to “report” or judge each other like this. Who do you think gay students should be reported to (if they are dating or having sex)? Should heterosexual students be reported for being involved in the same behavior since even President Nelson has stated they should be treated the same? ”Finally, we also clarified that homosexual immorality would be treated in the eyes of the Church in the same manner as heterosexual immorality.” - Pres. Russell M. Nelson (to BYU students on Sept. 17, 2019)
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