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  1. Looks like it's Utah's turn... Numbers will likely start spiking soon because of it. Now, more than ever, we need to follow mask and distancing precautions. https://www.ksl.com/article/50088603/new-uk-covid-19-variant-detected-in-utah-cdc-projects-strain-will-be-dominant-in-us-by-march
  2. Standing down and standing by. Enjoy your political thread which you claim to refuse to participate in. I can't believe we are talking about Provo riots after what has happened. That is my burr. Bye.
  3. All indications suggest that second infections are less severe, thankfully. That has been my observation too after talking to multiple people with re-infections. If this virus acted like Dengue on second infection, probably over half the population would be dead in a matter of years. Sobering thought. Another good reason to believe that it does not act like dengue is that the vaccine for Covid actually works to reduce symptoms with subsequent exposure to the virus. The problem in developing an effective vaccine for dengue is that the vaccine acts as a primary infection, priming the s
  4. Which is exactly why all you Californites are moving to Utah, buying up homes, and inflating prices no thank you very much!
  5. Here is the second part I was referring which is not the topic of debate: So I should be allowed to start a thread about any political topic so long as it is centered around a character (who doesn't even have to be Latter-day Saint, or even religious for all we know) from Utah? Seems like a political loop-hole to talk about political topics.
  6. I simply don’t recall that being the topic of discussion. Maybe mentioned in passing. It was a political al thread.
  7. The second part of your comment is not what this thread is about. The first part is a stretch to suggest this has any religious relevance simply because the dude is from Utah. This is a news event at best, political at worst.
  8. If we were allowed to give equal attention to the Capital riots as were given the BLM riots, I would have no problem with this thread being open. The fact that every Capital riot thread has been shut down while BLM riot threads (which were highly political and non religious) flourished, inspires me to put a stop to the imbalance. It doesn’t seem right. As Calm points out, the mods may not be to blame, but still, this is too much!
  9. I see, you won’t engage in political threads that are embarrassing to Trump and his followers, but you will engage in political threads that attempt to emberass the left. As if that last thread about the Provo riots was not political! There was nothing remotely religious about it. A news event at best. Why it (and other BLM threads) lasted while the Capital riot threads are shut down is beyond me!
  10. I think the point is pretty clear to me: It's a diversion tactic. We heard it all through the impeachment trial from many reps who tried to divert attention to the left for BLM protests. As if a fascist insurgency attempting to take over the Capital of the United States to thwart the voice of the people is even comparable. Seriously, after all that has happened inside the Capital of the United States, why in blazes are we talking about Provo protests and this little weasel Sullivan? Why have we been allowed to discuss BLM protests for pages and pages and pages, and as soo
  11. That’s the impression I get too. This seems to be his drug of choice. Once all the arrests are complete it will be clear that this was not antifa. The current arrests are already showing that, along with all the social media accounts planning it out. This weirdo is the only one to be identified so far as a Trump antagonist. The weird part is that the FBI warned about “war” at the capital and yet no perpetrations were made https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/6641706002 One rep is being investigated for leaving the backdoor wide open for insurgents to en
  12. I am aware of this as he was reporting on multiple news channels (both national and local) about what was going on inside. What is your point however? Some used this to suggest that Antifa was behind the riot. I hope none of us here fall for that nonsense. He was there as a counter protester and joined the group to document and report. He reached out to several media companies to share his stories of what he witnessed. He was not there to instigate the riot. Antifa was not behind this. I am glad he was arrested though on both occasions. Thread closing in 3...2...1...
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