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  1. You are conflating the belief that a nation has a right to secure its boarders with a belief that they should. The church seems to not care if a person is illegal or not. Brigham Young didn't seem to regard border laws much, did he?
  2. It does not surprise me. You can pretty much get whatever you want with a little doctor shopping. One Utah pharmacist just lost his license for giving out covid vaccine cards to people whom he sensed were apprehensive about the vaccine. Giving out bogus exemption forms is an equivalently egregious violation as the result is the same in both cases - someone that could and should be vaccinated is getting a fraudulent pass to not be vaccinated. California is really cracking down on this big problem and doctors are getting put on probation by the medical board. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wireStory/california-advances-crackdown-bogus-vaccine-exemptions-65370431 https://www.sacbee.com/opinion/editorials/article215404630.html https://www.nbcnews.com/health/kids-health/some-doctors-helping-anti-vaccine-parents-get-medical-exemptions-n963011 There is also very little doubt in my mind that this student understood and knew that there are no contraindications or precautions to Covid vaccine with history of guillain barre before she went searching for an exemption. What young gen-x student wouldn't google that before paying money to see a doctor?
  3. Well, if we are to hypothetically suggest that your point is true that ancient prophets would likely align with modern prophets, then we must conclude that Brigham Young's position on immigration would likely be the same today as it was back then, for similar but slightly different reasons (if we are to believe Utah legislators accounts of the church's current influence).
  4. Not suggesting that you are, but it would be naive to take the call to build Zion wherever converts live as an anti-illegal immigration stance, especially considering one estimate by BYU history Professor Ignacio Garcia, who estimates that, nationwide, 70 percent of all Latino converts in the past 10-15 years are illegal immigrants. No need to repent for illegal immigration. No need to go back to their home country before they are baptized. If the present church leaders are anti-illegal immigration as you seem to think, why don't they come out against it? Instead, officially, they state that the don't take a position on the issue, while behind the scenes, there seems to be plenty of evidence and testimony from Utah legislators to the contrary: https://cis.org/Mormon-Church-and-Illegal-Immigration
  5. I didn't realize how true this is until I returned home from my mission in the Philippines. I almost spit out a banana upon returning, thinking it must have just been a bad banana. Nope, they all taste like that! It was shocked and slightly depressed because I remembered them tasting so good. They were one of my favorite fruits...but now..."yucky" is right. The grass truly is greener in this case.
  6. Did Mike get banned? I just looked at Warlocks posting history. His very first post is a reference to Randy Newman's song - Short People - when he said, "Little people are just like you and I." Who is more likely to be a Randy Newman fan, Ahab or Mike? Hmmm....you may be right, that does feel more like a Mike type humor and song reference.
  7. He knows that we can spot his redundancies, run-on sentences, and creepy/strange posts instantaneously, so he is hiding behind two to three words. Just look at the back and forth between the two in the spirit birth and heavenly mother thread. It is all too unbelievable. I would be willing to bet my left ear that I am right.
  8. No question about it. Go read the celstial and asexual bOObOO comments. Then there was this from the members getting harassed thread: That has Ahab written all over it. Only Ahab would be as redundant to say "I like when I can do something to draw in an audience by doing whatever it is I am doing.", instead of just "I like when I can do something to draw in an audience." Then guess who responded to the strange post with "well said bOObOO? Yep, Warlock! bOObOO only has 14 strange posts, and yet somehow miraculously he has already found a #1 fan in another brand new poster, who seems to be smitten with the intelligence of bOObOO.
  9. Yes, bOObOO is bOObOO, Warlock is Walock, and Ahab is Ahab. Got it, Ahab.
  10. That's because you are one and the same, Ahab. No one loves Ahab's words quite like Ahab does. "Please be nice" - classic Ahab!
  11. My in-laws are bat crazy about end-times conspiracy theories. They feed on this stuff - they are drawn to it like flies on a turd. My concern isn't in believing that true conspiracies exist in our day (and almost certainly do), my concern is that a religious search for latter-day Gadianton robbers will most certainly lead some to fall victim to conspiracy theories and become deceived and paranoid, especially considering that there is no way to distinguish true conspiracies from bogus conspiracy theories until there is a smoking gun. That is kind of the point of "secret combinations", they are "secret" - until they are not. My other concern is that these theories are incredibly powerful and influential. People have learned that they can harness that power for their own purposes and manipulate the public like puppets through the creation and use of conspiracy theories. It has become such a problem in the church that a new section has been added to the handbook to address it. Here is one section of it: Conspiracy theories are by nature speculative, promote anger, contention, and fear. We have been warned against them by the living prophets, yet some continue to justify their belief and promotion of conspiracy theories by use of scripture and belief in latter-day Gadianton robbers. Mormon certainly didn't include information about the robbers so that we can be deceived and manipulated in the last days with outlandish theories, but that is what is happening.
  12. True, it would have been kind. But, when someone is trying to manipulate the system to get into your college, it seems that their response was appropriate.
  13. Yep. Jansen Biotech. Same company. Jansen is just so much shorter to type than Johnson and Johnson.
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