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  1. Perhaps it is best appreciated by those who practice mindfulness and meditation. It is the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard!
  2. That is crazy. Good job Colorado! You are doing something right there.
  3. So, that is not your position? What is your source?
  4. Because a hurting economy, job loss, etc. is great for government tax revenue, right? You don't know what you are talking about. Come work in the health department and look at all the lazy government workers doing "nothing". We are exhausted! We are all working crazy over-time and have very little to no work/life balance right now. Most are trying to do their normal government jobs AND are involved in the Covid response on top of what they normally do. We are all burned out. We are also scared for our jobs. We know that funding is gone and layoffs are coming. No department of t
  5. If they were infectious diseases it would warrant taking some of these measures. I would argue that it is the resistance against quarantine, masks, and lockdowns that are responsible for most of the collateral damage from Covid. Our current national plan (or lack thereof) simply isn't working to keep Covid in check, or protect against collateral damage. We see the worst from both worlds! It's a disaster. When we work together as a nation in solidarity against the virus...we win. We could have avoided most of the collateral damage if we had a good leader and cooperative ci
  6. aka, her child. Seems strange to think that my parents (actually just my mother, according to this assumption) own me, as I am the "potential combination of the sperm and egg". I am her "property", apparently. So, the woman's property is trespassing on her property? Ok? Do not parents have legal obligations to provide for and protect their children? Can a baby trespass on her own mother's property? Cool, so I can now torture and kill anyone who trespasses on my property (for any reason) even by pulling them apart one limb at a time while still alive - and even if
  7. Do you have a link to the article? I would suggest that you pay less attention to 2-week intervals and short-term trends (those are constantly fluctuating up and down) and look at the bigger picture. Total infections etc. Can we ignore Taiwan and South Korea? https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/getting-healthy-now/202004/defending-the-right-infect
  8. https://apple.news/AxYlBLS3FQNCDaENcBKfwGA This national article has a lot about our hospital situation in Utah right now. Not where we want to be just before the holidays. Stay safe people and protect your loved ones.
  9. I’d say we have much higher chances of avoiding infection (if we are trying to follow recommendations) than hospital staff who are directly working with Covid patients on high stress 12 hour shifts. I don’t care how well trained you are, maintaining perfect protocol with PPE with those kind of hours, stress, and exhaustion is nearly impossible. It is just a high risk (as in higher risk then the general public) career. Much more chances of exposure and making a mistake.
  10. Where did I disagree with the 10% figure? I am not insisting on using reported infections (unless you want to calculate the CFR - case fatality rate). I am suggesting that if you want to use the estimated infections (as you have done) in the calculation, that is fine but you then also have to use the estimated death count (which you did not do). Again this is called the IFR - Infection Fatality Ratio. And if you want to use the reported infections, then you also have to use the reported death count. Again, this is called the CFR. Your calculation is not representative of the IFR
  11. So I am right, you are not taking the prevention guidelines seriously.
  12. Let me help you understand the numbers. The 10% figure “estimated” by the WHO is already accounting for those cases which are not confirmed and/or reported. The actual confirmed/reported cases worldwide is currently around 42.8 million. That is NOWHERE close to 10%. The confirmed/reported deaths are at 1.15 million. We can confidently conclude that because the positive cases are WAY under reported, that so too are the deaths (how else can you confirm a death if they are not testing?) You are calculating estimated total infections with the reported deaths. How do you not s
  13. That is not how you calculate IFR. From WHO: Reported deaths is not the same as actual deaths. Do you really think that places in West Africa, India, North Korea, etc are accurately reporting? I don't think you are being honest with yourself if you think their reported numbers are accurate. If you know that they are not testing/reporting infections accurately, how do you expect them to be identifying deaths due to Covid if they are not testing and/or reporting? Think of all the places in the world with millions and millions of squatters and little to no access to he
  14. The WHO disagrees with your math And would suggest your 99.9% figure is false and has a different estimate, so using the WHO as a reference doesn’t answer your CFR - because they disagree with you. (manipulating numbers doesn’t count). The problem is that you are calculating estimated infections (not just confirmed cases) with confirmed reported deaths (not total estimates). That will not give you an accurate rate. Deaths are under reported worldwide. No over reaction. They work. In Utah our health care system is being strained and flu season is just beginning. Holidays are co
  15. CFR for the 99.9% survival rate. The study simply demonstrates what we already know - close contact is a risk factor for transmission. It did not say it is the only risk factor. In fact it made the case that not wearing a mask is a risk factor. Nowhere in the study does it say "regardless of whether masks are worn". Nor does it even come close to suggesting anything like unto it. In fact, it suggested that restaurants likely spread it better then other places because masks are not worn while eating. The study very clearly and explicitly still recommends wearing masks as a pre
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