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  1. Yay - time to break out my old Elders Quorum presentation on Social Media! On one hand, church leaders be like And on the other hand, they be like And I think these days, pretty much all our church leaders be like
  2. Just a reminder: Tooele: "It's written on Willy's birthday present".
  3. https://www.facebook.com/russell.m.nelson/photos/a.607086232692150/3650726764994733
  4. A week, particularly this coming week, passing by with nobody doing anything stupid. Got my fingers crossed.
  5. College: "That'll be $8,000 please." Kid: "Oh dang - I only have $2,000." Lender (from the shadows): "Psst kid, here's $6,000." Kid: "Great!" College: "Wait - did that other $6k come from a lender? How much will they lend you?" Lender (whispering): "Whatever they need, kid. Lemme know, I'll hook you up." Is there anyone with a different perspective about how it works?
  6. Looking forward to it! (I really liked Baptists at our Barbeque.)
  7. By the way, I'm all for lots and lots of training and resources on the topic. Child abuse (and it's nasty cousins, disabled and elderly abuse) thrive best in the secret dark, hidden away, with people too embarrassed or awkward to talk or think about it. It cannot survive in the light, and the solution is to drag it out where everyone can see it for what it is. "It", in this case, is the sum total of human understanding about abuse of those who need to be protected, including the impacts it has on perpetrator and victim alike. I'm a big fan of the principle: "seek ye diligently and tea
  8. That bishops are not trained on the nature of the victimisation process or types of disclosures and thus are ill prepared to recognize either. This is important, right? Just wanted to make sure this stuff made it to this thread. It's not exactly hard to find for anyone, and is required training for anyone dealing with church youth: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/callings/church-safety-and-health/training-and-video-resources/youth-protection?lang=eng Launch Training Download summary of key principles The old gripe was "there's no training". Th
  9. [Digging into my old apologetic arguments from the '90's] Ah yes - here we go: Jerusalem was both a city name, and the name of the surrounding district. Kind of like how Salt Lake is both a city, and a county. (It was truly amazing how much argument and resistance this notion generated from the anti community back in the day. It was like if they gave in and admitted this reality was true, they would have to accept the BoM as true.)
  10. I once accidentally crashed an evening fireside with local church leadership and an apostle (long story). Part of the apostle's talk indicated one of the most-asked questions from bishops was "Occasionally, I'm almost certain I'm being lied to by a member, but have no concrete proof. Should I still [issue the recommend/provide the church assistance/etc]?" The answer was along the lines of "These are opportunities for the member to account to the Lord. Unless there's a danger of harm to someone or you have concrete proof, do not interfere with this accounting. No matter how strong the i
  11. Some callings require active, temple worthy, tithe paying members to fill the role. Tithing settlement is one way information about members flows to the Bishop for these sorts of considerations. On the other end of the spectrum, members seeking church assistance may get into a budgeting/personal finance arrangement that includes tithing. Folks in such situations who don't follow up on their end of the plan, might have their church assistance cut off. In my dozen years in the clerk's office, I've heard umpteen stories of members not getting the church financial support they wanted
  12. It depends on how you define "blessing". The traditional/common usage is "God's favor and protection". The answer is Yes. Every single talk/scripture/hallway conversation/PPI with the youth I've ever experienced, all say that blessings come after we follow the commandments. The secular usage, growing in popularity, is "a special favor, mercy, or benefit". Basically, same thing, but without the God. The answer is Yes. And anyone with the slightest understanding of a 12 step program, or physical therapy after a surgery/accident, or even anyone who has succeeded at a diet, are a
  13. When businesses do this, it can come across as anywhere between virtuous apology, and pandering/virtue signaling in order to preserve profit. "We used to be bad, but now we're good - buy our newspapers!" Other Example: Ok, but you're still selling this stuff for money, right?
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