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  1. You people have it all wrong, so I'm just gonna say what we all know. We bring the bigwigs through first, so the giant mind controlling frog we keep under the font, gets them good and hypnotized before the masses show up. (I miss the '90's, when it was easier to find people who believed stuff like this.)
  2. This part in the section on transgender individuals has been there for a while, but I'm still blown away that it's there. It's easy to find people who don't know it's there at all: You probably won't be Elders Quorum president any time soon, but if you were born a Jane, and want to be called Fred, we'll update our church records to accommodate you, and call you Fred over the podium and everywhere else.
  3. From my perspective, FARMS and other apologetic services basically won the day. Online LDS apologists gave such reasonable answers to everything, and made those answers so findable, the critics had to scramble for anything that would stick, ending up with "Internet mormons vs Chapel mormons" and "Dan Peterson is evil and bad and fat", and not much else. Somewhere in the middle of that, Owens and Mosser, two respected Christian scholars, wrote a scholarly essay to the tune of "For the love of Pete Christians, we suck-diddly-uck at taking on the Mormons! We have to stop being blinder-wearingly moronic idiots about this, or people will stop taking us seriously!" "Mormon Scholarship, Apologetics, and Evangelical Neglect: Losing the Battle and Not Knowing It?" SLC also hosted the Winter Olympics, and nobody's daughters ended up kidnapped into the temple, and the world saw we weren't as weird as they'd heard for generations. Then Mitt Romney didn't usher in a luciferian reign, and the antis just ran out of steam for their blather machines. (Did I mention this is all my perspective? Other perspectives may differ.) Within a decade or so, the bottom dropped of the Anti-mormon book and lecture market. No more money in spewing forth obviously-answered 150 year old criticisms about Nephite coinange, and nobody cared about sensational language about cults. If you want to find a good battle with old-school antimormons, go to the Catholic Answers Forums Non Catholic Religions board. They've still got a good 20 antis per 1 LDS ratio going, and you never have to look far for a "here's why Mormons aren't Christian" thread. Any LDS has to be unfailingly charitable, or they kick you off the board. The most common insult is "you're being disingenuous."
  4. You don't have to look far to find a "we". I've personally met several who are quite passionate about it. There is ALWAYS a historical or mathematical way of considering The End (tm) to not be very far off. You can fill libraries with books written on end times. I figure eventually one of them will be spot on. It's sad to think about the amount of effort people have put into such things, knowing that all of them will be wrong except one. But hey, the solution to all of them is the same: Live life as if "it" was going to happen tomorrow.
  5. Between COVID and the social unrest, the news seems to be a never-ending slew of bad news, with each new story more horrible than the last. They tell me such media barrages is stressful, and often paints a far worse picture than reality dictates. I'd like to get a more realistic snapshot of what's actually happening in people's neighborhoods and cities. So, how is the local news in your areas? Good or bad. My county in Colorado has fairly low infection and one of the lower death rates in the state. I'm planning on sending two daughters to real live school at the end of August, one to High School, one to our local community college. Some protesting in Colorado Springs (15 miles to my South), but there hasn't been any protests turning into riots since March.
  6. If I can leverage from my own experience, I think I know college got so out of control in the first place. My dad and the rest of the Greatest Generation returned from WWII, and saw college as a way to ensure their boomer kids had it better than they did. I remember my dad's opinions: "You are going to college. I don't care what you do there, but you will work towards a degree. You have this marvelous opportunity that I never did, and you will not squander it." I'm sure I was not alone in hearing that advice, and I witnessed plenty of folks drifting through college because their parents required it, not necessarily because they gave a crap. Colleges, flush with cash, secure in a national culture trained to believe you needed a degree to not be a failure, became what they are. All hail Dave Ramsey. His team's "Debt Free Degree" philosophy is still a good one, and still works. My Kiddo #1 got two years of her nursing degree paid for by our local school district, dual enrollment while in high school. She'll do her other 1-2 years on daddy's dime at our local community college.
  7. Whelp, Colorado just joined the states making masks mandatory for all indoor public areas. I guess we'll see if the bishop stays masked at the podium in 3 weeks.
  8. My ward held services in the chapel for the first time since March. Maybe 70/30 split mask/no mask. Our Bishop apparently never read the study about indoor spread at the podium, because he wore a mask while seated, but took it off when speaking to us. Everyone was glad to see each other, nobody made an issue of it. I mentioned the total lack of fist fights to a counselor, and said I expect them to do better next month. 2 hours ago, the governor of Colorado issued a mandatory mask order for all indoor public gatherings. Within minutes, my county's Sheriff's Facebook page said they weren't going to do anything to enforce it. There's plenty that already divides us. You might sit at the temple with an evolutionary biologist on one side, and a young earth creationist on the other. A left winger on one side, a right winger on the other. A surgeon to your left, a naturopathic healer on your right. Mask/no mask is just another test for our ability to fellowship as saints despite our differences.
  9. Hmm. I think most Latter-day Saints don't read the Book of Mormon and come away with concerns about pre-columbian horses, "silk," etc. Some do, of course. And when that happens, there is a wealth of information available to them. Immediately. For free. Dang - did I wake up in the year 2002? This criticism, and its valid and worthy mic drop response, are about word-for-word straight out of the late great apologetics battles of like two decades ago. And the wealth of information has only grown vaster, quicker, and free-er. Is this thread going to bring up "the embarrassing issue of nephite coinage"? Maybe the classics never go out of style.
  10. We sure saw the danger of this in CHAZ/CHOP. We can't be sure, but it's entirely possible (and more than a little likely) that the CHOP security murdered the guy who stole the white SUV. Pity the Seattle left didn't require their protest security to, oh, I dunno, wear body cameras, be trained in de-escalation tactics, call mental health professionals, not have guns, etc. That said, the left usually doesn't arm up like that (which is good, because they obviously can't be trusted with bang sticks). The right has been doing armed militias ever since there has been 'the right'. For decades and decades, thousands upon thousands of potbellied flag wavers wearing their flack vests and running off to their retreats to do training, as often as their wives let them. 99.5% harmless. Waco and Ruby Ridge would be two notable exceptions. So yeah, 99.5% are not dangerous, in the sense that they're likely to cause harm.
  11. Heh. CHAZ/CHOP cops: And my personal favorite:
  12. So, I'm not much of a flag-waving militia-friendly zealous patriot, but I have hung out with a few on this or that website and forum for two decades now. The first time I ever heard of the boogaloo movement, was when people on the left started shouting about it. Whatever it is, I'd say the thing it is the most, is over-emphasized by folks from the left. Case in point - my uncle was part of the (as he put it) 300 armed citizens that showed up to help the police maintain order. He was happily facebooking away during the event, particularly of him in front of the temple. He's certainly not part of any boogaloo movement.
  13. Every time a LEO uses his weapon in the line of duty, there's an internal investigation, and if it's found a cop did wrong, there are consequences. Yeah, we can talk about improving that system, we can look into how well it's working, racial bias, etc, but no, we don't get to just claim that cops get to blaze away at blacks all day and get off scott free. That's a current popular media narrative, but I don't think the facts bear it out. When cops kill someone in a justified shooting, of course they don't go to jail. When the killing is unjustified, of course they do. The notion that cops don't go to jail for doing bad things is false. This doesn't go into great detail, but here's a 2016 article from The Washington Post, pointing out that around 1,100 cops get arrested every year. Every day, roughly three cops in the US are taken into custody by other cops. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/true-crime/wp/2016/06/22/study-finds-1100-police-officers-per-year-or-3-per-day-are-arrested-nationwide/ Here - cast your opinion - should the cop go to jail for this killing of Jamee Johnson? (language warning)
  14. However you feel about it, it is a true statement. Um, @Rajah Manchou? Kenngo's statement wasn't referring to the BLM protests. Kenngo's statement was referring to (and you even quoted it), "black people killed by other black private citizens every year dwarfs the number of black people who are killed by police" The statement you quote, to which Kennog refers, is a true statement. "black people killed by other black private citizens every year dwarfs the number of black people who are killed by police" ^^^^ This is a true statement Last I saw, somewhere between 2-3000 african americans are murdered every year, by other african americans. source Somewhere between 100 and 250 blacks shot to death by cops per year. source Here's another source.
  15. Just wanted to keep these worthy words fresh in this thread.
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