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  1. For people who learn by watching stuff like this, this is a good video. Talking about insights into evolutionary development by looking at how a single fertilized cell turns into a whole being:
  2. We've struggled with that. The best solution so far is to have the person doing the broadcast, dialing in with his phone and listening to the sound quality. That way they can turn up and down the volume as needed.
  3. Thanks for the thread folks! I felt like it was 1998 again. Dang - that was almost a quarter of a century ago. Bummer. Thanks for nothing folks!
  4. Plenty of serious happening in this thread, so here's a laugh: Fred: I thought about giving up coffee, but decided I didn't want to give up the health benefits. LDSFred: What health benefits do coffee give you? Fred: Well, for one thing, it keeps me from being Mormon...
  5. Looking through LDS Library app these days is a constantly changing wonderland of amazement. (If the image is too small, there are entries for Self-Reliance, Abuse, Addiction, Adoption, Death, Disabilities, Divorce, Education, Employment, English Learning, Family, Finances, Grief, Hope, Media Safety, Mental Health, Physical Health, Pr0nography, Pregnant and Single, Preparadness, Same-sex Attraction, Single Parent Families, Suicide, and Transgender.)
  6. I'm in a ward with older folks, lots of retired military, relatively well-to-do overall. Quite conservative. We went back to in-person ASAP (which was shortly after someone had a news article about how this or that politician-in-charge was making a fuss over the constitutionality of banning church attendance. Ever since, we've had maybe 65% in-person attendance, 45% virtual. After a few months of laptops and cheap webcams, the wards in the building spent ~$600 on a better camera and decent AV equipment. Me and one other guy take turns running the camera. I just got back from broadcastin
  7. The original Mary Poppins movie did a fine job at explaining how a Bank Run works.
  8. I was incredibly happy to watch Elder Oaks' talk yesterday. It was like a refreshing breath of normalcy, after a pandemic-and-social-unrest-fueled year of grief. In the last year, I've interacted with people who are giving serious thought to notions like: - The constitution is (at best) outdated/needs to be replaced, or (at worst) is evil/needs to be actively resisted. - Separation of power should be discarded when people feel it's justified. - People should not be treated as equal citizens in the eyes of the law. Government should make things harder for some people, and easier for
  9. Yay - a prepper/gun thread! I'm a halfway-zealous prepper, and a 3/4's-of-the-way zealous 2nd amendment enthusiast. To give you a taste: I was reviewing my family's pandemic plans in October of 2019, and I brought our pandemic stuff up from the basement in February 2020. And I'm about to drive across 2 states and attend a four day defensive handgun training class, out in the middle of the Nevada desert, with 600-1000 other gun nuts like me, each one of us more armed than the last. I've safely and legally carried concealed in five states, and taken my firearm with me on commercial ai
  10. Some people say prostitution is the oldest profession. I believe armchair quarterbacking is slightly older. Cain might have started it. No matter what someone else does with their means, it's never right enough.
  11. Regardless of the church's charitable efforts, I have to always plug the Fast Offerings program as one of the coolest, best run, most effective welfare programs on planet earth. IMO, if you want to make your non-tithing donation dollars count, send it to fast offerings.
  12. [Simplified version of my family finances to visualize things]: I have a family checking account, and a spreadsheet that lists the different 'buckets'. At the beginning of the month, the balance is zero. I deposit my $1000 paycheck, and indicate Food: $250. Auto: $250. Healthcare: $250. Utilities: $250. As those bills come due, I write checks and adjust the spreadsheet. At the end of the month, I have a zero balance again. Then, one month, I get both my normal $1000 paycheck, and a $500 bonus. The balance in my account is now $1500. In my spreadsheet, I create a new entry:
  13. Family dinner table: "Grandson #12 and 14 did what? Out of what account? For how long? Get their mother on the phone - time for another chat." Honestly folks, when heads of world religions decide to take an interest in politics, especially ours, they sure the heck move needles a lot more than two grand of donations spread across five different places. People are seriously thinking Pres U took out his checkbook because that sounded like a good idea?
  14. Ask any artist of any kind, who tries to make money by commissioning their work, and they will have stories about requests they've had to decline. They have all had to find where they personally draw their lines, and what they simply won't do. It's an almost universally understood concept in artistic circles. Even 14 year old girls on Instagram understand it. Check out what this random kid, one of hundreds of thousands, won't draw:
  15. This reminds me of other stories I've seen from the Finance Clerk office. This is in Colorado, so out of "the bubble": - Various bishops have had me help pay for various funerals over the years, for utterly inactive folks that nobody knows. One inactive grandmother was the only member, and when she died, we covered the nonmember's grandchildren's rent and car payments for a number of months. We actually delayed marking the member deceased, so we could continue to issue fast offering aid in her name. - I've written a handful of substantial checks over the years to cover bills for n
  16. Personal stories: My wife has been online friends with an inactive LDS lady for a few years. The other day, it finally dawned on her that my wife was LDS, and she was just beside herself with how not-pushy my wife was. She was almost wondering if my wife thought there was something wrong with her, and considered her not worthy of pushing the gospel on. My wife figures she's got the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and while she'll offer a cookie on occasion, she's not going to push the recipe unless it's asked for. I've known of two nonmembers that have held sort of informal c
  17. Just emails, or physical mailings too? I've found institutions seek dollars, and they will rain down endless marketing material on any name/address combination after they get a whiff that it might be tied to a college age person. Anyone with teenagers can attest to the increase in junk mail the instant a kid registers for selective service. And a quarter of a century after graduating the UofU, I continue to get periodic mailings from their alumni association looking for $$. Email is basically free. Distribution lists require effort to maintain, with little incentive to do so.
  18. I doubt that. Real evidence like children miraculously walking out of hospitals on a scale not seen anywhere else would persuade any loving parent, critics also, to search for their closest priesthood holder and beg for a blessing, and probably multiple blessings. Let me ask you, do you think the priesthood is an actual power? A real honest to goodness power that's inside a worthy priesthood holder? Yes, I believe the priesthood is an actual power. I believe I've exercised it. And I believe I've witnessed a genuine miracle when giving a blessing to someone, although the miracle wa
  19. Oh, I totally agree. But do you disagree with my actual claim? Dunno. But assuming for a second it was measurable, and clearly proven, Douglas Adams told us what the result would be back in the late '70's. (My claim isn't about the argument. My claim is that even if there's a measurable/provable real impact, it wouldn't make any difference to people. Critics would still be unpersuaded and critical.)
  20. Dunno. But assuming for a second it was measurable, and clearly proven, Douglas Adams told us what the result would be back in the late '70's.
  21. I'm a fan because they quote me in one of their early 2016 videos on Halloween.
  22. With your use of quotes, yes, pretty much, for one or two members. And I know my ward isn't the only one. From an LDS-themed comedy album released a few years ago - the song "A Few of the testimonies" It can't be satire if nobody recognizes it.
  23. I don't expect it to be very big, but I fully expect something to happen in our next Fast and Testimony meeting in 3 Sundays. I expect to see a handful of people report on the number of times they heard the name "Rush Limbaugh" in their testimonies. Honestly, I'd be quite surprised to not hear that name from the podium in my own ward.
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