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  1. You live in a fantasy land. Nobody but the Capitol Police were armed. The Congress never were in danger (they were busy orchestrating the drama). https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2021/02/fascist-democrats-fake-insurrection-david-horowitz/ "The January 6 mob scene, according to investigators, was planned by “Oath Keepers” – a fringe pro-Trump group - two months before Trump gave the speech for which he was impeached under the bogus charge that he had “incited an insurrection.” In fact, he had offered to deploy 10,000 National Guardsmen to defend the Capitol for the January 6 certifi
  2. So you believe that the entire GOP are terrorists? Talk about painting with a broad brush! You have gone over the edge.
  3. I saw the video. It looked like a casual cold-blooded killing. There was no pressure on the shooter. The crowd was very light and a mixed bag of different backgrounds.
  4. This topic could closely be associated with the controversy of whether there was an actual violent "insurrection" in DC on January 6 and whether there were "false flag" operators. Comparisons should be made of this event with many violent riotings around the country. Chief among the questions is this - - - was Ashli Babbitt senselessly executed for the purpose of generating a false narrative?
  5. Strange twist you are putting on "affirmative action".
  6. Or the soft bigotry of lower expectations? Can be mortifyingly embarrassing!
  7. Looking beyond the mark can have serious consequences.
  8. Both of you have gone far into the weeds with so much speculation. There are only a few tidbits that we do know. Such as mortal beings have "flesh and blood" bodies and celestial beings have bodies of "flesh and bone". Apparently mortal bodies require blood but resurrected bodies do NOT. Instead some form of "pure energy" may flow thru resurrected bodies (I think I read that somewhere).
  9. The focus is on the alcohol content of wine. Which has to do with "sanitizing" certain microbes and tiny insects. Just what I have heard (so please no CFR, shudder shudder ).
  10. Pinky and the Brain conspiring to take over the world.
  11. Gates' financial managers are agressively buying farmland - - -
  12. In between was the continental telegraph. The plains indians used to put their ears on the pole and hear dits and dats. They did not know why but they were strongly moved upon in the spirit.
  13. Doesn't the redundancy make you fly to pieces?
  14. ♒ Oh? I shoulda used the spread fingers emoticon! ♒
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