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  1. Is it our understanding that Shakespeare was on the committee that put together the KJV Bible? This language was the high quality King's English that was not normally spoken by the public at large. The publication of the KJV raised the level of everyday dialogue and caused greater unity in the English nation.
  2. Perhaps Dr. Fauci’s most deadly mistake is his response to hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) treatments for the disease. Dr. Fauci cheered the use of hydroxychloroquine in treating the MERS coronavirus in 2013 but for some reason resists its use today in treating the China coronavirus. C19Study tracks the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in treating coronavirus. The countries that pushed HCQ use early have had the most success in treating the disease. The website tracked all of the current international studies on HCQ use in treating the coronavirus. It is clear at this point that the top US medical professionals are KILLING Americans by downplaying the success of HCQ in treating the coronavirus.
  3. Much better alternative - - - http://americanthinker.com/articles/2020/07/hydroxy_hysteria_reaching_a_fever_pitch.html
  4. I agree. The police brutality (I am not sure I would call it ‘terrorist operations’ but I will not argue the point) has not gotten enough air time. You call police standing down and stepping back brutality? What a strange perspective you have! I am sure you knew ACORN holdovers currently manifested as Antifa and extreme marxist members of BLM are the ones conducting terrorist operations.
  5. In actuality, the media has been hyping the protests and glossing over the terrorist operations. It truly is heart-rending that the police have been ordered to stand down or soft peddle the situation.
  6. Your view is sadly distorted. Possibly due to your progressive naivete. I am a regular reviewer of Trump tweets. Some of his tweets may appear to be "bluster" but I only see firmness, NO hate. Whereas the "foaming-in-the-mouth" hatred is happening on the left side.
  7. Read Saul Alinsky's book: "Rules for Radicals". The Left thrives on chaos and division and manipulations.
  8. You are being cute. I am sure you are aware of the 24/7 display of hatred put out by the elite class (that includes the dominant media) for the past 4 years.
  9. There are too many of them. He has to be stepping carefully on eggshells on some issues because of the foaming-in-the-mouth hatred exhibited by the dominant media.
  10. What narrative is directing the CDC? Last I looked, the White House is directing that narrative. Dr. Fauci and Deborah Birx and other members of the "task force" are Deep State operatives. They have been in their offices for decades. Long before the Orange Guy came into the White House. The head of WHO is a dyed in the wool marxist who has soft pedaled the crimes of CCP. There are also many Deep Staters in the CDC. It would be prudent to second guess the players and their track record. You continue to be in denial about the outrageous inconsistencies in policies made throughout the covid hysteria.
  11. Book of Mormon is historical. It is irrational to think otherwise. The Bible is based on actual human experiences and the resultant testimonies of God's dealings with mankind. BoM is the same. Chock full of real people, some who have actually seen the visitation of the Savior in the Western Hemisphere.
  12. The narrative is contrived so the science has been abused. Sadly.
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