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  1. Who was going to be Mark Hofmann's third victim? How many more would he have needed to murder? His accidental explosion happened near Temple Squire, was some higher ups in the Church next on the list?
  2. I recalled that one of the women he married was an actress. Was she a frivolous kind of person? Hard to please? Did the first wife need to give consent to all BY's subsequent marriages? Was BY commanded to marry all the women that he had? Was this the Lord's way for testing BY's mettle? So many questions - - -
  3. Beware the QUOTA system. Many black professionals detest the implications of Affirmative Action because too many people are questioning whether they were admitted using lower standards (in order to meet quota). We see it in hiring for police officers and firemen. Even women are given an easier track in physical requirements so they can complete their training for law enforcement, first responders, military, etc. All done to make everybody equal (which will result in everybody becoming more equal in misery).
  4. I think first and foremost that the Angel Gabriel met with Mary BEFORE the divine conception took place. That visitation was for the purpose of extending a "call" for Mary to be the Mother of the Messiah. To which she humbly and graciously accepted - - - Luke 1:38 And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. After this marvelous experience and life changing event, she most likely shared the wonder with her parents (and possibly her whole family). I am not inclined to think they would have been embarrassed abo
  5. The direction of social change can be either good or bad - - - The good: elimination of Jim Crow laws protection for under-age children from hard labor or dangerous occupations prohibition of sexual trafficking or unlawful involuntary servitude (many more can be listed here - - -) The bad: forcing women's sporting organizations to admit "biological males" to compete as "transgenders" requiring the unnecessary expenses for extra gender bathrooms proscriptions against "unprogressive" speech (and a whole rash of concerns - - -)
  6. I do not see how there can be a return to native elements. If Joseph Smith taught that exalted man/mortal man/spirit child/intelligence (at whatever stage) is co-eternal with God, then we have ALWAYS existed. He said that we never had a beginning AND we never will have an end. Even Perdition cannot stop existing. Therefore Cain/Lucifer/Judas Iscariot/etc will always retain their identities. Here are a couple of scriptures and extracts from the King Follett sermon: Abraham 3: 19. And the Lord said unto me: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more inte
  7. Thank you for your response. I am also strongly inclined to believing that "Outer Darkness" (condemnation for Perdition) is permanent and that after the Final Judgment there is NO shifting or progression from one kingdom to another. But as others in this thread (including @bluebell) have pointed out that some punishments are NOT permanent. Such as the wicked waiting in Spirit Prison who are able to receive missionaries and afforded opportunities for repentance. Some receive punishments for their own sins because they did not take seriously the Atonement while in Mortality but that has limi
  8. OK. But I have NO idea what perspective you are coming from? Do you disagree with every word in my post? What part do you subscribe to, if any? After all, this is a discussion board.
  9. Good question. We really don’t know much about outer darkness. Were they condemned or did they willingly walk away? I like to believe that even they have hope for repentance. I believe they still have the option for repentance. Lucifer's ultimate desire was to subvert the work of God the Father (Elohim). The third part of the hosts either were deceived into following him or were willing agitate against the Plan of Happiness (for whatever reasons). They also understood clearly the consequences for NOT obtaining bodies for themselves and did enter into the earth with o
  10. I think the mention of the breastplate, the fact that the interpreters could be attached to it, and the two stones were linked together with a bow would make it unlikely for them to have been part of the sixteen stones. Those stones shone very brightly so the Jaredites would have put them into a pot at bedtime. Also, each barge had two stones but they most likely would have been placed at either end so the lighting would be more evenly distributed. But when Joseph Smith possessed the interpreters, they were very dim to the point he had to put them into a hat to shut out daylight so he could
  11. Depends on the fault line. If the big one hits, we can dump all that salt into Nevada. 🎪
  12. Don't forget that Mitt's father George ran for the presidency also. Elder Benson and Cleon Skousen (former SLC police chief) shook things up too.
  13. Nonsense. The new Egyptians (who knew not Joseph) were racially motivated to subjugate Hebrews. That was 3 or 4 thousand years ago.
  14. Seriously? Hmm. That's interesting. Do you have a source (just curious)? The Temple Mount construction will have to be positioned and structured in such a way as to fulfill prophecies having to do with the waters gushing forth from under the porch and streaming through a newly created valley (caused by the split of Mount of Olives, one half moving to the north, the other to the south). This water will be voluminous enough as to flush out (refresh) the Dead Sea.
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