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  1. Wow. Looks like she has a better understanding of her husband than he of her!
  2. Does the book discuss what the issues were that led to social reform? Were the people concerned with robber barons, unfair bankers, oppressive bureaucrats? I wonder if people were migrating westward because of economic disasters (like the Smith family fleeing failed farms due to unusually cold climate).
  3. Isn't that analogous to waving white handkerchief during temple dedications? In the OT Mosaic Law it is indicated that on Nisan 10 a paschal lamb meeting all the requirements is selected and "set apart". On Nisan 14 it was sacrificed. Nisan 10 corresponds to Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem (being chosen by the people on Sunday). The evening of Nisan 14 was the Last Supper preliminary to His agonizing ordeal in the Garden of Gethsemane all night Thursday (according to Jewish customs, the day "ended" at sundown so it could have been Friday all that night with the crucifixion occurring in the following daytime it still being Friday).
  4. No one has touched this. To me, this is the crux of scripture as text, and the problem of historical belief. I seems @Hamilton Porter did a pretty good job of responding to your line of thoughts. He is saying that religious history is very meaningful for prophets and other heroic characters that wade through much tribulations and serious testing. We see this in the life of Jacob (son of Isaac) where his whole life was a long series of progressions and challenges and seasoning. Same for Abraham and Jonah and even Mahonri Moriancumer (brother of Jared) and many others. ALL of these things are REAL experiences intended for everyone that is born into a fallen world. Which is the essence of the Plan of Happiness. Very necessary to be able to advance beyond what we achieved in the pre-existence. The scriptures (religious history) is extremely important for learning the testimonies of actual historical persons. It is an encouragement for the readers to exercise greater faith in applying incremental steps in drawing closer to God. For some it may require willingness to give up their lives in order to remain true to the Gospel. We don't necessarily need to "worry" about Bach's biography for the purpose of evaluating his music. But information about his background, the mentors, the music of his "competitors" and cultural influences are interesting to scholars and lay people. The same holds true for eminent scientists who stand on the shoulders of giants that preceded them.
  5. Why do you think American chocolate is horrendous? For many years I have been leery of the waxy appearance/taste. It seems to vary among brands. Does anyone know which ingredient it is that makes it waxy? I love nutty chocolates and I am partial to Hershey's nuggets.
  6. It would be you since you were creative enough to pose the question in such a way that the AI was "inspired" to give you a high quality response. Nobody is going to confront you on this (at least for a few years). But if you become famous 10 or 20 years later and some academics will research your body of works, they become befuddled on why this particular piece (the one by the AI) does not conform to your writing style with the rest of your works.
  7. No. An ethereal being ensconced in the cloud. What we saw was just the interface.
  8. longview


    Is your tag (avatar) name a play on "Moroni" ? Cute!
  9. The best way to "invoke" her is to use the AT sign - - - {background noises and rumblings and thunderings} @Raingirl ! ! ! You are hereby SUMMONED ! ! !
  10. The sound system is horrible in my ward house. Both me and my wife are hearing impaired. My wife has an app on her phone that will do live captioning. Very helpful!
  11. In SLC Utahns were famous for heading over to Snelgroves for ice cream after sacrament meetings.
  12. You do jumping jacks while standing on your head.
  13. Could not feel the spirit? What kind of testimonies did you write in your mission journal? Maybe you are now in a state of complete lethargy?
  14. Years ago I read a story about a guy that was visited by missionaries. He felt the spirit and was convinced of its truthfulness. But he deliberately chose to refuse baptism because he did NOT want to give up the pleasures in his life. Kind of like the rich man who was invited by Jesus to donate ALL his possessions and follow Him. The rich man had a simple choice. He probably was touched by the spirit but was very loathe to lose the comforts and the renown of elite circles. Too bad he did not understand how brief temporal life is. There is incredible glory and vast dominions to be gained by the faithful in Eternal Realms.
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