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  1. The first death is physical. Meaning the death of the mortal body at the end of the Second Estate. Being buried in the earthly grave UNTIL called forth to the resurrection of the just OR the unjust. The second death is spiritual. Meaning the separation of resurrected beings who have inherited lower degrees of glory in lesser kingdoms from the presence of God and His Christ in the highest kingdom.
  2. God's "technology" is way beyond what has been achieved with holograms. It probably involves many dimensional space-time fabric of the universe. Have you read about "quantum entangled particles" ? From Google:
  3. A wonderful exposition and lovely cultural review. I grew up in SLC but never got around to approaching the Masonic Temple.
  4. Supplementing and reinforcing is way better than duplicating. Hopefully there will be sufficient coverage in areas of critical needs. By all means local members should join hand in hand with the other organizations to provide more helpful rotations of volunteers. And to have extra eyes for seeing gaps and to prevent possible abuses.
  5. Nehor has stated that Riley Gaines (a very fine and courageous sportswoman) is deserving of severe punching by campus hooligans. He has doubled-down on this.
  6. It is NOT necessarily just Christianity. Wisdom AND/OR morality is reflected in every word of the Ten Commandments. Much of which are shared in common with other religions and philosophies. It is foundational and most important of the many sources the founding fathers used to structure the Constitution and the Republic. Other kinds of governments will quickly devolve into abject and brutal totalitarianism. Communism is incapable of reforming/overcoming human nature. With morality based laws we have a better chance.
  7. Maybe not. Their "slumping over" may actually mean they are in DEEP meditation. They might even be somewhat overcome by the spirit.
  8. In reading https://newsroom.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/frequently-asked-questions-clarify-the-transfer-of-sacred-sites-and-historic-documents I found this list of documents: I would like to know which of the Old Testament manuscripts were used to compose our current Book of Moses in Pearl of Great Price. My recollection is that Brigham Young and the church took the "First draft of the Book of Moses" as they moved from Nauvoo to the Great Salt Lake. There was a "Second draft of the Book of Moses" that was kept by Emma Smith and later bequeathed to Joseph Smith III and the RLDS church. In our Book of Moses chapter 8 verse 7 the age Methuselah at his death was 969 years. For Adam, Moses 6:12 says he passed at age of 930 years. I think I read in an Ensign article many years ago that stated that the second draft had further revisions that corrected the ages of Adam and Methuselah at their deaths both to be 999 years and 6 months. I am unable to find the source. I used an AI named Daniel for help: I am a subscriber to Oak Norton's app ScriptureNotes.com that features this AI. Is there any of you on this board that is aware of the second draft or the revised death ages? Please help. If I am correct, will the LDS church incorporate the second draft to bring our Pearl of Great Price "up to date" ?
  9. I also attend the Denver temple. There is a noticeable rise in elevation when approaching from University Boulevard (about two blocks). So the Denver temple may already be on a prominence 50 to 100 feet higher than the surrounding area. The freeway (C-470) is also at a higher elevation than land on either side. So that makes it that much easier for freeway drivers to see the temple.
  10. Several reasons. To begin with, Gaines did NOT specifically mention FIDE. Please refer back to the link I posted relating to Seeking's twitters.
  11. My objection to begin with was the absolute qualifier "ALL". Not at all realistic. The twitter post you were showing is very vague on context. Gaines in that post did NOT specify if she started with FIDE and worked from the top down. Or if she was simply supporting her associates among the general members of her association. My link was taken a few posts after the one you were showing demonstrated that even in chess tournaments there is a huge disparity between men's tournaments and the women's in terms of numbers. It shows how women are hard pressed to even compete with the top six or seven tiers of of the men's. Even though chess do NOT require physical size or brawn, there are still enough serious differences that many women would appreciate being able to participate in chess tournaments set aside for women. I would venture to guess that professional men's tournaments most likely allow any and all comers including children, women and even trans. On the other hand, tournaments designated for women should NOT be subverted by trans wanting to "crash the party".
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riley_Gaines From your link this statement: This will not satisfy the CFR. It is very apparent that you and pinknews are both extreme radicals and in the same camp. Can you provide reliable independent mainstream evidence of Gaines actually working with FIDE to "ban" trans from participating in women's chess tournaments? Keep in mind that just because Gaines praised FIDE for keeping women's chess tournaments "trans-free" does NOT mean she had any influence in pressuring FIDE to take that course. There are plenty of chess venues where mixed participation are freely offered. Even including very young players competing against adults.
  13. You pulled THAT out of thin air. Strictly your invention. CFR please.
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