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  1. This is amazing. But I am afraid it will have no effect on the critics. Lets say Joseph was a fraud and he wrote the book of mormon. Why would he risk everything with a new book? Why would he need such a book? Why bother? I would have just said no thank you I don't have time. But thanks anyway. And moved on. Instead, he takes the risk. It doesn't make sense. My guess is that he saw value in it and decided to translate it because he knew who he was, someone who saw a vision and translated an ancient book by the power of God. And he had the faith that he could continue god's work with this translation.
  2. What I find amazing about the BofA and the Book of Mormon is just how many scholars have gone over them over and over again. If Joseph Smith wrote both books he deserves much credit to have scholars go over his works for the past 200 years. Who would believe it? Here we have a guy who never had a job or an university education suddenly produce two widely read and researched pieces of writing all on his own. And he got 11 people to confirm the BofM as being true because they saw the book delivered by an angel. I think that the BofA is an interesting read. If JS did write it, he showed immense creativity and imagination. Likewise for the BofM. I have to take my hat off to him because his works are still being discussed and after all these years, people are still trying to refute them. Of course John is still at it after all these years that is also amazing. I thought that maybe he would take a year vacation or so from his attempts to convince people that the LDS church is a fraud. I am no judge but I can think of better ways to spend a life. When I was on lockdown and riding my bike, I discovered my little world and all its wonders. It was also amazing. Maybe John can take up bike riding and see the world. I came to the board 14 years ago and the BofA was being discussed and now 14 years later it is still being discussed. Joseph was a genius.
  3. The only problem I see in your post is the need for social science students. One way to control a populations is to make the 'social' courses obsolete. In the past we needed sociologists and other social scientists because they told us through research why people were experiencing poverty, social dislocation, increase of crime or domestic violence, marginalization, alienation, drug addiction etc. They pinpointed trends in how a society is developing. And perhaps gave answers to better the situations. Not to mention social workers who handled the people who were not quite making it in a capitalist world. Negate the 'social' and what do we have? Digital ants? All college courses should have at least an introduction course in sociology or in the humanities. The 'social' students are being made obsolete because the social and economic system that is in place and the Establishment who controls it, have chosen to do so. And why did they do so?
  4. And it should. It is also a means of control. And social intelligence would take a huge hit. It would further isolation and spontaneous protests where people get together as a community 'celebration'. And then upon graduation, they enter a workforce working from home. It is a 'marvelous' way of controlling people and furthering their isolation from humanity.
  5. This is not true. If universities were infested with Marxists, we would be seeing different demonstrations than what we see today. Perhaps we can say that universities have more than enough progressives. But not Marxists. If I were to ask the demonstrators what kind of society they wish to see, they would not give revolutionary answers because they lack a revolutionary consciousness. They would speak platitudes but not ideology. And I see no red flags among the demonstrators. Also, the Establishment do not see the protestors as a threat to their power base. If so, the demonstrations would be crushed. However, students need face to face contact in the classroom and among their peers. Ideas need to be discussed, debated and deliberated upon face to face. And ideas need to be evaluated through analysis and interpretation in the classroom and not through machines where we are just another face that has been zoomed.
  6. Much happened when the internet began. Many used the forums to spread anti mormonism. And it all heated up at the turn of the century and lasted a few years. Now I think that the internet has used up its freshness for such anti mormon activity. Many people have moved on from debating and now usually just discuss with like minded people. When this was a Fair board, the debates were hot and full of energy. And now...people are on calm pills. No energy to battle on both sides.
  7. I kind of feel sorry for Simon. I came across him on a site that was critical of Mormonism years ago when they were advertising his first book about Mormonism and DNA. It had a tremendous impact on lds members. And this was years ago. And he is still at it now. To spend a life trying to debunk a religious faith is a sad occupation. And when one has spent years and years doing it is unfortunate. Sometimes one must just move on and think: if people want to believe in Mormonism, fine let them. If people don't want to believe, fine let them. It is just time to move on now. And enjoy other moments of life.
  8. This was a book that was widely read back in the day. The Ensign and the old New Era were great back in the day. But then again, at that time, I think that people were better educated. I am not sure if the majority of the lds population could deal with more intelligent articles in the Ensign as they did in the past. Social media has dumb people down, I believe.
  9. I think that there is too much competition these days from social media. I also believe that many people are skimming websites to confirm their ideas and viewpoints. Large libraries are not in as they used to be. Wall space could be a problem. Also, if one goes back years on the internet, we were addressing historical facts about LDS history that people seemed to have been shocked about. It was interesting to read just how uninformed people were, and as such, they were influenced. by critics claiming the the church hides its history etc. Members were being shocked and awed by critics and their claims. But the old timers who had large church libraries were not so shocked and awed. They knew much from the books they had and in general weathered the storms. This is just my opinion from my years on the board going back to when this was a FAIRboard.
  10. And most importantly, people had books and home libraries. And they were proud of them.
  11. One thing that I have noticed is that LDS members were well educated in the past. They read LDS books and many had huge church book libraries. Most were familiar with Brigham's discourses, most had a good understanding of church history, and most were not surprised by this fact or that fact. In church there was good discussion about doctrine etc. I think that old books are useful. And in showing just how well educated people were. There was no internet to skim through for bias confirmation.
  12. I kinda forgot about the board. There is so much going on these days with the virus etc. It was off my radar. Glad you are still around. And I am glad that Don is still active and going strong.
  13. I remember you when you were an apologist on the boards and when you left. And when you came back. You helped many people as an apologist and when you also came back with your story. I compared you with Oliver Cowdery and Martin Harris, who both left and also came back and helped many people with their stories.
  14. The three monkey policy is the best. I have my hands over my ears, mouth and eyes at various times of the day.
  15. Nice try. Hard to find snowmen anywhere these days.
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