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  1. Toward the end she speaks about what goes on during the filming and what occurs during the production. She mentions the reality of the set. Not too exciting...just realism. In other words, the finished product on camera is a fake.
  2. We are speaking about addiction. Not watching porn for enjoyment. There is a difference. I am saying that if one is 'addicted' to porn maybe watching it being made would help because they would see the reality of it. The ending of the video may address what I am saying. She goes into the production of the scene, The fakeness of it could be a cure.
  3. I don't think so. Porn offers visual stimulation through the lens of the camera. But the reality is much different and the porn addict would see the reality if they are on set. It can go like this: the women are hanging around waiting for their scene. They are smoking, laughing, looking bored. The same for the men. They can be engaged in mundane conversation, looking fed up, getting their hair and make up done. Then it is time for their scene and off they go. During the action, the director gives orders, the actors can be out of breath and tired during the scene, all has to be done over etc. It is not such a pretty picture. However, the finished product depending on the porn company is wonderful, no flaws just people looking like they enjoy it. But the reality is much different. And this is why porn actors can be depressed, hooked on substance abuse, or they can be happy with their work. It is hard work to be a porn actor. It just looks easy.
  4. People who act in porn will often comment that they just consider it work. Very few are enjoying their work. Once the scene is over they go their various ways. The whole scene is nothing more than an act. It becomes reality, not fantasy. Now of course, one can watch the finished product but knowing what went on behind the scenes, may put a dent in the fantasy.
  5. The lure in a porn movie is the fantasy that one sees on screen. But when viewing just how one is made, the fantasy disappears and a person just sees individuals working on set. And just like a regular movie there are mistakes with the director yelling CUT. Also, the director is in the background reminding the actors to look aroused even though they are not. It is just a job for them. It becomes too human.
  6. The best way to cure a porn addiction is to watch a porn movie being made in real time. It can be quite boring. One sees all the imperfections of the actors or 'talent' as they are called in the industry. And as humans are not perfect, the scene being shot is much different than the finished product. And for the actors it is just a job.
  7. Who knows? I think that those involved may have be quite innocent of it all. Or perhaps they screwed up a little. We need to remember that people do not work forever for one corporation or one employer. Workers move around from job to job and I am sure that the LDS church would know this. And they would have known that they could be ratted out at any moment. So, why bother with it at all. The church was fined a small amount of money. However if they instructed someone to do something wrong and this person became a whistle blower, the church should be fined 5 hundred million for stupidity.
  8. I think that people need to relax for a moment and see what happens in the coming days or weeks. And if nothing happens, then it would be a good conversation to have. But now....it is great to discuss etc. But I assume that many members are already rushing to judgement and perhaps contemplating leaving the church. I know of another church who had investment problems and with their own bank. But I don't see it as a reflection of the faith itself. Just people who listen to the wrong voice or spirit who are in position to handle money. What to do?
  9. I think that what I am speaking about is the loss of testimony that many may have about the doctrines of the church because of the money issue. And we are seeing this happen at the moment. We may see the same thing happen that happened at the time of Joseph Smith about the banking problem where people lost money. The foundation of the church is simple: the book of mornon and not the perfection of human beings who may make mistakes.
  10. Well...I don't expect perfection from anyone or anyone representing an organization. Human beings are human beings. Stuff happens. However, what does this all have to do with the book of mormon? And that is what is important. It has nothing to do with it. Now if they would find a letter by Joseph Smith stating that he wrote the book, well, the church is history. But....
  11. I wouldn't take it all too seriously. I believe that many teenagers make such decisions of independence, especially when it comes to going to church. It happens in all faiths. I would just continue as things were between you both. And just respect the decision your teenager has made. Hopefully you both share your love for rugby and continue to go to rugby matches together. And celebrate together when Wales beats New Zealand and especially England. 🙂
  12. When it comes to the priesthood ban it would be important to discuss why there was a ban. We need to remember that blacks did have the priesthood up to a certain date. But what happened to put in the ban?
  13. I remember that the discussion about the blacks and the priesthood was discussed a lot in the 1970s. It was always part of our discussion in priesthood. The prevailing belief at that time was that blacks would eventually get the priesthood. And we need to remember that blacks were always welcome to join the lds church and sit with members as equals and as brothers and sisters in Christ.
  14. What the critics are attempting to do is to question the validity of a general authorities talk. Did it come from God type of question. These days I don't think that no general authority would cheat. Copy and paste is a wonderful tool these days to catch cheaters and they all know that. Mistakes are made, if a mistake was made. We all know of politicians who plagiarized someone's else'.s speech or slogan. The Build Back Better slogan came from Britain and copied by the democrats It was the conservative party's program slogan. What to do?
  15. I am not sure if I understand what you mean in relation to the seer stone. However, we knew about the head in the hat back in the 70s. History was taught. Many saints read The Mormon Experience by Leonard Arrington. However that book did not mention the head in the hat but it dd reference David Whitmer's Address to all Believer's in Christ book.
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