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  1. For the most part, many people are not interested in organized religion. Ir is on a downward trend. And so, no surprise with the missionary numbers. I do believe that there has been an attack on Christian beliefs by media outlets and programming at least in the western parts of the world. No surprise that church attendance would be down too for most faiths. And people seem to be encouraged to leave their christian faith. I think that it is different in Islam. No critical thought about the Koran is allowed and there seems to be a lot of protection around that faith to keep members coming t
  2. I think that when a couple are married in the temple and then experience problems and misery in their marriage, a divorce is probably a good thing. I don't think that the temple marriage would be valid between two people who are miserable. Why be miserable in the eternities? I think that couples who are miserable with each other need to divorce for the children's sake. No child wants to see mom and dad arguing. and unhappy with each other. Children want to see their parents peaceful. One problem with divorce is the bitterness. And this causes problems. But when there is not bitterness and
  3. I think that when a person writes a book and it costs money to buy it, the person who wrote it deserves compensation from a royality. The books cost money to produce too. It is not cheap. And people are paid a salary for producing it to its finished form. And then the store does have employees who need to be paid. I have to say that most likely quite a few books take a loss and are remaindered.
  4. During Joseph's time the price of a book would probably be a penny. :)
  5. Christmas has been very much tied to capitalism and the making of profit. And of course, gifts make the profit. However, when I was a kid in the 1960s I received many presents from my dad and my relatives. I looked forward to the gifts. But there were also TV Christmas specials: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, (Christmas carols) not to mention the Christmas specials for Kids. And religion played more of a role back then. Christmas carols on TV, and the birth of Jesus was in the Christmas music. It was a mixture of gifts and religion. School plays usually performed the nativity. And in
  6. I am so happy that you have redeemed yourself. I lost two nights of sleep because you may have lost your reputation for being a savvy fashionable guy.
  7. Emma is just fine. She is with Joseph and the rest of her children. We need to consider the big picture. She married Joseph and suffered for it and she stayed with him. She lost her home a few times,,,,constantly on the go with her husband and other members. Suffering along the way. However, she did love the Kirkland Joseph more than the Nauvoo Joseph and wished to have that Joseph back. But still she stayed with him because she believed in her husband's mission and in the book of mormon. She would have known if he was a fraud and a liar about the book. And she would have spilled the beans whe
  8. I just remember Don being in the church and then out of the church and then back in the church. His re-conversion helped many people, I believe. It was back when history was the main reason for people leaving the LDS church. Don's book helped many understand an aspect of church history more clearly and challenged the critic narrative. It was a wonderful celebration when Don returned.
  9. These days it is not safe to compliment any woman about anything. Except perhaps a boss can say: You did a good job on the project, a compliment that could also be given to a man. Best to stay silent with personal compliments. Likewise, it may not be safe to open a door for a woman just because she is a woman. She could be offended. Much better to treat everyone the same without distinctions. Of course wives and girlfriends could be an exception.
  10. I remember the good old days when defending the church, critics would admonish the apologists because they were not nice. The critics could speak their minds in an aggressive way and when the apologists responded harshly, the critics accused them of not having the love of Christ. Even though many critics were atheists. It was an passive-aggressive tactic.
  11. I don't quite understand how he was able to write such a book at the time that he did. Let me put it simply. It would take reams of paper to write such a book. Not to mention many ink pens. Plus very few can write a book without trashing paper. When did this trash paper go? And how did he hide his book writing. His home was rather small. Then, we have the 11 witnesses. Where do they fit into your picture. And why would some of them give their testimony on their deathbed? It is quite amazing when you think about it. Also, he would have needed to heavily study the bible and put in a dual script
  12. Humans losing interest in sex is quite usual and normal. It can happen naturally. However, these days, with the event of porn at the tip of the finger, men can go there and have their enjoyment without having a relationship which can be quite expensive and very time consuming. And very complicated. But they do get married eventually but at a much later date. However, for women who are on a time meter because of children are left with a dire circumstance. Have a child at a much later date than they may wish. The LDS church has spoken about porn and marriage for decades now. And many critics of
  13. What is missing is the interest in porn. Porn has allowed men to delay marriage. In the past marriage was a way for sex or sexual intimacy. But now, men go to porn for enjoyment. This allows them to postpone marriage for a later date. Eventually, they do get married but usually in their late thirties. This puts pressure on women who wish to marry and have children. https://www.covenanteyes.com/2015/12/29/how-porn-is-keeping-men-from-marriage/ https://www.foryourmarriage.org/blogs/does-pornography-affect-mens-decision-whether-to-marry/ There has been studies that support my state
  14. https://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-crowds-extortion-20181021-story.html It happens. But the organizations that organize the protests get the funding to organize protests and help with the logistics. Of course salaries are paid for organization leaders. BLM has received millions and millions of dollars. No idea where that money went and to whose pocket some of it went.
  15. Absolutely right. The leaders are especially getting paid for their work. I remember when I was a activist. We printed our leaflets by our own printing machine by hand and mailed information to our members. The money came from somewhere.
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