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  1. To the second paragraph: How can someone insist that he (Francis) is not the pope? You gave two answers yourself. Those are pretty much the reasons that Francis could be what is called historically, an antipope. Antipopes appear to the world and even to the church to be the pope. But what if it was discovered that there is a canonical impediment to his "papacy". In the instance of Francis, if Pope Benedict resigned under duress, Francis could not be pope. The papacy is a monarchy. There cannot be two vicars of Christ at the same time. There has been a lot of evidence gathered to suggest that B
  2. Hi pogi. Your questions show a lot of insight. I am not surprised. Catholic and LDS ecclesiology make us think the same ways about the laws of the church. I have company this weekend, but I have a little time right now to try to give some answers. Material heresy is a much less serious charge than formal heresy. It would not surprise me to learn that I am in some way a material heretic. It is not impossible that what I am about to say is material heresy! However, what follows is a simplification of how I understand the matter: Material heresy means to ignorantly believe teachings th
  3. Jesse, my friend...I am not questioning the papal office, or its perpetuity until the end of time. The great majority of my friends take your position including all of the priests I have known and admire. I am not a follower of anybody that I am familiar with. I believe that a very broad range of opinions can be held by Catholics in a state of grace. I must admit that most thinking Catholics seem to have certainties about what they believe about the pope and his office and confidence in the absurdity of what they do not believe about the pope and his office. Everyone here knows how skepti
  4. Hey Storm Rider. You are thinking of Abp. Vigano. I believe we are committed to believing in the "perpetuity of the Petrine office" according to the Vatican Council I, which was abbreviated because of the social situation in Italy in 1870. I will leave it to a future competent authority to determine what that perpetuity requires of a faithful Catholic. I believe whatever the Holy Catholic Church believes and teaches. But I do not have a moral certainty that Francis is pope. Sedevacantists claim a moral certainty that Francis is not pope. I am in a middle ground between Miserere Nobis who holds
  5. Fireflies! Yes, calm. My wife and I met and dated while attending the same college in the Chicagoland area. I haven't thought of fireflies for some time, but they are magnificent. They always made an early evening seem happy and wonderful. They are a true wonder. Do you suppose they enjoy themselves as much as we enjoy them? I know the answer, and it makes me believe in God and that He is very good. But to not get too serious...Once, to show off to her, I caught one in my mouth when we were on an outing together somewhere. I have never subsequently asked what she thought of my antic. Did it he
  6. Hey stemelbow, There was a lot in that paragraph. If you would like a focus on any one part, feel free to direct me to that. In the meantime, I was wondering what kind of death, if any, a good God could allow, that would escape the charge of murder. In consideration of the fact that if there is a God, He could prevent all of our deaths, would you say that such a God murders everyone? ("Murder" implying that it is unjust to allow anyone to die, if one has the means of keeping anyone alive.) Is there anyone who has ever died, in your opinion, that if there is a God, was NOT murder
  7. I want to let you all know how much I have enjoyed all of your comments on this subject. My wife has become an avid prepper and she thinks we have about six months of food on the shelves. Not as preppers, we have purchased a "half-beef" that lasts around a year for us and are planning to do so again. I was interested in some of the ideas about generators. We have talked about a generator, but as smac points out, one still needs fuel for a generator for a long term power outage. I think rod mentioned solar and wind generated power. I am thinking not of keeping the entire house powered up, but r
  8. The Cowboy and the Lady, 1936, Gary Cooper and Merle Oberon... 84 years ago in America. Mom was one year old. I was minus twenty years old...heh. The Lady was able to win the cowboy because he did not know that she was a child of privilege. (Her father was trying to get the "presidential nomination"...against FDR? Republicans in '36? No way. How silly.) But forget about that in 2020...what a sweet story and movie. She was swept with him because he thought she was ordinary, a lady's maid. She didn't want a guy who was looking for her money or position. He was swept with her, a little
  9. Hey stem, My post to Mark was certainly about you too. I don't have time to edit, edit, edit as I would like. Sorry. Correct me where I am off about how I perceive your misgivings regarding religion. If you say I am wrong, I am wrong, because you know you better than I do. I only know one religion well enough, that I also think is good, to present as a possible candidate for a "true religion", even if it has no basis in reality! Heh. Not trying to be flippant here. I obviously think the Catholic faith has a basis in reality, but more importantly, could it be good, IF it was true? R
  10. Mark...I am not following. How did I answer your question? I was hoping you would challenge me about some comment or other that allegedly could not be reconciled with Catholic Tradition. That is when it gets fun. I am disappointed. What have I unknowingly admitted? As usual, I am lagging behind you. I feel like in my haste last evening, I botched my answer to stemelbow a little. If I understand stemelbow, it isn't really about truth at all. He has expressed dismay with religion regardless of whether it be true. With him, religon cannot be important if it is ugly and disformed, regardless
  11. Hey! I am only 99% certain that the Catholic religion teaches this. I am not presenting it as truth that you could be certain about in the least when I am only at 99%. But what if it were true? What about it would it be necessary to criticize? What about it, if anything, would you find to be satisfactory? Later, Rory
  12. I tried to be careful in that post. The hypotheticals are of course impossible. But we are instructed that because of the faith, hope, and charity that the souls in purgatory have, there is great joy. If that is so, than how much more the case for someone who was the unintended object of a bureaucratic mistake. Such an one still partakes of the divine nature just as the soul in purgatory. I do not think this could be controversial. If that person could go to hell, it would be impossible to experience hell. Dante speaks of those who are justly condemned to hell that they must abandon all hope.
  13. Hi again stemelbow. Good questions As to the first question. Yes. I need to qualify this answer by saying that no one wants pain. I don't believe that anyone chooses eternal pain for pain's sake. There are too many factors to count that might make one opt for eternal pain. God knows. Here is one: The true religion can appear to be and really be, troublesome and painful. Here is one more: Eternity seems far away. But yes, with qualifiers, I am willing to say that only those who truly pick an eternally painful destination, could be present in hell. That has to be the only way to get in to h
  14. Hi Mark. I too. I must remember this when the time comes for the inevitable disagreement. Neither of us is changing our points of view and I don't think we want harmony at the price of being silent so as not to offend. I must invite you, as a fellow who is certainly as fervent and evangelical as I am for a different way of understanding reality, to say what you think you ought to say. I will do the same and try hard not to forget the good will that has arisen between us. I will never forget hearing Rocky Marciano talk once about how he felt after his heavyweight fights towards his o
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