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  1. Information is scarce about all of this. Oliver was certainly aware of the doctrine of plural marriage, but what and when he knew the details of Fanny Alger, I cannot say for certain. The Fanny Alger marriage was in 1835 or early 1836. In 1837. Cowdery lost nearly everything in the collapse of the Kirtland Bank and began to be very bitter. He started his own business and stopped contributing funds to the Church and accused leaders of mismanaging funds. Things got rough for him in Missouri and some didn't treat him too well. It was sometime after this that he started spreading rumors of J
  2. While information about polygamy in the early 1830's is scant, there is evidence of the things you claim to have none. Orson Pratt, Joseph B Noble and WW Phelps all speak of Joseph telling them of plural marriage in 1831 and 1832. In addition, according to one source, Levi Hancock performed the marriage between Joseph and Fanny Alger. Eliza Snow also said that Fanny Alger was married to Joseph.
  3. It depends. Did a character from the book come back from the dead and present the book to someone and claim he abridged the record, 1600 years ago, which talks about his father and ancestors?
  4. That is certainly one way to look at it and I can understand that point of view. However, there are some things that would indicate otherwise. Joseph clearly understood that the name, "Elias" was often used as a title rather than a proper name. Joseph, in his revelations, referenced John the Baptist, Noah and John the Revelator as having the title of Elias. Whether or not Joseph knew the names were the same, I cannot say with certainty, however, in Section 110 it refers to Elias as having committed to Joseph and Oliver, the, "Dispensation of the gospel of Abraham" indicating that this Elia
  5. The problem is, that even Jesus referred to Elias (Elijah) as being John the Baptist. The name Jesus, is actually Joshua, but calling Him Joshua is too confusing. How many James are there? Jesus's brother, Jude was actually named Judas, but we don't want to confuse him with Judas Iscariot. How many Mary's are there? Yes, Elijah and Elias are the same name, but not necessarily the same person.
  6. The are in Agartha.😀 https://medium.com/the-weird-closet/the-strange-hollow-earth-case-of-admiral-richard-byrd-7469a62264fc
  7. How do we ever know for sure if a therapy brings about a cure? In her case, I can't know with 100% certainty. However, she is 80, extremely overweight, diabetic and several other problems. She was admitted to the ICU with breathing problems. They were about an hour away from a ventilator. They gave her the treatment and not only did she not need the ventilator, but was sent home the next day without symptoms. If it wasn't the treatment, then it was a miracle brought on by many prayers, which I don't discount, but other than this, they did not give her anything else.
  8. Early on we were repeatedly told by the media that masks do not protect the wearer. There was no effort on the part of the WHO or the CDC to correct those reports. I distinctly remember, in one of his press briefings, at the time this information was beginning to change, the president told people to consider wearing a mask or using a scarf, bandana or pulling your shirt up over your face. The president was trashed in the media over this announcement because, of course, he couldn't be trusted.
  9. I think there may be a special place in Hell for those involved in the all out blitz to discredit this treatment and to destroy the careers of doctors promoting it, all because they hate the President. Stopping potentially live saving treatment over fear of a president being right is, frankly, evil. My sister's mother-in-law's life was saved by this treatment. At the time she was given the treatment, she was relentlessly mocked by the haters for even trying it.
  10. My daughter's Sister-in-law was just in a meeting with the Governor of Utah regarding vaccine distribution. Here are her notes: Phizer getting emergency use likely today or within a week. Phizer - US will only get 20-30 million doses. Utah will get 1% of all of US dosages. Plan on vaccines changes daily. The legislature has a different idea of who should get vaccinated first and is fighting the current plan released. Phase 1 wave 1 - hospitals - likely already have it or will get it within a week. 5 hospitals. Phizer vaccine - 1,000 vaccines for each hospital. Plan to adminis
  11. Here is a little more information about the Danish study: https://healthy-skeptic.com/2020/11/18/flash-on-the-danish-mask-study/ I live in Washington State where things are better than some other states, but the virus is still spreading quite rapidly. Our Governor instituted some additional restrictions recently which are going to be devastating to some businesses without any help for them. He always says that he follows the science but I'm not sure that he does. Some things I question: He has shut down all indoor restaurant service, yet there have not been any outbreaks in a
  12. The stats I am referring to is not death rate but the Seven day average daily death total calculated out to get the average daily death total per million in order to compare it to other states.
  13. In the 7 Day Moving Average of deaths per Day category divided out per million, Utah is doing relatively well. They are 16th best in the US. The top 20 are: Alaska Hawaii Vermont New Hampshire Maine Virginia New York Delaware California New Jersey District Of Columbia Oregon Maryland Washington Florida Utah Kentucky Connecticut Pennsylvania Ohio
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