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  1. How do we ever know for sure if a therapy brings about a cure? In her case, I can't know with 100% certainty. However, she is 80, extremely overweight, diabetic and several other problems. She was admitted to the ICU with breathing problems. They were about an hour away from a ventilator. They gave her the treatment and not only did she not need the ventilator, but was sent home the next day without symptoms. If it wasn't the treatment, then it was a miracle brought on by many prayers, which I don't discount, but other than this, they did not give her anything else.
  2. Early on we were repeatedly told by the media that masks do not protect the wearer. There was no effort on the part of the WHO or the CDC to correct those reports. I distinctly remember, in one of his press briefings, at the time this information was beginning to change, the president told people to consider wearing a mask or using a scarf, bandana or pulling your shirt up over your face. The president was trashed in the media over this announcement because, of course, he couldn't be trusted.
  3. I think there may be a special place in Hell for those involved in the all out blitz to discredit this treatment and to destroy the careers of doctors promoting it, all because they hate the President. Stopping potentially live saving treatment over fear of a president being right is, frankly, evil. My sister's mother-in-law's life was saved by this treatment. At the time she was given the treatment, she was relentlessly mocked by the haters for even trying it.
  4. My daughter's Sister-in-law was just in a meeting with the Governor of Utah regarding vaccine distribution. Here are her notes: Phizer getting emergency use likely today or within a week. Phizer - US will only get 20-30 million doses. Utah will get 1% of all of US dosages. Plan on vaccines changes daily. The legislature has a different idea of who should get vaccinated first and is fighting the current plan released. Phase 1 wave 1 - hospitals - likely already have it or will get it within a week. 5 hospitals. Phizer vaccine - 1,000 vaccines for each hospital. Plan to adminis
  5. Here is a little more information about the Danish study: https://healthy-skeptic.com/2020/11/18/flash-on-the-danish-mask-study/ I live in Washington State where things are better than some other states, but the virus is still spreading quite rapidly. Our Governor instituted some additional restrictions recently which are going to be devastating to some businesses without any help for them. He always says that he follows the science but I'm not sure that he does. Some things I question: He has shut down all indoor restaurant service, yet there have not been any outbreaks in a
  6. The stats I am referring to is not death rate but the Seven day average daily death total calculated out to get the average daily death total per million in order to compare it to other states.
  7. In the 7 Day Moving Average of deaths per Day category divided out per million, Utah is doing relatively well. They are 16th best in the US. The top 20 are: Alaska Hawaii Vermont New Hampshire Maine Virginia New York Delaware California New Jersey District Of Columbia Oregon Maryland Washington Florida Utah Kentucky Connecticut Pennsylvania Ohio
  8. He's at Intermountain. These are very good questions for which I don't currently know the answers. We just hear from our daughter when she talks about her husband. If I get a chance, I'll look into it. Maybe you know.
  9. The average deaths per day in Utah has bounced between 4 and 6 since the beginning of October. Other than a slight dip in August, it has remained pretty steady since the beginning of July. I'm not making up numbers, they are official statistics. The deaths per day may go up still, but so far, they've remained pretty steady. In addition, Utah has a rather low number of ICU beds per capita. I would guess part of that has to do with the fact that Utah has the youngest population in the country and has better overall health. I recognize that more people are in the hospital and that is not go
  10. I am not trying to downplay this disease. The increase in cases is something to be concerned with. That being said, spikes in deaths happen some days. Generally the more telling stat is the average deaths per day over time. Utah is at 5 deaths per day average, which is among the lowest in the country. It has been at about 5 per day for the last month. It was about the same back in June and July. It dipped in August and then came back up. The death rate in Utah continues to drop and is the second best in the country. My son-in-law is an ER nurse in Layton and their hospital is not
  11. I am unable to find a single study that shows the IFR to be over 1%. The CDC estimates in September put it around 0.65% It varies wildly by location, from 0.1% in Utah to 1.4% in Connecticut. There is no question that there are many cases of Covid that are not reflected in the reports. I have seen estimates ranging from 20% to 80% of people with Covid that show no symptoms and have not been tested. The IFR is very fluid and could be as low as 0.2% but I don't think it is possible to know right now. That being said, because of untested, asymptomatic cases, we know that the reported death
  12. Here are some more stats for the United States. These numbers are the most current numbers available. They are a snapshot in time and do not consider every factor, but do provide some interesting data. States requiring masks Avg Cases per million - 25,552 Avg Deaths per million - 719 Avg 14 Day growth rate - 46% Death Rate - 2.81% Avg Cases per day per million - 7,843 Avg Deaths per day per million - 97.5 Unemployment - 8.55% States Not requiring masks Avg Cases per million - 35,802 Avg Deaths per million - 649 Avg 14 Day growth rat
  13. First of all, Mike Lee did not compare Donald Trump to Captain Moroni in all aspects of his life, he only compared them in regards to power and peace. Second, Mike Lee did not like Donald Trump and did not vote for him. However, his opinion of him changed as he worked closely with him. A brief article about this is found here: https://www.deseret.com/opinion/2020/10/25/21529154/senator-mike-lee-donald-trump-election-2020-support-gop-republican-supreme-court-conservatism
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