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  1. These are all valid things to consider. This is the problem with statistics, there is always something missing and they never tell the whole story. This is true whether the stats are from a biased source or if they are trying to be neutral. That being said, there is value to these stats, showing there may be more than one way to view things.
  2. I have added a few more categories, Population Density, Median Age, Poverty, College Students as percentage of population, Health & Minorities. Each state was ranked 1 through 51 in each category, one being lowest and 51 being highest, except health, which is the opposite. (Sorry to be confusing) I took the average of the states rankings for those requiring masks and those not requiring them. States requiring masks - 34 Cases Per Million - 20,842 Deaths Per Million - 669 Death Rate - 3.21% 14 Day Growth Rate - 27.74% Average Cases Per Day - 909 Unemplo
  3. A while ago I put together a spreadsheet that includes data from a number of sources, the CDC, Worldometer, Bureau of Statistics, WalletHub and maybe some others, in an effort to see different statistics all in one place. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see the statistics of the states requiring masks vs. those who don't. I was surprised by the results and thought I would share. This is a snapshot and doesn't tell the whole story and I am in no way promoting the non-use of masks. I wear a mask and think everyone should. One of the stats is a rating that comes from a study posted on WalletHu
  4. Champatsch I have a question for you. Have you ever looked at the phrase in 1 Nephi 8:20, 2 Nephi 31:18 and Helaman 3:29, "Strait and narrow path (or course)"? The Bible never uses these words together to refer to the path. The Bible uses "strait" to refer to the gate and narrow to refer to the path or way. 3 Nephi and Jacob use the words the same way as the Bible. I am curious to know if the phrase, "Strait and narrow" shows up in your research.
  5. Shouldn't that be, "Plagiarizing over which neither could claim proprietorship."? 🙂 Just having fun, Scott. I'm the last person that should be giving grammar lessons.
  6. First of all, I did not ever say anything about Pogi that even implied he was being dishonest until after he said I was "lying". Yet, I get all the heat. Earlier, he even admitted that he thought I was someone else, but that didn't stop him from continuing to misrepresent my comments.
  7. If the truth is offensive, so be it. i didn't start this. Pogi started chastising my comments from the very beginning and attributed things to me I do not say, even after correcting him. He's been a thread bully form the start, go back to see what he did to Smac and others, before I even joined in.
  8. Show me one time I attacked you. If you call, asking you to stop misrepresenting me, attacking, then I am guilty. You have been a bully since the beginning of this thread, before I ever joined in.
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