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  1. Again, you clearly misread what Nelson said. He explicitly says there are (at least) two types of people who struggle with faith: 1. Lazy learners 2. Lax disciples It's right there in the quote that you're posting. Why do you think people are hyper fixated on the "lazy learner" category, and totally ignoring the "lax disciple" category? To be clear, I don't necessarily agree with this or anything else Nelson says. I'm just mystified by the energy with which some exMos are promoting a false narrative about what he actually said. I mean, you're actually posting the quote (whi
  2. Since Nelson didn't say that everyone who leaves the Church is a "lazy learner", the existence of energetic-learners such as yourself does not falsify his statement. But since you misread his statement and assumed it applied to you (or all exMos), which is something a lazy-learner would do, who knows?
  3. Sad to hear. He will live on through his books for a long time to come.
  4. If the intent of the law is to expose students to other religion-based theories, then the mandate should be to have a module for some period (one class? one week?) that covers all the religious and philosophical theories about how the earth may have come to be. So you would have a science teacher talking about Biblical creationism, Native American myths, eastern philosophy etc. At that point, how is that appropriate for a science class, and how would a science teacher even be qualified to teach these different philosophies? And why would this be limited to the origin of the Earth? Should
  5. When the history of the Covid pandemic is written, this isn't going to be on the list of our finest moments. A lot has gone right in the development, testing, approval and distribution of the vaccines, but there have been some blunders along the way.
  6. Who are the fully vaccinated people who have died? Keep in mind "fully vaccinated" means one J&J or two Moderna/Pfizer, with enough time for the vaccine to take effect. Who was "fully vaccinated" and then contracted Covid and died from it?
  7. As explained in the article, the vaccines are not 100% effective against cases. People will still get infected and test positive. This has been known all along. So it would be expected for some people who have been fully vaccinated to test positive. And certainly, even vaccinated people need to exercise caution around high-risk people who haven't been vaccinated. So they're not "breakthrough" cases as if the virus has become powerful enough to somehow force its way past the vaccines. It's simply confirming what we knew all along. I would even expect a few vaccinated people to end up in t
  8. Well, not to be nit-picky, but it's his dad that owns the pest control business.
  9. Yes, the LA Temple is our local Temple, and I suspect my wife would chain herself to the doors if they messed with those murals.
  10. Wow. Perhaps it was inevitable, but I can't help but think that these changes to Church traditions (Boy Scouts, pageants, pioneer Temples) will have unforeseen impacts to the Church culture.
  11. Does everyone agree that there is simply no possible way for Anthon (or any other living person) to actually verify a translation of Reformed Egyptian -> English? I mean, Mormon himself said that "none other people" back then could read it, so how would it be possible for Anthon to figure it out? So any story that claims Anthon claimed he could verify the translation is either incorrect, or Anthon was lying or mistaken?
  12. Lucy Smith's account also says that no translation had been done at the time Martin went to New York (spelling and grammar cleaned up):
  13. Additionally, here is the version of the story from Joseph's 1832 diary (spelling and grammar cleaned up). According to this entry, Martin didn't have a translation to show, just some characters. The translating didn't start until he got back.
  14. And my favorite blog on the subject, from a non-member who investigates unknown texts: https://ciphermysteries.com/2009/06/01/the-anthon-transcript
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