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  1. Relevant article about the FDA.
  2. That's a good example of another thing that people assume is related to public health when it really isn't. There is no reason related to health that anyone needs to wear shoes or shirts in a business. Think about it for a second. Why would your feet need to be covered when all they touch is the floor, but your hands don't need to be covered when they touch...everything...?
  3. I spend so much time in LDS-centric forums that honestly I think a lot of it is the perspective of people living in Utah and other states that are perceived to have low-masking. They tell themselves that if only more people would have worn masks, things would have been okay. I'm in Los Angeles, so I have the opposite experience. Everywhere I went, everyone was wearing masks but our case numbers still went off the charts. Even right now, we've had a mask mandate for 3 weeks and our cases are rising as quickly as in other nearby non-mask counties. So I'm at the point where I believe masks could work, and I believe they should work, but in looking at the real-world data, I'm not convinced they do work. And the longer this goes on (and the more data that comes in), the more the pro-mask crowd sound like people that made up their minds in April of 2020 and are determined to maintain their belief in masks no matter what the data says. I understand the psychological forces at play, but it's odd that they still insist they're being scientific. And then there's the mystery raised by Bernard Gui. Even with high rates of masking, we saw massive winter spikes. Hawaii (with high masking) is seeing one right now. But now we're told there's a new more highly contagious variant and the way to stop or impede it is...to do the same thing that didn't stop the less contagious version? To Defeat Delta Variant, Experts Recommend Doing All The Things That Didn't Work The First Time
  4. That new variant was detected in Santa Clara (south of SF), and they have 85% of >12yo vaxxed with one dose, and 79.3% with two doses. Those are some of the highest numbers in the nation. https://covid19.sccgov.org/dashboard-vaccinations If we're saying we need communities to exceed those numbers in order to end this, then we need to figure out what plan B is because we're not getting past 80% fully vaxed in most counties any time soon. Vermont, the top state, only has 68% fully vaxxed. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/covid-19-vaccine-doses.html
  5. I'm pretty sure 99.999% of readers understand that to be the Tower of Babel. The only ones who don't understand it to be that are the ones that see that as creating huge timeline and geographic troubles for the BoM (usually in relation to the presence of people on the American continent long pre-dating the traditionally assumed date for the Tower of Babel). For example: LDS Seminary Manual
  6. To add on to my original comment about Nelson's memories (and Brian Williams'), I will note that it appears Paul H. Dunn's problems were a bit more than faulty memories. His memories were so far off of what he experienced, it would be bordering on delusional for him to have believed those stories really could have happened. I mean, how do you accidentally mis-remember playing pro baseball?
  7. As someone who understands (just a little) how memory works, I don't find these discoveries about the stories to be surprising or disturbing. I find them to be expected. In fact, I would be more surprised if objective investigation showed the memories to be absolutely accurate. That would be unexpected! You may find the discussion around the Brian Williams situation (the NBC news anchor who had his career destroyed over an inaccurate memory) to be relevant: Scientists explain how Brian Williams’ memory may have failed him The science behind Brian Williams’s mortifying memory flub
  8. Interesting. Did anyone catch that the article liberally quotes Cardon Ellis, the creator of the FAIR/"This is The Show" videos? But that's not the best quote...
  9. It looks like the doctor that signed her note is an Osteopath. That's a legit medical doctor, but "Osteopathy" has roots in pseudoscience similar to chiropractic and other "therapeutic touch" schools of thought. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9806345/Incoming-freshman-loses-scholarship-refusing-covid-vaccine-medical-conditions.html And the doctor did post a link to a pro-hydroxychloroquine medical news conference last July. He linked to this video and said "Very good info": https://www.bitchute.com/video/Brcm2OtyDVlO/ The group that sponsored the news conference is anti-vaxx: https://americasfrontlinedoctors.org/
  10. I must be getting slow in my old age, but I read the article thinking about some close friends I have who admit they drink way too much soda and energy drinks, but fail every time they cut back. Mentally, I didn't even connect the article to the WoW and tea and coffee.
  11. Dang. If someone is more orthodox on something than Peterson, you know they're way out there.
  12. Okay, let's be honest. There is a CES manual called "Presidents of the Church." It has an English approval date of 2/12. So first I would ask who approved it, and what does that approval mean? In this manual, used by the Church Education System to teach college-level students about the Presidents of the Church and their teachings, there is a section on page 90 called "They Shall Organize Worlds and Rule Over Them." In this section, the following story is told: So if someone asked "Hey, do members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints think they'll get worlds over which they shall rule as gods?" I wouldn't feel honest telling them no. Would you?
  13. Of course, they could have just said "Yes." Since, as had been mentioned by so many LDS, it is something that "Latter-day Saints believe." And let's not forget that President Nelson has recently said this: We may quibble over the phrasing of "getting your own planet", but let's not pretend that the principle isn't part of LDS teachings.
  14. In your summary of the lyrics, you left out the most important (and explanatory) line: WE'LL CONVERT YOUR CHILDREN... WE'LL MAKE THEM TOLERANT AND FAIR. I don't see anything in the song beyond that. What are you seeing, or are you objecting to the "tolerant and fair" part?
  15. 1. Polygamy (women) 1. Book of Abraham (men) 2. Book of Mormon lack of evidence/ face-in-a-hat translation method (everyone)
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