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  1. Scripture Citation Index is probably the one I mentioned. I keep the app on my iPhone. It covers Journal of Discourses as well as conference talks. It doesn’t index non-scriptural citations, though.
  2. And yet ... https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/1355827/do-teens-use-facebook-it-depends-on-their-familys-income/amp/
  3. We had such a lesson over Zoom from the sister missionaries serving in our ward a couple of weeks ago. It went very well. It was set up by our ward mission leader, who called us on the telephone and offered us either of two time slots. That personal contact might be more workable than asking for sign-ups.
  4. I wonder if dedicated priesthood/women sessions are now a thing of the past or if this is simply a pandemic-related decision. The all-members evening session in April was originally Intended as a celebration of the First Vision anniversary, but there were no announced plans to make it a permanent arrangement going forward.
  5. Here is how the city of Rockford, Ill., is dealing with lawlessness by mobs within their municipality. It is heartening to know that local officials in other parts of the country have a similarly sane attitude and approach to that of Salt Lake City and Provo. It is yet more remarkable when one considers this is in the same state as Chicago, where the actions of local officials have been woefully inadequate.
  6. I’m wondering that myself. It’s over two years old.
  7. Not the same thing at all. The issue there is an accredited degree vs a non-accredited one.
  8. That’s a good point. It’s analogous to charging someone the same price for an electronic edition of a book as for a print edition when the publisher has not had to stand the overhead of printing, binding, shipping, etc. I’ve never really understood why that is.
  9. I’m only speaking hypothetically, but I would think he would not be due any credits, not having paid the tuition. When I was at BYU in the mid-‘70s, I instantly earned 16 credit hours of A by taking and scoring high on the Swedish-language test. To get them, though, I would have had to pay tuition. I ended up foregoing them, because I needed the money more than I needed the credits.
  10. Couldn’t they just refund the tuition and fees and bid the plaintiff a fond farewell?
  11. Maybe it is. Do we know that glass was broken from the shooting?
  12. My guess is the Deseret News piece was written when it was breaking news and that they were so anxious to publish, they were a bit careless with quality control. I haven’t checked, but I don’t doubt later versions were better.
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