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  1. Love your humor (and I hope you took it that way) If I understand correctly one does not need to be Harvard or Yale to be a member.
  2. It is supposedly on page 48 of President Nelson's autobiography, where he admits to being nominated his junior year at the U and his senior year nominated for owl and key (something like that)
  3. I know it has been a very long time since I've posted or even checked this site out. A cousin of mine copied and pasted a recent post about President Nelson being a member of the Skull and Bones Fraternity. It has supposedly been verified in Presidents Nelsons' autobiography (From Heart to Heart). I want to know: 1. Has Skull and Bones changed over time and perhaps used to be a legitimate fraternity and has changed to the "evil" thing it is suppose to be these days? 2. Was President Nelson just nominated or actual member or someone maliciously forged a paragraph in that book to make him look bad? 3. Your ideas, thoughts, two cents will be appreciated. it is good to be back (except for Nehor... just kidding). Thanks Anijen
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