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  1. Since Conspiracy is a different charge she could be charged both with murder and conspiracy.
  2. I am wondering is this a religious discussion board anymore? Also it appears by page 2.5 - 3, that this topic has already become political. I miss the geography arguments. Or it least a Supreme Court decision that has religion as its nemesis. I mean I've got all this popcorn and nothing to entertain me. Must be a sign of the times (yes, a lazy catalyst for a funner discussion). Thanks Your mask wearing trouble starter, and yes I wear a mask Anijen
  3. In some states (I'm not sure about Idaho), the more serious crimes, the defendant if found guilty, will always get an automatic appeal. e.g., here in Nebraska all defendants found guilty of murder will automatically get an appeal.
  4. What other Biblical Scholars? Could you please link these articles from biblical scholars disagreeing with Welch's interpretations? You have researched "all of the Biblical evidence he provides" (emphasis mine)? That is quite impressive especially for just finishing reading the article yesterday. Who are these commentators you are referring to? If you are referring to those in references , i.e., Dan Fuller, Fred Essig, FARMS, Bernard S. Jackson, Moshe Greenberg, James B. Pritchard, many other experts in their fields of study. Why did Welsch use them in his citati
  5. Most on this board advocate wearing a mask in all public places, and I am not in disagreement here. Bear with me and let me do the devil's advocate approach (my usual style). If one does not have Covid, wearing a mask cannot protect another from getting Covid from one who does not have it. Wearing a mask by one who has Covid, will retard the spread of herd immunity (WHO, UNMC, and CDC). If one has been self quarantined (two weeks or longer), has taken preventative steps, then wearing of a mask cannot protect another from Covid for the simple fact that he does not have or is
  6. I thought it might be something like that. I enjoy Pogi's posts too. I am careful to cite my sources of information when I post stats or expert advice, hence the reason I asked. I do not have a direct quote. I just got back from a week in Yellowstone so I am new to this conversation. I was scrolling down reading all the posts and just replied to a few of them as I went. So. I do need to go back and read the rest. UNMC (University Nebraska Medical Center), in Omaha Nebraska has one of the best infectious disease departments in the world. I typically will quote from them. I have n
  7. "I wear a mask because I care about others" My aunt said this to another friend on social media. Although I do not disagree with the statement, I do find it a little bit both of virtue signaling and mask-shaming. We all care about other people. I suspect that those who choose not to wear masks care about other people too. I furthermore suspect that the people we care about the most is our families, yet, we (in general), do not wear masks at home. Do we not care about our families?
  8. Why is that? Why is Pogi better than quoting directly from virus disease expert out of one of the best known disease control centers in the world (UNMC)?
  9. Here is the opening Abstract from Welch's article. I am in agreement it would have been murder if today's laws were applied. The important thing to remember is if we compare the laws of Nephi's time to our time that is presentism. To best understand this issue is to understand the laws in Nephi's time. --This article marshals ancient legal evidence to show that Nephi’s slaying of Laban should be understood as a protected manslaughter rather than a criminal homicide. The biblical law of murder demanded a higher level of premeditation and hostility than Nephi exhibited or modern law require
  10. I can find examples of good too in contrast to your bad examples. All the elected Republican Presidents starting with Abraham Lincoln fought to end racism first by ending slavery while Democrats fought to keep slavery in. Heck. President Woodrow Wilson had his own viewing of A birth of a Nation and proclaimed it to be his favorite movie up to that time. Oh, and BTW slavery was in the U.S. before it was the U.S., before Washington was even a president. It was put in exactly for a the minority to have a voice. So that Rhode Island had an equal say about who the president would be and so tha
  11. Oh please. Really that isn't necessary. No matter what they say elsewhere. So, If Elder Bednar speaks of the importance of religious freedoms he simply does not value the lives of other people? If I say, and I have, that I believe the lives of others are important I must be lying, in your opinion I do not value the lives of other people? I wear masks where they are required and do not where they are not required because I don't value the lives of others. Hmm, amazing mind-reading abilities you have. Or could it be that I am suffering from narcissism, or am I machiavellian, or ma
  12. Just a few comments and I am trying to keep this in the religious realm and not political (a difficult task concerning the topic of this thread). On the Electoral College (EC). It is true, to change the Constitution a 2/3 vote would be required. However states are starting to use runaround loop holes to make the EC non-essential (pun intended). I live in the flyover state of Nebraska with the magnus of 5 EC votes (at one time it had 8). Nebraska is a very religious state where the church's outnumber the bars (a good sign). However, here in good ol cornhusker territory (oh BTW, Go Big Red!
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