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  1. I don't think we let anyone use anything. They're not "mormon" inventions or the church's property, so the church has no say in whether or how they're used. I think the point is that scientific discoveries come through God's help, and that He's providing more of that help to accelerate his work in the latter days. The lack of scientific progress in the thousands of years prior to now makes a little more sense in this context. Homo Sapiens 10,000 years ago was arguably just as intelligent (although uneducated) as we are today, but they missed key discoveries like electricity for thousands
  2. A language warning would have been nice, since there's an F-bomb in there...
  3. I don't know anyone that has a problem with the constitution being inspired or New Jerusalem being in America. I think the problem people have is with American Exceptionalism. The idea that Americans or the American way of life and culture are superior or that somehow Americans are favored of God just by virtue of being American. That idea goes against doctrine taught in the scriptures and is what offends many non-Americans. After all, "the Lord esteemeth all flesh in one; he that is righteous is favored of God...And he raiseth up a righteous nation, and destroyeth the nations of the wick
  4. I was thinking more along the lines of people going inactive or leaving because the church doesn't toe a desired political line. Judging someone's faithfulness based on their politics is not what I was getting at.
  5. My experience is only working for one company in Germany, but my observations are above. The observations about German vs Austrian culture are interesting. I had both German and Austrian bosses, and I found the Germans much easier to work with and get along with. From talking to people in our ward and my wife's family, though, Austrians are typically easier to get along with. Which just goes to show that generalizations only get you so far. We're all still just people.
  6. This can't be said enough. Sadly, I see too many church members that I know all over the political spectrum choosing to follow political rather than church leaders. If your politics conflict with the gospel of Jesus Christ, change your politics, not your faith.
  7. We lived in a small town in southern Germany about halfway between Stuttgart and Munich. My wife's family all live there or in the Stuttgart area. It's easy to move there and get a work permit, especially if you have family there. But housing is expensive in the big cities and the Germans were frequently annoyed by our loud American children. 😄 Overall, though, we loved it.
  8. I agree with everything you say here, except that there's no stigma with the skilled trades in Europe. We lived in Germany until January of 2020, and those who went to Gymnasium do look down on those who went to Real- or Hauptschule. I don't think it's to the same extent as here in the U.S., but the stigma does exist there, as well. Gymnasium was one of the reasons we moved back. Our boys were looking to be headed for Gymnasium, and it's been turned into something ridiculous in terms of how demanding and stressful it is. We wanted our kids to be able to explore different career and educat
  9. The rising cost of college tends to not be as much of an issue in other countries. It's really primarily a U.S. issue. As the core of the church migrates outside the U.S., I don't see it hurting the church. Having said that, too many in the U.S. overlook the skilled trades. You can become a master electrician, machinist, or plumber very affordably, get paid for most of your education and have your pick of jobs when you're done with your training. It's also typically much easier to start your own business in these areas. One of the big problems is that "blue collar" work is looked down on.
  10. This is the part that worries me. I'm not optimistic, either. If the major players globally were not, in general, basically organized crime bosses, I might feel more optimistic.
  11. My biggest concern with climate change is that the shifting availability of resources, primarily water, will lead to war. I think alarmism over the climate, as well as denial of human impact on the climate, both contribute to the likelihood of war. That said, I think God expects us to be good stewards over the earth and do all we can to protect it. We should research and find ways to minimize our impact personally nationally, and globally. The issues of climate and shifting resources can be solved if people work together. Politicians on both sides seem to care more about using the cl
  12. They're only mutually exclusive if you believe that the prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints actually speak for the Lord on the matter. If you don't believe that, you can do whatever you want. If you do believe it, they've been pretty clear that tithing needs to be paid to the church to be considered a full tithe payer.
  13. I must just be a jerk. When I was Bishop and people wanted me to do things on holidays or do tithing on off days for personal reasons, my response was always no. For a legitimate emergency, I would always drop everything and do whatever I could. But for habitual bad planning or people who thought their convenience was more important than me spending a holiday with my family, the answer was no. I'm not a big fan of the mentality that the Bishop is at the beck and call of ward members.
  14. While I agree the strength of the church is migrating outside the US, I think this assessment of US wards is a little too negative. The wards I've been a part of in the US don't have a lot of baptisms, but it's not due to any insularity or "holier than thou" attitudes. Most members I've seen have tried very hard to be welcoming and have worked hard to share the gospel. There's just not much interest in what's being offered. I know there are bad wards out there. I just don't believe it's the majority, or even a large minority, even in the US.
  15. That I can, eventually, be perfected in Christ. I hate making mistakes, especially when they hurt someone else. The hope that I can progress to a point where I don't make those mistakes anymore is probably the biggest good news for me. Right next to that would be the resurrection and eternal family relationships.
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