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  1. Mormon Stories has a new podcast where they interview the co-hosts of Hidden True Crime podcast about Daybell and Vallow. M.
  2. Yes, Joseph Smith's beliefs in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost did indeed evolve over the years. The Lectures on Faith description of the Godhead compared to how the Godhead is described in The COJCOLDS website is quite different. I don't know for sure if Joseph Smith ever used the exact words of "separate beings" but the LDS Church's own website uses those words for describing the Godhead. M.
  3. If the CofC believe in the Trinity, then they believe that the Father and Son are distinct persons. JS's first vision usually describes the Father and Son are seperate beings. Any Trinitarian would not describe the Father and Son as "beings", because in the Trinity there is only one being and that is God. Therefore the Father and Son are distinct "persons". M.
  4. Why do you think that ALL Protestants think the Catholic Church is false? I'm Protestant and I don't think the Catholic Church is false. In fact I am very impressed with how articulate Catholics are in discussing theology. Protestant and Catholics do agree with the doctrine of the Trinity. There are other beliefs that we do not share, but they are inconsequential with the bigger picture of God and our relationship with him. M.
  5. Even if the barley was used (by Coors) to make beer, it doesn't go against your own scripture that says that it is fine if barley is used "for mild drink". Your leaders may preach against the use of barley for mild drink (aka beer), but your scriptures don't. M.
  6. They were protesting an amino acid? I tease, I actually had to look up the word "aspartate". You probably meant "Apartheid". 😁 M.
  7. I listen to that podcast. M.
  8. I retired 5 years ago and got interested in gardening. Garden Answer is my inspiration. https://youtube.com/c/gardenanswer M.
  9. This! As a non-LDS person, this is how I see members are taught to treat their mother in heaven. Once you have attained your physical body, Father in heaven wants you to have no contact with your mother anymore. All attention is for him only. M.
  10. Kate Beckinsale played Emma in a TV movie, which I really liked. M.
  11. I also recommend Sense and Sensibility. Jane Austen created great characters and the movie does a good job showing them. The actress Harriet Walter is also in this movie and the more I see her the more I like her. She stars in Belgravia, which is a period piece TV series, that is quite good. I also prefer the Pride and Prejudice mini-series than the movie. M.
  12. IMO, Lindsay Hansen Park is an expert in the history of polygamy concerning the LDS Church. She has a podcast called Year of Polygamy. https://www.yearofpolygamy.com/archive/listen-to-the-episodes-in-order/ M.
  13. She's not just of Blossom fame but also The Big Bang Theory fame and now her new show Call Me Kat. 😊 M.
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