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  1. I've checked my other posts to see the Edit ability but all it shows is Report and Share. Does this only apply to new posts? I guess we'll see. ETA: The Edit ability is there with this post. M.
  2. I remembering watching Madame X as a child, feeling sorry for the little boy that his mom had to leave him. I watched it again as an adult a few years ago and realized my memories of it were not quite correct. It was great to watch it again, but seeing it in a different light as an adult. It's the same with The Miracle Worker (Anne Brancroft and Patty Duke). As a child I found the mother annoying but as an adult and a mother I really feel for the mother. M.
  3. You mean outside of internal influence? I would think that an 8 year old's decision is definitely based on those internal influences. My question was sent in a group message. My one niece said that she never saw the baptism as a choice but an expectation. She said she never felt forced by her parents, they never told her she HAD to be baptized but they also never offered her an option "not to do it or to wait.". M.
  4. Yes, my husband. He turned 8 years old in late 1966 and did not want to be baptized. He eventually got baptized months later and he recalls that his father didn't baptize him, someone else did. He can't remember why his father didn't baptize him. I asked my nieces and nephews (BIL's children) if they were given a choice and they said they were. They all chose to be baptized at 8 years old. M.
  5. Egyptologist Theodule Deveria concluded that Smith's explanation was "rambling nonsense". Egyptologist James H. Breasted said "very clearly demonstrates that he was totally unacquainted with the significance of these documents and absolutely ignorant of the simplest facts of Egyptian writing and civilization." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Critical_appraisal_of_the_Book_of_Abraham M.
  6. The cross represents the Atonement. The atonement is the reconciliation between God and humankind. Animal sacrifices were a foreshadowing of this reconciliation. Animal sacrifices were limited and temorary and needed to be repeated continuously. Christ sacrifice was and is eternal. M.
  7. If you're interested in what he actually said, it starts around 2:47:00 of the podcast. He said he has stepped back from the Church, he attends Sacrament meeting "with" his wife and does not attend the 2nd hour. He feels that "belief" in something is personal and he's not trying to convince others to leave the Church. He supports his wife and his children. M.
  8. IIRC, he said he went to Sacrament meeting with his wife and he didn't mention anything about not taking the sacrament. M.
  9. Yes, I've read some of the other thread; but it moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. 😊 M.
  10. Thank you @Tacenda, for providing the link to this very interesting podcast. M.
  11. I read about Samuel Neipp too and was wondering if they were related. M.
  12. I watched a movie called Ready or Not. It's a suspence/kinda horror/with a smidge of humour movie. A woman marries into a very wealthy family that has a tradition of playing a game with the new family member the night of the wedding. The first thing I noticed as the movie introduces the many characters is how many Canadian actors are in the movie and it was obviously filmed in Canada because of a scene where children are sleeping in beds and the pillow cases are very familiar since I bought those same pillow cases from The Bay (Hudson's Bay - a very Canadian department store). I liked the movi
  13. I watched ET recently and couldn't help but think how young those actors were when this movie was filmed compared to how much older they are now. 😊 M.
  14. I think you are confusing race with ethnicity. https://www.diffen.com/difference/Ethnicity_vs_Race M.
  15. Actually the Jehovah Witnesses use New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures published by the Watch Tower; so it is a translation that only the JW's use. It is not the same Bible that other Christian denominations use. M.
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