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  1. Someone in r/exmormon suggested defecating on his grave, so it's probably about the same.
  2. I've known Tom for some years now, and all of this news has left me moving between numb, sadness, and anger. I don't think the loving (though quick to anger and burning bridges left and right) person I knew was a facade, but was just one part of a very troubled person who was in combat with his other parts. Though he stopped believing and being an active member years ago, I never considered him (nor do I think he considered himself) a post Mormon. He spent the last few years caring for and repairing the Kirtland Temple, while likely simultaneously trying to hide from his crimes. He loved that
  3. A lot can be gained from just talking to them instead of making silly assumptions.
  4. They were also being incredibly wasteful with their money, printing far, far, far more copies of their journals and many other publications than were needed. (This isn't an attack on anyone. They were scholars, not publishers.) UofI wasn't chosen for prestige. It was to get professional publishing and distribution help to both save money and better utilize resources.
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