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  1. Listened to it this morning and had the same annoyance.
  2. Not only do we not have it, by the time Joseph wrote the preface to the first printing, the manuscript had been missing for over a year. Without being able to consult it, and given that Joseph may have had little interaction himself with the manuscript, it is likely that he did not even know how long it was.
  3. Don responds to this in a footnote. Skousen's own later research contradicts his argument here.
  4. Don addresses these in the first part of the book. In short, Martin missed both the prime planting season for his farm and his daughter's wedding and was about to lose his marriage. He was desperate and wanted to show that the he was busy doing something big and important.
  5. Which is the only practical way to keep abortions legal for rape victims. Given (1) the added trauma of forcing a rape victim to prove her rape, and (2) the difficulty of proving most rapes, the only real and practical way to provide legal abortions for rape victims is to ensure the legalizing of elective abortions. A rape-exemption clause is utterly impractical and unnecessarily harmful.
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