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  1. Well, I was going to vote for Mesoamerica, but since I saw my name attached it seems a bit redundant. As for other non-Sorenson models, yes there are. The main variant is those selecting the Usumacinta as their Sidon. The two benefits of that one are a more orthodox north/south orientation as well as lots of nicer ruins. For those who spend time with the Sorenson model, I suspect that a disappointment is that it can't match the sites in the Peten. Frankly, I think that is a better textual fit, but then I am kind of tied to Sorenson (with his post 1985 changes.
  2. There are a relatively recent phenomenon. Some, probably not all, are also part of the Heartlander group. They tend to be very conservative. Lately, they have books and articles out that suggest that Joseph would never use a seer stone (but, of course, did use the urim and thummim). Bushman is a favorite target (as is Interpreter and Book of Mormon Central). There are certainly a lot more than I would hope. To have missed them I envy the circles you've been in.
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