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  1. Hold on, just found out that BYU lost the football game and BYU won that volleyball game 🤔 🤔 🤔 …I’m losing some surreal element here I can’t put into words
  2. I know someone who went to that game and when I heard this headline my heart dropped and I panicked for a good moment because I imagined the entire crowd thundering curses in unison and this person and every other Latter Day Saint there helpless to primordial intimidation. Forced at a football game to witness end times. It felt terrible and then I saw the video, read the article, settled down and thought, jeez… these guys probably hadn’t ever even heard the term “Mormon” until someone mentioned it from a few rows over 🙄
  3. Haha, I don’t mean to sound sneering or in bad faith… in fact I like to think of myself as post-sneer 😌 but often it’s only me that hears it
  4. Ah, that’s good advice I think about pretty often but I wouldn’t say it doesn’t matter to the individuals maybe… but yeah, fair point. I did also cast a very wide net with my OP
  5. Hmm, thanks for the curation : ) I’ve seen more than a few episodes of each Star Trek so I get what you’re saying, thank you 😌
  6. Just realized maybe someone can move this thread to the social hall 😌
  7. Didn’t mean to start any squabbles 😬
  8. Why thank you 😌 and yeah I hear ya, although there is a factor of too little too late… I do miss Mr Hinckley’s Neighborhood sometimes I’m just a bundle of contradictions lately so I’ve let go of a lot of the stress of trying to hold myself above the church and it’s helped with my general sense of alienation 😌
  9. Just had to stop myself from posting a bunch of millennial TikTok’s about zoomers, the displacement of generational slang is getting much much worse 😂
  10. 🤔 I picked that up too somehow but it doesn’t always work
  11. Oh jeez, how I wish I could feel like a rock 😂 but seriously, thank you for the wise words, it goes a long way
  12. What’s the pace of this show compared to the contemporary Star Trek? Always been sort of interested
  13. Wouldn’t say I had a faith crisis, I’d say faith never clicked until much after I left and yes, I don’t feel so alone when I factor in the internet, it is a journey 😌
  14. Uhh… sorry I thought you’d find it kinda funny, always learning your sense of humor 🤷‍♂️
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