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  1. Thank you. You articulated that so much better than I could!
  2. Interesting. When I read the part of the scroll being in the closed position (when it is rolled together), I see it as a description of the scroll prior to opening. In other words, the heavens opened like a scroll is opened (being opened from closed position “rolled together” first.)
  3. I know of no one who uses essential oils as part of a blessing ritual.
  4. Yep, that was my point. I'm not sure whether some of the concern here that the essential oils are being used in connection with the priesthood is just an assumption. Oils are placed on various parts of the body for absorption. If placed on the scalp, there is better absorption. The quote above is actually "Jake". People jump to conclusions sometimes just as in the example I gave about my own family and family prayer. So my concern is that though the whole Julie Rowe thing and energy healing is wrong, bringing up women who heal their family with faith, and also use essential oils for their family's health and assuming they use the two together as a priesthood blessing can just be jumping to the wrong conclusion.
  5. There is absolutely nothing wrong with faith healing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using essential oils for the health of you, your family, and friends. I have faith and I also am well educated in the use of herbs and essential oils. I have never heard of "anointing" with essential oils in the sense of giving a blessing and that could be coming from an outsider who doesn't understand how essential oils work. Just like once, when my children were in school, another child's mother, who was very against Latter-day Saints, called CPS and told them we were forcing our children to have seances...we were inviting spirits in our home??? i.e Family Prayer--"Let thy spirit dwell in our home". Knowledge is wonderful and the spirit can direct you by your faith with the use of that knowledge. However, there is much wrong when you take those gifts and blessings that come from the Lord and begin to set yourself up as a "healer" . That particular problem falls into the same types of groups of visionaries and end of timers who exploit others for money. If there are sisters here that feel that blessing their child is wrong, I feel very sorry for them. Faith is a power that we have access to. The miracles don't come if we don't use that faith.
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