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  1. Good! When I brought my young daughter, she spent the majority of the time asking me when it was going to be over and ruined the evening for me. And we used to have dinner with the women until they added 8 and up. Also, how are they supposed to talk to us about serious issues with young children around?
  2. Years ago something went wrong and suddenly I noticed we had the ability to edit each other's posts. You have no idea how tempting it was to not say anything and create all sorts of mischief.
  3. Nope. Ours starts September and it's will be remote the first quarter. At least.
  4. A month or so ago, we got a knock on the door warning us that rioters were possibly coming into our neighborhood, but thankfully they didn't. One of our sons freaked out and asked his dad to come home early. They ended up showing up in a U-haul in the next town over and planned on looting a sporting goods store and other places in the strip mall. They were dismayed to discover armed citizens and police waiting for them. A lady in our community livestreamed it. They turned their attention to areas by the mall next, breaking into a salon, throwing nail clippers everywhere, etc.. Because salons
  5. I sure hope so. I don't know how they allowed visitation between the child p, trashing their mom publicly (trying to publish her journals online and accuse her of running off with a man), and of course obviously having murdered Susan. Who takes toddlers camping in the winter in the middle of the night?! Even his "alibi" should've been a reason to deny him visitation. I'm happy for the Coxes and I hope they will get closure someday.
  6. Thank you, everyone! Still waiting for my first letter from him!
  7. My best friend worked at the boys' school and she was devastated by their murder. I listened to the Cold Podcast and was absolutely sickened by Josh and his father. 😠 The CPS worker - ugh. If the visits were required, they should have been in a neutral location. The 911 operator screwed up things too.
  8. One of my best friends called today and I cried as I told her this story. Our son decided to join the Army and it was something we debated with him all year as he tried to get us to sign while he was still 17. We felt like he needed to think it over more, especially since there were some big trials going on for him. Then the pandemic hit and I was feeling even less inclined to sign anything. Finally a month before he was to turn 18, we signed the papers because he wasn't changing his mind and he needed to move forward in life. He had no luck getting a job here and I don't understand why. He wa
  9. But protestors are entitled to block your car. I'm glad there are videos because of liars like this one. They're even trying to open the car door. I would not have been as nice as this driver. https://twitter.com/TaylerUSA/status/1278047383830630401?s=20
  10. At this rate, I wonder if my area will have church by Christmas.
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