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  1. I have a friend who's a midwife and she left an organization because they decided to stop using the word "mother" in childbearing. This is madness.
  2. Thank you so much! Everything I've dealt with over the last three years is a very long story. I started attending another ward in addition to my own so I could feel peace in sacrament meeting. I've gotten to the point that I hate the sight of him and pandemic church was a relief.
  3. A couple weeks ago he was supposed to do a musical number for our Zoom devotional and lots of us were wondering, "What the heck is he doing?" because he stood there practicing with his camera on until it was time for his number. Another time in sacrament he forgot to sit down after he conducted and stood there until the bishop mouthed at him that he could sit down, so I do think there is something going on there, but I also believe he tries to see what he can get away with when someone new is in charge. I will make sure rules are enforced for him when regular church resumes.
  4. The only times I see him in person are at church and we haven't gone since March. I'm not worried about him doing anything to me, but when he doesn't "remember" to keep the rules, it stresses me out that he's acting out in other ways. I'm so sorry you went through that!
  5. The one who wrote crazy rants was a different pervert, but the one with supposed dementia was actually arrested for child p and admitted to other things before dementia. There should be great concern about him “forgetting” many things.
  6. Thank you, everyone. It’s a complicated situation. Our new bishop implied that there are some “memory problems”, so we suspect he now has the beginnings of dementia, but I’m not sure I believe he forgot he wasn’t supposed to contact me. If anything, this is all the more reason he should have an escort when we resume all of our meetings again in case he forgets other important things. 🙄 Mainly I just want to say that I don’t know how bishops handle all of the stuff they deal with for years on end. I hate adding to their burden.
  7. Dear bishops and former bishops, When major stuff happens in my life and I need to talk to my bishop, I either don’t or I wait too long, especially if the bishop is new. I find myself thinking, “I can’t do this to my bishop.” I think about everything else he is dealing with in the ward, his own family, how perhaps he will feel stressed out because he doesn’t know what to do, etc.. For example, when I had a brand new bishop, a woman in our ward had started basically stalking me and I just felt like I didn’t want to burden him with that issue. I also felt like maybe he wouldn
  8. Oh my gosh. He even showed the video with a commentary from himself and threatens to sue people who said he was arrested. Then he got arrested today. What a dummy! He so thought he got away with it.
  9. I just saw the part of the CNN interview with Sullivan and the girl who was there with him said nothing. Like she knew, "Oh crap. He is lying his head off." I watched a 39 minute YouTube video he put up today and it appeared that the cops blocking the door moved out of the way because he told them others had gotten hurt and he didn't want them to get hurt. I've never seen the inside of the Capitol Building and it brought tears to my eyes seeing the mayhem in there. It hurts so much that we can't pull together during a pandemic when so many people are suffering.
  10. Sorry I missed this! Happy belated Thanksgiving! It makes me so happy to think of you being so well taken care of in such a beautiful place. ❤️
  11. Today I'm grateful that my mom's health has improved a little and that my son finally got to call yesterday after over a month. The last time he called, I told him he better call Grandma because she was at the ER and was violently ill. I wasn't sure if that call would be good bye or not. It was so good to be able to tell him that she had improved. Not long after her ER trip, my dad said she couldn't be left alone and that he needed me to come over while he had chemo all day. She could barely walk without major struggle between her fatigue and shortness of breath from her lung disease. It was m
  12. It's not actual gratitude. It's a passive-aggressive dig. This is like a grown kid who moves out of the house, comes home for Thanksgiving because he doesn't have anywhere else to go, Mom says, "Let's go around the table and say what we're thankful for" and the kid says, "I'm thankful I don't live here anymore." Is that meant to make Mom feel good? Is your comment meant to uplift others? The point of sharing gratitude is to uplift. The kid could think of something positive to be thankful for. I'm guessing you have many things to be thankful for like clothes, shelter, food, friends, technology,
  13. And that's not divisive? It's been an ugly, horrible, fearful, stressful, violent, angry, etc. time and news feeds are clogged with it even though the holidays are coming. I was grateful for the reminder today, but predictably people were posting things like, "Do you think there are going to be any big revelations or just the same old same old?" Was it surprising the message was about gratitude? No. Did we need to be reminded to be grateful? Yes. There was no indication given that President Nelson was going to make a big announcement, but I personally needed to hear comforting words from
  14. I immediately thought of the SNL skit considering Sean Connery just passed away. I'm wondering if they'll eventually nave a Jeopardy in Heaven skit.
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