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  1. Does the BYU honor code allow married men to have girlfriends as long as they're not having sex with them?
  2. I broke the string and slipped on the runaway pearls, nearly cracking my head open.
  3. I remember seeing footage from a movie where Alec Baldwin is sweaty, then not, sweaty again, not, sweaty, etc. 😄
  4. I couldn't listen to the whole talk due to the noise from my own hurling.
  5. He saves the world by burning it in the end. It's the kindest thing to do for everyone still sane.
  6. I'm constantly saying I want Jesus to burn this place down already. The world is sick.
  7. I think our ward may have topped all other wards yesterday. Our sacrament was canceled yesterday due to snow and we were going to do the Christmas program, so it was decided at the last minute that we would have it over Zoom. Shortly after playing a song, our ward pervert took his clothes off thinking he was off camera. I wish I were making this up. I guess he thinks "mute" turns his camera off too. A friend texted his wife to tell her he was on camera and taking his clothes off. Thankfully my family didn't see it, but others did. We had it set up so we only saw people who were unmuted. Our bishop was out of town and I feel sorry for him that he's going to have to hear about this if he hasn't already. Any horror stories to share?
  8. Welcome and Merry Christmas! 🎄
  9. Amen. It's very disturbing. A friend of mine discovered his granddaughter was taken to Urgent Care and that guy took her vital signs. My friend was livid.
  10. He has worked as an EMT, medical assistant, etc. You'll be shocked to learn that he can't hold onto a job even though his genes are superior. 🙄
  11. During the time some of us women banded together to discuss how we were going to handle the situation if he was given a second chance to harass us, I was asked to change the name of the group, so I changed it to "Women Who Like Music But Don't Like Perverts." Once in a while, one of us will happen upon another one of his gems like on the stake page. What a blessing that he has decided not to go to church for a while, making it a grope-free zone. Also, I've learned to avoid people who randomly capitalize words.
  12. Here's a milder example of what this guy posts. A friend and I went through a bunch of his posts and reported them all because it was therapeutic and then he came back whining that the "leftist liberal establishment" put him in Facebook jail because he was simply warning others of the dangers of eating Tide Pods. He is such a liar. 😂
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