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  1. This poor guy got his name dragged into it. His username is jreubenclark and the actual guy is jreubenciark. He used a capital "I", which looks like a lowercase L. https://twitter.com/JReubenCIark?s=20
  2. I would record them back, put them on my YouTube channel, and make profit. I probably have more subscribers than them. Hahahahaha
  3. This is Danielle. We shouldn’t feel alarmed at all if Danielle walks into a women’s bathroom. It’s obvious Danielle is a woman. You can tell because uhhhh… Because Danielle says so. And it would be scary for Danielle to use a men’s bathroom because Danielle might get assaulted by a man due to looking like a woman in transition.
  4. Exactly. We have no way of knowing except for the pervs who flaunt their genitals.
  5. I have no idea what the answer is. In prison situations, my gut reaction is that violent offenders should be isolated from everyone, but I know with x amount of violent offenders, that's not practical. If they were convicted of assaulting women, they should have to stay with the men and if the men take issue with their identity, that's the way the cookie crumbles. Can't imagine how expensive it would be to create transgender prisons for a bunch of liars who just want to sexually assault women some more. In non-prison situations, we can't require people to prove they are transgender. I mean, they could change their names and sex on their ID, but you can't card people for entering a bathroom. One of my old piano students hid in a stall when a biological male entered the library bathroom and she was terrified to come out. She was about 12 at the time. Her mom wondered what was taking her so long and found her very upset.
  6. I feel like Smac's satan cake thread was completely hijacked by a discussion about trans women (who haven't transitioned in any way) in women's spaces, so here's a separate thread. First of all, many of my favorite people are men and it makes me sad that their motives are often questioned due to the high number of ruiners. I have a friend who loves children and is devastated he and his wife couldn't have them after years of infertility treatments, tens of thousands of dollars spent, and failed adoption attempts too. He's the baby whisperer and quite a few people have made him an honorary uncle. At the same time, he knows that probably raises some eyebrows from suspicious people. Women can almost always hold people's babies without others thinking we're up to something. Anyway, when I talk about predators in this thread, I do not mean men and I am not bashing men. When I talk about predators, I do not mean transgender women. I mean predators. I feel like there is some defensiveness when the women here talk about our fears and also a perception that we're ganging up on people (men), but we are the ones who are directly affected by laws and policies, so we're going to get vocal and we don't appreciate having our concerns dismissed by people who are not women and don't understand what it's like to be a woman. Similarly, women don't understand what it's like to be a trans woman. It must be very difficult, but the argument is that they don't feel safe or comfortable using the men's restroom. Likewise, women don't feel safe or comfortable when an obvious biological male enters a location where we are vulnerable. Someone has to feel unsafe and uncomfortable and society has determined that biological women drew the short straw and that no amount of transition is even required for a person to claim that they feel like they're a woman. In the other thread, comments were made that fearing trans women using our restroom is the same as those decades ago who were afraid to use the same toilet as black people. That's a disgusting and dismissive comparison meant to shut us up and it only shows you don't know what it's like to be a woman. When you give the green light for any man to claim he's a woman, it's inviting predators into areas where we are exposed or partially exposed. This is a pervert's dream come true. If a male predator (who doesn't really feel like he's a woman) waltzes into one of our restrooms or locker rooms, we now don't have the right to identity him as a pervert or question what he's doing there. The majority of the time, there is one way into a bathroom and one way out. When I go out in public with my daughters, we end up in separate stalls (no, not everywhere has a family bathroom) and I wouldn't take kindly to becoming aware that there is a peeping tom in the restroom while me and my daughters have our pants down. Gaps in the doors are sometimes large and you can even crawl under. Some locker rooms offer more privacy than others, but I have recently been to swimming pools where there are no private showers and the only place to change privately is a bathroom stall, which still has gaps in doors and a large space on the bottom. Plus perverts could just enter the neighboring stall, stand on the toilet and look at you. Or place hidden cameras. Many women and children change in the open and you know what we don't expect in there? Penises! Except for the small child variety. I have a loved one who is trans and being very unhappy with her previous male anatomy, there is no way she would've flaunted it in front of women and children. She also never ventured into a women's bathroom until she felt like she had made enough progress to not alarm others. She cares about how women feel and she went through the entire surgery and hormone therapy. She even polled others about how they felt about her using a women's bathroom. Women are not saying that transgender women are perverts. Some are just like some women are perverts too. The majority of random assaults are men violating women. You may have seen in the news that there was a big stink at a Korean spa that has a women's section, a co-ed section, and a men's section. One individual displayed their penis in front of children in the women's section. This is predatory behavior, but the upset women have now been called transphobes and that's ridiculous. I don't believe for a second that a real trans woman would do that without ill intentions. Another woman came out saying she had a similar experience last year when a person with a beard (and penis) got in the hot tub with her 6-year-old daughter. I won't even get started on the sue-happy, Canadian predator who has taken the act quite far and tries to force women to give him a Brazilian bikini wax on his man parts. If I named him, he would probably sue this board. Not even kidding. He has an obsession with feminine hygiene products and regularly claims to be menstruating. That's just the tip of the iceberg and trans groups can't stand him. He's just a predator - not the lesbian he claims to be. And regarding prisons, no people with penises should be in women's prisons. Yes, rape happens in men and women's prisons and that's horrible, but there should be zero opportunities to rape and impregnate others. I wonder how many biological women would prefer to be transferred to a men's prison? You would have to be insane. At the very least, men should be castrated before gaining access. If they don't love that idea, then I kind of doubt their commitment to transitioning. I would guess some of them are in prison for raping women and want to rape some more while not getting their butt kicked. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk about perverts and their opportunistic ways. We're another day closer to Jesus burning this place down! YAAAAAAAAAY!!! It's mostly a dumpster fire already between people making excuses for perverts and demands for Satan cakes.
  7. dildo [ˈdildō] NOUN vulgar slang a stupid or ridiculous person. See? Way too heavy for a cake.
  8. It happened to a friend of mine when he was in junior high. Down with all predators! And no, women are not all angels and not all men are predators, but I don't think most men live in fear of being randomly attacked by women. Female predators tend to groom victims. We should not make it easier for predators to prey on people. They are opportunists.
  9. Wait - was Satan supposed to be smoking and licking at the same time? I would either tell them, "This isn't an adult cake shop." or I would troll them hard by making the cake look really bad and then tell them that was my artistic expression and to prove that it was bad/that I made Satan look like Elmo on purpose. Then I would blame the overall sloppy appearance on their stupid, vibrating dildo. "Sorry. The cake wasn't structurally sound enough to withstand it." I don't think I've ever written "dildo" on this board before. Gonna go pray for the end of the world now.
  10. Remember this one, anyone? No, he didn't claim to be transgender, just dressed like a woman to plant a camera back in 2013. If anyone saw him doing the same thing today, they wouldn't feel like they had a right to report him because we're not supposed to judge or question. It's discrimination to ask a pervert if he belongs there or not, even if you don't throw on a dress and a wig. You can probably walk in with a full beard and now women are afraid to call out the obvious. Man Disguised as Woman Recorded “Hours” of Mall Restroom Video: Investigators – NBC Los Angeles
  11. It should not be possible for a prisoner to impregnate another prisoner. Period. And never underestimate the lengths perverts will go to to gain access to victims. Years ago while I was playing hide and seek with my sister and friends, a man pulled up on his bike and watched us as he masturbated. Thanks to ridiculous laws, that guy can now go into women's spaces with his penis just by claiming he feels like he's a woman. He doesn't have to change his clothes, his hair, his ID, put make-up on, or get any sort of surgery that indicates he's on board with being a woman. His word is enough and we just have to deal with it. We're "transphobic" if we don't want a lying pervert peering into our stalls (there are large cracks) while we're changing our feminine hygiene products and stuff. Perverts aren't afraid of getting the crap beaten out of them by women, but actual transgender women are afraid of using men's bathrooms. BECAUSE THEY'RE AFRAID OF MEN JUST LIKE WE ARE. I will die on this hill.
  12. I stan you, Board Nanny. 😜 I've never stanned anyone before, but this felt like the right time.
  13. I will miss some things, but it's always been too much in one day.
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