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  1. True. And with continuing revelation, members anticipate possible changes, anyway. Then, in between those circumstances, life can be complicated.
  2. However, your income there would be double that of the averages of neighboring countries, and professions earn living wages. The mentality of personal and public responsibility far exceeds that of the US. We lived there 3 years, and our favourite park had a sandbox with toys. Without fail, we always arrived at a tidy park. If you signal to merge in the worst traffic, you're still let in. I delivered twins there, the chief of obstetrics gave me excellent care. The Swiss are mindful stewards of the environment and preserving it for best use. High bridges are used to reduce highway noise an
  3. Sorry, but no. Your combination of parameters is arbitrary. It's just your opinion.
  4. " Men are that they might have joy" works, I think. Maybe a good parameter to analyse. But...not really to compare country vs country, but to ask ourselves how we must do better. Perish the thought of using the weaknesses of others to excuse ourselves.
  5. And ftr one thing distinct in the three European countries I've lived in. There is a stronger sense of history and better understanding of it. I think there is something very impactful and sobering in being invaded and experiencing war on your own soil, still in living memory. At our house in France, there is a shrine in front of it, marking the spot where the first villager was shot by German troops. There is s WWI bunker in our neighbor's back yard. The people there remember when they were forbidden to speak Alsacien. Every now and then when I'm at the grocery store, there is a fes
  6. Is it the righteousness of the people AND the government? In all the countries where I've lived, including the United States, there was great righteousness in both the people and the state. Also problems.
  7. I love America too! And on that not (not pointing at you) it is a great shame whenever criticism and demanding humility accountability of one's country is seen as unloving.
  8. Well that's silly. I have lived abroad for 12 years now in three foreign countries and I disagree with your contention that the US is the greatest country. So that's 1 against 1. Who wants to break the tie? Then we can have an authoritative answer Nationalism isn't patriotic, by the way. It is not love, either. It need not be a contest for which is "best," and nationalism is an enemy to growth.
  9. I agree. Generally, it is strange to see the evils of events play out in almost banal ways. That said, for this particular man I wonder if he is mentally impaired in some way.
  10. I couldn't watch all of the interview. I believe he did another interview as well where some of his companions, who were also dressed up, are visible. I'm really torn about how to feel about this man's actions and the possible legal consequences. He seems harmless, though misguided.
  11. UPDATE: It looks like the photograph I posted was taken from a video: There are people who saved the data from the public posts on Parler before it got shut down, in this video that shows the man dressed as Captain Moroni inside the Capitol, in the The Crypt level, is apparently from it.
  12. And we can thank French thinker Charles de Montesquieu for identifying the importance of separation of powers by a distribution into executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.
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