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  1. No, you did not just disagree: Again, you really need to learn more about the issues surrounding situations where women seek abortions. Some women DO NOT HAVE autonomy and safety and in their situations, an abortion is directly tied to their personal safety. Look at the studies I posted above for SMAC.
  2. It might be more helpful for you to go back to my opening replies to your OP, and converse from there, instead of trying to follow each part of my response to Pogi. To your last question, there are studies linking abortion and domestic violence situations: https://obgyn.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1576/toag. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0029784498000891 In other words, women who are victims of domestic violence may be more prone to unwanted pregnancies, may feel less able to protect themselves when pregnant, and some may
  3. I see. How about asking what women who choose abortion are going through? How about talking about how helping women have more agency is what tends to decrease abortions and improve the outcomes for their babies? If you keep going back to criminalisation and to intercourse, without taking the human realities of the situations surrounding abortion and how they are remedied, I can only assume you don't really care about this issue. Show you care by understanding the issues.
  4. Why should it be? Are women just going out for abortions for their amusement? Is the only disincentive for abortion legal punishment? Come on, ALL of you who seek a remedy through criminalization, open your eyes to what women who choose abortion are going through. Then, instead of trying to control them, help them. Abortion is literally not murder. Murder is, to put it simply, illegal killing. Your whole point is to define it as murder so that you can disincentivise it it by force. Once you make it illegal, then it might be considered murder. The situations of miscarriages d
  5. She has to have a doctor to perform it, though. Abortions are also much less common than common. Regarding murder, I am saying that women might seek abortions to seek safety. If they are victims of domestic violence, then pregnancy might make them more vulnerable to domestic violence, as the murder statistic demonstrates, since those murders are by and large at the hands of their partners/spouses.
  6. Did you know that it is not uncommon for doctors to refuse permanent sterilisation like tubal ligations to some women? Did you know that women are more likely to be murdered when pregnant? Did you know that abortion is statistically safer than giving birth? These are real-life obstacles which stand in the way of reducing abortions. Help women be safer and you will help reduce abortions.
  7. Thank goodness for sense in the third article: "The rational: to the extent that he wants to reduce the prevalence of abortion, his argument is oddly lacking in proposals for how to reduce the prevalence of abortion. In fact, his whole policy proposal seems to consist of: Make it illegal. Why no support for, for example, free access to high-quality contraception? A Brookings study found that access to high-quality contraception reduces both unwanted pregnancies and abortions. An NCBI study found that access to high-quality contraception led to a statistically-significant reduction in
  8. Thank you. I am fortunate to live near my favorite calming place, the beach. And my LDS and nonLDS friends are wonderful.
  9. Yes, I am an atheist. I don't know what to expect after death. I do not concern myself with it much, but instead think of my life as "my eternity" and try to live a life I would want my eternity to be.
  10. I have read them, not convinced. Make a case if you want, but I think I need more information to draw such a conclusion.
  11. I would not assume the poster is Sandra Tanner without verification.
  12. I'm not saying it is. And you have not shown she has exploited victims. I won't take your word for it, and I am not sorry about that, by the way.
  13. Have you listened to the What We Know podcast? They talk about identifying predatorial behaviors. I am only a few episodes in, and there is valuable stuff in there. And Lindsay Hansen Park has done immense work around Mormon polygamy. If they have made mistakes, if there is stuff they need to be accountable about, I am for that, too.
  14. Thank you so much for the person you have been during this horrific time. I hope you have the comfort and support you need, and I wish you the very best!
  15. Don't hitch your wagon to figureheads, period. Support good behavior. I support the good that McMullin is advocating and I support the good that Lindsay Hansen Park is advocating.
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