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  1. When our youngest were about five, I was finally getting consistent nights of sleep I needed. Our oldest was sixteen. I noticed a strange change, like I was waking up after a long, long sleep. I had energy again. I could think much more clearly after years of mental fuzz.
  2. I was more than happy to abstain from coffee and tea as part of my covenants. But after I left and then tried them, it was a bit bitter accepting the real suffering I experienced being chronically sleep deprived as a young mother, when they might have helped. Even one additional hour of alertness on those days--about 4000 of them--could have vastly improved my life. Those were hard times.
  3. This is a great general principle, and good reminder for my own life. Thanks for talking about it.
  4. Here is a news report which includes clips from his video interviews, screenshots from the videos he himself took inside the Capitol--including from inside a ransacked office--and transcripts from him narrating his movements and the scenes to his mother while it happened: https://youtu.be/rkTFkVSNkII
  5. He certainly seems like a sincere and benign fellow. I doubt he'll receive any jail time at all.
  6. He gave more than one interview on the day, and the FBI found recordings where he was narrating his entry into the Capitol for his mother, recordings which the articles also quote. So on the contrary, we have plenty of information about his thoughts before and during his trespass of the Capitol.
  7. And they committed these crimes while often using scripture to create the narrative like, "We're righteous, the other side is wicked," and apparently with little to no self-reflection that violating the Constitution "to save it" is very wrong indeed.
  8. I think the individual who dressed as Captain Moroni was pretty clear in seeing himself as like Moroni, participating in the righteous rescue of American government. His interpretation seemed overly binary and inconsiderate of the righteousness that also exists on the other side of his binary and the evil that is also present on his side of the binary.
  9. I don't agree, just be careful about misidentifying: I'd say that the humility that makes us reflect and be self-aware helps to create empathy which in turn helps to stave off meritless theories, especially when they demonize whole swaths of people. But that does seem to be what this man at the Capitol did, he assigned these evil labels to one political party and good labels to another and that led to no good.
  10. Valid questions. It's not just giving for obedience's sake, but for righteousness. The receivers of the donation have an obligation to use it for righteousness.
  11. One thing about scriptural parables is that they can be weaponized when we only see ourselves in the *good guys.* If we can't examine ourselves as also possibly being the wicked ones or as people allowing wickedness to prevail, the scriptures are lost on us.
  12. I actually think I forgot that it was locked for politics. I asked to reopen it so that I could update the story. Anyways, maybe the break was good, and, to all posters: This is an open request to be careful to leave non-Church-related political topics out of this thread. This is about this particular individual invoking BOM personalities/mythos at the US Capitol on January 6th.
  13. Interesting. So you mean that, lacking the evidence that the ban was intentional corruption, leaders felt obliged to seek revelation to lift it. Otherwise if hypothetically corruption was clearly intentional, revelation might not have been needed?
  14. Apparently the FBI has taken it's time going through the evidence, and then making arrests. The man dressed as Captain Moroni at the Capitol on January 6th has been arrested and charged with misdemeanors. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/07/16/captiol-riot-gladiator-mom-videos/ At first blush the charges seem appropriate since--going from the video evidence--there was nothing more serious than trespass in his intent or actions.
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