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  1. I know I'm getting on here to offer my two cents on the question in the OP rather late. I don't think the statements in 2 Kings would rule out the Lehi narrative because 1) statements to the effect that "all" of a certain group were killed/enslaved/exiled, etc. are rarely accurate and 2) 2 Kings itself would not have been written at the time of the events but after the Exile and probably still later, after the Return. Don
  2. Wow! That is wild. I have always looked kind of Jewish, especially when I let my hair get long enough to bring out its natural curl, but my only connection genetically to Jewishness is that my kids have Jewish ancestry (through their Mom's side). So, ironically, one of my sons was chosen to be part of the church's New Testament video series because he looks so Jewish, but his Jewish look came from the non-Jewish side of his family - mine! So it's fascinating to hear that I sound like someone Jewish you know.
  3. Aww, thanks, whyme. I was overwhelmed by the welcome I received right here on this board, or, actually, it's predecessor. Over 200 people posted to welcome me back. It moved me to tears. I will never forget that. Don
  4. Not a favorite item of clothing, but decidedly a favorite color. 😊 About the hair - oh, that's changed--I've definitely found a favorite hairstyle! I've never been one for keeping up with the latest trends, so it's fortuitous for me that the '20s (1920s) style exemplified by Tommy Shelby in "Peaky Blinders" happens to be popular in the century-later '20s as well. I suspect I'll probably still wear this cut when it goes out of style so I'll go from trendy to old-fashioned without changing a thing, by not changing a thing! BTW, I am sitting here laughing about my clothes and hair as to
  5. Peppermint Patty, That is hilarious! And made all the more ironic that I am wearing the very shirt you see me in in this video right now! You have quite the eye (and memory!) for clothing styles. So you can certainly send me shirts! But on checking the Witnesses trailer I found that while the shirts I wore for these two interviews have the same cut, the shirt I wore for Witnesses filming is a different one than I wore for this podcast. The first one is a cotton shirt that has a Daniel Cremieux logo just below where the camera cuts off while the second is actually a long-sleeve
  6. Ten years ago I was rebaptized after having left the church for five years. The welcoming embrace I received from the church and its members has been one of the most profoundly moving experiences of my life. When I was in the process of returning to the church, I reread the letter I had written to resign my membership, and cried. I had written that letter with the intention of using it to lock the door behind me so I could never go back. And when I re-read what I had written, I thought the church would never take me back. I called my bishop in a panic and he
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