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  1. Maybe the difference is that you are talking to a lot of high school kids and some of us are more likely to talk to adults. I know a lot of adults who would never dream of asking what religion I am because spiritual and religious beliefs are too "personal".
  2. I do something similar. If not when and I say, "you might know us as Mormon." As for how often it comes up...it goes in spurts. Sometimes fairly often. Sometimes there will be a long time between. I'm not sure why the differences as I can't find a pattern in how often I interact with people who are not members.
  3. One word of caution: one of the rules on the board is not to share why I left stories. This topic can have some good discussion, but it could easily wander in a direction that will get it shut down. If you want it to stay then be careful how you handle the topic. With that said, whatever one does I have found it is good to be proactive about it rather than reactive. You can find both types staying in and leaving the church, but I find you hear from the reactive types more often and more loudly. Those that have gone into making the choice either way have seemed to be happier when they d
  4. Thanks for letting me know I missed it. I must have accidentally missed a page or part of a page. I'll just have to be with bluebell on this one about disagreeing with you on it.
  5. You aren't the first to say the prices are too high. I'm curious. Do you feel the same about books on other markets such as those at Barnes and Noble?
  6. As you speak are you thinking of the different 4 styles of parenting: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive and uninvolved? I know some will not know that the first 2 are not the same. (Maybe I missed you talking about this already though.)
  7. I am truly trying to understand where you are coming from so I'm trying to take my time with this. Unfortunately, tomorrow my parents are coming for a week so I don't know that I will get back to this.
  8. Please refrain from speaking about me in this thread or using me as an example.
  9. You think that sharing feelings about a lack of women speakers is complaining and not supporting the leaders of the church. That if one is going to share feelings then they should also share a solution in a way that goes in accordance with the Lord's organization on earth. You feel the appropriate way to share those solutions is to pass them up the line and if they don't get passed up and/or used they were not of merit and/or do not belong in God's church.
  10. You think that in general if you you state a feeling you should also state a plan of action if you want something changed. Sharing emotions without sharing a plan accomplishes nothing. That makes you frustrated and that feel like the scape goat. You consider that this board is a courtroom or sorts. That emotions get in the way of working out the ideas and viewpoints. You think that emotions over small things amount to criticizing leaders and that worries you. you want to help make us stronger as a people by teaching not to use emotions and reason together instead.
  11. I appreciate you being ok with me staying. I wasn't going to come back to the thread because I wanted to help maintain the integrity of the board, but I started to think that it wouldn't be using the things I am trying to learn from the books I have been reading. I want to really listen to you here. This is not a trap I am trying to set. I am just trying to understand. You think there are places where feelings can be spoken and places where they should not be spoken. This board isn't the place where feelings shouldn't matter. And our feelings also shouldn't matter when it comes to
  12. It depends on who in science. I found the book The Rabbit Effect after conference and am reading it. There are some scientists really look into these kind of things. Just read this part and loved it: "Studies show that when a person holds the hand of a loved one in distress, the breath and heartbeat of the pair sync up. Their bodies harmonize. Most amazing is that their brainwaves harmonize as well, which is known as entrainment. One study looked at twenty-two couples wearing brain wave monitors, or electroencephalography (EEG) caps, where one partner had heat placed on her arm for
  13. Do you not get that many women do not feel wanted and respected when few women speak overall? Have you ever once tried to feel what they are feeling so you might understand? I don't mean being sympathetic. I mean empathetic like the Savior. You often knock down feelings, but that is an important part of each one of us. It's an important part of who the Savior is as well. It would go so far in these conversations if instead of trying to knock down every post you disagree with line by line you really tried to feel where people came from. I'll take myself out of the thread for not
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