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  1. I learned something about this with my blog. My internet provider had dynamic IP for us instead of static so I was constantly having problems with not being on approved lists when someone who had previously used the IP to send spam mail that I was currently using.
  2. I know there are lots of Taggarts, but I have been thinking much of my 7th grade art teacher the past few months. Any chance you taught art in Logan about 35 years ago?
  3. I've never heard that idea either, but as I continued reading I remembered something I half heard a few years ago while I was in Grenada. I say "half heard" because I could have missed something in the conversation. Grenada is a small island. You can travel round the whole perimeter in about 5 hours. Many of the people struggle financially and don't have cars . They have one branch there on one side of the island. Most Sundays a group meets on the other side because the "bus" doesn't run on Sundays in most parts of the island. Then about once and month of two the people on the other side put their money together to hire cars/taxis to attend church all together. The conversation I half heard was about going to the temple. One young, beautiful new member became a friend with my daughter. She desperately wanted to go to the temple. She was telling how much she wanted to go to one temple that was half the distance and cost (much greater than I've ever had) of going to one temple than the temple that was assigned to them, but the bishop told her to have patience and they would soon go to the right temple. I totally would have no problem telling her to go the closer temple, but some people feel otherwise.
  4. Not really problematic. It depends on how you look at it and how it works. If God is telling you to do something it is very different than if Satan or another imperfect person is telling you what to do. Also, Satan wanted to tell us what to do for his own glory. God wants us to do things to be like Him and gave us the agency to do the things that would help us be like Him. Americans, and others, may have a problem with being told by anyone they have to do something, but many are still good with God telling them.
  5. Interesting. They always ask for my reccomend no matter what I'm buying.
  6. My answer has to do with physical things rather than behavior so I hope it is ok to reply to you. The big advantage of the vaccine before getting sick verses an antiviral after getting sick is that people are less likely to even get the symptoms and problems with the vaccine. As a type 1 diabetic I found my first symptom of pregnancy was very high blood sugar for several days that I couldn't lower with anything I tried. This was within a day or 2 of conception. I have discovered since then that lots of sicknesses affect my body before I am aware. If I hadn't been testing my blood sugar I may not have known I had any symptoms of pregnancy. I suspect there are a lot of people who have covid who don't actually know the negative effects it is having on their bodies because they are not testing all the various things. What if you just get a runny nose as a covid symptom? I know of no doctor who is going to prescribe a kidney test for you, but what if it is actually affecting kidneys - that you just don't notice the symptoms? So there is a real medical advantage of vaccines possibly preventing you from getting sick verses meds helping you get better.
  7. Yes, like the others have said you have needed it for years. They just may have not set up the technical part to do it. Others who have a reccomend can do it for you.
  8. I think this is where some of the problem is. The church has had so many ways to help teachers be better teachers. There are some really good resources out their, but if you don't know about them or take the time to learn from them you can't use them to become better. So what ends up happening is that people learn from prior teachers how to become a teacher and if the first teacher didn't know then that meant the second teacher didn't either. My husband has been in YM several times. When I first started talking to him about what you were doing he grabbed hold of that. He worked his best to do that way. Then later we saw other advisors not do it with our oldest and how damaging that was for him. Then my husband was put in again and my youngest was in for part of it. The second run of ym callings was so much better for my husband and the boys because he understood much better how to do it. It is rare that people get put into callings knowing just how to do it. Like your boys need to be trained and get experience as quorum leaders, adults need to be trained and get experience as quorums advisors. And like you said, this is really a group effort, because if the bishop doesn't agree to let it be led that way, or the advisor, or the parent it is going to be harder to get it to work. And like you've shared it takes time. Wasn't it a year before it finally clicked with your first deacons quorum president? I know it took a long time for some of my husband's ym to catch on. Meanwhile everyone is dealing with the fallout. Your young man was the only active deacon. If there are 6 in the quorum and it takes that long for the leader to catch on then some of the other 5 may be lost. That isn't to say that I think it shouldn't be done the way you say. It absolutely should. I'm just saying your experience will be different that others so they may have struggles trying to do it that way you didn't have.
  9. This is starting to remind me of when I went to get a bra fitting. She couldn't find a bra that fit me and the best fit was painful. She told me that "if you want to look pretty you have to be willing for it to come with some pain". Does it really matter if garments are a first world problem? Does the Lord really think we should just be ok with a little pain/discomfort not to live covenants made, but to wear reminders of covenants made? If my local temp is in the 40s C, instead of 30s, can I be frustrated with an extra layer of clothing even if I'm in the AC 95% of the time? I don't get this. Sometimes people have a difficult time with things we, personally, might like or be ok with so we complain about them being complainers?
  10. I occasionally do surveys for companies who are naming their medicines. They give us a bunch of names, tell us what it is for and ask what we think of them. I often wonder just how they are coming up with them. I can't remember any and couldn't share if I could, but I get lots of thoughts like "zombeyfrever for a sleeping pill?"
  11. And priesthood ordinance general instructions.
  12. Looks like there are more resources for women.
  13. I think you are the only one talking about 'forcibly" pinning people down to give them the vaccine. I know Nehor said he would or something along those lines, but he is Nehor.
  14. I'm not sure what you are saying here and how it really relates to getting the vaccine. What about other vaccines such as measles or small pox? I'm not sure how one would determine that the NHS has more concern for it's employees than for liability. Either way I purposely stated 4 reasons that I could be ok with a mandate in no particular order of importance though I didn't do it clearly. 1. Liability 2. Concern for employees. 3. Concern for patients. 4. Dealing with staffing problems that arise when staff gets sick and dies. For me this isn't a thing comparing the altruism of one organization with another, but with a private business looking at the big picture and ALL of the concerns. Exactly. Limiting death and long term health for both employees and patients/customers. When we are talking about life and death and heavy long term consequences to employees and customers, burn out in employees, the ability of the system to run well it becomes much less overwrought. There is also a difference in a private company making the mandate for employees and a government system doing so in a number of ways. Comparing the NHS against a private health business doesn't really work especially since I was talking only about private businesses and am not for government mandates.
  15. Not the person you responded to, but I heavily lean to the idea that the atonement was an actual physical process, not just literal. Not just the suffering part, but the assuming of the guilt part. The paying of the price part. So I don't see it as symbolic. I see it more like I literally hand a basket of my sins to him and then he caries them and does...something with them. So not symbolic to me. Even if I did see it as symbolic I wouldn't put him in as a symbol for our guilt. He would be/is the person weighed down by our guilt so it doesn't make sense to have him be a symbol of it. Rather he would be a symbol of us paying the actual price on our own.
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