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  1. I have been concerned about this. My nephew got it on his mission during the summer. He is traveling from Florida, through Texas to here and then to Utah and will be staying here one night. Because of my risks I am only allowing him to stay because he has had it.
  2. Both of my husband's boss's parents died from it. (Arizona) His boss got it too and was pretty sick. Unfortunately, at the same time his father-in-law died from other causes. It has been rough for them. I have been so grateful my husband can work from home and my daughter only works in home with one client.
  3. Some are heading back early February.
  4. I'll try to remember to do a search tomorrow on the missionary moms page when I get on the computer. It is easier there.
  5. But this really isn't about you. It's about the people you mentioned who don't have the resources you do and who wouldn't be able to serve in the capacity of your calling because of finances. I know it's kind of tied all together.
  6. Maybe I missed it, but I didn't get the impression that people were talking about ministering though that is a concern some may need to look at as leaders. I thought most/all of us were talking about your assignment to go visit another ward.
  7. I've lost track of what countries I have updated so if this is a repeat I'm sorry. My son is getting a companion today that will be going to Uganda in 3 weeks.
  8. Right. It's just with an estimated 13-14% of people itemizing it isn't something many members of the church would be able to take advantage of and I wanted to put that out there for those who read your post and decided they wanted to look into it. Full tithe payers are more likely to do it since they give more to "charity", but with the changes in the standard deduction a couple of years ago that probably cut even a lot of them.
  9. What if it were reversed? What if they needed to come visit you for their calling, but in doing so they were choosing to skip meals for their children? What if people bought primary or Sunday school manuals as part of their calling? Would you expect them to cover it all or be reimbursed? What is the difference in getting reimbursed for doing your calling that necessitates lots of driving long distances? I'm not saying we should ask to be reimbursed for every little thing. I do think there is a much given much required component. But I would absolutely hate if my neighbor couldn
  10. This sister told me she would like to get "Joseph Smith's Revelations: A Doctrine and Covenants Study Companion from the Joseph Smith Papers", but we are not finding it anywhere in paper form. Does any one know if it is even available in that form and if so where?
  11. In my experience reimbursement usually comes from having a calling. So say I had to drive 3 hours to the temple to go as a patron - I wouldn't think of asking to be reimbursed. But if I was a youth leader taking the youth as part of my calling and it was enough of a hardship that I considered not going or not accepting a calling because it entailed doing then I might ask to be reimbursed.
  12. I think this is a tough one for many even outside the church. I once got asked how you could have both republican and democrat mormons by someone not a member. It was really easy for me to see as I thought of different political stances, but I find most are so stuck one side or the other that they have a hard time even allowing themselves to think theirs might not be the only way to hold religious beliefs. Yet in the very rare occasion you can introduce something without politics many can see the "other" side is still holding true to their mutual religious beliefs. I agree. I
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