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  1. We have heard about one new member of our ward being called as an RS teacher from the RSP. She taught a video lesson on Sunday. Other than that I think that's the only thing we have heard about callings.
  2. We met with the missionaries this afternoon. One served in Peru till everyone came home. He said it has been fun to be able to do this.
  3. It is in the Salt Lake Valley a little south and west of salt lake. Driving through you probably wouldn't know it wasn't Salt Lake as it all runs together.
  4. Everyone wears socks/booties. Plastic is put down over the most trafficked areas. Most of the tour falls in those areas and you don't get time to wander. Some of the carpets are carved. For the Gilbert temple (and others) they drew the lines with sharpie type markers. Then the use some kind of cutting tool to carve out the lines.
  5. Awhile ago I mentioned that I wanted to create a list of books mentioned in conference. Someone, I think Scott, told me of a tool I could use to help me. I thought I saved that somewhere, but I cannot remember where or even what it was. I can find a number of blogs and newspaper articles etc that have "100 books mentioned in conference" or "books mentioned in the last 5 years." This is not what I am looking for. If I remember right it a site that kept tract of all of the scripture references and other things, but I could be wrong. Anyone ideas?
  6. I'd forgotten all about this post. I'm good with the resurrection and appreciate the responses. 🙂
  7. Major cross streets are 4700 S and I-215.
  8. But did she have any idea of why he was invited? Just because he had lots of money doesn't mean the church invited him for that reason. It's ok to not assume the worst.
  9. They talked about this when the Gilbert temple opened up to those who were leading tours. Some of VIPs are the press. It makes good press when they do it. Some are government leaders. It helps relations between the government and the church. Don't quote me on this because my memory could be wrong, but it seems like they also bring in government leaders from areas where they are wanting to put in temples as well. It's not VIP because these people are special. It is VIP because it helps the church.
  10. My husband was on campus twice in the 5 years he was going to get his masters degree (a class or 2 at a time). He paid an extra fee for online every semester.
  11. I hate that rule. Many of the staff at my daughter's university felt the students do better living on campus. I've known more than one family whose kids came home if they lived close by to study because the dorms were too loud and full of activity. One professor told my daughter he was struggling in his class because she lived at home and mom does all the chores and laundry. He was stopped in his tracks when she told him she started doing her own laundry at 14. I'm very grateful they did away with the freshmen MUST live and eat on campus the year before she went.
  12. "The bishop makes sure the sacrament prayers are spoken clearly, accurately, and with dignity. If someone makes an error in the wording and corrects himself, no further correction is needed. If the person does not correct his error, the bishop kindly asks him to repeat the prayer. The bishop uses discretion when asking for the prayer to be repeated. He ensures that doing so does not cause undue embarrassment or detract from the ordinance. Another person at the sacrament table can help as needed." https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/general-handbook/18-priesthood-ordinances-and-blessings?lang=eng This gives me the impression that word perfect is not a requirement. That in most cases the bishop should ask for repetition, but there may be times when word perfect is not required.
  13. Please tell me I wasn't the only one who was caught with this because I was thinking of the copy machine.😃
  14. The cross actually deals with 2 aspects. First, suffering for sins "recurred". Second, physical death.
  15. I've been listening to The Culture Code. while it isn't just what you asked for I have found lots of things in it that could apply to ministering, RS and EQ groups, wards and stakes. Years ago I learned a lot from the BYU speech The Hard Work of Understanding the Constitution. It recently came up in my mind a few weeks ago over a new subject and taught me more then too.
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