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  1. I wondered why as well. I have also been thinking maybe because it is on a reservation so that may be standard somehow?
  2. How I wish our ward shifted sacrament. Ours kept it in the same place, but turned off the video.
  3. So they don't go from room to room? Just up in the attic? Because if that's the case it wouldn't even phase me either. I don't want people to be hurting with the economy. I don't want people losing jobs. If you are describing what I'm envisioning it just makes sense in a covid world to not overly worry about putting up the solar. Now in my husband's last job there were over 100 people in the same room all day long every day that would be different.
  4. As a type 1 diabetic with kidney issues who took a lot of covid precautions I am lost as to why someone would refuse to get solar because of covid. Is most of the work actually done inside the house?
  5. Some of it is orderly with security etc and sort of standard around the world. Some of it is very messy. In the US there are legal terms for different ways of coming in. Not all of those terms are the same in other countries or have the same rules. I don't know all of the labels. •You have people coming in for work (h1b1?) or school. •People just coming to live. ---------- •Illegal aliens sneaking in and here illegally. •Refugees who do not choose to come here, but are chosen and they or family members are the most vulnerable of refugees. They have been forced to leave their country or it is a danger to stay there. • People who have worked with the military and are given the choice to come because of it • Unaccompanied minors • Asylum seekers - those who have to leave their country because it was a danger to them like with the refugees, but they come on their own and ask for asylum. Then they need to go through security etc and pass it or be deported. And here is where it gets messy. Most refugees were once another countries illegals, asylum seekers, unaccompanied minors etc. They could not stay in their country so they fled to other countries. Then we or other countries etc chose them to be our refugees. I can't say anything about the church saying what is a moral matter when it concerns all of these people, but I can say that the church does support all of the people below the line to some extent monetarily in various ways. The church definitely has rules and order, but the compassion is great.
  6. I hope the best for you. Can we keep watch for any specific job and let you know if we see it?
  7. I'm starting to worry about you. Are you ok? I know you were dealing with depression and job loss. Are things going any better in that direction?
  8. We are afterall, as my husband coined it, the church of Little Dessert Snacks.
  9. Not really better, but I don't think offering them a bottle of water (or leftover treats from classes) would be a bad solution. Ignore them or be friendly, depending on the situation. But some people just don't respond well in some situations so I don't blame them even if I preferred they remained calm. Training/roll play would help, but how often does this happen that you are even going to think of training?
  10. I agree with how it should be handled and how that would likely be responded to. I do know about being nervous about having my license plate filmed though. The charity I am with had, along with other charities, protesters who filmed licenses and put them on the internet as well. Having someone next door to me who felt the same way as the protesters with all his friends, my husband I decided that when our teens needed the car they would take his car instead of mine. That way if my car got filmed then it would effect my kids less. I didn't want them ending up in a situation they were ill equipped to handle.
  11. Ignoring the example I do think you are generally correct in this post. Unless they have work elsewhere I would think dead prophets would be up to date and often agree with the changes. I do think though that Heavenly Father gave us a mind for a reason and think that while they would all pray for revelation on changes that God has us use our own brains and talents to make those changes. So a dead prophet may disagree with a current prophet on how to go about it, but would sustain him.
  12. I think the greater problem with this is focusing on the application verses the principle or doctrine. BYU came out with an application of no beards and Stack countered with an application of beards on men who were righteous. If the problem was protest or political activism then BYU should have focused on helping students get a greater testimony of doctrine and principles such as we we are God's children and as such we should try to act as he would. So it wasn't so much of an appeal to dead prophets as countering an application with an application.
  13. I agree. I thought it was so cool when Rongo mentioned French speaking missionaries called to Phoenix since I knew about all the Congolese refugees coming here. (Not all Congolese speak French, but it is the official language of the DRC). I love how the Lord takes these little bits and pieces from people and places all over the world and makes a great plan out of them. 🙂
  14. With the idea of Saints being told they should stay in their own countries it doesn't change the gathering of most people. The gathering includes more than Saints as we are all Gods children. Last year the refugee cap was 18,000. The year before was 30,000. 11,000 actually were admitted in 2020. There are always fewer admitted than the cap. This year the cap is 62,500. We are seeing mostly families of 2-3 or 8 in Phoenix. Refugees as far as the US cap goes is a legal term. There are other legal status definitions of others who come.
  15. Ether 12:27- And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them. It started being a favorite when my youngest was about 7 or 8. When he was 4 he was only at 3 percentile in expressive speech. It's a very long story, but in several ways I saw this scripture literally unfolding before my eyes as his weak speech became a strength. Then 8 years ago I felt that this scripture needed to be my theme for the year. I don't choose to have themes each year. Just every once in awhile I get the feeling. So that year I worked on being humble. And I felt humble. I felt I was doing what was required, but I didn't really feel it deep inside. Then my world turned upside down. I have felt it to my core. I still feel oh so weak, but here and there I am gaining strength in ways I would not have guessed. Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. n all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. This goes along with the other scripture. For over 30 years if there was anything I could and did know was that God is there and he loves me. When my world turned upside down I clung to this thought. Trust Him. Thank Him. Listen to Him. No matter what that is what I go back to.
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