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  1. Beautiful churches and interesting videos! You have a drone! I enjoyed them, very well done. I used to live in East Sussex. Btw, did you know that when first built, the walls would have been highly and colourfully decorated, not the white plaster or even bare stone that we see now. The decoration was done away with during Cromwell’s Puritanism. He and Henry VIII did much to change religion in England!
  2. Go back and re-read my posts. The easiest solution is for those who don’t want to attend church to not attend church and let the rest of us have the opportunity that we want.
  3. The first general conference session I attended was while I was an investigator, it was one session at the stake centre. The Chapel was overflowing. My impression was that everyone happily attended conference. Soon after, I became a member. At the next general conference, I duly noted the times of the sessions (my first surprise, that there was more than one session). I went along to the first session. Hardly anyone was there and they were all men. Hmm. It did make me think, but I sat down anyway. Got some strange looks. Someone approached me, I don't remember if he was a stak
  4. It was your hope that the church reduce the number of meetings. Others have previously expressed a preference for "home church". So, my question remains. How do single people, especially women, get to take the sacrament if a meeting is cancelled? Yes, if the leaders go along with these expressed wishes/hopes, they would be the ones cancelling the meetings. But, in my view, it would be the ones asking for change who were creating the imposition. I think the Prophet and Apostles are aware that when changes are considered, there is more than one demographic to think about. I don't think
  5. You assert that their worship is false. Yet you do not say how. And you admit they have some elements of truth. How is their worship false? What elements of truth do they have? Are their hymns true? Their prayers? Their quoting of Scripture? I don't think logic dictates that just because the church is false, an individual's worship is. Would you say that a member of the LDS church can never worship falsely? If so, does it matter if their worship is not in an LDS building? I don't have the priesthood in my home. If the proper priesthood is required for true worship, how is my wor
  6. The ordinances are not the only way to worship God and you don't need the priesthood to pray, which is one way to worship God, or to sing, which is another way. Those of other faiths are not engaged in false worship nor are they worshipping a false God. God is God, He is unchanging. Their ordinances are ineffectual because they don't have the priesthood but their worship of God isn't. They all have a measure of the Holy Spirit. I attended other churches for many years. My worship of God while in those churches was not false. He revealed Himself to me before I began to investigate the
  7. Why would it be the church? You suggested fortnightly meetings. How do you propose single members have the sacrament in the weeks not at church if not by asking / imposing on others?
  8. If/when you do, bear in mind that Church of England services vary substantially and one service isn't as representative as attending one LDS service would be. To start with, there is the high church/low church split. Some are very traditional, others can be very evangelical, or very modern. The nature of the service very much depends on the style of the vicar and the wardens. There are 3 C of England churches in the town I recently lived in. I've been to services in all of them and they were all very different, even different hymn books! I'm sure it will be interesting though! And they
  9. I love that painting! It was in the foyer of my old ward until this year when it was removed and replaced because Lehi's dream painting isn't on the official church list and all foyer art work had to be on that list.
  10. I have more than once heard mainly older members be dismissive or worse about other churches. As a former member of other churches and still having family and friends who go to other churches, I have always spoken up to support other churches. Over the years, the views of even the most die hard have softened!
  11. I know some members who would think it inappropriate but I don't know where they got that idea from. They are very rigid however in their ideas of doctrine. I also know non members who go to other churches who would refuse to come to any kind of LDS event or service. Personally, I think it would be right to visit other churches, on occasion, for specific reasons such as supporting family. Maybe its because ive attended different churches before becoming a member but I don't think church leaders would think this inappropriate, after all they do encourage interfaith dialogue and service a
  12. It's before my time but older members have told me what they remember. (Trying to remember what they've said). At first, I think, they waited for the written talks and read them out in sacrament meetings I believe. With radio broadcasts, they would gather at the stake centre and listen to them live. There were also records sent out at one time. Then, with VCRs, they would wait for the video tapes and watch them over a "conference" weekend at the stake center, sometimes several weeks later. We've been getting live satellite broadcasts at the stake centre for at least 12 years, as long as I've
  13. Which may not be so congenial or easy to do for single members who are the majority of members in some places. I want to take the Sacrament weekly. One of the things I love about this church. Why should I impose on friends every other week to be able to do so?
  14. You are right, it isn't the church you knew. It isn't USA centric now. It's a world wide church, USA traditions don't apply to a large number of members. Home learning may be much more useful worldwide. I believe the Prophet is being led to create a unified and uniform world wide church.
  15. During the pandemic, instead of the flat bread trays, the wards I've been to have used the cup trays, putting the individual small broken bread pieces in the "hollows" where the cups would go. I think the cups were used to start with but it didn't seem practical or necessary.
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