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  1. By your comment it's like saying that it's not important, the rite itself, it's not to be taken seriously anyway.
  2. I don't know how my simple question of whether family members could object to baptism for the dead became so complicated. But it is interesting that the LDS authorities in anticipation of such objections made the 110 year rule and decides that only the closest or first degree relatives could object. Of course the 11O year rule would safely see these very close relatives mostly deceased. Therefore by their own rule your church has decided it can just go ahead. But what if the deceased was a Jew, a Hindu , a Buddhist or Moslem, and living relatives were outraged that their ancestors were being posthumously baptised into an entirely different faith tradition. Are you saying that they could not stop this and maybe use the law to help them do so. My gg aunt died in 1944, still within the 110 years since her death, but according to your church rules, I could object but would be ignored, correct?
  3. The question wasn't about the validity of LDS rites, nor Catholic ones, not about if one is superior to another.
  4. Thank you. It seems to me that confining it to such close family is a little restrictive. For example I have a great aunt who was a Roman Catholic Nun. I would be concerned if I found that she had had this rite performed for her on the grounds that she was obviously a staunch and devoted Catholic. Can you see my point. I am obviously not a close relative as described, but would still be concerned.
  5. May I ask, what if a deceased persons relatives who are not LDS object to their relatives being put forth for this rite? Say, the candidate was a staunch Catholic, or Jew, or any other religion or creed. Or atheist for that matter. Could their living relatives who object have any influence over whether the Rite for the dead goes ahead, or could they stop it? Could they take the church to court?
  6. Where was the first quite from? I knew some Christians years ago who took the Bible's advice on marriage to the extreme. Very similar views on wifely subjection. The young man's response though is worrying to say the least, to think that he believes that he can legitimately beat his wife into submission is a far cry from any proper view of marriage Christian or not.
  7. In the UK, we would have to rigourously prove self defence, and winning your case would not be a certainty based upon the right to carry licenced fire arm. There was a case some years ago where an elderly farmer who lived alone in his remote farmhouse and who had been subject to previous attacks by youths, shot two young intruders in his house. He killed one and wounded another. Even though he had been harassed by youths before was convicted and went to prison. He was discharged early, but his self defence plea didn't win his case.
  8. 😄 I don't think we are that easily offended, but we would most probably ask why?
  9. From the UK, the love affair that the US seems to have with guns is somewhat baffling. My nephew live in the States and the right to bear arms is enshrined in his thinking. My brother, who lived in Canada, and his children shoot to hunt. They live in a pretty rural community and virtually live off the land. Legitimate and responsible gun owners over there seem to despise gun control, stating that you can never foresee when someone will go rogue with a gun. I can see their point. I can see my brother's point, but I struggle with my nephew's point of view. Why is bearing stems so important, and automatic weapons? Why? You know one of the most worrying things I heard was from my sister, my American nephew's mum. She was a war bride, so she had lived there for years. And disclosed that she carried a gun in her car, and stated that if any of them blacks were to come near her she would shoot them without hesitation. That was shock to hear from an English woman. So does that attitude still prevail? I mean do people there still believe they have right to shoot someone, regardless of colour, if they feel afraid or threatened in some way? Do you think change will come through young people who may not view gun ownership the same way?
  10. They probably applied the title to be deliberately scandalous and sensationalist. I would say that people who engage in this kind of stuff are areligious, or deeply hypocritical.
  11. Not according to the article. I believe it's referring to fragments acquired by the Museum of the Bible, not the original fragments, which are held in Israel.🙂
  12. I believe an Orthodox Church has recently opened in Utah, the first one apparently, but I can't remember where exactly. Now bearing in mind that Utah is very large, it might not be easy to just pop along if you are interested, but I just thought I would let you know.
  13. I appreciated you post, I suppose it made me feel better. But in fact my apology wasn't big of me, it was necessary. For quite a while after the post in question I was troubled, and even though I went on holiday, it still kept troubling me. So, I had to look at it and myself. In Orthodoxy we are encouraged to do this a lot, at the end of the day, before confession, before Holy Communion etc. So I looked at myself in relation to that post. I had to acknowledge that there was unkindness in it, unkindness that could cause negative emotions in others. I also had to look at my motive for posting it, and I had to acknowledge that my motive was probably to take a side swipe at beliefs I do not hold. Also, I saw pride and vanity in the mix, after all, this is your site, I did not have to be here, so who am I to be so opinionated? So it was necessary to apologise and to repent before God, because if I am to continue to walk with Him I have to be watchful and set a guard on my heart and my tongue. I cannot be right with God and wrong with my neighbour, it's as simple as that.
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