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  1. This is how it's been working for me for some time,
  2. As I understand it, the decision on which Kingdom we inherit is made after Christ's Millennium Reign on the Earth. (I'm sure that those who are better versed in our principles will correct any errors in this post). During that time Temple work will be done for billions of people and, as part of life in general, people will continue to marry and be married. Most of the people on the Earth will be there having been resurrected from the Spirit World. During that time, we will have the opportunity to continue to grow in the Gospel and to learn. And, I believe, to make the covenants not made in t
  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. They may be animals but they are family and it's hard to lose them. Poor Spock must be distraught. 😟
  4. sheilauk


    My sincere condolences to you and your family at this sad time. 😟 May you find comfort in the Lord.
  5. The "loophole" already exists for one type of act. Are you in favour of getting rid of any form of discretion regarding registration? Remember, this isn't about whether or not the act is illegal but about the consequences /punishment for that act. Should an 18 year old young adult be subject to the stigma of registration for having consensual sex with a 17 year old who may be in their school class? Punishment of crimes is often not a matter of absolutes and doesn't result in the country heading down slippery slopes. Every case is different and calls for judicial discretion in sentencing.
  6. Not quite. I think there were some differences in content between the Liahona and the Ensign. Distribution of the two magazines is also not split between the US and the rest of the world as the UK at least gets the Ensign too.
  7. Indeed. The method / type / form of sexual activity, or the gender of the perpetrator, should make no difference to the consequences.
  8. I don't see it as a hail Mary. It's an attempt to equalise the legal response to certain acts. In the brief details given, it appears to me that the proposal could be better worded, but the intent is sound enough. The sexual activity outlined remains illegal, namely any form of sexual activity with a minor. The issue is sex offender registration and whether it should be mandatory. At present, one form of sexual activity means registration isn't mandatory, with all other forms it is. That to me is inconsistent and should be amended. The law should be consistent. Being on the sex off
  9. Very sad, I hope they are okay.
  10. Wishing you all the best! I'm sure all your family and friends are with you in spirit. Xx
  11. Interesting you used hindi. I had assumed he meant a first nation / native American tribe such as the sioux, apache or navajo.
  12. Pretty sure every cat keeper has stories similar to this and bluebell's and garden girl's! I certainly do! For example, i hadn't had my latest two long and I was training them to be indoor cats. The male slipped out when I came home, leaving the female to pace up and down rather distressed (they are siblings and have never been separated. ) I called and called, walked where I could looking for him and eventually went home, certain I'd lost him. Chloe was so upset though, I gave it one more go at calling him and finally got an answering upset sounding miaow! I kept calling and getting
  13. Some of my favourite novels! There are many cosy crime novels that feature cats but Jackson Braun's are among the best!
  14. Wonderful! So happy for you!
  15. Praying you make it out safely.
  16. Is anyone thinking of changing the name of the capital of the USA, it seems to have been named after a famous slave owner?
  17. Spelt "Thetan" maybe rather than thayton. Belief in "thetans" is part of scientology.
  18. Men had experience of polygamy as well as women. The thread is about the legality of polygamy and it seems to me that it is men who suffered much of the consequences of it being illegal. They were the ones who went into hiding and who were imprisoned. Their experiences of polygamy as illegal and now decriminalised are surely just as valid as women's.
  19. I don't think you can guarantee it won't kill or even harm her. I know there are studies underway, but they are hardly extensive. Are you trying to push her into going against her own wishes? If so, why? Not everyone wants to be a "guinea pig" and just because something is readily available and legal doesnt make it safe (cigarettes and alcohol come to mind). Given that CBD oil is unregulated, no one can be sure what they are getting or even that TCH is not included in the substance taken and no one can be sure of the dosages needed. CBD is very likely going to be a useful alternate drug
  20. All drugs have side effects, including CBD. The rules mean pharmaceutical companies have to tell you about them - informed consent - whereas the herbal supplement folks don't have too. And just because there are side effects doesnt mean someone is unhappy with the drug they are on. Can you guarantee CBD will be better for your friend?
  21. Without the products of so called big pharma, several people I know, including my mom, would be dead. Developing safe drugs takes a lot of time and money, neither of which the "herbal" producers spend. I think there are issues over the charges made for drugs which is a problem of the system, but without them, millions of people would be dead. I don't think the same can be said for the unregulated market in "herbal" products. At worst, people have died because they refused proper medical care. CBD is not a magic cure-all. It needs proper testing. If your friend is happy with her prescr
  22. Also from the guardian:https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/12/when-will-we-have-a-coronavirus-vaccine#img-1
  23. Hmm, my impression is that My country tends to be sung slightly faster than God save. The tabernacle choir certainly seem to. It may also be the words themselves have more variety of sound in My country. I know even strong royalists complain that God saves is slow and dull! Clearly, there are many who like it but Land of hope and glory and Jerusalem are, I think, more popular as anthems than God save and the former are, of course, more country than person specific! Personally, I don't like God saves (I quite like My country! ) and I prefer Jerusalem.
  24. I thought as much! Thought I'd make it clear nonetheless.
  25. Unlikely. It's a very divisive issue still and will be for years.
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