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  1. I think the Prosecutor has a choice to seek or not seek the "hate crime" aspect.
  2. Interesting as the suspect has been charged with a hate crime. If he is mentally ill, society should be ashamed of itself for charging a hate crime.
  3. Thank you for the explanation. And I apologize if I have not fully understand. Your children applied for Pell Grants, the Federal Gov in return said "we grant your Children Pell grants" and the Fed sends the money directly to the school on behalf of the Student. The school then takes whatever amount to pay for the intended service, and and left over to the Student? Is that Federal funding from the education department? In my limited understanding even with Rongo's explanation, it seems there is at least a degree of separation. I guess for example, if a State provided
  4. How does Pell Grant and Federal Funding work? Is the money considered to be the students, and it constructively changes hands from the student to the Institution?
  5. Seriously. On a reddit forum it was as though people couldnt get to the top Rameumpton fast enough to pronounce that if you do not get vaccinated you do not love Jesus etc
  6. Why needed? Why does any religious organization need to issue a statement on something so unrelated to Faith in Christ?
  7. Have not read your whole first post, so I apologize in advance if my question has been answered herein. Isn't use of charitable donations by the receiver or use of gifts by the receiver a none suit by the giver, as in once it leaves my hands as a gift to you (you being a 501(c 3), you are permitted to utilize as you see fit?
  8. I do appreciate you taking the time to respond. As to the first of your response, it does seems that to achieve diversity, race/skin/stereotypes will be almost inevitably be used by humans to choose who gets in. I do value diversity, and I see its value in and have been influenced positively by it. Due to difference experience of others at my College my viewpoint on a sensitive issue changed in a matter of moments, as someone spoke up an was the lone countering voice to the group think that was occuring. As to the second part, perhaps I miss understand, but it seems that you
  9. While I guess legally it was a tresspass, but if "tresspass" claims seem highly slective. I remember as a teenager climbing to the Y, but do not recall any fenceing or no tresspassing signs.; I was with a group of adults when I went.
  10. Awesome! I saw pictures of it and thought it looked 100% better than normal, but I do like rainbows just for the colors.
  11. What would you propose for the tie-breaker. It almost seems that where applications are comparable and essentially tie, that the final decision should not involve a human. I understand your point about the "cultural bias" , how would the reverse of your analogy be avoided, where reviewer (because of their culture) is more familiar with hoop dancing than ballet.
  12. Just looking for opinions. Discussed vaccines with colleague, and I brought up that even with the vaccine one can contract covid 19 but the resulting infection will not be a severe. Another spoke up and said basically, "well yes, there is the small % where the vaccine does not work". My statement was based on this article Does vaccination completely prevent infection? The short answer is no. You can still get infected after you’ve been vaccinated. But your chances of getting seriously ill are almost zero. On the CDC website is this Will a COVID-19 vaccination protect me f
  13. The "all students" and "particularly charged with" seems to establish that there is will be priority class and less priority class. It is difficult to imagine how a group "particularly charged with" isn't going to favor certain students over other students. But at the moment it is all academic. Thank you for responding, I was curious as to your input based on the actual recommendation wording.
  14. How would you explain #10 and #11?
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