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  1. On an a reddit forum, the alcohol and coffee things seems to be true. There are often post of people essentially trying to force themselves to "love" alcohol and/or coffee. And too often it seems the "you dont have too" posts are disregarded because xmos are suppose to like all the forbidden fruits.
  2. Great explanation. I tend to wonder if SCOTUS will just keep dancing around the issues with legal technicalities that allows SCOTUS to not consider the merits. Over all though, I can't see SCOTUS allowing individuals or non-exempt entities to discriminate based on religious beliefs. It just seems it would create chaos.
  3. I agree about the slippery slope ( do not mean it in a derogatory way) about religious exemption to discriminate could as was stated in Reynold's against polygamy “Can a man excuse his [illegal] practices…because of his religious belief? To permit this would be to make the professed doctrines of religious belief superior to the law of the land, and in effect to permit every citizen to become a law unto himself. Government could exist only in name under such circumstances….”
  4. Isn't Smith the ruling the President Oaks - as an Apostle - spoke against a Congressional hearing?
  5. I favor growth regulation also, even to the point of random testing of the products to ensure grown in Utah /USA. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?
  6. Yes, there is no telling which version is true. It borders on offenisve that a religion can so weild such control over a secular government. Do I see a difference between "corporations" and "churchs" influencing govenrment...yes, but it isn't much of a difference. The main difference though, is the wall of separation of Church and State. "The United States Supreme Court has explained that the First Amendment‘s ―first and most immediate purpose rested on the belief that a union of government and religion tends to destroy government and to degrade religion. For this reason, past courts have treated the First Amendment as though it ―erected a wall between church and state. On one side of the wall is ―freedom or ―independence from secular control or manipulation for religious organizations. And on the other side, a protection of ―temporal institutions from religious interference." ~ Utah Supreme Court, Williams v. Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, June 3, 2021
  7. Bot sure about the title of the article. The Church did nothing to "unlock" medical marijuana, unless and only if repeated opposition and failure of the lameslatures to act, the People said "enough" and cored in favor of medical marijuana. "When Madsen first introduced a medical marijuana bill in 2015, a church representative showed up to his office to inform him of its opposition. “They came in and told me, ‘We're opposing your bill.’ There was no discussion,” said Madsen, the grandson of former LDS prophet Ezra Taft Benson who served as a senator for ten years and remains an active church member. “[They said] ‘we just came by as a courtesy call to tell you we're going … in to Senate leadership, and we're going to tell him to do everything he can to kill the bill,’” he explained." If true, this borders on onfensive to a secularly governed societity.
  8. I get it, All racism is bad, but some racism isn't as bad as others.
  9. You are the one perverting the words of the Prophet with your defense of and promotion of race based separation of peoples.
  10. I'll accept the Prophets words over your condescending demands. I have confidence that defense of or promotion of race based segregation, is clearly not living up to President Nelson's ideal, which ideal he attributed to Christ.
  11. How can society eliminate racism and promote harmony; not being racist is a start. Yet you and many loud vocal others promote segregation and racism (sure rewrite 'racism' to mean only those in power can be racist) as though it is a virtue.
  12. Are you suggesting that God and or the Gospel are respecter of persons? Are you also suggesting that God and or Gospel regard skin tone? President Russell M. Nelson declared: ‘The Lord has stressed his essential doctrine of equal opportunity for his children. … Differences in culture, language, gender, race, and nationality fade into insignificance as the faithful enter the covenant path and come unto our beloved Redeemer’
  13. I suspect they might argue that, but that arguement seems to impermissably ask the Court to get involved with religion.
  14. "BYU has a history of forcing its students into conversion therapy." Was it forced or even compelled; I dont know enough about it? It is line 130 on page 18 of the filing.
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