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  1. It seems that what ever "list" they claim exist, might be membership records, or at least as the public has been told by people claiming their membership records had some sort of designation.
  2. So just a anecdote. My neighbor has covid, for about two weeks now. I asked what it like compared to a bad flu. The response was it is the worst thing experienced, the roller coaster of body aches, thick mucus, loss of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, thirst coupled with hesitancy to drink liquids due to vomiting, loss of taste and smell, anxiety of not knowing when or if taste or smell will come back. Thankfully, none of the 5 children (infant to teenager) got sick, nor the spouse.
  3. This comment is not directed at you. When I saw the double-mask headline, I thought "Water is wet, more breaking news at 11." However, members of Congress have been wearing double masks.
  4. you are not alone. I use the mask the bucky mask from bed bath and beyond.
  5. Depends. If the receipt of economic stimulus money is tied to getting the vaccine, then I would considered it forced. If the Government says "we will pay $1,400.00 amount to get the vaccine, in addition to any economic stimulus"; then that is a different set of circumstances.
  6. I understand the point that is being made. However, that the government would treat minorities or the poor a certain way is reason for everyone to distrust to the government. Essentially, what the government actions boil down to is "we will do whatever we want, to whomever we want, because we can, and you just so happen to be of the group of people we decided to target today". First they came...comes to mind. I do not agree with forced vaccination.
  7. With this fast spreading variant, is there anything the general public should to avoid it? After seeing this article I started limiting my non-essential mask wearing trips out of the home. It worries me that someone with no travel history tested positive for it.
  8. The 2000+ year old Gospel of Jesus Christ informs on how people should act, and separately an Article of Faith specifically addresses how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints should interact with the respective Government.
  9. https://www.fox13now.com/news/local-news/referendum-over-tooele-county-latter-day-saint-development-really-close-to-meeting-signature-goal
  10. That was not the situation. People in Tooele County gathered signatures to block a rezoning a developed community. The referrendum did not pertain to the Temple itself. I can't blame them for wanting to block high density housing when, basically the entirety of the Tooele Valley has one way in and out of the valley - which is Highway 36.
  11. The recent statement was unnecessary, one might have a good basis to say the President Oak's talk was unnecessary. We have had the Gospel of Chirst for over 2000years. we have had the articles of faiths almost two hundred years.
  12. What was not clear about President Oaks talk in October 2020? The Church Leadership does not need to speak about political issues. My preference would be the Church stay out of all political discussions. My preference is the Leadership of the Church teach the Gospel.
  13. hmmm...the affidavit from the FBI for his arrest, does not mention his brother that I recall.
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