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  1. I occasionally do surveys for companies who are naming their medicines. They give us a bunch of names, tell us what it is for and ask what we think of them. I often wonder just how they are coming up with them. I can't remember any and couldn't share if I could, but I get lots of thoughts like "zombeyfrever for a sleeping pill?"
  2. And priesthood ordinance general instructions.
  3. Looks like there are more resources for women.
  4. I think you are the only one talking about 'forcibly" pinning people down to give them the vaccine. I know Nehor said he would or something along those lines, but he is Nehor.
  5. I'm not sure what you are saying here and how it really relates to getting the vaccine. What about other vaccines such as measles or small pox? I'm not sure how one would determine that the NHS has more concern for it's employees than for liability. Either way I purposely stated 4 reasons that I could be ok with a mandate in no particular order of importance though I didn't do it clearly. 1. Liability 2. Concern for employees. 3. Concern for patients. 4. Dealing with staffing problems that arise when staff gets sick and dies. For me this isn't a thing comparing the altruism of one organization with another, but with a private business looking at the big picture and ALL of the concerns. Exactly. Limiting death and long term health for both employees and patients/customers. When we are talking about life and death and heavy long term consequences to employees and customers, burn out in employees, the ability of the system to run well it becomes much less overwrought. There is also a difference in a private company making the mandate for employees and a government system doing so in a number of ways. Comparing the NHS against a private health business doesn't really work especially since I was talking only about private businesses and am not for government mandates.
  6. Not the person you responded to, but I heavily lean to the idea that the atonement was an actual physical process, not just literal. Not just the suffering part, but the assuming of the guilt part. The paying of the price part. So I don't see it as symbolic. I see it more like I literally hand a basket of my sins to him and then he caries them and does...something with them. So not symbolic to me. Even if I did see it as symbolic I wouldn't put him in as a symbol for our guilt. He would be/is the person weighed down by our guilt so it doesn't make sense to have him be a symbol of it. Rather he would be a symbol of us paying the actual price on our own.
  7. Definitely! Several countries are requiring vaccinations for certain activities. Good of the church to think ahead of times so they are already ready.
  8. I think there is a difference in what the mandates are. For example forcing every citizen to be vaccinated is different than a hospital requiring vaccination of employees because of liability, health and safety of staff and patients and staffing issues. So while I am not for mandates in general I think there are some reasonable times when those in command should be able to require them in order to do the activity that is involved.
  9. But what does that even mean? Garments used to cover more than they do now. We know they were different in Adam's time though we don't have really any detail on that. People who haven't made covenants with God don't wear them. I would imagine that even in antiquity there were a great many who didn't wear them.
  10. Probably because they wear garments which they are supposed to wear nearly all the time. That doesn’t have anything to do with the country they live in and its culture of not sexualizing breasts especially if church members are a small percentage of the country.
  11. I agree with your assessment. It works well with why there were so many 1 and 10 stars on it as well. I laughed at the reviews saying it was too political because it wasn't political, just like you say - trying to be relevant.
  12. I liked it. Just didn't think it was done as well. The repeated song was "Somebody to love". I think the biggest thing was that it wasn't believable to me that Ella and the prince would get together and the rest that goes with that, but would be a spoiler.
  13. Did it actually have something to do with parting of hair or was it about actions in getting us back to Heavenly Father?
  14. Yes, that can be a real problem. I didn't read the book so I didn't need to do that on this one.
  15. In some countries. France doesn't recognize it for visitors going to restaurants, hotels, museums etc. I don't know if they recognize it for residents or not in those places.
  16. I would choose to tell other people about the 90% one, but would recognize that ultimately they are the ones choosing and that if the person feels like they are being forced to buy a car they will probably buy the cheaper one. It is not that I am against education on masks. I am all for it. I've seen quite a bit of talk about them. I just recognize that I am dealing with a lot of people who don't care or actively fight against them. Then there is the idea of mask conversation fatigue. So I can be trying to get the word out to so many who don't want to hear or don't care and are tired of the conversation or I can be grateful when they wear a 26% mask and watch that little by little people are recognizing there are better masks. I have had enough people mocking me and my family about wearing a mask at all. I don't feel it would be effective to go out sharing among many people I am around that there are better masks. However, I got the kf94 masks that bsjkki was talking about. I was pleasantly surprised when someone asked me about it and wondered if it would be good for her. Then I was able to tell her about them. So this isn't a matter to me about whether it is good to share news about effective masks. Of course it is! But right now in many of my circles it is a way to make the subject of masks combative which means if I start teaching about more effective masks then those around me become more firm about not wearing them at all.
  17. And you honestly believe that those wearing no masks or badly wearing poor masks will change if I do? Real question. Because I honestly think that no matter how I do that it will cause a greater rift between me and them and it won't get then to change their mind.
  18. Again, what do you want ME to do about it that will work? What are you doing about it so we can follow your example? Because I've got enough battles I'm fighting and if there isn't something effective I can do about this battle then I'm going to save my energy for the others.
  19. Except for the loss of taste and smell my husband had all the common covid symptoms with his pertussis. Worst "flu" he has had. The second round was a little better. His covid tests were both negative.
  20. I'm ALL for better masks. But if I have to choose between someone else wearing a 0% no mask and a 26% fabric mask I will choose the mask every time. I can't force the government to require great masks. I can't force my neighbor to wear them. Just what do you want me to do? I just don't think you are going to get a whole lot of people changing their minds at this time either way. So I personally wear a better mask and social distance in moderation.
  21. I'll answer. No. But I also wouldn't put someone in a car with the assurance that there was a 95% chance they wouldn't get into a crash. Just thinking of myself that means I would be in a crash on average every 2-3 weeks. The 26% mask stat doesn't really work with your question. The question that would apply is "if you could decrease the chances by 26% they would get in a wreck would you do it?"
  22. No, because early on I didn't realize it was anything more than my normal stuff. The cough got more strong, but no other symptoms. The runny nose didn't start for about 2 weeks and I figured it wouldn't show anything then. I was thinking by then you would see antibodies, but being already vaccinated I wasn't sure if you could tell a difference. I did expect my PA to check for covid when she checked for the valley fever and pertussis, but she didn't.
  23. Maybe that's the difference - I've never once thought someone or some source was saying masks make us "safe". What I have always seen or read or heard I saw as "safer". And I don't think of it as "there is a 26% chance of me being safe if I do this." Rather I think more like "since I'm going to do this (shop, go to church, go to work etc) then I might as well do this really easy thing and make it 26% more safe." I can and have upgraded my masks, but I can't and don't want to control others. So if they wear a 26% mask then I am grateful they are actually wearing something even if I prefer they wear a better one.
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