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  1. I saw this a few days ago and posted the ads on facebook (I don't do politics on Facebook). I also posted them on another message board. When I first saw one of them I thought, "they are listening in conference about be united!" I was a little disappointed that on facebook I only got one like. Maybe that's facebook not sharing it all. Maybe everyone else is tired of politics. I'm not big into having to have likes. I was just disappointed because I really want to give the idea of being united a try and I worry it didn't get the likes because maybe people are too one sided to con
  2. One person on the reviews said he had that problem. He unistalled it and installed it and it worked.
  3. Perhaps not a scam, but certainly not from official sources. She showed the envelope and it had an address, but didn't show where it was from. I just looked at the official registration form you can print off. It looks like the one shown in the picture of the OP. I'm guessing that someone who has access to church records took it on themselves to print off a bunch and then sent them to missionaries on their own. Either way, this is not cool.
  4. I don't know if my son got one or not yet. The first mom has reported it to AZ AG. It sounds like others are reporting it too. Several of us are letting our mission presidents and church leaders know. If I find out my son got one as well I will report that to government officials as well.
  5. Just found out on my missionary moms board that many missionaries (so far all are from AZ as far as I can see) are getting "voter registration" forms asking for SS#. They are being mailed to the mission homes and the return address (just address, no name) is the same as a door to door sales company. Edit: just looked at it is or was also the address of a law office. You may want to let your missionaries know so they don't fill it out for what seems to be a scam.
  6. Thank you! We agree with you on the generator. The biggest reason we have it is for the freezer. I can't really tell you more about it as that is more my husband's area. As far as Portland goes - I moved from Utah. @Raingirl lives in Portland. Easy to confuse the 2 of us with the name.
  7. Timing of onset of covid in the state. Timing of restrictions starting. Compliance to the restrictions.
  8. Joking aside, most women feel the first movement from 14-26 weeks with the average being 18-22.
  9. longest time parady Mom shared this with us. Thought it was cute.
  10. So you've asked us and maybe you have told us your personal feelings and I missed it. Do you feel it is the "preeminent evil in our culture"?
  11. That was the thing for me. I don't know if we have a lot of abortions except for the exemptions. In my 52 years I know one person where that would apply. I know lots of members who have out of marriage pregnancies. So when you said, "Of course, we should see fewer elective abortions in the Church. Those horrendous numbers" it just didn't go along with my experience. I was taking horrendous numbers of abortions in the church as meaning "numerous" so I read it as "there are numerous abortions in the church caused by people not living the law of chastity." But maybe you meant horrendo
  12. Is this something you are assuming or something you have seen numbers on? While I would assume that we would have far fewer out of marriage pregnancies if we observed the law of chastity, I've not see anything that shows that we would almost eliminate abortions in the church due to breaking the law of chastity.
  13. I have never once seen you as adversarial. I appreciate your presence here.
  14. Just read this, "Manufacturers are stockpiling vaccines now, ahead of completing clinical trials, in the hopes that they will provide enough data to win emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. But a company must get that authorization before those doses can be distributed and used." Normally are vaccines stockpiled before they get approval? I'm not looking for if that is a good or bad thing, just if it is normal. If it is normal, what do they do with the stockpile if it isn't approved?
  15. Another clarification from me. I believe that nearly all, if not all, of the active women on this thread feel that they are an advocate for the fetus as well as the woman. Women like me are not going to advocate for the fetus any less than you do, even if through revelation, we feel it best to have an abortion. With couples who are doing their best to follow the Lord I think it is rarely going to happen that they disagree on the matter. It is only with disagreement that the weight given to the woman's voice means anything. And really, there will probably be times when the woman i
  16. That link I posted a bit back was something along those lines. Not so much killing the virus, but um trapping? it in an air purifier of some kind.
  17. To get a full picture there should probably be a couple more there. Deaths involving both where covid caused pneumonia and deaths involving both where the pneumonia came first.
  18. I believe nearly all, if not all, of the active women here hold the position of the church. No active member here is hectoring you for the position the church takes on abortion. There are, however, disagreements about things that the church doesn't take a position.
  19. First I want to be clear here though I'm pretty sure you understand this. The church isn't saying it is ok in these instances. I think there are probably a lot of times when God counsels the woman to continue with the pregnancy and it would be wrong to go against that counsel if it was clear to her. My feeling is that it is allowed by God when the circumstances make such that one path is better than another path for all involved. Since God is the only one that can know that, it is imperative for a woman to get God's answer for her specifically and the guidelines of the church fit that
  20. Matthew has Jesus healing the leper "when he was come down from the mountain" after the Sermon on the mount. Mark (when Jesus was traveling around Galilee) and Luke (when in a certain city) have it elsewhere. So some of the harmonies put it in order with Matthew and some put it in order of Mark and Luke. It makes sense to me to have it in Matthew order because of "when he was come down from the mountain" because it specifies, sort of, what he was doing just before. It seems to me the harmonies that have it in Matthew and Luke order may do it because there are two records in that orde
  21. It also could be though that "good information makes for good inspiration" though. I believe that the apostles have a very good knowledge base of the troubles of the world, but they don't know and understand everything. Perhaps all the new (to possibly them) has given them good inspiration.
  22. I have discovered the written notes can be really cool. I was going through them for something and recently so add quite a bit more to their talk or include different quotes etc.
  23. One thing to be aware of is that not all D&Cs are abortion. Some are done after miscarriages. Some to determine and treat causes of heavy bleeding.
  24. I wouldn't say it is "the" preeminent evil, but may be "a" great evil. I say "may" because like Duncan, the church even allows for it in cases of rape, incest and medical causes. If someone is raped and can't mentally deal with having the child and prays and fasts over an abortion I cannot say they have acted evilly. The preeminent evil in this case is the rape. I think the preeminent evil is more subtle than that. It effects everyone of us to some extent and others to a great extent. It is turning away from God. It is why the first commandment is to love God.
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