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  1. I think when we learned that environment (eg: trauma) shapes both our DNA and that of our offspring, it was the first nail in the nature vs nurture debate.
  2. We're pretty driven to see patterns. I think those things are just groups of behaviors we drew lines around. My mom was a single parent to 4. I'm a single parent to 5. Both of us were more analytical and less nurturing - except for babies because even analysts can nurture a baby.
  3. It's not your imagination. They're freaking awful now. I first noticed it about 5 or 8 years ago.
  4. I've never been clear why blood pressure cuffs had to become implements of torture. For lots of decades they seemed to work just fine w/o seeming like something Vietnamese POW interrogators would find useful.
  5. In the end I could count on one hand the number of adults who were interested in the integrity of the program. Well, on one hand if you blew off a couple of fingers. One notable exchange was me and the exec sec about youth protection training. Like most here, he wanted no part of it. When I said it had been mandated by the district, he we'd lie and that'll handle it. I offered that if we did, I would personally make sure the district pulled our charter. He looked like I had gut punched him. A few months later, the stake presidency mandated it and suddenly, YPT was divinely inspired.
  6. My calling related regrets tended to be when I said yes. As in "Yes, I'll fraudulently sign blue cards."
  7. Word of Wisdom violations are what's left when needed alternatives are unattainable.
  8. 2x-3x w/ ~0 availability. We're setting up to have homeless families, who have some cash in the bank.
  9. 1950s was skinny hot Elvis. Enormous Elvis was def a 1970s phenomenon.
  10. I got things. You go be Ahab.
  11. In which we learn you have a selection of Elvis voices.
  12. It might be more useful to consider the WoW as pointers to boundaries, rather than the boundaries themselves. The goal would be to move in a direction rather than trying to occupy a point.
  13. Resurrected feels like getting a refurb. Why not a new one? Is God getting all green on us?
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