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  1. Chum

    Voter day

    Florida's undocumented hurdles to voting are fairly significant and time consuming. I'm fairly fortunate to have the time and resources to work out it all out for my kids. I feel like after all that work, there was no way I wasn't voting. They may have felt the same.
  2. Chum

    Voter day

    Our voting location was this local VFW post. Oddly, I can't recall ever seeing a Veterans of Domestic Wars post. Hmm. Anyhoo, something else occurred to me. This is FL. We ought to be getting Veterans of Culture Wars posts any time now.
  3. Chum

    Voter day

    Despite Florida's best efforts, we voted. Five of our 6 did anyway. The sixth got stuck on the address-update site for state IDs. He couldn't get past the boss round (the part where all credit cards are denied, inc ones that worked earlier). In all candor tho, I did worse on that site than he did. I spent weeks failing to solve the Myst-like challenge to prove identity. I finally opted for the penalty and drove out to the license office. FL was ready with more traps tho. The state helpfully offers to update your voter registration when updating ID address. We said Sure! because we're suckers - and so FL got us. They sent our mailing address to the supervisor of elections office, instead of our physical address (it turns out they do this to everyone). Had we gone with what FL assigned to us, we'd would have voted in the wrong county and FL might have gotten it's chance to deploy it's new anti-voter police force against us. We caught it in time. Suck on that FL. After all that there was one last pitiful attempt. The county assigned the wrong polling location to son #2 (we all live together). The place was right nearby but he wasn't fooled. He voted where he needed to. As for next election: I'm confident the legislature is crafting new vote-reducing obstacles. However, we're no longer living in deep poverty. We have the resources to handle whatever FL comes up with. Looking forward to 2024, FL.
  4. The vast, vast, vast bulk of sexual mistreatment is done by straight men.
  5. Recapping I think 1-9, 13 & 14 are open-ended in a beneficial way. They indicate the boundaries of how things work. I speculate that 10 has been depreciating in relevance since this talk was given. It would speak best to preceding events. I feel 11 and 12 come with a spirit of exclusion that broadly hampers missionary work. I find that spirit contagious and feel a desire to exclude them.
  6. I think most Christian leaders believe their exclusionary actions are for the good of the body (including LDS). I believe the truth of that is reflected on if (and how) active love is manifested in those proceedings. One tangential example. My older brothers went to a knuckle rapping Catholic school. In my (much later) Catholic school, the nun who paddled me was sobbing the entire time.
  7. Regarding your personal consideration: I feel it depends on why you're hashing the point. If you desire a concrete answer that you can use to influence behavior, then I think control is on the table. If it's just to obtain a better understanding of cause and effect, that sounds more like adaptation than control.
  8. I think it might be the opposite. The desire to examine an undecided topic indicates freedom from compulsive control. The converse is discussing a decided topic where our behavior is assumed and we get to figure out how we're going to comply. An example of the latter: Someone wielding a principle as a means to control someone else's behavior.
  9. I thought the books were kind of plodding and the series was pretty good. To be fair to Azimov, after I plowed thru Known Space, Foundation couldn't really compete. I did enjoy Azimov's non-fiction essays tho. Reread those a lot. Can't argue with this. I'd put FAM up against Counterpart. Counterpart blows it away early but FAM's storyline is way more durable.
  10. I'm guessing you mean Salt Lake handles the recouping. On the face of it, it seems onerous for SL to claw back sales tax from every big/small municipality that collect it. Is that what's done? Past that - Would that mean munis have to verify & process returns from most every non profit with a presence? For tiny depts, it seems like a lot.
  11. It's been good for me since your response a few days ago.
  12. To clarify, the Church is reimbursed by my county for county sales taxes?
  13. I guess I should have phrased that as: We members were told our ward pays sales tax on items for the ward.
  14. Okay. First time I've heard that. I haven't been a financial or ward clerk. We members were told we pay sales tax. I've been involved in financials for other types of local 501c3 and I've never seen or heard of it being done that way.
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