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  1. I am eagerly awaiting @Navidad's response on this. A bit because he once (reasonably) downplayed my assertions of Evangelical bigotry.
  2. I'm so jealous. Not about the kids part. Five is enough.
  3. We need to maximize the number babies from teens and other people who are least equipped to parent them. If we don't, we'll have fewer children in poverty and fewer families to deny services to.
  4. You're saying I misread your tone. That may be. Conveying tone in text tends to be either tricky or impossible. I have to trash entire posts when I'm wasn't confident my feeling came thru.
  5. Are you running me off? Or are you suggesting I flush away my savings to enjoy homelessness far away from my customers? Honestly, your use of "Just Go Move Then" isn't helping JGMT's already poor reputation. As someone who has exhibited poor religious behavior, I can understand why some are uncomfortable with religion. At some point we faithful ought to man up - we ought to own our holdings in our sometimes unfortunate reputation. ... Or address the freaking problem - which begins by framing the freaking problem. You also exist due to lots of bad decisions. Those are harder to factor in because they typically aren't recorded. If I loop in your first sentence - your overall point could be we should appease hostility by So Move'ng (or whatever crappy thing toxic judgment wants). That doesn't sit well with me. From my perspective, it doesn't align with the Church's recent counsel to invest ourselves in the lives of our neighbors. It's hard to lift where we stand if we skulk away in response to bullying.
  6. I assume you mean inside the the US. Even here, even now, being active in a particular faith can make the difference whether you are accepted into a job, housing, etc. Much more commonly, it can make the difference whether you are accepted into (or harshly rejected from) the family you were born/married into. Just this month, I received guidance from the Church on how to not be a twitwit, if a family member leaves the Church.
  7. Her first meeting @ 8yo. His 20th or something. He materialized out of sight in the brush. Asks for and gets clothes then comes out. He doesn't let on they're together one day. During the conversation she asks why he'd want to kiss someone and he says it's nice - like her brushing her toy pony right then is nice. She says "I'm not brushing him! I'm grooming him." So that. That aside, it was nice to not have my haunches up during this scene. Or at least not much. I realized I miss the time when abuse wasn't an automatic subplot.
  8. I'm wondering what the backstory is behind the Time Traveler's Wife. My guess is 4-chan has been sending anonymous scripts to the The Hallmark Channel - who finally produced one of them. Super buff male lead is naked a lot (no fruit), in case that sells it for anyone.
  9. Chum

    Moon shot

    I grew up just south of DC. I live in FL now; it's justice for every terrible thing I've ever done.
  10. Chum

    Moon shot

    They're like the only ones that didn't trade in their displays of faith for politics. My money says they're Catholic. Mom and kids dress up on Sunday and I haven't seen them in my ward. Also the framing was unintentional at first. First pic almost made me forget about One Plus's awful camera.
  11. I figure as long as the fridge is stocked, the dietary things will sort themselves out.
  12. Chum

    Moon shot

    30 min later
  13. Chum

    Moon shot

    Got a front yard pic of the eclipse but my phone camera kind of sucks. Son trying to get some better shots - thru a rickety telescope, using a rickety phone. We shall see.
  14. I'd like to speak more generally about this. I have been observing that the Church tends to be hands off and indirect regarding most behaviors (w/ visible exceptions). In situations where Saints' behaviors might benefit from some guided manipulation, instead of Do/Don't, we are regularly encouraged to develop mindsets that more broadly achieve benevolent results. For example, instead of being told outright to stop succumbing to political divisions, we've been given guidance to be more involved in each other lives. We've been given examples of how acts of forgiveness can manifest. This is annoying to me when hearing "Knock It The Hell Off" would be really satisfying. However, that sort of direct direction can be super problematic. One way is that some members will invariably use it to force others to change their behavior. (We need less of that. Every day.) Another issue is that specific direction can morph into a mandate and mandates are heavy and have a way of piling up. The general principle behind this might be something like - we want ways to hurt each other less but those ways also need to increase happiness in people's lives.
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