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  1. Furries here but that could just be the circles we move in.
  2. Yeah. I had a crush after 50 and came across a blog post that pointed out problems with crushes. I came to realize I was basically objectifying the other person. They had all my focus but what I wanted far outweighed true regard for their feelings. Once that clicked it became easier to set it aside. I'd guess age was part of that but reason made it happen. Also, my kids worldview got tweaked to learn I could have a crush on someone. Not sure I saw it coming either.
  3. And it potentially serves a purpose - unlike a post-sneeze Bless You. That bit of pointlessness that can't die quick enough.
  4. MBM teaching is to accommodate human tendencies. People are people, inside or outside of a faith.
  5. These all seem like valid concerns. I would hope that as we build temples in new areas that we could be seen as the best of neighbors. While some change is unavoidable with new construction, if a temple was being built in my neighborhood I would be concerned about all of the above as well. The housing crisis seems to have defused any auto-triggering I might have had (excepting maybe light pollution). I find I'm more accepting of many types of construction now.
  6. and are kinda different things. I'm not even sure they overlap.
  7. I think that's one factor. Another is if leadership prefers support that is more flavored by agreement or helpful challenge.
  8. My own experiences are fairly unanimous; they evidence that your kind criticism of @Sara H's position may be the thing that is off base. US Christianity may not have an absolute homogeneity regarding original sin but I assert there is an effective homogeneity. When Sara says... ...this absolutely and consistently aligns with what I was taught. It is what I heard from Sister Philip Michael in Catholic school and Reverend Fraley in Methodist VBS. I heard it at Jack Van Impe crusades, at Dranesville bible camp, at Fishnet and at my Baptist church. It was a particularly consistent doctrine and prior to my initiation into LDS doctrine, I hadn't heard the Christian origin story taught otherwise. To better qualify this discussion I will clarify that I am offering wholly anecdotal experiences and presenting them against what is - objectively & importantly - a well qualified position. That said, it is not your broad attestation about variety within Christian origin teaching that I am debating. I am contending that what Sara presented is especially pervasive in US Christianity. I am fairly certain that if we were to visit 100 churches of the top US Christian denominations, we would hear Sara's original sin story taught in ~all of them.
  9. @Navidad has the biggest brain I've ever seen. He should leave it to Science. Because leaving it to Religion would be weird.
  10. This thought nudges me in a potentially better direction. What responsibility do we have to our *eren who are lost in the wilderness of extremism and nationalist thinking?
  11. Historically, I think you're overwhelmingly right. However, I see an increase of nuanced instruction. It hints that better thinking youth will eventually replace polarized members.
  12. Compare how the Savior spent his Earthly time with the goals advanced in Christian-themed political agendas. There's little-to-no similarity. The Savior's teachings don't promise a lot of power over others. They seem to get forgotten in the face of goals that do.
  13. I really don't think the Church either seeds or nurtures the extremest mindset. In most of the rural US, the Church is at most a tiny presence and extremist nationalism abounds. Besides, Church leaders have spoken out against nationalism, knowing where it can lead. They just don't seem to be making much headway. I imagine they find that distressing.
  14. I don't think this is jump folks are making. I think the jump goes this way: He's showcasing his arsenal along with his intense desire to see head shots in people he doesn't like.
  15. In case this wasn't addressed, the General Handbook clearly prohibits carry inside the building, excepting on-duty LEO. My memory is that it qualifies the latter bit with a recognition that employment may mandate carry. The vibe I get is is that guns aren't welcome in worship places but the Church understands that a brief, temporary allowance may sometimes be needed.
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