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  1. Speaking as someone who lived thru child sexual abuse, I have an observation that belongs here. For the first instance of abuse, responsibility primarily belongs with the perpetrator. For every instance of abuse that followed, however, that can be fairly be laid at the feet of police, who's actual freaking job it was to intercede. For over 100 years in the US (until ~30yrs ago), millions of individual police officers where largely uninterested in what happened to kids. Children - as in me, as in we - knew from hard-learned experience that going to cops was far, far more likely to ge
  2. I actually need someone to manage the circle where callings are issued w/o needed training & then obstructed when finally figured out. Interested?
  3. Joseph was pretty okay. He was full of flaws and mistakes - things that are often taboo + demonized but are also necessary for becoming a better person. He's a good example of how the Mantle operates just fine along side of those imperfections.
  4. If I was going to construct a new and improved version of Hell, my most powerful misery generator would be the endless use of scripture to push obfuscated political agendas.
  5. I don't disagree with that. It's the 'Doll' styling that's striking. My most natural reaction might be objectification. I'm kind of unhappy about it.
  6. I've been considering this observation. It's so true even the contrarian in me can't find anything to debate in it. Now maybe this supposed to be some kind of balance but it seems that every male, US actor now is steroid-level, super buff. I mean the first time Chidi Anagonye took off his shirt I was like "Wholly crap" and wounding if that physique was some perk he got from being in The Good Place. Like I said, maybe it's balance but it reinforces my assumption that talent is limited to what's in the pool of tens and elevens. Personally, I find the hyper-attractiveness of US actors t
  7. Chum

    Books thread

    I'm in, as soon as Michael Kramer reads it. I'm in the group that transited to Sanderson from Wheel of Time.
  8. Just back from camping so - Hot chocolate mix + instant oatmeal = hobo pudding.
  9. This year? Tony Rice, Tony Allen and Mister Satan. edit: I forgot about McCoy Tyner. Sigh. In some ways it was a terrible year.
  10. I liked it better when I believed I could dismiss anecdotes like this, as some fabrication by an unknown anti-Church twit.
  11. They're an interesting bunch. Can't recall if I've ever come across them before. Enjoying the catch-up.
  12. I missed this the first time thru. About Frances' message; he isn't the first Pope to share it. However, that message isn't echoed by major Christian leaders in the US, not with any breadth or consistency anyway. My take that is we (the US) have created (and continue to create) a system where our welfare is tied to consumer purchasing. I don't see this changing. Meanwhile, the Church gives us guidance that equates to throttling consumerist tendencies, while understanding that we work in jobs that require broad and growing consumerism. The message would seem to be that we should
  13. I'm noting here that consumerism is increasingly tied to patriotism. We get fairly regular messaging, that we should spend for the good of the nation.
  14. Nope. We're mid-grade introverts at best & this is paradise compared to compulsory crowding. Social distancing means my personal space gets some personal space. Church has become heavenly. I never imagined living in such a psychologically healthy time. Well, speaking to the pandemic, anyway.
  15. Our school district gave us all the options they could. Kids can attend in-person, attend remotely and/or take virtual courses. Mine did all 3 for a while (because one of the trade classes couldn't be done remotely). As for issues: Monitoring portals have incomplete data - grades can be posted a week or more after submission, leading to low course grades that raise flags - teachers' tech issues lead to classes that don't open and that results in unexcused absences. In other words, it's all the same issues that happen every year. I think that means they're handling the pandemic well.
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