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  1. Sure. Fortunately context isn't either of those things. Sure. I think your arguments are persuasive. Your delivery of that info could reasonably be interpreted to say that the onus of a failure to reach herd immunity rested primarily with the vaccines themselves and not unvaccinated people. I disagreed with it. A more accurate portrayal of what I do would be my words. I found some examples your delivery indistinguishable from anti-health propaganda - because that propaganda models itself after your dissemination style. I think this is full of wisdom.
  2. Understood. A half a sentence that encapsulates the overall picture can transform agenda-fuel into greater understanding.
  3. Agreed. Let assume I am correctly understanding her intent. Lets further assume both her integrity and the integrity of her information is above reproach (which I'd wager is a safe assumption). Both of those assumptions still allow the following question. Is the method in which she (and others) delivering this information - is that method serving to reinforce anti-health messaging? Due to the rise of anti-heallth propaganda that mirrors her posting methods, I suggest it is on the table.
  4. Which is what pogi and I are each asking for - that a more complete equation is more regularly represented. Routinely discussing just weaknesses w/o strengths can create a picture that is indistinguishable from misinformation. It is a challenge we have each been seeking to overcome. I might need this restated differently to make sure I understand it as intended.
  5. But you even “@“ bsjkki above so it is hard not to read that as targeting her in my view Maybe it would be helpful for everyone to read their own posts and think “where is this likely to be misread”? I resolved today to be less confrontational. My original "untrue inference" post was from yesterday. I wasn't even interested in going there today but was that quote was put before me in combination with an accusation, that spun my language into an incorrect conclusion. In response to your criticism of my remark I ask you to consider my language. "Seems" indicates that in my opinion, there appears to be an issue. This invites examination and avoids making a flat out, non-negotiable declaration. "Inference" is at the core of a significant issue pogi and I are trying to address. We have been discussing instances where a qualified, yet incompletely stated fact is used as part of delivering misinformation. Pogi and I independently saw language in bsjkki posts that strongly fit the form and factor of that type of propaganda. It took some time yesterday before it seemed less likely to us that that wasn't bsjkki's intent. The @ at bsjkki was a request for her to consider our point about messaging. With it came my efforts to nudge these conversations into less combative grounds.
  6. I don't believe that counters my point that present day youth (I love presents!) are increasingly capable. It might even reinforce it, albeit with a potential explanation. I'm not clear how this applies. I'm not assigning some genetic ability to modern youth. I'm comparing reality against reality. The world is harder by the hour and young people now routinely navigate a state of mandated & increasing complexity that didn't exist before. Call it training or education or boot camp - it makes them more capable just as learning would. It also means people that had less learning tend to be less capable.
  7. Yeah what the frothy fripp happened to Greenwald? It's like he started mainlining thyroid and gunpowder snowballs.
  8. Man. You are full of things I didn't say. You're like my unsaid repository. I've already moved on from cheese but thank you for the kind wishes.
  9. I believe so. That previous post isn't at all attacky. I think it shows today's resolve to be more constructive and less reactive.
  10. I'm oldish. When I was young, my parents' generation struggled much less with everyday expectations. It's become a vastly more complicated world and being able to navigate it reflects on ability.
  11. I'm not sure the Spirit inspired this post.
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