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  1. He had a stroke a few years ago that slowed him down. He talked about it in some of his lectures. He looked great. He was very lucid, but spoke slow. He had health issues that weren’t apparent. Even knowing that, his death was surprising.
  2. I think each, or many of us, go through an Old Testament phase when we have wrapped our world into a meet little package. We feel qualified to judge others, and justified in our strident opinions. Then, when one of our children go astray, we go through a New Testament phase of mercy and compassion. If we are lucky, we go through a Mosiah chapter 4 experience, and try to remember what we learned. I still have a challenge with King David losing his salvation over Uriah, particularly in view his humble penance in Psalm 51.
  3. How many of us, in our zeal to find the Elect, friendshipped people, then dropped them like a hot potato when they showed no interest in the Church. Bro. Christensen, in his “Power of Everyday Missionaries,” showed us how to approach strangers directly with our message, rather than leave them wondering “What happened? I thought you wanted to be friends?” Of course, most or all prophets are disruptive innovators. But some (President Nelson,) are more disruptive than others. I also wonder if Clayton’s fingerprints aren’t also on the “Come Follow Me” and “Teaching in the Savior’s Way” pr
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