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  1. I’m pretty sure you didn’t look...Joseph would’ve loved the royalties of a $16 paperback BoM...
  2. You’d rather Jeff Bezos do it? He would if he saw the opening.
  3. No. Because you either nurture the faith, or you nurture the doubt. It’s why doubt is universally condemned in the New Testament. You’re literally making the argument that someone CAN serve two masters.
  4. Yeah, sounds about right.
  5. “Don’t you wish you had this”? Not really advice...
  6. Right. But going on Reddit or social media isn’t going to help resolve it. My wife belongs to an LDS mom’s group on FB...I’m not too impressed with some of the stuff she shares from there. Pretty disappointing sometimes.
  7. Serious question. Have you ever heard of the Cold War (1947-1991)?
  8. If the brethren aren’t straying from their lane of expertise, they’re lording their credentials over us to make sure you feel stupid. Can’t ever win, can they?
  9. We were talking about two different phone calls. He was talking about the call to Georgia Sec of State Brad Raffensperger, and I was talking about the call to Frances Watson. So yes I was mistaken. I disagree with the context he framed it, but yes I was incorrect.
  10. Retract what? That we were talking about two different things? Sure. Edit: just wanted to add, that that phone call didn’t bother me either, which is why I was confused. I don’t attribute much of anything Trump said or did to him being corrupt, as much as it was him just being a bloviating jackass. IMHO
  11. I would’ve voted for Tulsi... True story.
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