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  1. Mostly peaceful protesters I’m seeing on CNN though... But seriously, I’m disgusted.
  2. What makes you think it’ll be within the next 15 years?
  3. Thank goodness they said so after the fact. Prisoners must’ve felt vindicated. 🙄 So no piece of legislation was cited in that article. I need to see a Federal or State law saying my rights are suspended when there’s an emergency. What I see are a lot of “orders”. Which are challenged in the courts because government is taking powers not explicitly granted to them? And the Judicial system, part of the government, has upheld those actions? You’re making Elder Bednar’s point.
  4. Martial Law hasn’t been declared since Pearl Harbor (why were the camps wrong again?) and for good reason since Democracy is completely suspended. You want to take my rights? Declare martial law, but EVERYONE goes down with me. Which means EVERYONE has a vested interest in martial law being lifted as soon as possible. What we have now? If I say the right things. Support the right causes. Or make enough money. COVID mandates don’t apply to me. And that’s what’s scary. The government arbitrarily picking winners and losers during a pandemic.
  5. Was it? Might’ve just been good wartime policy. Sure, if I was in New York, and stood in a group of 25,000 people holding a BLM sign, I’d be fine. If I were a Orthodox Jew in New York, attending the funeral of Rabbi Chaim Mertz, I’d have the Mayor instructing the NYPD to arrest me on Twitter. Where does the law say my rights are curtailed in a time of emergency? You can’t just make stuff up there buddy. CFR please.
  6. Not playing games Calm, it’s a very relevant question. WWII was the greatest cataclysm in human history. We were attacked. We didn’t know if there were spies and/or informants working amongst the Japanese community. Did we not restore their rights, as you suggested, after the crisis was over?
  7. Calm, whose fault is it that there are people out there thinking they aren’t being irresponsible for not wearing masks? I said that you have to give people the information and let them govern themselves. Not lie to them because you don’t trust them, as the “experts” initially did. Under no circumstances are rights to be curtailed or suspended for any reason. That is the price, and risk, we take for living in a free society. All it takes is one time for an individual or government to refuse the laying down of emergency powers. You may not get a Lincoln next time the writ of ha
  8. If constitutional rights disappear during emergencies, what’s the point of having governments to protect them? The church has shown it’s able to act responsibly, and do so without government mandates—in fact before the lockdowns, there was evidence that people were voluntarily avoiding crowded spaces and social distancing. Most people, when given the information, will govern themselves responsibly. We’ve heard that before...Tyranny, the kind that Joseph Smith was accused of at Nauvoo, is when you believe people are not capable of being responsible, and must be forced to do the right thi
  9. You think the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. just liked being called "Reverend" for fun?
  10. C’mon... Words matter. And designating people and their jobs, occupations, and business as “non-essential” is a catastrophically bad idea. Who voluntarily labels themselves “non essential”? People’s lives, hopes and dreams have been destroyed by this. We’ve single handed saved the family that owns the AirBNB that we’re staying at while our house is being built. They lost their barbershop (life savings type of thing), and if it wasn’t for the monthly payments to live in their basement, they would’ve lost their house as well. I’m not understanding why people who are “at risk”
  11. They’re good for overall health, plus, you might want to up the gym game. Women love the rippling muscles of a warrior...just sayin. Just for those who beast it in the gym. Seriously though, I think everyone should take their omega oils regardless of age. We don’t get enough in our diets.
  12. Not supplementing correctly Broseph... Animal Pak, Animal Omega, and Animal Flex. Put that into your google machine and thank me later.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.history.com/.amp/news/native-american-slavery-mormon-utah Yes, good intentions paving a road to hell. Per the article, if I saw a trader bash a child’s brains out to get me to buy a slave...I’d probably make as many purchases as I could too.
  14. Brigham Young was living during a time when some areas of medical science believed blacks had different blood, skin suited to extreme sun exposure, flatter feet, and different skulls that suited them to slavery. Was racism in the 19th century wrong? Yes. But it is absolutely absurd to judge BY by the same standards as a person today. It’s a gospel tenant that we are judged by the light and knowledge we posses at the time of our life on earth. Were mistakes made? Yes. Far reaching? Yes. Still echoed today? Yes. But again, Brigham Young is not remembered or revered for those
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