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  1. We know from this scripture that he had representatives who visited some, so that's an option. As for whether or not he visited all other spirit worlds, I don't think there is enough information to answer this, and since it's not really relative to our mortality, I'm not sure it matters that we have an answer right now. imo
  2. I think Narcissistic personality is a given with Lori, that's an easy one to spot, but I think there's more to her emotional problems. In watching her mother and sister talk about her, I believe she has had problems, which her family has enabled her entire life. I recall something her mother said about Lori believing something was true, and insinuating that Lori was alone in this--implying she was not always grounded in reality in her thinking. I think Lori Vallow was not grounded in real events but lived in a twisted world of her warped mind. If she believed something, then it had to be t
  3. I'm so sorry that church attendance is a burden for you in your family. It should be better though, as right now we are only meeting for about 45 minutes for a sacrament meeting on Sunday. That ought to leave more time for family at home. While I personally was fine with staying home (I even enjoyed home church), I know that for many others it was lonely and depressing, isolating to not have weekly church meetings with others. The examples of that are right here on this thread and it's disturbing to read that some are not doing well with the upheaval to our normal interactions with friends
  4. I agree. It helps the prosecution to have the two of them sitting together on trial, tied together on the commission of this crime in the eyes of the Jury. And, since it's common sense and obvious to all that they committed this together, it is the right thing to do.
  5. To me, this is the problem with trying to dissect parables down to the tiny parts. When you do that, they can muddy the meaning or lesson Jesus was teaching. The theme of the parable isn't about the groom being later than expected. It isn't about the other virgins not sharing their oil. Those are simply a necessary part of the story, in order to get the true meaning of the story. Also, if you take the parable in it's basic form, we are to assume the groom genuinely doesn't know them or recognize them as part of his wedding party-- they are strangers; he's not punishing them for bein
  6. I heard on the news that they are combining the trials of Lori and Chad. I'm glad they are going to do that. https://www.oxygen.com/crime-news/lori-vallow-and-chad-daybell-will-have-their-trials-combined
  7. I'm sorry, if I was making wrong assumptions, I'm probably missing something. Anyway, I found this commentary on the parable of the 10 virgins; to me, this is the message of the parable and what Jesus was trying to convey to his disciples. It is a message is watch, pray, and be prepared, cause it's possible for even those who believe in Christ and his gospel to find themselves not prepared at his coming. Others find different messages in the Parable, but I think this is the basic one. https://www.jesusfilm.org/blog-and-stories/parable-ten-virgins.html From the article:
  8. That's interesting, when contemplating Pres. Trump, I think of Ether 10:10-11 and this description of Morianton; "...He did ease the burden of the people, by which he did gain favor in the eyes of the people, and they did anoint him to be their king, and he did do justice unto the people, but not unto himself because of his many whoredoms..." He's got plenty of faults, as many of us do, but since I believe in redemption and repentance, I think Pres. Trump is worth praying for, and we sure need to remember to pray for our leaders in this country, especially at this crucial time in our
  9. I'm sure Means has been watching the public reactions and has noticed that Melanie Gibbs is especially hated by the public (just look at any online comments when she's brought up on). I'm not sure what it is, but I read negative reactions to her on par with the reactions to Lori Vallow. There's a visceral hostility and condemnation for Melanie Gibbs, and I think he's picking up on it, trying to do whatever he can to redirect and place suspicion on someone other than his client. I haven't seen as much hostility for David Warwick, but he's tied to Melanie, so why not vilify him as well, I gue
  10. I don't know, I've always like the parables, and personally, I find them pretty straightforward and easy to understand. I'm not sure why some didn't understand the meaning, maybe they dismissed them because they were 'stories', and they wanted straight-forward lectures of clear cut doctrine and teachings. I can see the Jews, with their practices and traditions not really liking Jesus' style of teaching. To me, it is an interesting way to use the same parable to teach different ideas, I personally like that, but maybe it's not cut a dry enough for some. Maybe like some want everything spelle
  11. I don't know, maybe you are a complex thinker and that's why you have difficulty understanding it. I've always understood the parables of Jesus to have been everyday experiences that the people of his day would have been familiar with; he certainly didn't have to explain it, they were familiar with the events. The one this parable describes would have been common. Likely, the young unmarried women of the day (translated into English as 'virgins'), took part in the wedding festivities, which were drawn out, and they would go and wait for the Groom to arrive. (Like kids today who decorat
  12. This discussion reminded me of a similar situation presented in the Book of Mormon; 1 Nephi 15. Laman and Lemuel were 'disputing one with another over prophesies/vision etc their Father had shared with them. Nephi asked them 'have ye inquired of the Lord?' It was the Lord who shared the Parable of the Virgins and their oil lamps, so why not let him help you understand it? There's where you will find answers. Anyway, I think that chapter would be worth reading and maybe it will help you gain some insight for yourself, as that is the best way to learn, imo.
  13. As I recall, he had a bag on his head?, which combined with drugs, would have been an efficient way to kill him. I would expect that he was drugged, he would have been much easier to handle, I like to think he was, I hope he was not aware of what was happening to him.
  14. I think if the leaders have not suggested it is for girls 8 to 11, their mothers and fathers won't feel the need to get them to watch, it's more an individual choice. This takes off the pressure, as some have suggested from their own experiences, some younger girls were not really ready for having to attend a women's session. Of course they can watch, just as anyone else can watch any or all sessions if they are interested.
  15. I think some don't like to think about the turmoil in the world, because it makes them feel anxious and unhappy. Some may feel that if they don't think about it, it doesn't exist. Some might rather 'eat drink and be merry' and be completely ingrossed in this world, their own lives, because that's what 97% of the population is doing. The gospel, the scriptures want us to prepare, they tell us to prepare and there's no question we live in 'perilous times', but we can choose to ignore their admonitions. I don't know when the second coming will be, but personally, I'd rather be able to say tha
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