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  1. I wonder why this person made this claim, 'Since 2015 Bishops are supposed to ask this question'. sounds like they should explain why they think this, because I for one have not heard this, and if anything, these days, Bishops are asked not to deviate, not add questions that may be too intimate. So, if you haven't asked them already, maybe ask them why they think this? Who told them this? Because personally, I think there isn't a question that has been added they are supposed to be asking. It was probably something that was personal to that Bishop or to local authorities, imo.
  2. I think that most likely, the Cox family is paying her bills, as I doubt Chad can foot both their legal bills anymore. The Cox family was blindly, astonishingly supportive of Lori before the children's bodies were found and I doubt that has changed--it is an ingrained pattern in that family to support Lori in whatever she did. I seriously doubt Lori has the ability to control her desires for anything and everything she wanted enough to have stashed away any money while she had the chance, and her pattern was to have others paying for everything she wanted as she went along with life. I thin
  3. With all the work his attorney is doing, Chad is blowing through Tammy's life insurance money quick. All these motions, survey, investigators etc. cost money. I wonder what Chad will do when it's all gone, which, at this rate, could happen. And, who's paying for Lori's attorney? Is that coming from Tammy's money too? And were they living off the life insurance money in Hawaii? I wonder how his children feel about that? I also wonder if we'll see Tammy's autopsy report anytime soon. I'm more convinced that she did not die of natural causes.
  4. I was just curious, since we only have Willem's response, what he was told or asked, regarding the essay. I wonder if Willem actually read the essay, and was upset by it, or if he was told by someone what they felt the essay was implying, and was upset by that. Imo, I would expect it was a critic (but still nominally considers themselves a member) of the Book of Abraham who contacted him.
  5. So, I'm curious who notified Harco Willems about the essay and who 'recently asked' him for his comments? I wonder if he read the essay himself or was told by the person what it said.
  6. I would too. I'd like the two of them to have to be on trial together, it would make this whole thing even more tragic, the two of them together, having to face the mess they created by insisting on being together, no matter the cost.
  7. I think they should do it, as long as they've got the same charges and they obviously acted together, it would be a reasonable request, but I think Chad and Lori's lawyers will fight it.
  8. My own opinion is that Chris Parrett (owner of AVOW) is a possible 'someone powerful' whom Chad was associated with and likely an influence on him. He's wealthy, he's got lots of influence with people on his private forum, and I heard that he was holding weekly meetings where others were taught some of these fringe beliefs. And he's staunchly defended Chad. Daybell was one of the group, I think, who decided he didn't just want to be a cog in the wheel, but wanted to be more special--the thing that motivates a lot of these kinds of people who go off in these cultish groups.
  9. But, I've found that revelation comes not when I'm doing nothing, but when I am pondering and reading, often secular books. It's seems completely natural that if it was available to him, he would have read the commentary and as working on his own unique sort of commentary on the Bible, with a prayer for guidance, received revelation about what he was studying.
  10. This doesn't seem surprising to me, it's certainly not uncommon for someone in his position, who pleaded 'not guilty' and is moving forward to trial, to request that the charges be dropped. They aren't going to do it, but it's like putting it in the record of the court proceedings anyway. I'm hoping that Chad will spare his and Lori's families a trial and eventually plea bargain. He won't do it for them, he had no qualms of putting them through hell for months on end, but he'd do it if it comes to the point that it's in his best interest to take a plea deal.imo
  11. Our area requires masks, and so it didn't seem at all surprising that everyone who attended wore masks, even little Nursery age children were wearing them. It was all so sterile, and cautious, I don't worry at all that anyone could be exposed at my ward and no one was coughing either. If there was any possible chance I might be sick, with anything-- I'd stay home, but I guess not everyone thinks that way. Too bad you can't attend my ward.😀
  12. So, I'm assuming you mean, teaching them 'better principles' than the principles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  13. No, it don't think church was cancelled for 5th sunday, my ward met on the 30th, and it was my first time back since March. I think it must have been a decision local to your own area. Church was nice, it was nice to be back and see ward members, my husband and I were socializing, probably more than we were supposed to, because as we walked in we kept seeing people who stopped us to talk, before sitting down--but we had our masks on and did not touch or hug anyone. During the songs, we were to listen to the hymns, but I found that I couldn't help myself and started humming and then my h
  14. What do you mean by 'helping others experience joy and progression from better principles'?
  15. Okay, from the proclamation: "...marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God...' The church only contracts one kind of marriage--those which are 'ordained of God'; which is a union between a man and a woman. There is Same sex marriage now, which is legally recognized in the US. I accept the legal unions of my loved ones who have contracted same sex marriages in this life, and I'm happy that they are happy.
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