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  1. @smac97Do you save these things in some document somewhere just so you can pull it out to beat down your opponent?
  2. Ahhhh, another false equivalency. The logical fallacies just keep coming.
  3. Watching @LoudmouthMormon engage in mansplaining to @Meadowchik how her feelings aren't valid because this is just how the government is supposed to work...or something. Classic. "Don't you worry your pretty little head about these things, little girl. Us men have it all figured out and leave it to us to make sure you do the right things with your body."
  4. Actually, it is true as many states have automatic triggers outright banning abortion should the Federal protection be lifted. Those triggers range in time from immediately to around 90 days (I believe). Moreover, my statement still stands as yesterday there existed a Federal protection on banning abortion, and today there doesn't.
  5. It's official, U.S. women have one less freedom than they did yesterday.
  6. I was being kind in saying the evidence is mixed. It is my perception that the majority of those who identify as homosexual did not choose to be attracted to the same-sex; they simply are and always have been. For many in my generation (I'm 50), that meant living 'in the closet' and hiding who they really were. I suspect there is a small minority whose preferences may be more fluid and choose to live either a heterosexual or homosexual life. But, I find it laughable to the point of scorn for someone to suggest that your average heterosexual can be 'recruited' into homosexuality; it would go against their very nature, just as those who are homosexual who were forced to live a hetero life were living against their nature. Nevertheless, my comment was not made in a vacuum and was influenced by the many posts made by this same individual which are decidedly hostile to our gay brothers and sisters.
  7. Well given your accusation against me that I was saying anyone was engaging in "pure evil" (which I didn't), I don't think I'm the one bearing the responsibility for taking the discourse down a level...or three. ETA: I'm thinking the scientific evidence will ultimately overwhelm the historical, anthropological, and linguistic evidence.
  8. Your implied assumption is that being LBGT is a choice. The evidence is mixed, at best, on that assumption but carry on with your bigotry.
  9. Don't be ridiculous. Heterosexual people will keep marrying heterosexual people and having babies. None of that is dependent upon a homosexual relationship just plain existing.
  10. Uhhhh...did you forget all the times the scriptures say God commanded people to break the whole "Thou Shalt Not Kill" one?
  11. This and your post in that other thread bring to mind the following question - Do you sympathize with the beliefs, rhetoric and actions of the White Nationalists?
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