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  1. President Nelson, Do all you can to bring Covid numbers down in your area so temples can reopen.  I think the debate on where the church stands on the severity of COVID, mask wearing, vaccines, etc has gotten pretty clear. what a moving list of more temples. What a way to end conference.  All I could think of was, “We thank thee oh God for a Prophet to guide us in these later days.”
  2. Presidents Oaks talk was loaded with knowledge and direction for these last days. From political affiliation (or the lack of it), being willing to change our political positions as needed, don’t follow a single political leader, and members can vote in different ways at different times and still be faithful Saints.  Most of all no politics at church and make the gospel teachings the center of life, not politics. If my Facebook feed and Deseret News comment section over the last few years is any indication, this talk just hit a lot of nerves.
  3. Outstanding fine and very interesting statement by James E Talmage.
  4. I will say this - hopefully it’s not to political. I think our current church leaders do recognize that political extremism is now a real issue among US Saints and they are trying to rebalance it. But it’s very hard to undue something quickly that has been growing for decades. I think many US Saints have developed the idea that the gospel and conservatism are the same. I find this statement from Elder Oaks very useful. “Those who govern their thoughts and actions solely by the principles of liberalism or conservatism or intellectualism cannot be expected to agree with all
  5. Unfortunately some look for quotes or comments to support their point of view. They don’t want to take the time to make sure the statement is real, the context it was said in or is it even the church’s position. I would like to say more but it would probably move this thread into a political conversation and against the forums rules.
  6. Sorry for the miss type. It’s was suppose to say “I dislike ....” If you read some history about some of his political statements and comments when he was a general authority, it was clear the the first presidency and other general authority didn’t always agree with those statements. Sometimes it was very apparent and out in the open.
  7. I really like members using Ezra Taft Benson quotes. They don’t qualify those quotes as being said when he was a general authority. Those statements where never official church statements. Matter a fact when he became prophet he steered clear of those types of statements.
  8. I clearly support your right to your opinion and the right to disagree with the Prophet and leaders of the church. But it doesn’t change the guidance and revelation that the Prophet and leaders have provide from the Lord to his church and us as members on this virus. (Both in word and deed.) The virus should be taken very seriously, it is real and it is nothing like the flu. I know several healthy young strong members of the church (under 30 with no preconditions that now have long term health issues from the virus.)
  9. I have never felt our church went away. It continues to shift towards a more home based experience. Which was already happening before the virus struck. Our leaders early in this pandemic gave clear council that the Prophet and the Quorum of the Twelve, with direction from the Lord, knew this was not a ‘FLU‘ moment. They continue to take actions today that show us this is not just a ‘FLU’ moment. 1. By the time March 2021 (1 year or so) arrives we could see 350,000 to 400,000 dead due to COVID. That is a LOT more than 50,000 or so. 2. The regular Flu doesn’t leave many of its
  10. Have any stakes or wards officially started meeting in Utah yet or is this coming Sunday the first day back?
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