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  1. The group is now up to a half million, with beautiful testimonies of God's love continuing from people of all faiths.
  2. I have an nth degree grandfather who is known as the Danish Regicide. He led the revolt against Sweden to get the Isle of Bornholm back under Danish rule. Most of ancestors on my father's side are from Bornholm.
  3. (If this fits better in another forum, I'm good with that.) A friend of mine of another faith alerted me to this Facebook group that was just started last night, and already has over 200,000 members worldwide. It was started by a member, but people of many different faiths and traditions have joined, including various Christian denominations, Muslims, Bahai, agnostics, atheists, etc. All have expressed their desire to join in fasting and prayer in their own way. It's an amazing show of unity. Many former members or less active members have joined with their support, with several sayi
  4. Looks like he's doing fine. He lacks one thing yet. He should sell all he has and give the money to the poor, then he can have his treasure. (Matthew 19:16-22)
  5. Too bad there aren't headlines for every time a bishop has saved someone from abuse and abusive situations. But you probably wouldn't think those "needed" to be shared.
  6. In our area, we have multiple bishops assigned as transient bishops, with a former bishop who screens incoming calls and requests, and forwards the calls to one of the bishops on call. The bishop assigned from our stake told me he would get a dozen or more calls a night that he had to handle. This on top of his own ward responsibilities. The assigned bishops rotated their schedules, something like two weeks on, one week off. He told me before his last rotation he had a full blown anxiety attack due to the stress of handling so many needs. A large percentage of calls was from non- members.
  7. I was released as bishop just over two years ago, and we received that counsel from our SP back then.
  8. Does that mean Nephi had more faith than Lehi because he saw the filthiness in the river and Lehi didn't?
  9. Anyone else having problems reaching this site?
  10. Consider supporting Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that works to stop sex trafficking worldwide. Comprised largely of former CIA, Homeland Security, and Special Forces operatives, they investigate, plan, and execute operations to free women and children from horrible circumstances. But beware...it was founded by a member of the (cue ominous music) LDS Church.
  11. I was going to comment, but I was a bishop, so in some people's minds, my opinion, if not my character, is tainted.
  12. Had a bishop in Springfield, Mo that would frequently say "There's a scripture out there that says...", and then quote anyone from Shakespeare to Ben Franklin.
  13. Tacenda, remembering the meaning of your screen name has kept me from posting a lot of things that might have caused offense.😀
  14. Like Hamba, I have always found the account of the first vision as given in the Book of Mormon to be somewhat lacking🙃
  15. Much more fun to complain and make snide remarks before having all the information. The Brethren are such easy targets.
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