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  1. I was in Berlin in the early 70's when he was named commander of the 7350th air base group at Templehof airport. The children of the airlift were then adults, and gave him quite the warm welcome. Got to meet him briefly once - an impressive man in his thoughtfulness to others.
  2. Outside of the "Mormon Corridor," but in an area with plenty of strong leadership.
  3. For what it's worth, my brother was divorced, later married in the temple, and was an ASAC in the FBI. In spite of these apparent two strikes against him, he was called as a branch president, a bishop and then served as a counselor in the stake presidency.
  4. While I have given probably close to one thousand recommend interviews, I admit that I have never said anything close to the above. I guess the people in my ward/stake just aren't "cool" enough. YMMV
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