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  1. I should have said "available" to me? I profusely apologise to using words that would indicate anything other that the truth.
  2. No not at all, I guess I am making the point that I am not interested in having a discussion about the virtues of Joseph smith, other that my position is that he is a prophet and in that frame, I wonder what he would think of the church today.
  3. Up front I just want to say, I have read every bit of anti literature and hate speech on Joseph Smith (and of the church for matter). That has been balanced by I what read and I have read as much as humanly possible of inspired church literature. My feelings have never changed on Joseph. As a young 18 yo I gained a pure testimony of him as I listened to the missionary teach my now wife, then my girlfriend the discussions. During that experience in a way that I cannot articulate what power entered my heart about him being a prophet. I served in a senior leadership role in the church and a thought that constantly entertained my mind was I wonder what Joseph would say if he was here now, I wonder how he would fell about all the temples dedicated and be built. I wonder how he would feel about his prophecies coming to pass about temples covering the earth. He (Joseph) never built a chapel only temples. What do you think he might say if he had 15 mins at the next general conference. I think he would weep, glory God and the son then tell us how much he loved us and to keep pressing forward. I think he would as President Nelson would and leave a with his promised blessings.
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