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  1. Wow, I think I replied to a post for someone else. Feeling kind of stupid right now, or going crazy, which is a trip for me.
  2. That, means a lot, Thank you very much, Thank you yoiMLmvwey..l ep.u
  3. My family, one who supports vaccines seems to be under attack by an enemy we cannot see! Once again, I call upon my friends here, to be in prayer against this unseen foe, despite our best efforts. Now it attacks my oldest Son Joshua, who pushes himself to hard. In addition, I will be seeing a surgeon in early October, because my many rounds of meds have failed to halt my mounting health problems. The first time I had to have the surgery I am facing (again) was soooooo very painful. Because of this I wonder if I want to wage this battle once again. The surgeon will have to cut (or remove) so dangerously close to my brain again, if not in it. Therefore, I fear what that might mean. I don’t have much of a mind, so I want to keep what is still there! Yes, I do have a brain 😄. Although much (if not all) of everything I write might (or does) suggest otherwise. I don’t, or won’t speak of this in Social Media, in an effort to keep others from trying to create reasons to drop by, announced, or even worse, unannounced. Especially extended family, whom I have not seen in many years, who now wish to pretend that I truly matter. So, I come here, or ask for prayer via “prayer rolls”, where few others know, except very close, and loving family who know my circumstances. Anyway, this is my long winded (worded) way of asking for your prayers. I don’t do a lot of posting these days, as I am trying to focus of both my Spiritual and Physical wellbeing right now. A course of action that seems prudent for now, so God’s speed to you all.
  4. The same God, the same teachings. These are not Biblical or Book of Mormon teachings, but “Eternal Truths”, as passed down to all the Prophets.
  5. My daughter is still trying to get back to 100%, and it was very traumatic for the children (five our our grandchildren) to have one parent each in different hospitals. For one of our very tinder hearted granddaughter, it too daily reassurance from both her Nanny and Papa, that all would be OK, as we were frightened as well. So, I had to pretend that I had no doubts whatsoever, despite my own fears. But they all seem so much better today, as we are all together again for Sunday dinner, first time in three weeks!
  6. After decades of debate, on the Internet, or “one on one”, I have reached this conclusion. I used to believe that such theological debates boiled down to lazy human interaction. A practice where “all people” engaged in compartmentalism, so we could easily place each other into little boxes, to better understand each other. What I learned is that it is even less complicated than I had supposed. The goal is create “one box”, to then go through the mental gymnastics of putting themselves in the “small saved box”, and all others with who they disagree with, (no matter how slight of technical the doctrinal point of view) outside this box. Simply put, there is only “One Jesus Christ”, the one found in the Standard Works of the Church, and one does not have to be LDS to find and worship Him. However the Standard Works of the Church, help us find him “more deeply”, and “more completely”, thus allowing us to draw “more closely” too Jesus Christ!
  7. My daughter and son-in-law are now back home with their five children. It has been difficult, and a lot of worry, for everyone. Especially with our grandchildren who missed seeing Mom and Dad, including a lot of tears. Although, not 100% yet, they are all out of the woods now. So again, I thank each of your for your prayers and comments.
  8. Great to hear, her husband may have to enter another hospital, very scary for our grandchildren, and for Pam and I.
  9. Please, say prayers for my daughter Sonya Bush. Her COVID-19, has developed into double phenomena, she is very, very sick. The kids will be with us, they are really scared and upset. As are my wife and I, we will be in serious prayer, while trying to not show how frightened we are in front of our grandchildren.
  10. Not sure how this conversation evolved. But you disagree about Joseph Smith and the Prophets of old, and their understanding of theology, and the truths they reveled to the world? Having missed what brought about this comment, are you suggesting one can learn more about theology from college, than the scriptures?
  11. I can only speak for myself, also not every word that comes from the Prophet, are from God’s lips to his ears. He like all men have opinions. As for myself, I believe the Book of Mormon is the very word and will of God. Except of course the history of wars, and the long explanation of their money. There is also the few words (and I mean “few”) of those who wrote barely a few paragraphs, or sentences, just to do as their father’s asked of them. Of course in Jacob 5, as he quotes Zenos (almost endlessly), that is pure allegory, and identified as such. As for the Doctrine and Covenants, almost every word was dictated by God, no allegory there. It is sad, for decades of my membership, both in General Conference, and in Ward Sacrament meetings, you could hear almost everyone say, “The Prophet Joseph Smith said this, or he did this”. I wonder why, we don’t hear this so much anymore. After all, he is the Prophet of the Restoration, and gave us our unique scriptures that sets us apart, makes us unique, and sends our youth all over the world to proclaim the Gospel. But, this is just my beliefs, and not all share it, so even if I stand alone, I do so without regret of any kind.
  12. If their ox level gets below 90, they will go to the hospital. Right now it is 91 (my daughter’s) and 92, for my son-in-law.
  13. Pam and I are OK, although we did get sick. My daughter and four of her kids are sick. One of her daughters did not get sick, so she is staying with us, and misses her Mom and Dad. At least she is able to go to school.
  14. It contains the fullness of the Everlasting Gospel, and is lead by a Prophet of God. However, it is a way of life, not just a Church, and it is not meant for everyone. We are a people who live our Faith, however not all here (on this website) are members, and not all actively take part. So please don’t judge the Church by the many posters here, that would be a mistake. Read the scriptures, read the Book of Mormon, and the Doctrine & Covenants, as they are unique to our Faith, then pray to a loving God to receive an answer. Few Churches would just ask you to you pray, and have the confidence to do so.. We don’t just try and sell you on our merits alone. You will never here a “talk or sermon”, that threatens you with “Hell Fire”, should you attend. In many Churches, you might (probably will) hear a “Fire and Brimstone” sermon, to instill within you the fear of Hell, when “Love” is what you should be taught. Anyway, enough about us here. if you are an honest seeker of truth, just invite the missionaries into your home, and they will only teach you of love.. Also should you attend, our talks are meant to lift you up, and teach of God’s love. You won’t hear any sermons meant to instill fear, and use Hell to covert you. So, “Nuff said”!
  15. I love to see so many sunsets like this! They often breathtaking!
  16. Goodnight from high atop the ridge! B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L Sunset. Is it not?
  17. Pleas be in prayer for my oldest daughter, my son-in-law, and their five children. All of whom have tested positive for COVID-19,(probably the Delta variant) so now my entire family must quarantine for the next ten day. Since we were all together for Sunday Dinner, and sitting side by side in Church. We now number 20 family members (who were together), in our home Sunday, will need to and should quarantine for the next ten days. At the time, we all thought that those in my daughter’s family suffered from bad colds. Thankfully all others over 12 yrs, have been vaccinated, except my daughter’s family. I thought she was vaccinated, but she allowed her fear of needles to overrule her good judgement, 😢. Despite her flawed judgement, I still love her and worry as she and her family, suffer from the effects of COVID-19. So, I still ask for your prayers. Again PLEASE, everyone, “follow the Prophet’s” advice, and get vaccinated, if your circumstances allow. There are so many difficult things happening in our family right now, “serious illness”, and now “serious worry”, so (again) I humbly ask for your prayers. My wife worries, due to my already compromised condition, and now worries over our babies, and grandbabies, as do I. Anyway, if you think of me as a friend, or friendly towards you, please make sure the following names are part of your prayers. Also to make sure these names are on the “Prayer Rolls” of as many Temples, in many places as possible. I ask not for myself, but for those I love listed below Pamela Lee (Spouse) Sonya Bush (Daughter) Spencer Bush (Son-in-law) Macy Bush (Granddaughter) Addie Kate Bush (Granddaughter) Remy Bush (Granddaughter) Jamison Bush (Grandson) Carly Bush (Granddaughter) May God bless you all, and I thank you all in advance! To coin a phrase, “God love you, I know I do”.
  18. Beautiful picture, with that blond hair she looks like my youngest 3yr old granddaughter.
  19. One of the worst and best days of my life! It was the birth of my oldest granddaughter, Macy. In this very large birthing suite, and as I was about to get out, the doctor says, “Sorry Dad or Papa, you have to stay put”. So I told the doctor, “no, not happening, let me out”! My wife, son-in-law, and of course mother and daughter all had plans to remain, but certainly not me! My wife took this picture of me, huddling in the corner praying for deliverance. It was a wonderful day, but from that day on, I never went to the hospital until after the birth of the next 8 grandchildren.
  20. It gets through, and it traps, making it hard to breath, and function. One day when we are looking back, the CDC will have to admit, and own there first position concerning masks. The standard cloth masks, purchased daily in countless drug stores and department stores, are not the proper masks, to both stop and arrest the spread of COVID-19! The vaccine is what we need to be protected. Also those who have received the vaccine need not worry. The Delta Variant does not harm those who took the vaccine, if so it does not make the vaccinated very sick. However, the hysteria over masks, is hurting our children’s physical and mental health. This is all so very heartbreaking, and it may be years until we learn how much damage may have been afflicted over the last 2 years. Masks, are just the tip of this unseen iceberg. Just get vaccinated, and live again!
  21. Thank You for posting it. But, I had the virus, and also got vaccinated, sadly nothing seems to be working as promised, despite my protection, I will still be expected to wear a mask again. The mask, exasperates my already fragile health issues, adding too already existing anxiety, as I am trying to cope with an almost certain return to a very difficult surgery. I fear once again, passing through the wilderness and isolation that will follow another long period of forced-inactivity. I wonder how bad things will have to get, in order to resume our ZOOM meetings again. Why, just a couple of months ago we put an end to such virtual meetings. I don’t know what will be, I only know (as I stated) I need the Church, much more than it needs me.
  22. Yes, my wife and I got vaccinated on May 5… Sunday, our entire Bishopric were masked, including all Priesthood and Relief Society leaders who had already read the entire email from the First Presidency. My guess is, this is what they expect all of us to do? I only caught a few words of the email. Is there a link to read the entire thing? Our grandchildren were at the Temple on Friday evening, doing the baptisms for their great, and great-great-grandparents, and they had to be masked.
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