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  1. That is where I see it, thanks for letting me know. I was afraid I had broken a rule, unwittingly.
  2. I keep getting a warning, telling me not to discuss politics. Other than many, many, months ago, after having accidentally followed a link that lead me here. I have not, nor would I discuss politics, as I would not, and do not break the rules. Is this happening to everyone?
  3. Good advice, but I think it is better to only reply to other threads, other than creating my own in the future. Either way, in the future, I will leave a much smaller footprint, from now on.
  4. None? Wow, I would have thought this was the group to ask. BTW, I removed my comments about myself, so now I am only asking about “Revelation”, in general. Not what I should do, as that was a true mistake to do so.
  5. Thank you, but most of my errors are due to fact that I can only type on an iPad. My back injuries make it nearly impossible to use a Laptop. Even when using my iPad, I have to prop it up, on my legs, and use three or four fingers, with the other hand. Which means I make many errors. However many, are from express my own opinion.
  6. In another thread, I soon realized, and once I removed myself and my thoughts from the thread, it began to flourish. Having lost confidence in my own ability to make myself understood. then, I realized that I can much write much less, and hopefully inspire discussion, among other members. I don’t wish to create a sock-puppet. So if someone here, or maybe a Mod, it would be help teach me how to be more effective. You answered your own question. If you want to talk about yourself do it in Social Hall. Sock puppets are banned.
  7. You may be right, but I still feel I am completely out of my depth here, and I am spending more time explaining, and defending my posts, rather than discussing the merits of them. Even the most benign of comments, turn into serious misunderstandings. I feel it is better to retire from the field, rather then fighting for every yard, only to lose the every game.
  8. Maybe you are right about poetry, “in general”. But my confidence is almost non-existent, after my last three threads have been misunderstood, and upset people. I fear long posts, and edifying threads, should be left to the more intelligent members. Leave others, and myself to. Only reply in single words, or single sentences. Even then, I fear more misunderstanding.
  9. Don’t worry, it seems that unless I am writing poetry, well poetry inspired (I believe) from God, little to nothing I write is barely understood, or horribly misunderstood. I have come to the conclusion that I should limit all posts, threads, even notes to my wife, to no more than two or three sentences long . Even then I am walking, well writing on dangerous ground. Of course this post will probably end up with another poster, thinking my comments ar about, “milking cows”, or “how to farm crops in desert type conditions. It is clear I know little about almost anything. Also, even
  10. I have already began, “no shave November”, so I am getting closer, to your solution. Now do I just choose a busy roadway, or set up at “Temple Square”? Or I am retired, and have a lot of time. Or could you give me good advice, as I am asking in earnest, and not looking for a laugh.
  11. Although I am retired military, and retired Law-Enforcement, I have a strong electrical background. In addition to my education, I taught for 25 years at Chattahoochee Technical College, twice weekly. I know everyone has had occasional power outages, but for my fellow Saints in the Southeast, even into Texas, well any State around the “Gulf of Mexico”. Power outages are beginning to become, somewhat of a norm. So for any who may wish to know about Generators, and other measures they can take in power outages, I might be able to give suggestions, based on my experience. Of course advice is all
  12. I have an electrical background, I taught two nights a week, at a nearby Community College, for 25 years. So here is my take (well the facts). Batteries have a shelf life, batteries that you can recharge regularly have long lives. The question is not how they work, it is about how much you wish to power (in your home) in an outage. Even more importantly the length of that outage, so what you need to do is find out the the KW rating, of the generator, and how long you might need it. Unfortunately, the more KW you need the larger the battery, until the battery is so large you need a truck to mov
  13. No worries, I went back and took myself out of the OP. This way we can just discuss the overall idea of “Revelation”, and it’s proper role in the Church.
  14. I think I need to go back and edit something, because I have never, or would I ever do that. I was speaking of poems that family members or Church members have asked me to write something that might help someone who is grieving. Only then would I even attempt to write an uplifting poem for them, and then only after giving it to the the person who requested it. I would never be so bold, or so intrusive, as to tell someone whom did not ask for anything from me. I have neither the wisdom or the ego to ever take something like that upon myself. I would not do this, even if a Bishop or Stake Presid
  15. Wise advice, but I do they to be careful. I learned this from my Father who was slow to speak, if he feared he was not speaking the will of God. He very, very, often spoke in Proverbs, as he believed that the Book of Proverbs, had a proverb for almost any circumstance. Oh what I would give, to hear just one more “Proverb”, from one of, if not “the” wisest man I have, or will ever know.
  16. I am used to everything I write, “falling on deaf eyes”. 🤣 Or would that be, “blind eyes”? 🙄 Thank you for your counsel brother.
  17. I have written many poems that I believe, or I know came to me from God. As many of these poems are completely beyond my abilities or education. However I still had to assign to them my name, and after many warnings from others, I had to copyright them. I once had a very unlikely (sorta) theft of two of my poems, which was both flattering, and bewildering. For a time, I had poetry in a few LDS Bookstores, which I later stopped selling. I stopped selling them because I felt it was not proper to sell a “gift” given to me by God. Once many years ago, while they were still on sale in the bookstor
  18. No worries, I was just afraid that I might have conveyed in part the wrong idea. Feel free to comment as mush as you like, this is after a discussion forum. Also, I am seeking both, advice and counsel, on a very important topic. The idea that is kinda knocking around in my head, comes from an issue that has been weighing heavily in my thoughts. This not an issue that would clash with the doctrine of the Church, but one that has occupied my prayers, study, and even my dreams. It would only reenforce those beliefs, especially those found in in D&C 138. Who knows it my just be opinion, or an
  19. I agree, and I have only done so for others when asked by a family member, and always because they were grieving due to a death in the family. The only exception, was for a member who was struggling with a decision to stop chemo for her cancer. Even then, her daughter who was a member in my Ward relayed her concerns. The poem that came out of that, and weeks later to me. When I finally shared it with her, it was only to help her (the daughter), but without knowing, she gave it to her Mother. He Mother had been asking for an answer to her prayers, and when she read it, she told her family it wa
  20. I was speaking of past experiences via poetry for those who mourned over deaths in theIt families. Even then, I was asked to write something, via a request from another family member. But that was just an example I was giving of a type of “Revelation”. I would cut my tongue out before I would approach anyone outside my immediate family and tell them I had, or have a revelation for them. Sorry if my comments suggested this, as I am least among all men to tell others how to live, or that God spoke to me in their behalf.
  21. Thank you, I knew someone here could find and post the “quote” I was looking for. My paraphrase captured it well enough I think. Or should I go back and edit? What do you think? ETA: If I have never said so before, you are always a deep well of information and wisdom, thank you for always being so.
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