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  1. I would hope not, as “Scientology”: is a viscous organization, h***l bent on of robbing it’s members of every spare dime, and destroying the lives if disaffected members. They have policies that by design, to meant to destroy, both the individual, and the family, for darning to have a single count. Having not seen the quote you are referring too, how and who sought to compare our Faith, to a “criminal enterprise”? The term quote that President Nelson spoke of, and referred to as “faithful sources”, does not imply, or suggest one can only reveal doubts to local Priesthood leaders. But could o
  2. Only the first word is capitalized in a thread title, so no worries about this. Even exceptions for both, “Rape and Incest”, members are still asked to fast and pray before proceeding. However the fruits of Rape and Incest, allow those already brutalized, to be harmed even more, than the original act of barbarism.
  3. When I spoke of “anger”, referring to your words, not mine, it was in reference to the term, “those evil apostates”, again your words. I was speaking to the fact, that very often, those, “apostates” one various “anti-Mormon” websites, are very loud (if there is such a thing in print) outspoken, and very angry, a too many having a “white hot hate”, for all things Mormon. There a few websites that come to mind, but I won’t mention them for fear of causing a “board war”. I have to, and seen such places, where nothing is off limit, including the worst language, about the most sacred of things. Thi
  4. Odd that you would think this quote is meant to discourage “critical thinking”. It is however suggesting that if such thinking is only intended to find the flaws (as all men are flawed) in the lives of others, or to disprove the all scripture, based on a few errors in translation, meant only to be “critical”. This is usually done to seek out and share such, with others to have them share the same such attitudes. As for your “evil apostate” comment, I don’t want to guess, or understand the anger behind that comment.
  5. He was (as you said) repeating the words of the Savior, maybe not a direct quote of Jesus Christ words, but a direct reflection of his words. In short, preaching the word of God, in fact almost word for word, and in every way in the Spirit of the written word.
  6. This morning, I heard some great advice, something worth sharing, and quoting. This is simply spindled advice to all, even more for some who have come and gone here, over many years... “Choose to believe in Jesus Christ, if you have doubts about God the Father, and his beloved Son, or the validity of the Restoration, or the truth of Joseph Smith’s divine calling as a Prophet, choose to believe, and stay faithful. Take your questions to the Lord, and other faithful sources. Study with a desire to believe, rather than with the hope that you can find a flaw, in the fabric of a prophet’s lif
  7. I love when General Conference falls on Easter Weekend, and the teachings that center around this most important Christian day of remembrance. General Conference talks are always Christ centered, of course. But Easter weekend usually brings more meaningful, and emotional sermons concerning Jesus Christ, and his mission. Not sure how others feel, but I can hardly wait for tomorrow, to kick of a Spiritual, and Spirit filled two days, listening too, and learning from our anointed leaders. BTW, did I miss new Temple announcements, or other announcements that concern the Church?
  8. I have seen and lived too many tornadoes, each time delivered by a loving God. In fact, we have a large wooded area on our property, and the tornado we had January 11, 2020, downed a lot of trees. We had to replace the roof, because we had too, due to severe damage. But the 40-50 downed trees, it is so heavily wooded, there seemed to be little reason to get rid of them. Pine trees are not very good for fireplaces, so we did nothing, if they were Oak, we would have cut, and slit for our fireplace. However, I have never lived through an earthquake, so for the area affected, it hits everyone. So
  9. Thank you, I have built a metal enclosure, in the deepest enclosed area of our house, anchored through the floor and into the earth, if storms during the night, if we are startled while sleeping. Now I am working on a storm cellar outside of our home, just about 30-40 feet away from our back door, if we have more time, and advanced warning to take cover. My wife bought me a radio that will warn us. It will have electricity, WiFi, and a warning light on top, should we get trapped by falling trees. Also, big enough, in the event our neighbors need to take cover. It will also serve as a cool plac
  10. We try to keep it out of our minds, and get ready when we know it is coming.
  11. Spring is always a time for tornadoes in the South. Sometimes even in the Winter, my house was hit last January 2020. However this year, those in the South are getting hammered especially hard. A few days ago, two tornadoes touched down just 20 miles to the North and 30 miles to the South. The one especially to my South, causing millions in damage, with many members were affected, losing there homes. In the last 10 days there have been four deaths and countless injuries from Mississippi, all the way up into North Carolina. We live in challenging times, and any prayers could only help, or so I
  12. I never heard of this version, indeed an all star cast. However the lead seems a bit more than this actress can carry. She is a talented actress, but not sure about this role. Anyway, I would love to see the movie. When did it come out, or has it come out?
  13. Tanners, and Walter Martin made a lot of money, by running with Hoffman’s forgeries. I am not sure if they ever retracted the many books they sold based on this and other disproven writings.
  14. The other day my daughter called me (very perplexed) wanting to know why she never heard of the “White Salamander Letter”. I told her that she never heard of it, because it was a forgery. I also explained to her that the bombings in Salt Lake, took place just weeks before she was born. This led to a long conversation about all that I knew from reading about it back in the 1980’s, and since. When I was still in Army, serving aboard Medivac Helicopters full time, it became a point of contention between myself and another pilot, I flew with often. He and his Church were heavily into anti-Mormon l
  15. So very sorry you had to endure this is silence for so long. If there are two places on earth a person (any person) should feel safe, it is at home and in Church. God bless you.
  16. I fear she is not as diplomatic as I am, and given our close relationship, she would have seen it as an attack on her Daddy. As she will tell anyone, “no one messes with or disrespects my Daddy. She is very protective of me, when I am not the one in her cross hairs. As far as her and her wife, they attend baptisms (my grandson, just two weeks ago) and other special occasions. I will of course point out that my daughter is in her middle 30’s, and grew up in the area where we attend Church. So she is always greeted with great love and affection, since most have known her every day of her life. B
  17. Wow, we disagree, and you go right for the jugular! I actually walked my daughter down the “isle” when she married last, if you must know. I am very disappointed at this question about Alicia, and you should feel lucky she did not see you disrespect her Father like this young man! But, I am not the Church, I am just a member. I also did not write the scriptures, I am just a believer in scripture. Now, as far as continuing revelation goes, there are limits to what Prophets may, or “may not add too, or take away from, least God take away their names from the book of life” (too paraphrase
  18. Wow, I don’t think that is the issue, do you? Harsh!
  19. Except, I most certainly do love one gay couple about almost all things in the world. But you suggest that we, or I, in the case of my daughter and daughter-in-law, cannot love them, while also promoting, or supporting the “Biblical view of marriage”. Not the “Mormon or LDS Church view of marriage”. We as a Church, and Church leadership are promoting the view of marriage, and gender based issues written in every word from “Genesis to the Revelation.” The Church did not create the views expressed in the “Proclamation on the Family”, we borrowed them from all recorded scriptural history. Unless
  20. You listed many points, let me point out the facts. Being “pro-family”, does not mean or suggest that this “Proclamation”, is somehow “anti-gay”. No more than being “pro-Jesus Christ”, is somehow “anti+Jew, or anti-Muslim”. The Catholic Church just issued a statement like this a few days ago. Just like scripture, doctrinal writings exist to both explain, and define the core beliefs of all Churches. Wishing it to be otherwise, does not make it so.
  21. In just over a month, I will mark my 42 years as a member of, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. During this time, my life has been greatly enriched, both Spiritually and Temporally. Spiritually because of the “fullness of the Everlasting Gospel”, and Temporally because the Church concerns itself with those things that are designed to aid us in this life as well. Be it teachings concerning “food storage”, being “self reliant”, and giving clear direction to sustained throughout our earthly existence. Also, when needed, it has, and will even help us in great times of need, when s
  22. It is a western world assault on the family, and “God will not be mocked”.
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