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  1. What I feared, came even earlier that I had thought. I had posted, and felt like it would come soon, but no matter how you might prepare. It took so long, and then it came so fast. He had begged me to take his dog, out of fear of what she might do. However, his fears came to pass, we were just one day late picking him up the dog, so she had the dog put down. She was not, nor ever was a kind woman.. Nothing to do now, but attend the funeral, no matter the terms she comes up with, and to do so with Grace, and kindness. So, my family will be whatever his family needs over the next few days, to be kind, and to be loving, and all else his family, no matter how loving we must be, to many that we do not know. Or never have known; but I know and love my bother, and have for my entire life. God rest his soul.
  2. Good advice, on looking thinking of the “here and now”, and worrying to much about the future. But short comments allow for fewer errors, with those who can see how bad I am slipping, so very often. I truly am realizing how little I would, or will be missed. I know I am loved by a number of members here, but compared with all of the true Scholars we have here, I pale in comparison, and rightly so. There are many in the past, and even now who see me as an embarrassment in the “apologetic arena” of Mormonism, or Latter-day Saint apologetics. I do try, but the more I do, the more my copious weaknesses are laid bare. What is worse, when I seek my wife’s assistance, to help limit my errors, the more she sees the way others disagree, my many ideas. My guess is they are trying to either make my comments better, but more often some are (in her eyes’ not kind, to a man that she loves more than life. itself. I always try to defend every comment about me, telling her that it is just “Apologetics and nothing more”. However often, she would not buy my arrangements, or explanations. Either way, thank you for your kind comments. May the Lord bless you, and speed your healing. Be of good cheer, but don’t be like myself. Again, God bless you in all your endeavors, and I will pray for your every success for r your future.
  3. Something is happening to me, it could be due to stress about my impending brother’s death. It could be my own demising health, coupled with my serious forgetting so very much. The need to read or reread every post dozens of times, and still having threads so woeful, few if any ever respond. This post I will read 20 times, and then have my wife read it. I am struggling with the fact, that I often leave my room, sometimes 4 to 5, 6 times, forgetting each time why. Maybe it is stress, who knows? Maybe on occasion stick to a one line replies, made 2-3 months at a time lately. Despite, my 15 years here, (February 7, 2007), was I tolerated or carried by all of you wonderful people, I think it is time to go, or just stay signed in (as I do) and only read. Thank you, and God bless you all or as we say here in the Sunny South…”Ya’ll”. I love you, and will miss you. Or until (I fear) I will no longer know you. Keep up your excellent work, in supporting members, and loving those who left our ranks. I will see you on the other side. Your Brother, “Bill “Papa” Lee
  4. I wish to bring up some personal reasons for a few questions, concerning the need to follow Scriptural, and all it’s “laws and commandments”. This of course would not mean the “Law of Moses”, since Jesus Christ came to fulfill that law. However, I wish this to be a thread (one of the few I write, especially of late), as (in part) we “follow the Prophet”. But as many Prophets have warned, “consult the Scriptures, and Pray”, to know if is right, or true. Not to mention the countless sermons, where we are commanded to read the Scriptures daily. Along with the continuing counsel to read and obey the “Word of God”. Be it the pre-mortal Christ, (Jehovah) from “before the foundations of the world”. Or the “Word and the teachings” of the Lord Jesus Christ in morality, including those Apostles who gave it to us, in all our Scriptures. One thing that got me thinking on this commandment to “read and heed”, the “Word of God”, is from watching one of my big brothers, dying before my eyes. I have given him a blessing, but more importantly quoting the Scriptures which teach that Jesus Christ Grace, is sufficient, and for him to take upon the “yoke of Jesus Christ, for it is easy to bare” because he feels unworthy to pray.Now, he has little time remaining, and hearing him so much pain, is to very hard to bare. But, no matter his mistakes, I love him…I just can’t help myself. The other reason this topic is very much on my mind, is my own brush with death. In late July, for my first few days in ICU, my wife was told she needed to prepare for the fact that I might not be coming home. Since this, the Insulin I a, now taking, almost put into a coma, it was only due to my wife’s quick thinking, that she got my sugars up fast, as I was unable communicate. Twice, this has happened again, but I have learned recognize the signs, along with linking my sugar’s to her phone. My question, or even my desire for a debate, discussion, with the caveat that near death experiences are not needed to inspire, or create the need to study the Scriptures more deeply. Most of those I know here study deeply needing no motivation, or just are always desires of study. Although I did read various Scriptures daily, I now feel the desire to allow my Scripture study, to help put my own house in order. I ask these questions concerning the study of the scriptures, due to many of modern day issues. A book that the Book of Mormon, helps us all understand our modern day would. Unless of course there are those who longer believe, but the Bible can often do the same. To use the Scriptures to “put of the natural man, and become Spiritual man (or woman). A common situation, that as move closer to our God, we must often move closer to the Scriptures. There is also a clear warning given to all, in the last days, “that the wicked, “will call good evil, and call evil good”. I am not making this personal, only to let some know of my desire to seek out God’s Laws, and to find comfort in the same. This is not a sermon either, just looking for an opportunity to do as we once did, (a lot) discuss the “Scripture and the doctrines of the Kingdom”; again! Sorry for any errors, my mind is occupied with my brother day and night right now. So, I don’t know if I will have time to answer questions, or respond to posts.
  5. I love stories like this… in fact, I experienced something like this, except is was me who received the Book of Mormon, and the person who gave it to me and changed my life 43 years ago, I was recently able to find that couple Facebook. In addition to this, the missionary who confirmed my wife and I as member of the Church, also turned out to be my son’s English Professor at Weber State. Then when my son had his first child, this faithful Elder stood in the circle to bless my granddaughter. Before this, he also attended my son and daughter-in-law going through the Bountiful Temple, and being sealed. I was certainly happy about my son, and all the wonderful things going one in his life. But I thrilled that this faithful Elder who meant so much to us, was able to see his efforts come full circle. Also his wife, also served her mission (in (what was then) West Germany. They met one another for the first time when my wife and I had all four missionaries in our Apartment for Thanksgiving Dinner. Indeed, God is good!!!
  6. Good advice, but I usually enter into negotiations, when it comes to hospitals. The day when I got into the hospital, I would tell if “if I not better in four hours, then. Then try to negotiate, I knew how sick I was, but still tried bargaining. The last time, came down to the fact, I was so such, and in such a state, she called for an ambulance herself. We have a very large bathroom, with a very large rug, very clean, I just stayed put, not having the strength to get back to bed.. At this point, she just took over, because I could not hide the blood, having been throwing up blood, from morning until 9:00PM more times that I would tell her, she found me on that big rug. My prayer was along lines of “pleas heal me, or kill me”unaware, that she was listening, I was also was not aware she came home from the store. So she saved me, as my doctor said, “had you not gotten here, he would not have made it through the night. I was not, nor am I suicidal, I just hate hospitals. Anyway, probably more information that you might have hoped for, or as my grandchildren would say, “TMI”.
  7. Have not heard of it, but now that aI know, I will look at the link you shared. +1 rep point.
  8. If I have to go on a pump, I will. It would be great to get my blood sugar under control (so I can have my back operation. What matters most is too ease my wife’s concerns, is my wife being so very worried, and so frightened. She was so frightened when it went so very low, but last night, when it reached 513, she was visibly shaken, while trying to hide her tears. I have a 10th granddaughter coming in March 2023, I would love to love to see her, my new granddaughter. Most of all, I wish to not see the woman I have loved, since I began dating her, which now numbers 48+ years, and come January we will celebrate our 48th anniversary. Sometimes, she will exit our room, crying even though, we can read each other so very well. Not to mention, being the youngest child in my family, I am the only one who has not had open heart surgery. But, I already have 4 heart stints, but my blood sugars are to the point, that my primary doctor (also my cardiologist) have warned me that these conditions are causing serious problems, to my heart, my eyes, my kidneys, etc, all of which that are in danger, because of my diabetes, all in danger of serious harm. I am at peace with my issues from diabetes, but my wife is so terribly worried. Her concern for me, is my greatest worry, she is so scared. Especially, because she lost two, (one brother, and one sister) who died on the operating table, both via open heart surgery already, Thank you for your response, God bless you!
  9. Since late July, after I almost died, as my doctors warned my wife, I might not pull through, something new is happening. Due to certain diabetes medications, an even worse type of diabetes, I was put on pure insulin. Whatever it was supposed to do, is not happening. Due to back injuries (well three breaks), the doctor who can go in and burn nerves into, won’t do so if my blood sugar is over 200, if I show up, thus killing the nerves. A process that allows me to have 8 months to a year, of feeling almost human again. However, my blood sugar (using insulin) has rarely been under 200. Tonight it measured 513, which can also lead to a coma, just as dangerously low blood sugar can. Three weeks ago, while we were having Sunday Supper, which we always do. My blood sugar dropped to 41, while lying in my bed watching some General Conference talks. I thought I was yelling my wife’s name, but I could scarce make a whisper, I was also unable to move. At this point, I just thought to myself, “this is how it ends”, so I made peace with it. Luckily my wife came in to ask me something, unable to respond she tested my blood, and moved quickly into emergency mode. Thankfully, I had glucose tables next to my bed (which I was even unable to reach for them) it took almost an hour for me to recover. However, blood sugar reached 513 tonight, which can cause the same risk, also leading to a coma, and has also made my eyesight worst off, than it already is currently. In two weeks I have an appointment to meet with a specialist, to find something that might get it under control. The reason I post this here, is to see if anyone can offer advice, for any who suffer with similar issues, who have Type 2 diabetes, and to ask, what worked with, or for them. Also for anyone else who reads this, I would ask for your prayers. My wife of almost 48 years, has cried out more that one type; I am just not ready to lose you! Anyway… Bill Lee, your ever faithful brother.
  10. #1 As Joseph Smith did teach that, “all things denote there is a God”, I often wonder how people can see the eearth, and the stars above, and still cannot believe.
  11. I understand some of what you said, but the Holy Ghost bears witness to the Son, and only speaks the words,of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ only bears witness of the Father, and speaks only his words. Thus any blessing, or words we Christ received are from the Father, Elohim. Reducing them to terms like Dad, or Granddad, is language that seems to common language downplay their divinity. (See John 12:49, and John: 16:13, and others). All blessing come from the Father, given first to the Son to speak or rely to the Holy Spirit, why echoes them (word for word, and blessing by blessing, there is perfect order, no short cuts, no deviation. As for God being surrounded by “gods”, or “Counsel of Gods” your capitalization not mine. Of whom do you speak?
  12. I was not suggesting, that I knew this would be the case. In fact my post as was written, was a “hope not what might come”. It was just an impression, either from the Spirit, or just an observation. Most of the next five Apostles, due to age will probably have short callings to lead the Church. President Eyring, literally has to shuffle back in forth from his chair to the pulpit. I wish them all continued life, or very long life, but almost all of the top five or six, have already had long, wonderful lives. Lives that “we the Saints”, have been richly blessed, and with the aide of heaven, we will still continue to be bless.
  13. You are suggesting that maybe “all every member might be dead” by next General Conference. Wow, off topic, and quite a leap. Because why would he remain if there were no Church to reside over? Your comment also could be understood to imply that no one ever listens to the Prophet. Also, no one implied receiving a revelation that he would die, in fact myself and others seem to be hoping otherwise. Or when you say, “you’re all dying, and won’t make it”, do you mean all of those on this website, or all members? Brother, I fear you are trying to judge far too many, and I fear for your “judgmental tone” in your reply. At this point, be more worried about what Jesus Christ teaches, of rendering such harsh judgment. You call?
  14. True, and my prayers are and will be with him.
  15. General Conference was just wonderful, something I truly needed. However, in closing President Nelson “98 years old”, spoke of “wonderful or glorious” things to come”. Upon closing, the very composed Prophet and President, became very emotional when he said, “God Be With US Till We Meet Again”. It seemed like a different kind of goodbye, I pray not a permanent goodbye to the Saints?
  16. No, odd that you can’t quote a General Authority sometimes, even here. He is not the only one either, many sermons would be off limits.
  17. My guess, to use a quote by J. Golden Kimball… ”The same ole sermons for the same ole sinners, committing the same ole sins”. Or something to this effect, with minor changes to administration of The Church. Anything else (anything good) will be a bonus.
  18. I sought to do neither, not use “hyperbole”, to make a point. Nor to use “hyperbole” accidentally. Forgive whichever error you feel that I may have mistakenly employed, to discuss, or frame any part of the original thread. (Again) My apologies.
  19. Wow, do Mormons still exist? I ask because current leadership is seeking the ban the use of the word “Mormon” from both our minds and lips. I once used the term in Church talk about a year ago, when someone half my age chided me for using the term. After I explained it was not his place to do such a thing, he then reminded me that the term “Home Teacher”, no longer exists, although when my Home Teacher calls me, it still refers to himself as my “Home Teacher”. While trying to remain calm, my wife asked me to come with her right away, as she could see that I was “winding up”, as she calls it. About two years ago, I made mention of being a High Priest, during a conversation. To my surprise a very young retuned missionary said, “the Elders are in charge now”. Just before he tried to suggest, I was no longer a High Priest”, I just turned and walked away! Anyway, so sorry that teams (or fans of other teams) would say such a thing, truly tragic, and most especially rude.
  20. Much of the slogans attributed to those who supported President Trump, where the ideas and slogans used by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan, and others. Those who adopted many slogans only knew they had once worked, and believed they would work again. They did not do a deep dive into history that predated WWII, in an effort to overtly signal their deeply rooted anti-Semitic. Nor, if they knew all of the history that they adopted, they certainly did not hold press conferences to announce this history to the world. Few, take the time to do a deep dive into the deep into the pool, in an attempt to decide if this is why they chose these slogans. I grew up in Georgia, born in 1957, and in my entire life only know one overtly member of the KKK. Any others who would proclaim themselves as Klan members at rallies, made very clear their complete lack of education. Therefore, the idea that the KKK, where educated, even above the 5th Grade, would be somewhere in fantasyland. There were times in the City of Atlanta, where the Klan would plan a march, and at times Police Officers would be tasks with providing protection, so they would no be beaten to death. Then only 5-10 people would show-up, where their complete lake of education was on display. Most had the vocabulary of a 10 year old at best. As they rambled on and on about nonsense, and a complete lack of anything historical. Today, for anyone using the term, “American First”, is not an attempt to connect themselves to a pre-WWII history, or an anti-Semitic, none Christian Worldview. It is to proclaim their allegiance to their own Country. You are not suggesting somehow that they proclaim their allegiance to some other Nation. I would expect that someone from New Zealand, to pledge allegiance to Australia, or someone from Australia using the term, “America First”, or Americans adopting the phrase, “Great Britain First”. In short, what is your point, or your goal? Is it to educate, or is it your dislike for those who love America, “warts and all”?
  21. Fair enough, but I try to never make any comment, that would sound like, or appearing like “hyperbole”, therefore, I apologize once again. When it comes to discussions about the Gospel, or anything else related to Gospel topics, I always try to walk, well write, in a respectful way. It would seems this time, I overstepped the mark, so again, forgive me.
  22. If they were Nazi sympathizers, then there allegiance was to German hating Jews, because they did not want to oppose them, and were secretly wishing for a German expansion and victory. No matter what they called themselves, it was not “America First”. Also, what does this have to do with today, or the original post, and this thread? Unless you are trying to imply, that those calling for all here to be, “America First”, are somehow Nazi sympathetic of anti-semites, and in favor of any such peoples, if so you are way off the mark. My very important question, is how did you made this quantum-leap, believing “America First” citizens today are somehow “anti-semites, or back such Governments, who oppose the freedom enjoyed by we the America People”. If you seeking to make that leap, or to link us with such evil, of those type of people, from a movement 85-90 years ago, to today’s beliefs of, “America First/Christian movements now? I don’t know what map you seem to be using. Again, as a former member of the Armed Forces” (A Sargent in the Army), on day one, like all who serve, I had to bear allegiance to the United States Constitution. Meaning, I swore a solemn oath from which I will, not ever be released from. Also, as a Police Officer for 23 years, I also had to pledge, each year when issued a new I.D., are take the oath, to uphold the United States Constitution, the State of Georgia’s Constitution, and the Laws and Ordinations, of the City of Atlanta. As a Police Officer, I did to to maintain Police Powers, for the City and State. However the oath I pledged much of the same oath I did when entering entering the Army. An oath, that remains in force, for the rest of my life! Meaning, I must protect the Constitution “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic”, for as long as I may live. Simply put, to put “America First”, until the day I die. Something I took seriously at 19 years of age, even when stationed within 100 yards from Russian Soldiers, carrying, and sometimes pointing AK-47’s at me, and my men. Like it or not, should anyone, threaten your safety, across a border, or within our borders, I will do all I an able, including giving my life, so that you or anyone else can sleep well this night, or any other. I would even give my life, for someone who could, or would laugh at the idea of my protection, or the idea that I still take that oath seriously. I don’t know, if you have ever served in uniform, or taken such an oath, or would even take such and oath, believing it to you very core. But, it matters not, even if you have nothing but contempt for such ideas, I would still serve you as an American, or as my brother in the Gospel. Your life means very much to me, (again), be it a citizen, or a brother. If needed, I would lay that life down for you, if you were in danger. Anyway, Gid bless you, my dear brother, and my citizen, who rest also under the “Flaf that I Love”. Your humble servant and brother, Bill Lee At least my wife and I will be buried in a “Veterans Memorial Cemetery”. A well kept, and very quiet place to be laid to rest”. Along with so many others who have taken the same oath as myself.
  23. No, that was more like “America Only”, and being unwilling to fight and die for our ideals as a Sovereign Nation. It was selfish, and cowardly. Since you seem to misunderstand, or mistake what the term means. Which Nation should each citizen put first. After all, according to scripture, “Charity begins at home”.
  24. Putting one’s Nation First, can only lead to the strengthening of all Nations. When America is strong and prosperous, we are able, and also will also help others countries, who share our own values. Christian Nationalism, promotes Christian values, which is never a bad thing. Putting Faith, Family, and fidelity to one’s Nation first, is a win, win, for all the Nations who have prospered the entire western would world, for countless generations. It is a policy that even allows us to recognize that which is evil, and then makes U.S. willing to fight and die to correct the evil that finds its was into our world. As a former soldier in the United States Army, our (my) first act is to pledge our very lives, into putting America First, and then practice that form of Nationalism throughout our years of service. In short, we make that pledge on the very first day of our service, and it is a pledge from which we can never be released from obeying.
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