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  1. I was given my Father’s Bible, when he passed away by my mother. In the index, or more like a Bible Dictionary, it is filled with many illustrations of what the cross may have looked like. This instead of the perfect geometrical version seen on Churches, and everywhere else. I wish I could take a picture of these illustrations, and post them in this, or a new thread. I have had this debate many times on websites (anti-Mormon websites) asking which version should we display as Latter-day Saints? This question sent many into fits of rage, just because I asked. I then realized, it does not matter to our critics, nor do they care what we do. As they are so invested in their hatred, no amount of holy water would quince that fire!
  2. Violence, of any type in or around “Holy Places”, leaves open wounds, and serves as a sad reminder to those who seek to worship in these places long after. It wounds both the air, and the earth. In so doing, even the very soul for a time, and only time and by the Grace of God can all be healed. Until one day, for those who were aware, will not feel threatened, nor remember.. Having served so long in law enforcement (23 years) with the City of Atlanta, I have been, too many times, and too many places of worship throughout the city, both Christian and Jewish, where violence has occurred. For me, it took years before I could pass these places of worship, and not feel or remember what took place. One of the worst, was Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Dr Martin Luther King Sr, and Dr King Jr both preached. In fact it is this Church where Dr King Jr, grew up, and his family were a large (100+ years) part of it’s history and culture. It many ways, this place of worship, is literally “ground zero” for the modern day “Civil Rights Movement”, in the South. Tragically, one Wednesday night before services began, (thankfully this robbed a gunman more targets), the mother of MLK Jr was shot in the back and killed while playing the Organ, as if that family had not suffered enough. I have found that hearing and reading of this incident, my mind is suddenly flooded with many unhappy images. Some memories of events that occurred during my years of service, and witnessing the grief, and the aftermath, also reminding me of past violences, here in the South. Although this was not an attack on the (our) Temple, it is by extension because of the daily remembrances, for those who visit this, “House of the Lord”. It reminds me of the altercation I got into with J.B. Stoner outside of an Ice Cream Shop, in my hometown. He was there in his wheelchair, with his armed bodyguards, “Klansmen”, protesting an Ice Cream Shop’s decision to start serving African Americans. I did not just get into this altercation because he was there protesting, I did so because, I knew, and everyone knew he planted the bomb in the Birmingham Church where four little Black girls were killed. Sadly it took a number of years before the State of Alabama, got the courage to bring charges, and finally convicted him of the heinous crime. I remember my older brother dragging me down the sidewalk as I continued yelling at him, reminding me the men with him were armed. Anyway, sorry for the rant; Nuff Said”. Except to say, let us all pray that soon, The “Prince of Peace”, even the Lord Jesus Christ will come, and in so doing, maybe the earth finally rest! Your brother, Bill…
  3. Prayers for his family, and I thank him for his service to this Nation. May he Rest In Peace…
  4. He was able to convince me, thar he is right, I am indeed a wealthy man.
  5. Recently while visiting my Doctor, who is also also a friend. I was making (complaining) comments about both money, and my illnesses. He interrupted me and told me, very sternly. “Bill, you are a rich man, you have no reason to complain” He then went on to say, “of all the patients, of mine. Most could only wish, pray, or pled, to their children, or God, that some if any would attend Church with them. Also. “your 19 family members just come, without you even asking, Sunday Dinner is just a bonus. Only 4 are in-laws married to your 4 of your children. Only one child and one in-law, don’t attend, but seldom miss Sunday Dinner. However, every time you speak, or teach, all 19 family members attend Church”. so, remember this, “You are a rich man”. Also, many could, would, and do wish for the riches, that you have”. In short, I thank God for the wife I have, as I am just little mor background furniture, or simply window dressing. I married well.
  6. I am required to choose the options that the military allows.
  7. I don’t think the military has that as an option.
  8. I originally thought I would post this in the Social Forum, but it now seems more suited in this Forum. What should Latter-day Saints have on their headstones once they pass away? This is on my mind, as I have been very sick lately, losing 20lbs in just six weeks. Being 6’2”, and now weighting 178lbs, is not a good thing. Because of this I have told my wife that we need to make our funeral arrangements, before it is to late. As I do t want my children to deal with this, I want to spare them from this burden. I will be buried in a National Cemetery, because I am former military (Army), which means they will open the grave, give me a vault, provide the headstone, and close my grave (also my wife). I also have insurance, so my wife or children will not have to pay anything. Knowing this, I began looking for what type of Cross I want on my headstone. To my surprise, there are many different versions of the “Cross”, to chose from. However, again to my surprise, you can have the “Angel Moroni” carved on your headstone. I would prefer a “Cross”, as an “Angel Moroni” would confuse almost anyone who might visit my grave, especially my extended family. As my family are the only members, and my extended family think I have lost my mind, while most believe I will burn in Hell. So, to the question…For Veterans, what would you prefer, a Cross, or the Angel Moroni? For non-military…What do those Latter-day Saints have on their headstones, and what would you like on your headstone? I ask about Latter-day Saint headstones, because here in Georgia we don’t have cemeteries with copious LDS gravesites.
  9. Thanks for the info John, but this just saddens even more.
  10. This is somewhat comforting, however someone taught, or showed him the Temple Ceremony. So, I will pray for whomever did break their vow.
  11. A note to add, there are things that childhood friends have asked me to never reveal, also family members, and coworkers, who have asked me to never tell anyone. Therefore, I will take it to my grave, as I don’t want to die with a lie on my lips. The only way I would break that oath, is if that person harmed a child, then all bets would be off.
  12. Not sure I agree, as he vowed to never speak of, and certainly not show what goes on in the Temple. A man or woman word should mean something, forever.
  13. I wish it did not have Temple content, I don’t think it adds too, or needs to be included in this movie. My guess, is no member in good standing would write this into the movie. Which leaves only someone who no longer holds these things to be sacred. So whomever wrote this into the script or screenplay has an axe to grind, or a need to openly rebel, or trample upon what they once considered sacred. Again, in short, a need to trample the pearls that were once laid down before them, in the past. I am sure this comment will upset some, but I hope, not too many. Even if I left the Church, and no longer believed, I would never seek to harm, or belittle what others hold sacred, as in NEVER!
  14. Now I see that other buildings that are being rebuilt, or remodeled. At first, I did not see that the road to the East, or North (I believe) that was covered. Thank you for all of the pictures of what is under construction. Now that I see the entire picture, and having the large background and the advanced construction; I am now able to understand it. One of my best friends, who worked on the Atlanta Temple remodel, also my former company (with who I worked) who built the Atlanta Temple, I can now see it, and understand much more. Also, although not my Ward, just 18 miles away, at the other end of the my road I live on, he (we) also built the new Buchanan Branch (now a Ward). Together we had once hoped to build more buildings, and one day Temples. However, contracts are issued to companies based in the West. But we were able to do remodels of other Church buildings, also we did work on the Atlanta Temple remodel. Actually the first one, the last remodel was done by someone else. We had hoped that the original Buchanan Branch building, the oldest in the Southeast, built in the 1800’s, would remain, but we were required to tear it down. A building that even had bullet holes in it, while members huddled inside for safety. This happened because members became upset, after, Elder Joseph Standing, was gunned down by a mob…one Elder, who escaped, after calling them cowards, and told them to kill him, if memory serves, later became President of the Quorum of the Twelve . I believed his name was Elder Crowley. Anyway, President David O McKay erected a monument to Elder Standing, where he was murdered, and now the read is named after Elder Joseph Standing, if I have written any errors, you can google it. We were told that the Buchanan Brach here in Georgia, was to be torn down, as the Church was seeking to move away from adding any new historical sites, or dwelling on the past. Of course, it may be due to the fact that all such locations must be manned. I have two friends who are now assigned to a site along the Mormon Trail, in Wyoming, oddly enough their last names are also “Lee”, but no relation, but friends, and I would be proud to have them as family. There is an older book written (may be out of print) by a Sister Kimball, (not of the Kimball’s of Salt Lake, and the pioneers) called “Miracle of the South”, again in memory serves. Around here, as I stated, (I live just 18 miles, Northeast off the same road, Hwy 120, in Dallas Georgia), it was not a popular move among those her in the Dallas/Buchanan Georgia area, to have the old Buchanan Branch torn down. There is a cemetery next to it when members for about 170 years, who are now buried next to anything. One funny trivial point, when the road next to the old Church building was named, the elected officials did not know how to spell “Mormon”, so the road now bares the name, “Morman Church Road”. 🤣
  15. What are they building beside the Temple?
  16. As a convert, I did not join the Church expecting perfection, nor did I marry expecting perfection, and certainly did not expect it when I became a parent. Which is why I am still a member, still married, and still a parent, for almost 50 years now. I am not perfect, therefore I have no right to expect it anywhere else. Although I do expect, and have hope that when I meet my Lord and Savior, then and only then, will I experience perfection.
  17. Agreed, but there are many teachers pushing the topic, very often, and also the books, with threats of failing grades. Or even worse, using peer pressure to both isolate and label the student as “Homophobic”, a word that is used far to often, and incorrectly in almost every example. A simple break down of the word, will clearly define it, but they just don’t care. Also, at any age, because of the misuse of the word, and it’s constant use, everyone does not want to label as “Homophobic”. Even my daughter who is Gay, is called Homophobic, for thinking it is unfair for a biological man, to compete in women sports.
  18. Since you bring up “children”, schools are now trying to discuss and teach “transsexuality”, a word that did not appear in the dictionary not that long ago. Also some school systems are fighting for the right to teach about such, at an obscene age, including kindergarten. Things no one that age should hear or see. Also, to do so without the consent or knowledge of their parents. Citing the need of “protecting them from their parents”. Noting that these tender age children, somehow need protection from their parents. Not protection because of visible bruising, or broken arms, but ideas. As if children, of such a tender age, have made up their minds what they want, or need, beyond recess. while their main focus still remains on what beyond recess. Some teachers unions are also fighting to keep secret from parents that school doctors are recommending, where other doctors administer puberty blockers without their parent’s consent. Now things that we once barely spoken of, or thought of, have become mainstream conversation, where people are worn down until these ideas are their own. This then comes out in virtue signaling, as if these ideas were their ideas all along. BTW, the Church Handbook addresses “sex-change” decades ago, in the event someone had undergone such surgery were members. For instance, those who transitioned into a man, could not hold the Priesthood, but could attend Priesthood. Either way, we are being conditioned to call “good evil, and evil good, and run the risk of being banned from almost anywhere for not parroting that which we know to be false. John’s Hopkins who did the first “sex-change” operation, will no longer do so, due to the height number of suicides, of those who went through the process. The Scriptures remain true, as does the Church, no matter the changing norms of society, thus this is standard we will be judged. No matter the chatter, this is what will matter. Our God has not somehow changed with our changing norms, nor will he change.
  19. No need to feel surprised, she just believes what is true. She is a no nonsense kind of person, and I love her just as she is, it is the world that has gone mad, especially in women’s sports. Who would have ever thought, saying there are only two sexes, would be controversial? Especially on this website, where truth, and the defense of that truth has always been the goal.
  20. I have a gay daughter who is loved by both my wife and I, and her siblings, as well as her wife. She is always welcome at Church, since they have known and loved her for her entire life. She is also clear on one fact. There are men, and there of woman, and no other sexes. She believes this binary nonsense is hurting the relationships of gay men, and gay women, and only making their unions of marriage, laughing stock’s.
  21. I agree 100%, we need Prophets, it is what makes us unique. We should head their words, only by doing so will God make us ready for continuing revelation. Also, we should all be Prophets, to guide our families, otherwise “we are the blind leading the blind”. If not we will all end up in the ditch, and lose our way!
  22. Change is good, unless it is “change for the sake of change”.
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