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  1. I fall into the category of divorced (and remarried since) and was divorced for the 'acceptable' reason Jesus laid out in scripture, unfortunately - Interestingly, my ex-wife said one for the reasons that encouraged her to cheat was that she knew I would never agree to a divorce unless it was on the grounds of adultery. She felt like she wanted to go 'explore' other options and had fallen out of love with me - I felt my covenants trumped anything else and it was my duty to stay in and work on a temple marriage. One-sided indeed. I never understood divorce where couples didn't seem to gi
  2. What Bluebell said is not 'kind of pointless' at all. If they said they were complicit in fraud, that is a far cry from sustaining the original narrative. If thousands saw forgeries, it has little spiritual bearing. I am aware that doesn't;t prove inauthenticity, but it is very relevant.
  3. I might have missed it, and forgive me if I did - but what happened to the Voree Plate witnesses? Did they all have similar testimonies to the BOM witnesses in that they did not loose their faith or renege their testimonies?
  4. I agree, I was eager to watch it and enjoyed it quite a bit - and then I made the mistake of reading the comments on the video and heard almost nothing but put downs about Bro. Bennett, his lack of intelligence, his obvious 'mental gymnastics', and his obfuscation of hard questions. Made me frustrated again about the nature of discourse between members and former members. 😞
  5. Why did your relationship with your neighbors go from friendship to so hurtful?
  6. This article says nothing about artificially stimulating spiritual experiences, unless I missed it. It said they had people read quotes, listen to talks and music etc. and then studied their brain when they said they were 'feeling the spirit' So really, they were just exploring what the brain looks like 'on the Holy Ghost' 🙂
  7. So sorry you are going through this! I have several of my children - actually, most of them - that have followed this same path. It's hard to keep an eternal perspective and know all will work out in the Lord's time and way - much as Kenngo said. They all their journey and need to learn in their own way and time. As far as resigning - I see two sides to the issue. On the one hand, it feels good to think they might have an easy road back should they choose, but on the other hand, if they are not going to live up to covenants made, perhaps being released form them for a time is a more
  8. Thanks so much for the detailed information/explanation. I do appreciate it. I agree there are more things than we understand under heaven. 🙂.
  9. Thanks, GG. My daughter also attends some of those 'feel good' churches with her mom and likes the excitement of them also. So it is good to hear that despite you being away and intrigued by other spiritual approaches, you ultimately resonated with the restored gospel. Just to be clear - it's my EX wife. 🙂. My current wife is faithful and sane. 🙂
  10. Yes - to her credit, she calls herself a spiritual healer - My daughter was calling her a therapist, and even thought that she was licensed, but my research has shown she isn't.
  11. Thank you fo the alternate viewpoint. This is kind of what I was hoping for too. Because I really struggle with understanding these concepts, especially in the framework of being LDS. For instance - you mention the generational trauma. I have a really hard time getting that. Someone's experience 14 generations ago is supposed to affect us now? Please do elaborate. I get the 'traditions of our fathers" approach as one way to look at it - but to literally say that because someone, to use an example this woman gave my daughter, froze to death, so now, their nephew (in this case) has dev
  12. That was exactly what came to my mind as well!
  13. Thanks, Nehor. Priestcraft was the first thing that came to my mind too. My daughter is on such shaky spiritual ground that even asking her to pray is sometimes met with eye rolls these days, but I like your advice about a blessing and trying to help her have a moment of feeling the spirit. I will pray and look for an opportunity to invite her to have a blessing
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