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  1. So sorry you are going through this! I have several of my children - actually, most of them - that have followed this same path. It's hard to keep an eternal perspective and know all will work out in the Lord's time and way - much as Kenngo said. They all their journey and need to learn in their own way and time. As far as resigning - I see two sides to the issue. On the one hand, it feels good to think they might have an easy road back should they choose, but on the other hand, if they are not going to live up to covenants made, perhaps being released form them for a time is a more
  2. Thanks so much for the detailed information/explanation. I do appreciate it. I agree there are more things than we understand under heaven. 🙂.
  3. Seems very much in the same vein.
  4. Thanks, GG. My daughter also attends some of those 'feel good' churches with her mom and likes the excitement of them also. So it is good to hear that despite you being away and intrigued by other spiritual approaches, you ultimately resonated with the restored gospel. Just to be clear - it's my EX wife. 🙂. My current wife is faithful and sane. 🙂
  5. Yes - to her credit, she calls herself a spiritual healer - My daughter was calling her a therapist, and even thought that she was licensed, but my research has shown she isn't.
  6. Thank you fo the alternate viewpoint. This is kind of what I was hoping for too. Because I really struggle with understanding these concepts, especially in the framework of being LDS. For instance - you mention the generational trauma. I have a really hard time getting that. Someone's experience 14 generations ago is supposed to affect us now? Please do elaborate. I get the 'traditions of our fathers" approach as one way to look at it - but to literally say that because someone, to use an example this woman gave my daughter, froze to death, so now, their nephew (in this case) has dev
  7. That was exactly what came to my mind as well!
  8. Thanks, Nehor. Priestcraft was the first thing that came to my mind too. My daughter is on such shaky spiritual ground that even asking her to pray is sometimes met with eye rolls these days, but I like your advice about a blessing and trying to help her have a moment of feeling the spirit. I will pray and look for an opportunity to invite her to have a blessing
  9. Thanks, Tacenda - your advice to play the long game is good! 🙂. But hard.
  10. Hi all, As usual, when I am faced with a dilemma that involves my faith - I turn to the collective help and wisdom of this group. 🙂. This is such a time again, but I am not posting in the general board because I want to specifically get the opinion of those who identify as believing members for this particular issue. When I picked up my 16 YO daughter from her birth mother's house today (I am the custodial parent), she excitedly told me that she went to see her mother's 'therapist' over the weekend. I asked her how she liked it, and she said she loved it. I asked for more detail, a
  11. Thank you for all your answers. Especially JLHPROF's quotes were awesome! I learned something today as an old dude! 🙂
  12. Hi all. My wife and I have been reading in Ezekiel and have come to the part about the temple that is to be build in Jerusalem at the second coming. Ezekiel gives great detail about the dimensions and layout of the temple, which is very unlike what current temples are, and much like the temples of old. He also describes what will be done in tis temple - and much of it is animal sacrifice and offerings etc. My question is - how does this square with the idea that the temple is to be built by Jews who have accepted Jesus (and presumably joined the church) at his second coming?
  13. My first thought, as a song-leader, was that I hope they don't rush primary... If kids can't be in a classroom or 20-30 kids at public school, how are you going to have 50 in singing time - all while singing/shouting, which is a big contributor to contagion?
  14. Are you saying that Raiders fans are gay? :-P
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