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  1. I was the something else vote - I say try and be as loyal to what the prophet asks, and where it diverges, as long as it doesn't violate a temple reccomend topic, follow the spirit - but - and this is why I voted other - I wouldn't be very vocal about it.
  2. Good stuff - thank you. Lots of potential politics happening liekly
  3. Yet apparantly they were killing plenty of folks by stoning
  4. I agree with both Tacenda and Seeking - You have the right to say 'not in my house' and you should IMO, but I would make sure and tell him that you know that likley won't stop him, and that you want him to protect his and his girlfriend's future for sure.
  5. Interesting - so killing a person of low noteworthiness might have been 'winked at' by the officials?
  6. My condolances for the struggle you are facing. I know that is is hard to see your children use thier agency in ways you fear might hurt them someday. When my children stopped being active (they all are inactive to varying degrees), each case made me feel a little sad - and dissapointed in myself as a parent. The following realizations helped me - don't know if they will be helpful for you, but here goes 🙂 - If our goal is to become like our Heavenly Father, and He is the perfect parent. Then what should I do to be like him? He gives us our agency, lets us fall, and then loves us unconditionally and promises to be there whenever we turn to him. Period. I try to do that too now. - His children choosing poorly does not diminish the intergrity or goodness of God, so why should I feel diminished by the choices my children make after having done my best to impart wisdom to them in thier youth? - The arc of eternity bends towards salvation for most, and I have come to trust that my children are really HIS children, and He will work his plan for them in His time. Hope some of that can help. Blessings to you and your family!
  7. The recent post about 'bloodless' Jesus being a theory got me to thinking about something esle I haven't thought of before - and want to know if anyone has insight. I recall that the Jews were seeking help from Pilate becasue they had no law that allowed them to put a man to death. But I just realized, they tried to stone Jesus, and we see examples of other stonings and attempted stoning of the adulterous woman etc. (and later the stoning of Stephen). Why did the Jews need to go to the Romans to have Jesus killed? If they had no law to condemn someone to death, then were thier stonings illegal?
  8. I just think it is very not fair that they were never told exactly what the thing was that got them dismissed. It seems only fair to tgive them a cahnce to claify a stance or action - otherwise, it feels like anyone can just lob an accusation and get sometone fired.
  9. Is it really becasue he was somehow exposed to the church and it's teachings? WHat then, does that mean given this headline?: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/colorado-springs-suspect-identifies-nonbinary-uses-pronounces-defense-rcna58499
  10. Ha! The sinister music and dramatic VO - such DRAMA! 😛
  11. Heartbreaking - that those historic murals will never be seen again.
  12. I've been lied to - I'm leaving the church!! 😛.
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