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  1. From what I understand, the first thing is to to seek reconciliation, then a more legal process, not sure “legal” is the best choice of words, but the only term that comes to mind. Others here may know, as some have left, and then returned, realizing their mistake. Also to return requires work, so the Church can be sure that members know it is not a revolving door, but every effort is to make those who left, to feel both loved and wanted. In fact there are some great testimonies on this very discussion board, for those who have returned. But a phone call saying “I quit”, or a letter saying “I
  2. Sorry, but my children and grandchildren are mine, not on loan, and as far as they are concerned, I am their Father and Papa.
  3. Sorry, but I don’t see it that way, obviously. I believe our membership allows to known God, on every level, rather than believe every “wind and doctrine”. So, we will have to disagree.
  4. Like most things, “resignation”, means rejecting it all, and all the blessings that accompanies it. Also a simple phone call, or a simple letter is not how it is done.
  5. Since one is “opening a door to a larger Spiritual world”, and the the other is “closing the door to a smaller Spiritual world”. I would say, opening the door is better, so I am going with 8 years old.
  6. Good advice asking him not to resign, let his mature. No 18 year old should make such life altering decisions. Also, use this as an opportunity to become more involved, is setting examples at home, when he comes home. It will d you both a lot and f good. As far as possessions, if our children don’t belong to us, who d they belong too? True we cannot live their lives for them, or direst them, but they do need to know they are ours.
  7. My wife and I started dating 45 years ago, and in January we will be married 45 years. So there is no, “me” anymore, there is only “we”, and it has been harder on her than it has on me. Thankfully, I got home last night, so for the most part, “we” finally slept.
  8. Good point, I just got home a couple of hours ago from the hospital. The four days there, certainly made me wonder if I would be safer at home. Well the last day I thought that, had I not gone there Sunday, I would not be here to debate it.
  9. I agree, but that was the justification that the State of Illinois used at the time.
  10. I am not suggesting Elder Bednar is mistaken about anything, as I have never heard the comments you are referencing. Also, I did not suggest the Saints should or would violate any law. I was pointing out past circumstances, and wondering what the Church might do, if laws concerning “freedom of religion”, become too prohibitive.
  11. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS A POLITICAL THREAD, SO PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE IT ONE, IF ANYONE TRIES TO MAKE IT SO, I WILL DELETE THE THREAD, OR ASK THAT THE MODS CLOSE IT. SO, I THANK YOU ALL BEFOREHAND WHO ABIDE THE RULES, OF THIS WEBSITE. Sorry for all the caps, I just really want to keep this doctrinal, so “God bless you all in advance ”. We “Follow the Prophet”, a doctrinal concept that sets us apart, and we are blessed to believe that we have a Prophet (15 Prophets, Seers and Revelators), not to mention each Stake, where we are also blessed, as we have a model based o
  12. Thank you I have a friend who does, unless he retired who does maintenance at this Temple.
  13. Thank you, I am wondering if I should just delete the post. When you end up having to explain the thread, or even the explanation of the thread. It usually means you missed the mark, as it a mile or so away.
  14. No worries, I was not attempting to be short or rude, just providing context, and I certainly don’t think, this is the doing on our loving Sisters. I was trying to use the analogy, or metaphor of Jesus Christ‘s reality of having no place, to the Priesthood have no dedicated “place”. It would seem the scriptural reference I gave my wife, and explanation, was understood by her, but not anyone else. Of course, I had much more time and explanation to share with her, than the woeful words and explanation I gave here. Despite my power of speech, and teaching, it does not, or never has translated to
  15. Sorry for my boredom, but Papa had a really close call and ongoing bad day. My hospital stay will now number four tomorrow, due to close call today, if not more. Thankfully two nurses were in my room this morning, as I was “attempting” to return to my bed from the bathroom. I sort of remember one nurse call out to the other, ‘He is not going to make it”! Without warning, my blood sugar dropped very suddenly. I am told, since I had passed out, my count dropped to 25, nurses we trying to get me to follow instructions, shouting, while slapping me in the face, for me to drink through a s
  16. I was using it metaphor, maybe poorly. Won’t do it again, I have learned my lesson. But I do know what the passage means, truly I do.
  17. I was not complaining, or pointing fingers. Just relaying a discussion between my wife and I.
  18. Sadly, I am in the hospital once again, ever sadder, this time is no family or friends. This is evidenced by the fact, because I am typing this at 3:25AM. Not fun, nor will it be fun at all. This means no, “family or friends” due t, however this stay I am, all alone.
  19. Matthew 8:19-20 reads, “A certain Scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus said unto him, The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head”. Earlier this evening my wife asked me to locate the link for tomorrow’s “Virtual Stake Conference”. I realized that I had accidentally stumbled across the link last week, where members can sign in to receive a reminder for tomorrow morning in Facebook. Anyway my wife wanted me to sign her up on her IPad, so I began to search for the
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