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  1. I will, I must, I have just never felt so cut off before. It is a burden that is difficult to bare, as I cannot yet go to the Temple to find some solace, for it is not open and operational yet. Not to mention, as with most all Temple’s, are usually staffed full time with the weakest among us, not “Spiritually weak”, but with the much older members among us all. 😪
  2. I had, nor have no issue with keeping elderly safe, just noting half measures, of allowing 50-60% not to wear masks. This despite the clear leadership for our “Ward Leadership”.
  3. Even in a. Re-read, I don’t know how I gave that impression? It is all for our protection, so why is 50-60% not wearing masks at all?
  4. Our Ward here in my home State of Georgia, has returned to worship together; well not really. Many of us are in the same building, where up to 150 can attend, however it is so “hands off”, approach that many have many discouraged. All members of leadership wear masks unless they are speaking, as do all of the Aaronic Priesthood, who administer the Sacrament. In addition, each of the, Deacons, Teachers and Priest, also wear gloves the entire time. Yet with all of these individuals setting examples, by employing such safety measures, members are not required to wear masks. Social dista
  5. Truth is eternal, and it is not based on what “we think it is”, or “understand it to be”. We were given the perfect example of Jesus Christ, as the the goal of what we should “strive to be”, and what we are “promised we can become”, only through his “Grace, and Sacrifice”. A goal that can only be obtained through our own “grace extended to others, and the sacrifice that such grace demands”, always keeping focus upon “Him”. It is true that our “understanding”, is required, but just as scripture teaches, we must learn as Jesus Christ learned, “line upon line”, and “precept upon precept”, thus gr
  6. I am just a nobody , just who listens to our Leadership, and who reads m scriptures. Nothing to see here, just move along. Sorry for the pun, I had to thrown a cop saying.
  7. It is a very uneven trade, they give us “JOY”, and all we have to do is help them financially. So my wife and I, are getting the better part of the deal. We are only able to do this, by following the counsel of Church Leadership, and because we have followed the “Law of the Tithe”. We do soooooooooo little, and for that we get unconditional love, and grandchildren to boot, they might believe they get a lot, but what they give us, is 100 fold.
  8. It is, and was, a truly wonderful experience, even for an introvert such as myself. Also, even though I could only wave at many of my friends, I could see the joy in their eyes. a joy that I recognized, as I could see it in my own my own eyes while dressing for Church, for having been gone for so long. Early in this year, I was very, very ill, so this Sunday was only my third Sacrament meeting, during all of 2020. As a result, my joy was overflowing, or more correctly stated, “my cup overflowed”, such joy was moved to tears, as was I. It was just a joyful day all around, as Sunday Di
  9. Yes, after many months of exile into a strange land, the seas parted, and we walked through on dry land. Well maybe not that dramatic, but it was so nice to gather with the Saints again. I missed my friends so much! There was some debate with my wife, as she feared I could get sick, but I convinced her, and my loving children, that I NEEDED worship in person; again! It was a good day, a very good day.
  10. In Malachi 3: 10-11, reads... “Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he will not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.” (I hope I quoted this correctly, as I often make errors) In a couple of recent threads, smilingly
  11. “All things denote that there is a God”. I would beg to differ with your dismissal of all creation as evidence, and follow up with countless bullet points and reasons, but it would not matter. Simply put, I gave the greatest example to support that belief, but you rejected it. So it would be foolhardy to try and persuade you, or anyone else who could, or would, stare into the sun and deny that it shines, as it destroys your very ability to see it.
  12. Based upon the narrow definitions given here, I would suspect that anyone with a home, Internet, and the time to invest, would qualify as “rich”. I would, via my family alone.
  13. I am evidence, irrefutable evidence of his (their) existence, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
  14. Indeed it was “Prophetic”, as it addressed much more than just marriage, for now, it is also addressing issues that are part of both the mainstream debate, and fringe arguments concerning “gender”, and the “Eternal Role”, it plays in “life“, and “life everlasting”. I think making clear and answering the questions, when all are raised in the “Eternities”, they will be raised into the gender to which they were born, eternally. This document is “Prophetic”, and is “Doctrine”, and should be made a part of our “Canon of Scriptures”. My 2 cents anyway.
  15. Men are just wired differently, I am sure he tries to understand, just as I do for my wife and children. I have had soooooooo many close calls in the Military, so many emergency landings, flying daily. Then I had 23 years in law-enforcement, so many close calls then, that I just never expected to be here, to be retired. I have also survived so many health scares already, and as a result I just don’t see this as she and my children, and even grandchildren do. They worry over me so much, it is just unbearable at times. It is not that I don’t want to share her views on the matter, I have survived
  16. Having a daughter who is also Gay, and married, I don’t think she would be better off dead. However, as parents we often must mourn the loss of what “we think our children should be”, and “accept them for whom they are”, and this is not easy. I think your wife will have to go through this at her pace, and at no other’s pace. Love will win out; and “Always prevail”. Just give it time, and you will all be in my prayers.
  17. I stumbled into a movie with a five star rating, by accident. It is called... ”A Lonely Place To Die” It is very good, but not for children however.
  18. Science, and the methods to prove assumptions, cannot be applied to matters of Faith, such is the is the nature of Faith. My Faith is overwhelming. I belief beyond any doubt, a gift, given to me by God. But I can’t provide any imperial data to prove it. I just know it to be true.
  19. Got word that as soon as our Bishop returns from Utah, that we will (as our other Ward, in our building has) begin meeting again. I was so excited, and was telling my grandchildren who are in YM and YW’s, how happy I was for them. When I saw the look on my oldest daughter’s face. I asked what was wrong? Sadly there will be no other meetings than Sacrament, and it will be short, and from what she has heard, and what has happened elsewhere, and as I expected; No one over 60 will be welcome, apparently we will get televised Sacrament Prayers, so we can partake of the Sacrament. Early in
  20. People are seldom ever turned away, usually only when someone is abusing the system the Church has in place. The reason for asking those receiving help to help in return, “to clean the building”, or help at the “Bishop’s Store House“, is to instill a sense of service, as well as to restore some dignity. It is very stressful for people to ask for help, and in turn serving others, helps to take some of that stress away. The reason for members being asked to pay their tithing, is because the Church truly believes and knows it can (and does) “open up the windows of heaven”. In many cases, and I me
  21. Although not college, I ask because my grandchildren started back to school, only for it to stop within a couple of weeks. Now they attend school two days a week only. Even the two days a week is now in jeopardy, for a number of reasons. I am wondering if the same thing might happen with sports, start up and then shut down after only a game or two. We are living in a very odd year, something I fear (I say “I fear” as a turn of phrase, as I do not) that this year, may continue on into the next. If school is in constant fear of closing down due to “social distancing”, and the spread of COVID-19,
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