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  1. Fooey. I guess I'm not a prophet.
  2. I had forgotten that we'd sung a particular song for the 2000 dedication of the conference center. my bad!
  3. This post may or may not have something related to my previously posted comment earlier today. The SLC Church leadership are spoiled. Until just recently, if they wanted to go to the temple, it was just a phone call, electric cart ride and 10 minutes away. Now, they've got to run up to Bountiful or down to Jordan River (or maybe Draper) and it takes literally hours to do, beginning to end. So I think in General Conference, on Sunday AM, they will dedicate a portion of the Conference Center as a temple. Probably the 'little theatre'. You're welcome. 🙂
  4. General Conference music April 2020 Well my friends, for a long time I have been sharing what I know about the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (TCATS) music for General Conference. This April things are different. First, TCATS will be performing both sessions of Saturday and both sessions of Sunday conference. We haven't done that in a good long time. Although I believe there is a good chance that this music may come pre-recorded, and not live. Second, when the list of music for Conference was published, for the first time the list was accompanied with a request that we k
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