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  1. I believe that they're in isolated tribes in rural Russia, perhaps Siberia. I think they are being gathered through missionary work and patriarchal blessings, but also that there will be larger component where they come to Zion to receive their blessings in large numbers.
  2. I don't think it will happen. I've read differing ideas for why I believe this to be the case, but I would turn and look at the most recent General Conference talks of the last 2-3 years where they've spoken about this, particularly President Oaks. I believe this ties in to the roles of both genders in the Father's plan. They perform different, complementary functions which help to sustain the family unit and move the Lord's work and glory forward. I would almost liken it to two teams within a company department that have specific differences in specialty and responsibility. Only together
  3. I've often thought on the idea that perhaps Satan had more sinister motivations...that to some extent he knew that the only way to get some semblance of God's power (as he in his limited view perceives it) was to enslave others to his will through sin and darkness. I also wonder what inspiration he took from the example of other worlds, were there other tempters on other worlds that he knew about and learned how they sought power and their own glory? How much information did we have about the lives and destinies of other worlds gone before? Agency, in my opinion, is used in one of two way
  4. For me personally the mission experience provided the substance and fuel the Lord needed to teach me many lessons that have only come to light several years later. Chief among them that has changed me, at least in the direction I need to be heading, is in the judging of other people. One of the first people I taught that chose to be baptized, they're now sealed in the Temple and has become a parent to lovely children, but I learned from them later that during our first lessons that heavy marijuana use was a coping mechanism. Life was so very difficult for a long time, and that was just wh
  5. I think we stand a lot to learn about the war as it was in Heaven before we came to earth, and much more about the ongoing war as Satan attacks the children of God from all sides here in mortality. I think to ponder and consider the implications is of grave importance to our spiritual safety in the last days as part of our commitment to follow the Prophet. How can we defend against an enemy whose tactics haven't been considered and broken down into their base strategies? The leaders of the Church already do this, but I think we can afford to take their guidance and counsel together to bet
  6. I've read previously that the war was akin to a contentious testimony meeting. It wasn't war as we conceive it, but a war of persuasion and ideology. Think about the spread of half-truths today, echo chambers, commentators becoming trusted new sources that go beyond the facts, but the interpretations thereof. Lucifer was able to make a persuasive argument against the risks associated with faith and trust in Jesus Christ, that He would live perfectly and resist all temptations, in His mission to become the Savior. A great many of our brothers and sisters adopted Lucifer's "perspective" and view
  7. So I'm halfway through this, and I can't thank you enough for sharing this treasure. With the gift of the Holy Ghost we can learn more and appreciate the thoughts and insights from Brother Skousen. It just occurred to me, and I'm not even done reading, that the demands of justice are coming from those eternal intelligences. I know that's how I voted in my reply and agreed with it, but it just struck me so clearly. Those intelligences demand justice because God has set up laws and given commandments, and since we can't meet them on our own, fallen and imperfect as we are, we MUST have a Savior
  8. In the previous thread about the Atonement theory @rongo mentioned, and again here, about God's honor and the eternal intelligences. I've done some reading in the past and came across this then, but not until recently did I encounter it again. I would put forth the first option as my best guess and belief: that God's authority is, in my opinion, the honor and willing obedience given Him by all creation on account of his perfection, justice, and grace. When the individual repents and joins the covenant relationship with their Savior, they in oneness take upon themselves His name, His perfe
  9. Thank you! With everything that's already happened so far this year I feel the need to engage with my brothers and sisters more than ever. Contention is increasing, I feel, and this has always been a place I could turn to in the midst of it all.
  10. I like the insights shared by Stephen Robinson in his book Believing Christ (particularly the final chapter). A few excerpts. "In Christ there is a real transfer of guilt for innocence. Through the oneness of our covenant relationship, my guilt becomes Jesus’ guilt, which he experienced and for which he suffered. At the same time, his innocence and perfection become mine, and I am rendered clean and worthy. In Christ our sins cease to be ours, and as far as the justice of God is concerned, we never committed them. Through the Atonement, we are not merely forgiven—we are rendered inno
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