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  1. I guess the question would be this: Are married same-sex couples guilty of fornication when they have relations? The answer is yes, according to the teachings of the Church, because the only authorized marriage which is recognized by the Lord is one between a man and a woman. This isn't meant to demean them for trying to find peace and happiness the best way they know how, but this answer seems extremely cut and dry. We are never justified in spewing vile treatment or disrespect of this couple, ever, and yet the Lord can't endorse a relationship that is incompatible with the eternal
  2. Leaving the Church doesn't seem like a faithful thing to do. I recognize that there are those who feel this may be the last straw for them, but I don't believe anyone suddenly wakes up and decides to separate themselves from the Church. It invariably is something that builds over time as unresolved questions, fears, doubts, among other factors, erode the fundamentals of the Gospel they once held onto in the past. I firmly believe that a core aspect of being a faithful member in the latter days is to extend the benefit of the doubt towards the Prophet and Apostles. Can anyone sincerely exa
  3. I believe here lay the next great test of faith for members of the Church. Satan will spread lies abroad in the earth, as in the Book of Mormon, to weaken and stagnate the mission of the Church with increasing fervor. I believe that seeds of doubt planted by incessant mass media, and not favorable to the Gospel, will start to bear greater evil fruit in the coming years.
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