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  1. I guess the question would be this: Are married same-sex couples guilty of fornication when they have relations? The answer is yes, according to the teachings of the Church, because the only authorized marriage which is recognized by the Lord is one between a man and a woman. This isn't meant to demean them for trying to find peace and happiness the best way they know how, but this answer seems extremely cut and dry. We are never justified in spewing vile treatment or disrespect of this couple, ever, and yet the Lord can't endorse a relationship that is incompatible with the eternal life that He bled and died that we might have. What an incredible balance the Lord must carefully keep to love, nurture, and strengthen His children while at the same time helping them take steps towards their eternal destiny through chastening and correction. In the end that eternal destiny is His highest hope and dream for us, and confusing issues today, particularly relating to relationships and gender, threaten to rob us of our inheritance if we allow it. The Lord sacrificed so much in order to open the gates of Heaven so that we could become joint-heirs with Him. There are no words that can capture how amazing His work and glory truly is! We're so invested in this life and what it offers that we constantly lose perspective. We forget that we're only here for what amounts to a celestial pit-stop before picking up where we left off in eternity. It blows my mind to think that our experiences in His presence before we came to this world are many orders of magnitude greater than this mortal fraction of eternal existence. Ultimately I hope we can center ourselves on the Lord's compassion and gentle correction to the woman taken in adultery. Only in this way, I feel, can we overcome our culture and finally build Zion. I have a lot of work to do on myself...
  2. Leaving the Church doesn't seem like a faithful thing to do. I recognize that there are those who feel this may be the last straw for them, but I don't believe anyone suddenly wakes up and decides to separate themselves from the Church. It invariably is something that builds over time as unresolved questions, fears, doubts, among other factors, erode the fundamentals of the Gospel they once held onto in the past. I firmly believe that a core aspect of being a faithful member in the latter days is to extend the benefit of the doubt towards the Prophet and Apostles. Can anyone sincerely examine the words and teachings, the demeanor and love, of President Nelson or any of the Brethren, and honestly say they feel these men are motivated by selfishness, corruption, or any other unholy motivation or ideology? If you can testify of their calling of God, then the problem must be with the doubting questions and fears that society, and Satan, whisper in our ears. If you can't testify of their calling of God, then that becomes the starting place, in my opinion. I feel I must emphasize that questions and doubts, of themselves, are not bad or wrong, but they are the materials from which great faith can be formed as we quiet ourselves and give place for the Holy Ghost to teach us in prayer and through service. More than anything else I think this will be one of the great safeguards against Satan. This I think, more than anything else, is what faith is, and those who've lost their faith, in my opinion, have also lost the ability to extend that benefit towards the leaders of the Church. This isn't to say that we shouldn't want or seek answers, but often I find that examining my questions, and my feelings, help me to gain a new perspective in my quest for truth and spiritual belonging. If you or anyone else feel, truly and genuinely, that the best option available to you is to part ways with the Church, then I wish you the absolute best and hope you find what you seek wherever you go. I hope, however, that those who feel dissatisfied or disaffected will embrace great patience and wrestle with the Lord to find their footing. If one had a firm and true testimony once before then they can have it again as they work to incorporate the challenges and fears into stepping stones and long-term trust in Christ.
  3. I believe here lay the next great test of faith for members of the Church. Satan will spread lies abroad in the earth, as in the Book of Mormon, to weaken and stagnate the mission of the Church with increasing fervor. I believe that seeds of doubt planted by incessant mass media, and not favorable to the Gospel, will start to bear greater evil fruit in the coming years.
  4. I find that the blessings of acting in good faith far outweigh the good that any other source claims a certain product or practice can provide. President Nelson is so much more invested in helping gather Israel and prepare the world for the Second Coming, chiefly by helping people exercise faith and grow in capacity to receive revelation, than in any physical benefit to drinking coffee. I've noticed a significant increase, at least in my own sphere, of stimulant use (energy drinks, steady coffee consumption throughout the day) almost like a functional necessity. People are allowing themselves to become dependent on something that won't exist after this life, and the consequences of dependency on earthly substances, media, or practices, will not serve us well in the spiritual long-term, in my opinion. Perhaps we're not only being warned against future addiction to stimulation, but also being trained in how to build our devotion in small and simple ways as we heed the Prophet in a way that may seem insignificant. This is so that when the day comes that the Prophet asks much more of the Saints, like returning to Jackson County, or other hard things, we'll have prepared our hearts to obey the Lord. Even if coffee is some miraculous thing that does the body so much good, if we ignore a Prophet's counsel, then all the physical good can't fix the spiritual harm that comes from choosing to set at naught the counsels of God. To no one in particular: congratulations, you've decided to drink coffee, and I wish you all the best, but don't pretend you are aligning yourself with the Lord's servants (in the instance of ignoring them in one aspect of life, but following them in other areas). We can't be lukewarm forever, either be all in or all out. We do grow in learning and wisdom over time, but we are the ones who decide whether we extend the benefit of the doubt or not to President Nelson and the other Apostles. I firmly believe that we are being sifted in all things, and that they're either Prophets or not. To defend oneself by saying that "well not everything they say is inspired," I think this phrasing will be one of Satan's great tricks in the last days. This is not to discount the fallible nature of men in any calling, but the line between exercising spiritual caution, and rationalizing your own desire to not do what has been asked, is carefully obscured by the adversary. Make the choice to trust in the power of the Spirit which has given us our witness, and that if we're on the wrong track, the Holy Ghost will truly warn us to self-correct. I learned at the end of my mission how it was so easy to think my ideas were blessed by spiritual confirmation when in fact I was imposing my own desires first and on top of anything the Spirit was telling me. If the Spirit is not correcting you, to some extent, weekly and daily, then it's time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with Heaven so we can reset ourselves. Just my thoughts.
  5. I think that to boil this down to a simple "why would the Church oppose banning conversion therapy" would be inaccurate. That makes it seem like they're in favor of conversion therapy which I do not think is the case. I believe the Church means to point out related concerns connected to therapy in general, and that a broad ban on conversion therapy as proposed would overstep.
  6. I admit to not knowing any better, so I'll take you at your word, it was just an interesting thought.
  7. A woman on my mission told me that the song in D&C 84: 99-102 fit perfectly with Come, O Thou King of Kings.
  8. I've been reading from that hashtag for the last several months as there has occasionally been some valued insight. A lot of it that I've seen involves retweets criticizing some LGBT students at BYU who are known for walking the line between wanting the Church to be more lenient towards LGBT ideas (particularly at BYU and in that context) and sustaining the Prophet and Apostles. More often than not I've discovered that there is a spirit of resentment towards people, members or not, who are hostile towards the Church itself and teachings of Prophets. Their idea is that they are defenders of the good name of the Church and fight fire with fire when confronting false doctrine or wolves in sheep's clothing. They recognize the growing dissent among some Church members online who seem to hearken to the voice of bloggers and retweeters online with opinions galore rather than the still small voice. The DezNat hashtag does have several spiritually observant people, but I think a majority, from my view anyway, lack any compassion and are not measured or meek in most of the content shared and posted. As someone who is same-sex attracted myself, yet considers myself very committed to the Lord's Church, this hashtag caught my attention as it connects to their interaction with BYU students (@calvinjburke...not his real name) who are riding the fence between fully sustaining the Brethren, but wishing things were different. Calvin can be an incredible force for good, but he plays both sides as he tries to have compassion for the LGBT community he is part of while still sustaining the Prophets and not going too far. That's my take anyway. I am of the strong opinion that the association of DezNat with alt-right or white nationalism is an attempt to attack and de-legitimize the hashtag as a whole and create very real stigma. I've never encountered them being racist or advocating violence, perhaps fringe individuals, but they are very blunt and harsh, even hostile, towards those they perceive as trying to mislead others. They strongly defend the Family Proclamation. Their error is in having no compassion or love for their brothers and sisters that they oppose, there is no meekness and long-suffering. See this thread on Twitter for my take on it.
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