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  1. Thank you! With everything that's already happened so far this year I feel the need to engage with my brothers and sisters more than ever. Contention is increasing, I feel, and this has always been a place I could turn to in the midst of it all.
  2. I like the insights shared by Stephen Robinson in his book Believing Christ (particularly the final chapter). A few excerpts. "In Christ there is a real transfer of guilt for innocence. Through the oneness of our covenant relationship, my guilt becomes Jesus’ guilt, which he experienced and for which he suffered. At the same time, his innocence and perfection become mine, and I am rendered clean and worthy. In Christ our sins cease to be ours, and as far as the justice of God is concerned, we never committed them. Through the Atonement, we are not merely forgiven—we are rendered inno
  3. I guess the question would be this: Are married same-sex couples guilty of fornication when they have relations? The answer is yes, according to the teachings of the Church, because the only authorized marriage which is recognized by the Lord is one between a man and a woman. This isn't meant to demean them for trying to find peace and happiness the best way they know how, but this answer seems extremely cut and dry. We are never justified in spewing vile treatment or disrespect of this couple, ever, and yet the Lord can't endorse a relationship that is incompatible with the eternal
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